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從阿什維爾地區機場飛往台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場的熱門航空公司


Love flying American.. gate agents and crew are awesome


Love flying American.. gate agents and crew are awesome

The plane was very late arriving at the gate which made me miss my connecting flight which made me miss my shuttle. I’m very upset and will be calling American Airlines

The first-class flight attendant from LIT to Mia was very professional and a nice older experience attedent .

The gate crew at Asheville was very friendly and on top of letting passengers know why things were being delayed. The air crew was friendly. The delay experienced through American Airlines (American Eagle) was inconvenient and made for a long day without any sleep. The flight was smooth. However, the seats were obviously in need of new cushions. They were hard and uncomfortable. The aircraft was clean, though.

缺點: "Lady at the gate barely paid any attention to the line. I had to ask her whether or now I can proceed"
優點: "The staff at seatac airport were condescending and not helpful...traveling with a service dog and made to pay the pet fee and talked about me where I can over hearnthen in a manner that embarassed me"
優點: "good service"
缺點: "More leg room"
優點: "Signs etc were clear. Emailed for delay."
缺點: "Flight was delayed with little explanation to why."
優點: "Everything was seamless."
優點: "Flight was a little delayed, but not terribly so. Crew was friendly, airplane looked clean and fresh."
缺點: "Entertainment on the plane (American Airlines Airbus A321) didn’t exist, unless you had the AA app and purchased the WiFi plan from the airline. Only food offered was a breakfast cookie for economy passengers."
缺點: "Kept on the tarmac with no information on when we would be leaving. I fell asleep and the flight attendant instead of waking me up rudely moved my chair upright in a startling and rude way. When I asked him to next time tap me on the shoulder or ask me to move he went ahead and began speaking loud."
缺點: "5 hour delay caused us to miss connecting flights so got stranded in Los Angeles."
優點: "Direct flight and good personal service provided by crew."
缺點: "Flight was delayed and overbooked causing further delay at departure gate. Plane is small and cramped."
缺點: "Be on time. Also we sat in first class and it would be nice if the center counsel was smaller giving the passengers more seat room."
優點: "great trip"
優點: "The crew was amazing"
缺點: "allow us to choose seats without financial restriction"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Bussed from Green Bay to Chicago."
優點: "Flight was smooth. The flight attendances were pretty efficient."
缺點: "That the gate agent didn't put my request to board early seriously. I asked to have early boarding because of an injury and she didn't call me up early to board. I had to do it on my own."
優點: "Staff were friendly and efficient"
缺點: "No snacks because of short trip, so can’t rate properly."
優點: "Getting off."
缺點: "Boarding the way there, they did not honor my AA Advantage card to board earlier because my boarding pass did not say so. Even after seeing it said so in the computer system, they refused to honor it. Further, there were no charging ports on board, no free WiFi, no adjustable headrests, and the seats did not recline. There were no kosher cookies."
缺點: "small plane"
優點: "We left 25 minutes later, but arrived 25 minutes early!! I hVe flown many times and that has never happened!!"
優點: "Planes were clean and spacious"
缺點: "Airline didn't seem prepared with crews. Both legs had crew mgmt issues."
優點: "Don't know. Never made it that far."
優點: "Crew was very friendly"
缺點: "Food was so bad The seats were so cramped"
缺點: "Yes Old planes again. No charging ports no entertainment. The crew was nice but the whole experience of this trip was awful."
優點: "Customer Service, movies & comfortable seats"
缺點: "When we arrived at the Aspen airport, American Airlines was having a complete breakdown checking-in passengers for our flight. Some waited 2.5 hours to check a bag -- at an airport with very few flights and small planes. Clearly there was no management onsite – or that management was completely inept. AA agents on the ground simply did not prioritize passengers trying to make flights, nor did they ask flyers without urgent issues if they could step aside. Even worse, they spent 1.5 hours helping one customer – when that customer simply could have gone online or called reservations to get the appropriate assistance. Honestly, I personally stepped in to do what your personnel should have been trained to do: show empathy to calm passengers, ask one irate man to have some sympathy for those behind him in line, and finally, prioritize the people trying to check bags for the 2pm flight ahead of others. AA personnel only engaged the irate customer and threatened to call security when he pulled out his camera phone – it simply inflamed an already bad situation."
優點: "Great service"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"
缺點: "I know this isn’t Kayak’s issue but American Airlines literally forgot to put fuel into the plane. We were delayed for over an hour and luckily I made my connection in Charlotte but only because they held the flight and it was not full. Had it been full I would have lost my seat."
優點: "Although the flight was short, everything worked as it should have."
缺點: "I miss snacks! Even a bag of pretzels would have been appreciated."
優點: "We made it there and back on time and safely"
缺點: "This was an old plane; there was no power for devices, no individual movie screens as on other trans atlantic carriers, food was so so."
缺點: "this flight was delayed going both directions."
缺點: "3 hour delay. Old plane."
缺點: "Seats are not designed for long haul flights"
優點: "N/A"
缺點: "Missed this connection"
缺點: "The staff was rude not helpful and mean worst crew I've ever seen and I fly alot"
優點: "not much they gave us snacks"
缺點: "how long i had to wait"
優點: "He crew. They were helpful and friendly"
缺點: "The delay and the plane was old"
優點: "Value for money"
缺點: "The staff doesn't hold passengers accountable to carry on bag size and additional bags. It results in cabin luggage storage being full before 3/4ths of the passengers board."
優點: "Flight was on time through United since we had to be rescheduled from our original flight with American."
優點: "The AA staff was very friendly. The flight was late due to weather however it did not affect our connection. I believe I paid more more my seat class which proved a power outlet."
缺點: "I really couldn't rate the food or entertainment because there wasn't any."
優點: "our flight were on time. Staff was very helpful, I walk with aid of a cane."
缺點: "Late by 40 min"
優點: "great service from flight attendance"
缺點: "n/a"
優點: "New plane; great entertainment; very friendly and helpful on-board staff."
缺點: "Our flight was delayed and the American bag drop line at Heathrow was long and slow. I understand these things happen but all could have been eased with a bit more information being given and more staff on-hand to provide direction."
優點: "The crew kept us informed as to why we didn''t leave the gate on time; they served beverages and snacks in an efficient manner. Once we got to Dallas we were early, he made up time in the air and the captain informed us that the gate was not ready to receive the plane. We waited about 15 minutes and then we got to the gate."
優點: "I liked the seats they where not that bad."
缺點: "I fell asleep and missed if they offered water or anything. And I missed if they did a safety preflight. When I purchased the tickets online it never told me that there would be a charge for my bag. The plane was half empty. People payed for there seats when it wasn't necessary there was plenty of room on the plane"
優點: "My first plane from Ashevile to Charlotte was fine."
缺點: "This plane was a little "scarier" than the other but I believe that it was because it was such a small plane."

No one at the counter could help me fill out the forms to enter Taiwan. I got errors but the were in Chinese! Somehow I managed to get it done after spending about 2 hours asking for help! And the ticketing agent had the nerve to tell me to get back inline!!

My first plane had technical issues and never took off but after hours, the original flight just kept getting delayed and delayed without letting the customers have the updated information or rebooking them. I only made the Washington flight thanks to one lady TSA agent at the Asheville airport who personally retrieved my luggage from the grounded flight and brought them to the Washington flight. The flight itself was fine.

I want my money back; You did not deliver me to my destination because of the flight delay, and I will lose a lot as a result. If you don't pay me back, I'll go to court

優點: "nothing in particular"
缺點: "cold, inattentive crew, United premium economy product is not worth a pretty penny it charges"
缺點: "Counter at Asheville, point of origin for the flight, was unattended at recommended arrival time. Attendant, when he finally appeared, seemed, to this traveler at least, unengaged, abrupt, even rude, certainly not as welcoming and helpful ad other UA counter attendants at busier airports and at more demanding times. The word lazy comes to mind. The same individual handled the gate. His demeanor there was similar. If it is UA policy to leave counters unattended, an explanation should be posted; if present policy requires one individual to handle counter and gate duties, perhaps more help is needed. This experience, all the more frustrating when a passenger ruses early so as to comply with recommended arrival and boarding times, combined with the fact that the incoming flight significantly delayed AVL to Washington depart setting the tone for a mostly mediocre experience crowned by a painful trek from terminal A to terminal C to catch the connection to PVD. Not a best effort by UA. Outstanding flight and cabin crews saved the day."
優點: "Not too late. Older 767-400 planes are not comfortable but are reliable."
缺點: "Amsterdam airport Schiphol is among the very worst in Europe. I will never fly thru Amsterdam again. Truly miserable experience despite being a Business class traveler. The United crew was mediocre at best. Food was not good. Disappointing."
優點: "good movies to choose from"
缺點: "slimline seats on a 12+ hour international flight are torture"
優點: "I finally arrived."
缺點: "More communication about delay and lost luggage."
優點: "無"
缺點: "飛機大delay"
缺點: "Flight attendant was not helpful with large package"
缺點: "Sits not suitable for long distance travel"
缺點: "Flight was cancelled"
優點: "Smooth and easy flight."
優點: "Left on time and landed early"
缺點: "Nothing to not like."
缺點: "飛機上的食物太差了,份量又不足,全程都餓肚子,有選擇的話我肯定不乘搭聯合航空或是自備食物。"
優點: "The variety of TV shows."
缺點: "The flight attendants just didn't seem to care The food was so salty. The air conditioning made me cold and sick."
優點: "舒適"
缺點: "Baggage took forever. . Caused a lot of confusion if at right claim carousel. Over 30min & counting...."
優點: "fast take off and good service."
缺點: "the flight attendant had way too many announcements. Her script was too long."
缺點: "Flight delayed appropriately due to weather but staff at United gave out misinformation and apparently not able to keep apace with information some of us passengers finally accessed online from United. The Asheville airport is small and the only restaurant closed - so for 4 hours we were left with no certainty, no food, and incorrect answers. Perhaps it is because airport is small, or the particular staff people were unable to focus. Flight itself was great."
缺點: "Rude flight attendant. White, old, male, with half shaved head. Uncomfortable seats. Awful food"
優點: "On time"
缺點: "Paid entertainment"
優點: "Flight crew did everything to make sure you were comfortable.on both legs of my flight, I think United airlines is doing a decent job. I had no issues or delays"
缺點: "The seats are just to close together"
優點: "On time take off and arrival"
缺點: "No entertainment screen on each seat, just old TV far away. Very boring on this trip"
缺點: "Our flight was canceled and they did not notify us"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "That i sat grounded for an extra 45min over Fuel discrepancy."
優點: "Delayed to Albany 2 hrs, no compensation, not even a beer!"
優點: "Early arrival"
缺點: "Waiting for docking spot."
優點: "The seats were soft. The convenience of flying out of Asheville was great."
缺點: "We sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes waiting. When the captain spoke, no one on the plane could understand a word he said due to the poor speakers, his accent?, and he spoke too fast. I nearly missed my connection in Chicago."
缺點: "For a long flight, it's inexcusable to have no wifi working for both my flights. I'm very dissapointed as this was very uncomfortable to fly internationally. While they did play a movie on the communal screen, was hard to see from my seat. Would of much rather paid more to fly with a nicer service"
優點: "I liked kayak, recommended by a friend and my new booking application. Thank you."
缺點: "I didn't arrange for travel or fly this flight. My email was entered by someone else by mistake."
優點: "Not really impressed"
優點: "The crew were polite and friendly."
缺點: "A cookie was the only snack on a more than 3 hour flight."
優點: "Boarding procedure and crew were excellent!"
缺點: "中文廣播人員結結巴巴都在亂翻譯,太不專業了 服務人員一直玩,講話好大聲,讓人不能休息,很不舒服 大家下飛機時,每間航班都會很有禮貌一直謝謝搭乘,UA871我沒感受到。"
優點: "Staff on board was great"
缺點: "I brought a carry on and had to check it because I was in group. I was not happy. It took 25 minutes for the first piece of luggage to arrive and of course our bags. Last on the plane took a while."
優點: "Movies on personal device"
缺點: "Food"
優點: "Everything was on time, crew was friendly."
優點: "Everything was fine. Little tight in economy plus for an extra 76 dollars. Other than that good flight good crew and the entertainment worked on this one finally."
缺點: "In order to upgrade to economy plus or first class, it would have cost more than my round trip flight. Flight left late and arrived late."
缺點: "The airplane needed to be swapped, which caused an hour delay and made me miss my flight"
優點: "First time travelling with United, usually travel with American but united was a bit cheaper...absolutely loved it! Except thw flight was delayed but customer service was exceptional! Definitely choosing United again."
優點: "I missed my flight with Alligent due to an overturned tractor trailer and they couldn't do anything to help me (I'll never fly with them again) and I had to book a last minute flight with United, very easy just pricy due to last minute. Thanks!"
優點: "Very accommodating and easy. I brought a animal on board and they were helpful."
優點: "She was very friendly and on task."
缺點: "Nothing. She was great."
優點: "Nothing I cuold think off"
缺點: "Too many delays, change of gates, maintenance check is too overwhelming. My Houston flight is unbelievable. We stayed were delayed for almost 5 hours . Wifi is not working"
缺點: "Flight delay"









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