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Very Efficient. Very Professional Staff


Very Efficient. Very Professional Staff

So little room; the lady next to me was squashing me in the middle seat.

Stewardess was kind & attentive to passenger needs. Very accomodating staff. very good food, not to heavy meal. Good food plan menu. Will fly again & again with them .

Very, wry kind, helpful and polite.

All the Japan airlines staff from the checkin agents to the air hostess were all very courteous and helpful.



Highly efficient and great service


優點: "Just excellent. Excellent crew, excellent food, excellent aircraft, and excellent leg room. No recommendations."
優點: "Was able to get home toward Los Angeles with delays and change in plane so did not get proper seating as reserved."
缺點: "The plane was delayed from Tokyo to Los Angeles due to a pilot staffing issue. The plane stopped in Honolulu at 6:00AM in the morning and no staff was able to assist so they made everyone go through the run-around to have the luggage scanned for agriculture. Then they stated that even though we had pre-check, we did not qualify and the boarding pass was not issued with Honolulu to LAX. Over 5 hours delay and did not know that we could have stayed in Hawaii free room and meals. Terrible and one of the worst vacations ever for returning to the US. The food was not great."
優點: "Was able to get to get to Narita Airport."
缺點: "Okay and not any issues."
優點: "Simple check in and boarding, right on time."
優點: "Movies"
缺點: "I am satisfied with AA overall."
優點: "The EMIRATES flight was nice. Japan airlines has good leg room."
優點: "她們很对工作有熱誠,很照顧乘客"
缺點: "已經很不错"
優點: "The food on the plane is really good. The airline assistants are very friendly. The whole trip is really comfortable."
缺點: "The travel is too long for me. If there’s a direct flight, it only takes 12 to 13 hours for me to land but this trip took me 19 hours because the weather and they have to change the transfer spot to another in Japan."
缺點: "The fact that my father was diagnosed with Cancer and they wouldn’t refund our 1300.00 for round trip tickets to the Philippines which is our vacation home. The airline required documentation from my fathers doc which I provided. He was not going anywhere for at least a year (radiation and chemo) and the denied even credit.I was able to get my parents tickets refunded by a different airline. NEVER Again. my father passed 8/12/2018. Our trip was scheduled for 9/13/2018. Very disappointing.see"
缺點: "No space for cabin bags. Late by 2 hours. Super rude and passive aggressive staff. Kept in bus at Frankfurt for 10 mins. Won’t fly BA again if i can help it."
優點: "Compensated with lounge pass"
缺點: "Very poor check in around Visa situation"
優點: "The food"
缺點: "My 12 hrs layover in Japan."
優點: "服務 電影 雪糕"
缺點: "飯不好"
優點: "I was randomly upgraded for the first 10 hours of my trip to Premium economy and it was amazing. Two big hot meals served throughout the flight and plenty of drink service. lots of leg room and could recline comfortably. Flight attendants were wonderful and very helpful. Lots of new movies to watch and games to keep you entertained."
缺點: "Flew economy for the 2nd part of my trip and the seat was very hard and was impossible to get comfy. Same meal service as premium economy and was once again delicious. Much colder on this flight and the thin blankets do very little to help."
優點: "It was short flight.. I slept good through."
優點: "Awefull I did get to use my ticket"
缺點: "Japan could have helped me change my name in my reservation to match my passport"
優點: "Clean plane, very nice crew."
缺點: "Flying coach is always cramped for a tall person!"
優點: "Quick boarding, great staff, and a smooth ride on 787 dreamliner."
缺點: "Entertainment system went down but the staff fixed it."
缺點: "Our flight was delayed for two hours. We have a connecting flight from Osaka to Los Angeles, which we were worried we couldn't make it. They told me the flight will wait for us because there were 20 plus people also need to get on that plane. When the time of boarding we heard they were calling us to the front and explained the flight we were suppose to be connecting already took off. They had to booked us to another airline. We were extremely disappointed! We asked if we could took another Japanese airline but they said our luggages were already transferred to that airline and the tickets were printed! Mosf importantly we have already waited in airport 5 hours and they needed us to wait for another 3 hours! Very bad experience with how they dealing with this situation!"
優點: "Crew was polite and courteous, spoke multiple languages, they came around multiple times to offer beverages, pilot/staff kept us informed about reason for delay to gate, arrived earlier than expected, usb charging available, bathroom was cleaned multiple times during flight, clean bathroom, and there were toothbrushes/sanitary pads available in the bathroom, and enjoyed that they had Haagen Daaz ice cream."
缺點: "The pocket in front had no room to put a drink/bottle. Food was relatively better compared to other airlines but okay. Movie selection was good but compared to other airlines has less."
優點: "The legroom is comfortable for a tall person."
優點: "Same as above"
缺點: "None"
優點: "What a terrific airline. Polite service, great food, comfortable seats and a clean plane. So much better than US airline companies."
優點: "I fly with JAL business class and it was the best business class I have ever experience. The crew was amazingly helpful and polite."
缺點: "I wish they can pronounce English language better. Sometimes I did not understand what did they said. Including the pilot. I don't want to be an American brat, but I did not understand what they said."
優點: "Service is amazing ! JAL is handsdown the best ever. The staff, crew and overall flight was great..."
缺點: "The horrible JET LAG I have now lol."
優點: "The majority of the crew had facials that made me feel like I shouldn't talk to them. The food wasn't the best but that was expected. There was movies and shows that kept me entertained for a while. Seats are normal couldn't walk or get up often because of turbulence."
優點: "The flight was normal and without problems. As a frequent traveler throughout Asia that is always welcomed."
優點: "Nothing I like , when u buy the ticket they're so nice , but after paid they're very bad, never take care of you, u ask them some help, they're can't"
缺點: "They every bad customer service, I never seen before"
優點: "Clean :)"
優點: "Good service, good food. On time arrival. Comfortable seats. Great airline."
優點: "Comfortable and spacious for economy class. Very helpful staff."
缺點: "If I have to be picky the movie selection didn't seem great."
優點: "Overall flight was comfortable and staff was friendly."
缺點: "No details were provided about the food on offer. I didn't know what I was eating and no options were provided"
缺點: "being moved"
優點: "Everything, from booking till landing"
優點: "The stewardesses were wonderful-kind, considerate and hardworking. Great meals and constant attention offering drinks. The movie choices were terrific. I stayed up all night watching top flight movies that I had not seen. I would love to travel with them again!"
缺點: "Nothing- except maybe the long trip. But if I have to take this long trip, I'd take it with them!"
優點: "I like the service of the Crew (very courteous, The Movies are new and my first time to view them, and the temperature and smell of the airplane is just right. Keep it up!"
缺點: "None"
優點: "Service with a smile goes even longer for long flights. Excellent service throughout the flight. Loved the feeling of spaciousness, even in Economy. Great sleep as a result."
缺點: "Number of movies available in Entertainment was limited, especially compared to competitors like Singapore Airlines. Ran out of good choices on a long flight."
優點: "Crew was very pleasant professional and caring."
缺點: "Seat bottoms could be more comfortable."
優點: "Meals at good times during the flight, complimentary wine served, comfortable seats. Overall better than any other airline for economy class. Enough leg room, good attention, never felt like I was riding a crowded city bus as on typical one distance economy class. Worth paying a little more for being treated like a human"
缺點: "I did have any negatives on this flight"
優點: "Great service. Great seat."
優點: "Excellent customer service. Five star service on board. Very helpful and informative customer service at jal transfer counter."
缺點: "None"

My wife asked for a meal with no pork. She was given a Muslim meal which was vegetarian and no meat. She can eat chicken, seafood, and beef. After we arrived at our destination, we called to cancel the Muslim meal, since there is a better selection without pork.

Food is not good

優點: "Awesome crew"
缺點: "Old seating"
優點: "crewe were excellent"
缺點: "nothing !"
優點: "The crew is awesome. They’re so polite and helpful."
缺點: "I think more options that don’t involve seafood would be good, but I’ll also consider selecting a specific meal in the future."
優點: "The seat is very comfotable. But on the fright from Japan to Bangkok very upset me and my husband. We sat seperated, but on the plane we saw 2 seats available, I asked woman crew that can we move to that seats. She went to talk with the guy who sat on the aisle seat. I heard he said he reserved"
缺點: "The seat beside him for his friend. And the crew said to me she so sorry I couldn't move to sit with my husband. But later no body beside him and he lay down 3 seats all the way. And the crew do nothing for us. We very dissapointed."
優點: "Attentive crew !"
缺點: "We did not make this flight and had to take the train instead"
優點: "Their friendliness And care for the passengers"
缺點: "i can not think of anything."
缺點: "Better seats and food. More water please"
優點: "The crew was fantastic and the food was very nice."
缺點: "It really would have been nice to have a vegetarian option!"
優點: "Crew was amazing"
缺點: "The boarding"
缺點: "Good"
優點: "The staff of ANA are so friendly and accommodating. When checking in, the woman at the counter moved me to a window seat from the middle, free of charge. They were very patient and helpful."
缺點: "The food was a little strange, I had salmon and rice as “breakfast” with iceberg lettuce side salad. The pieces of salmon were little shreds with a funky taste. Not bad, but not what I wanted on a long red eye flight. Also I wish there’d been more Hollywood movie selections."
優點: "The staff is friendly with attention to detail"
優點: "Service was impeccable, as usual, from check-in to boarding. Crew was attentive and friendly."
缺點: "Cabin was too warm. Seems there is no way to adjust temperature /individual air flow on a 777-300."
優點: "Everything on time"
缺點: "no outlet to charge phone"
優點: "Great service, great flight"
缺點: "Warm not much as."
優點: "The food, choices of entertainment, and the crew"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "The flight was delay .and I can’t able to catch my connecting flight I have to extra money for other connection flight"
優點: "Services to the senior citizen excellent... can't ask for more. Stewardess are all very pleasant. Thank you very much"
優點: "Crew amazing and food very good."
缺點: "Crew woke us up 2 hours before landing, would ha e been great to sleep longer."
缺點: "The business lounge in honolulu"
優點: "Everything"
缺點: "Everything the whole team was great."
優點: "I loved that the interior was completely darkened for about seven of the 12 hours of flight time."
缺點: "I just couldn't get comfortable in economy class. Traveling in business or first class was visibly MUCH more comfortable, so be aware that it may be difficult to get to sleep."
優點: "Excellent service. Good food. Great entertainment selection."
缺點: "No free WiFi"
缺點: "cancelled, hard to rebook flight, staff unhelpful, rebooked on worse flight. very bad experience."
優點: "The airline offer a lot of food on the plane including Hagen Daz ice cream. The service was excellent, flight attendances were polite and always smile. The seat was very comfortable!"
優點: "The attendants are all courteous and respectful."
優點: "Smooth , professional crew and their hospitality and especially their smile and attention to passengers is unparalleled."
缺點: "I'm flight entertainment seemed a little limiting to me- more updated and new releases can enhance I've really experience"
優點: "I like the way the stewardesses treating all passengers especially economy class- very professional , attentive to needs and service with great smile- overall wonderful experience and to think I had never heard of this airline prior to flying it for the first time was very impressionable for me"
缺點: "The in flights entertainment was a little limiting to me- but with the great service by crew- it didn't matter so much . But a little more wide variety could go a long way - or more new releases"
優點: "Outstanding customer service, I was especially impressed when the flight attendants would intermittently clean up the restrooms- something that definitely doesn't happen on US airlines. Good food as well."
缺點: "Again, would prefer a larger selection and more change with movie choices."
缺點: "Width of the seat for me was bit tight when in a flat bed position."
優點: "Food was served with metal utensils."
優點: "The ANA crew were very sweet and accommodating"
缺點: "Very unhappy over the first leg. Nothing indicated it was a United Airline flight to be boarded at United Airline terminal in LAX. Seat selected at time of booking was not honored since selection has to be done on United Air's web site. Did not get the meal I ordered for the same reason. Very short time to get from arrival gate to the connecting gate at Haneda."
優點: "Food was excellent. Very polite and helpful staff. Clean restrooms."
缺點: "Seats barely recline. Impossible to sleep without hurting neck. Good but low number of Indian/Hindi films."
優點: "Drink"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Stewards were very polite"
缺點: "seats were very uncomfortable on the long flight from San Francisco to Tokyo; poor movie quality and poor choices of movies"
優點: "5 stars around"
優點: "High quality fit out, amazing flight crew, great food."
缺點: "Movie selection could be greater."
缺點: "Delayed flight an hour and a half"
優點: "The most comfortable economy flight I have experienced so far. The service, food and entertainment options were all excellent. Definitely looking forward to our return flight back to YVR!"
優點: "I liked the Service and all. Airline offered me a wheel chair since it was on a record from last flight. They escort me to the plane.and plane to my daughter at the other end."
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "It was very warm on the plane."
優點: "Great movies!!"
缺點: "Terrible seats- difficult to find s confirtsble position."
優點: "Japanese quality is good quality"
優點: "Hassle-free luggage check-in process. Amazing hospitality led to a great in-flight experience. Empathy and kindness of staff was exemplary. Every crew member goes above and beyond one's expectations. My wife and my kid had a lovely time and comfortable journey. Will definitely try to book this flight again in future."
缺點: "There was no Indian or vegetarian food. My wife and my kid had to work with bread and jam only."
優點: "Rather new plane; tight, hard, uncomfortable seat architecture. I'm 6 feet tall and 160 pounds -- probably about the 'ideal size' for design. Least comfortable long flight I've had in a very long time."
優點: "I got to my destination on time with my luggage"
缺點: "Decent flight but not the seat that I wanted. Window seat without a window. Emergency exit seat which is supposed to have leg room but didn't because of emergency door. Taking some over the counter pain medication helped this and made the flight bearable. Fewer storage options."
優點: "Crew and ground Staff were very helpful and friendly"
優點: "電影還算新,餐點內容ok。"
缺點: "耳機聲音轉小,但是機內廣播超大聲,透過耳機都覺得耳朵快爆掉,又不能調整,代表機內廣播音量和電影音量設定不對。 派餐太慢,我們水果餐先取得,但跳過我們沒有給飲料。 入境單要2張(我和同伴),只給1張,說晚點給,但是後面座位的人卻有取得,又一直沒有送來,再要求後,才告知已經派送完畢,要我們落地再寫。"
優點: "Everything"
缺點: "Everything"
缺點: "Extremely poor entertainment system - mostly old movies. No Bollywood movies"
優點: "All no!"
缺點: "Seats are too close!"
優點: "Crew was just good. Nothing over the top."
缺點: "Better food."
優點: "nothing"
缺點: "everything"
缺點: "空調比較熱"
缺點: "Same as before. Dirty and smelly. Food was ok."
缺點: "機上娛樂系統壞了"
優點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"
優點: "Lie-flat seat in usiness class in the most comfortable seat I have ever sat in—on or off a plane. Cathay service is remarkably good and caring, but not intrusive."
缺點: "Dinner entrees not as good as last Flights with Cathay, but dim sum for breakfast was excellent."
優點: "機組服務人員親切"
缺點: "近兩年來,每五次搭乘有四次延誤,真不知道是什麼問題,從來不說明,就是讓乘客空等。"
優點: "Good"
優點: "the flight was on time"
缺點: "the sound system on my seat was broken so I couldn't watch movies except"
優點: "整體舒服,安心"
缺點: "去程和回程的機內椅下,餐枱十分污穢,似乎沒有人做清潔,厠所殘舊,污糟,衛生程度比廉航差! 回程在墨爾本check in 時要自助都沒有問題,但詢問地勤問題時十分不友善! 這次國泰給我的印象完全難以想像的差!"
優點: "Friendly and efficient staff."
優點: "As per usual, Cathay’s service was top notch. Friendly, courteous crew, good food, a great entertainment system with a great selection. This particular flight was very smooth and, as it was only around 65% full, I was able to stretch out and get some sleep."
優點: "On time. Got an isle seat."
優點: "早餐是粥 很棒"
缺點: "位置很小"
優點: "晚餐有雪糕食"
優點: "Food great, smooth flight. Helpful stewardess. Fairly comfy seats"
優點: "Great airline, punctual, attentive"
優點: "The staff was attentive to fixing the problem after it happened three times."
缺點: "TV monitor was broken and I could not use it for several hours"
優點: "caring flight attendant went extra mile to move people into better seats if they were available."
缺點: "people in lowest economy seats (back of plane) did not get an amenity bag (ear plugs, toothbrush, eye mask)."
優點: "Flight comfort, plane, staff. Overall a perfect travel experience."
缺點: "Mango desert...that’s all."
優點: "整体都可以"
缺點: "早餐很一般"
優點: "Everyone on Cathay pacific is very nice and the food was relatively good. They did everything possible to make this a better flight."
優點: "空中服務員Janice服務親切、細心,笑容滿面,給我一程愉快的飛行體驗!"
缺點: "名古屋中部機場Delay!"
缺點: "Would have liked to have been offered a beverage more often"
優點: "Overall was great, smooth flight and great service."
缺點: "Seating in coach was really tight and during my trip in Hong Kong, I had to be hospitalized"
優點: "Excellent crew and nothing to complain apart from the economy seats being a bit stiff."
缺點: "Got stomach ache after eating the food."
優點: "Excellent service, lucked out into a flight that wasn't full for once and was able to sleep."
缺點: "Food could have been better. Pasty potatoes and soft vegetables. Ice cream though :)"
優點: "Everything!"
缺點: "Nothing!"
缺點: "The crew manager shouted to me and my 1 year old boy during the flight as my son cried. They did not offer any help, my family got insulted and cried. The worst flying experience in my life, will never take that again."
優點: "Crew were nice."
缺點: "Very bumpy ride, and about a third of the entertainment touch screens did not work, including my sister's. Crew were helpful though throughout and gave us and others a $50 voucher for our trouble."
缺點: "For a 15 hour flight no way to make economy class comfortable at this price ( I flew Cathay since they were much cheaper than flying directly from japan"
優點: "not a full flight so obviously more comfortable"
缺點: "did not like having to deplane then reboard"
缺點: "No Wifi on a 16 hour flight is simply stunning to me."
優點: "The seats were very comfortable. Made it easy to sleep even in a middle seat."
缺點: "We had to wait outside the boarding area until right before boarding. Also they did not allow me to reserve a seat when booking."
缺點: "one of the cabin crews threw the meal to me :("
優點: "friendliness of crew and ease of boarding"
缺點: "food was ok"
優點: "放了飲品在廚房,可以自己去攞"
缺點: "差,上機不久即派發晚餐餐牌,但原來不是派餐,要問才有晚餐。機倉清潔度同樣差"
優點: "Comfortable seat , surprisingly good food"
缺點: "Where to begin....The flight was delayed an hr leaving Hong Kong. Then we were rerouted without notice to Newark International. Upon landing and changing our plans, we were told we were actually proceeding to our original destination in JFK. However, we have to wait for a new crew and we're stuck on the tarmac, on the plane for additional couple hrs. The experience was very aggravating, especially after such a long flight. Additionally, I find Cathays lack of transperancy with their customers very unprofessional. Sad as this is my preferred airline to flight but will take this into account for future bookings."
優點: "Very good service and comfortable plane"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "I personally don't like how you can't choose seats until check in. Although the food menu states that noodles and snacks were available upon request, we were turned down several times when we requested. Food served, especially main entree, were barely edible. It was probably the worst airline food I've ever had, and I travel very frequently. When we arrived back at JFK from our trip, it took over 2 hours for our luggage to arrive at baggage claim."
優點: "When you see a big plane you always wonder how long it will take but Cathay Pacific was very efficient during the boarding and deplaning. It was a very long flight and they kept everybody happy with a smile. Extremely accommodating."

On the plus side: Short, easy flight with no issues. On the minus side: Coach seats are narrow, uncomfortable, & close-packed. The flight was full, I felt totally sardined and I am NOT a large person. Also, as the flight was taxiing to the runway they played what felt like an endless stream of commercials with the audio broadcast through the plane's speakers. And of course, the one speaker directly over my head was SO FREAKING LOUD I needed to put my fingers in my ears. That volume also applied to virtually every announcement that was made over the course of the flight as well. So yeah - we got there quickly and in one piece, but it was a fairly miserable experience.

優點: "Great ground and air crew"
缺點: "Lack of communication. Crew was unattentitive and seemed to not know protocol or appear to have things under the control."
優點: "I hadn’t been on a plane in almost 10 years. People were very helpful at the airports. The plane ride was comfortable. The crew was nice both ways. I would. The price was excellent!"
優點: "Great cabin crew."
缺點: "Huge delay without explanation."
優點: "Where do i start? It’s a short flight to be sure but air canada planes never feel like many Other airlines’ mini planes or puddle jumpers. they seem new, spacious, seat back Entertainemnt, just great. Also, there is no scrimping on Service. How many Delta or united or American flights have i taken on this route only to be told “coffee or water” and sometimes no coffee “the flight is too short”. Nonsense! Granted I was in business, but I had a full hot breakfast served and a full array of beverages offered. It AC can do it, everyone can. The flight attendant was lovely."
缺點: "The flight was too short :)"
優點: "squeeze me into an earlier flight"
缺點: "Everything good."
缺點: "I was disappointed that for the first time since I have been flying, they did not allow my carry-on with me. It was not that bad though because by the time I got through customs and made it to the baggage carousel the bag was waiting for me."
缺點: "We sat on the tarmac in Montreal for about an hour."
優點: "This time I didn't have to pick up my luggage in Toronto, it was lucky!"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "The condescending flight attendant at the gate who wouldn't assign me a seat and gave me guilt for not paying for extra leg room or preferred seating when Air Canadas site wasn't working"
缺點: "Flight was cancelled"
缺點: "Gate change but no announcement"
優點: "The flight was quick and easy.."
優點: "Service was on time & staff was friendly and helpful."
缺點: "On the flight back, we had to wait on the airplane for a good hour before we could disembark. But that was due to heavy traffic at the airport and not the fault of the airline."
優點: "The flight was no cancel because the weather"
缺點: "Waiting too much after landing in LGA"
缺點: "Over an hour late."
缺點: "Delay was not explained, gate change was not communicated. Poor communication overall."
優點: "TV entertainment even for a short flight"
優點: "I've flown air Canada probably 6 times. I've been delays 3 times"
缺點: "Delays"
缺點: "- Delayed from take off for over two hours. During this time, pilot and flight attendants shared minimal information with passengers. - At one point, I asked a flight attendant for water because I had a migraine and wanted to take some Advil. He told me he couldn't right now because the pilot wanted everyone in their seats, but he would get it for me as soon as possible. When I followed up 45 minutes later, the same flight attendant apologized and said that it was because he didn't want everyone asking for waters. We were stuck on that plane for over two hours, and you can't get people water? - Gate check was not available, meaning that I had to check my carry-on when there was no more space available (my bag met the carry-on size requirements)."
優點: "Air Canada was kind enough to give us a hotel voucher."
缺點: "The flight was cancelled and we weren't informed until we arrived at the airport. An email was supposedly sent, but I didn't receive it. We had to fly out the next morning and missed half a day of work. Fortunately, we didn't have anything important scheduled."
優點: "No issues with the plane or service itself but we were stuck waiting for a replacement plan for a late night flight and departed 4 hours after schedule."
優點: "The crew was very pleasant and welcoming. The aircraft was very visibly clean, and my seat was comfortable. Most importantly the flight was on time and the boarding process was properly supervised."
缺點: "I'm 65 years of age and have been travelling by air since I was 5. (You know back when airplanes had piston engines and propellers). So the tings I don't like are what you might expect. I don't like that I have to pay extra for a seat with adequate legroom. I don't like being charged for the most basic of Wi-Fi connections. (Delta's and Amtrak's are free). Although this was a very short flight, the passengers could have been offered the option of either cookies or pretzels, instead of everyone being stuck with pretzels."
優點: "One of the wort scariest flights ever"
優點: "In flight entertainment"
缺點: "The credit was not polite and quite unfriendly."
優點: "Nice interior. Free movies."
缺點: "Air Canada is always delayed."
缺點: "Nice flight"
缺點: "Mad dash thru Monteal airport to make connection after 30 minute delay. Rep just before customs had a bad scanner and couldn't scan my boarding pass on my phone. Sent me back to find an Air Canada rep in customer service. That rep's scanner worked, and then they had a five minute discussion about it. Had to go back thru passenger scanning. Flight's gate was changed. Finally got to gate, flight was delayed, no updated information. Another 30 minute wait on the tarmac. Flight attendant in business class didn't do a cabin check before take off, man next to me continued phone convo during taxi-to-take-off whilst two gentlemen in front of me had their seats back for take-off. Bad service."
優點: "Flight was on time.service good ."
缺點: "Flight attended was not great .Too much walking in the terminal."
優點: "The crew"
缺點: "Seat space, boarding process every second barding pass is shown"
缺點: "Boarding was slow and chaotic because of the number of passengers bringing oversize carry-on bags, presumably to try to avoid the checked-bag fee. The overhead bins filled up early, and passengers squabbled over the available space and objected when flight attendants told them they would have to gate-check their bags. The aisle was congested and blocked for long periods of time as people tried to fit their bags into the bin, and the plane left the gate more than 15 minutes late because of the slow boarding. There were about 100 people on the flight, but only about 20 at baggage claim (including at least two family groups), another indication that the checked-bag fee caused passengers to bring oversize carry-on bags. The overall rating for this flight would be significantly higher if it weren't for the boarding process."
優點: "The crew were effective and efficient. We boarded promptly and departed on time. They were polite and friendly."
優點: "On flight the flight and service was great. They need to work on the onboard section a lot."
缺點: "It was delayed for 2 hours not only they were late they didn't know the gate, I had to stop by the customer service they told me a wrong gate twice they didn't even announce. The most lower customer care I ever experience."
缺點: "No hot drinks (coffee) on flight."
優點: "Fast flight, boarded and landed quickly"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Spacious, leg room"
缺點: "Temperature, cold. Needs interior upgrade."
優點: "Everything else."
缺點: "See above."
優點: "登機安排"
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "It was a short flight and I shared my seating with average weight people. The crew members and the pilots were very informative."
缺點: "During a short flight there is not much to experimented and less to comment."
優點: "On time and short! Everything was good"
缺點: "Great"
優點: "The staff was so kind and outgoing! They made sure the flight went smoothly!"
缺點: "The flight from Montreal to NYC was late by 2 hours:("
優點: "They took off and landed on time"
優點: "Like like the fact that we we're bump to fist class. The customer service was great. The flight attended was very nice and pilot."
缺點: "The price was expensive."
缺點: "extreme delays and not a lot of updates"
優點: "Quick fight-I slept for the whole flight."
缺點: "Delayed for over an hour. Not enough seating be at the terminal."
優點: "Great short flight"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "No problem"
缺點: "No problem"
優點: "We set on the runway for over 4 hours."



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