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釜山 金海國際機場往台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場的航班


  • 想找便宜機票?若從釜山出發,我們的用戶有25%找到以下價錢或更便宜的優惠:台北市 單程NT$3,654 - 來回NT$11,353
  • 1月、2月和12月是旅遊旺季。1月從釜山出發的機票則通常最便宜。
  • 早上出發的航班平均較晚間出發的航班便宜37%。*


從釜山 金海國際機場飛往台灣的4間熱門航空公司


Flying business cannot quench your thirst. Not even a glass(in this case a paper cup) of water is onboard. I wonder if the COVID virus can survive in the longer legs.


Flying business cannot quench your thirst. Not even a glass(in this case a paper cup) of water is onboard. I wonder if the COVID virus can survive in the longer legs.

優點: "Well organized loading, courteous staff, great vegetarian food provided, liked the real metal silverware and glass wine glass on the SEA>ICN route."
缺點: "My usb charger connection was too loose to charge"
優點: "Crews and their messages sounded nice but some parts sounded like it was little too much for normal passengers.; somewhat threatening or too warning ..?"
缺點: "Transit should be guided better, especially if it involves terminal change. It was difficult to pickup and send the luggages as well. The airport terminals were way too hectic. It was hard to find ground staffs."
優點: "very comfortable seats. on time arrival."
缺點: "the food is not very good."
缺點: "Taking care more about suitcases customers"
優點: "Crew was friendly food was great, flight was safe."
缺點: "More room"
優點: "Everything was good, excellent. No complaint at all!"
缺點: "Perfect no further better service, I suppose."
優點: "Everything. Seat...crew...food...all of it."
缺點: "Can't think of anything. All was great."
優點: "Great service"
缺點: "Hope I can change seat when I check in even though I choose to enter other skyteam number than sky pass."
優點: "crew was excellent and food was great"
缺點: "boarding disorganized, business class seats were average and screens too small"
優點: "This was the big league of airlines. Great staff, presentation, service, food, entertainment. Felt appreciated as a customer during the entire experience."
缺點: "Extra checked bag fee was very costly, nearly $100.00 (CAD)."
優點: "Food, professional staff and crew"
優點: "The employees were soooo nice and friendly"
缺點: "Wheelchair service"
優點: "Short flight"
缺點: "Dont have lots of option on movie"
優點: "Very clean aircraft."
優點: "Excellent service and food!"
缺點: "N/A"
缺點: "Food and entertainment were not offered so I can’t rate them."
優點: "Staff was very hepful and attentive. Nice people working"
缺點: "Ordered vegetarian oriental and they brought me appetizer of shrimp Flight attendant didn’t understand that shrimp is not vegetarian"
優點: "Great service on board and the shiny new Terminal 2 at ICN didn't hurt!"
缺點: "Nothing to dislike."
優點: "How often i was fed"
缺點: "I wanted to upgrade and they said no even rhough it wasnt full"
優點: "Staff was friendly"
缺點: "More food offerings like snacks and fresh fruit options"
優點: "Everything except boarding."
缺點: "Check in was very slow, the flight was late and missed connection"
優點: "Everything except switching flights in Seoul."
缺點: "We landed as scheduled at 5:10pm, but my next flight was scheduled to board at 5:55pm. You have to go (you should know this since it’s the country you’re based out of) a second security check in Seoul, so by the time I actually got out of security it was 5:55pm and my flight was already boarding. I had to run to my next flight and I barley made it. Showing up to my flight a sweaty mess after what felt like a mile run was not a highlight of my experience with Korean air. You guys seriously need to do some reconfiguring of your flights..."
優點: "Clean and nice crew"
缺點: "Food choices and not as comfortable as I had hoped"
優點: "all services"
優點: "The movie selections were pretty good and was enough entertainment for the long flight"
缺點: "The flight delay forced us to run from one end of the Incheon Intl Airport to another to catch our connecting flight."
優點: "The flight was smooth though there's a bit delay from Seoul because of the snow."
缺點: "There should be more selection on the food served in the plain."
缺點: "delayed 1:50 hrs."
優點: "Korean Air staff was great. I fly Korean when flight prices are reasonable. Stsff helped me as I need assistance as a disabled passenger. Plan to fly again to BKK and back next summer and will fly KA again if price is competitive."
缺點: "Flight to BKK was on 747s my favorite plane."
優點: "great staff... treat you like a king"
優點: "Great service, very clean"
缺點: "Flight was delayed"
優點: "Great food and service and comfortable seats"
優點: "Entertainment had a wide variety of choices. The food that I could eat was delicious and served with REAL silverware on REAL plates and cups. Amazing. The commitment to the environment and style is truly outstanding."
缺點: "I have a severe food allergy, and all of the dinner options had the food I was allergic to. BUT! They were willing to give me a bunch of little foods to make a whole meal, and were truly sympathetic to my plight. I'd fly with them again"
缺點: "Lack of food option for vegetarian"
優點: "The staff was friendly and even though it was a quick flight they still provided a light meal. They were very efficient getting people on and off the plane."
優點: "There was enough leg space even though we were couch and the flight attendants were nice. They also fed us regularly and gave out snacks and drinks so this made the 15 hours plane ride more pleasant."
缺點: "It was HOT. We and other passengers told the flight attendants about the heat but nothing really changed. The air circulation was poor and people were sweating on the plane. Because of this, it was stale and smelly. I'm not sure why the circulation on their plane was so poor but it really made the flight more difficult than it should have been."
優點: "Just about everything"
缺點: "I."
優點: "I fly a lot of Asian airlines. This was my first time with KE. Overall, I'd say the food was OK, and I'm not particularly choosy. But the flight from Seoul to JFK was just beef and seafood and a Korean Rice Bowl. Pretty limited. If you're a veggie, I'd suggest putting in for a veggie meal."
優點: "Friendly staff and good good choices. Clean and new plane."
優點: "The crew are friendly, the flight was comfortable"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "The attention to detail and excellent service was better than I had expected. I was especially impressed by the stickers the cabin attendants used to notify sleeping passengers upon waking up that the meal/drinks were still available upon request."
優點: "KA broke handle in my luggage and it was difficult to make them pay back some reasonable amount of money for that (my suitcase was just one year old) but at the end they did a lot. Love their metal cutlery instead of plastic ones. It's not only better to eat with them but also better for environment."
優點: "The crew and entertainment."
缺點: "I didn't like my seat, no place to put my things, like a seat pocket. No complimentary water bottle like in the previous flight. The food choice I wanted ran out. The choice left was not good."
優點: "Window seats in business class have direct isle access without having to disturb your neighbor."
優點: "Crew was very helpful and the food was very good, The flight was on time."
缺點: "All the advertisement books in the pouch were a pain. I could have put my reading materials in that space. The advertisements could be offered to passengers during the flight. Wouldn't probably need as many. Also, the cup holder should be up higher on the back of the seat. I kept bumping it with my knee and spilling it."
優點: "Good experince. Crew was fantastic."
優點: "I have flown with many airlines and Korean Air is by far the best airlines I have flown with. Great service, perfect locations."
缺點: "China Air was alright. Just didn't like the whole running around the airport trying to figure out what counter to go to. Also I am not a big fan of getting transported via bus from terminal to plane"
優點: "everything"
缺點: "nothing"
優點: "perfect service"
缺點: "n/a"
優點: "They listen to your request kindly."
缺點: "None"

Can believe it very bad 👎 service

優點: "Everything was handled very efficiently. Good signage at the airport for most things. Flew economy as the flight was only 2 hours. Free water bottles handed out with wet wipe but no food available."
缺點: "Collecting bags was easy and we’ll sign posted. Exit to the arrival hall was a bit confusing but we were directed to the appropriate gate (by colour of boarding pass) and baggage check removed when checked against luggage"
優點: "Vietnam airlines stands out in SE Asian carriers. Great service and planes leaving and arriving on time."
缺點: "Keep up great service standards"
優點: "The flight was short but comfortable. The flight also included lunch service that was also good. Overall, good value for money."
缺點: "On-time departure"
優點: "The crew was great."
缺點: "But the aircraft is not well maintained inside. Sticky substance on armrest and tray; Seat-back pocket torn and everything inside filthy. Magazine pages stuck together due to spilled sugary beverages."
缺點: "It’s satisfying everytime I fly with VietnamAirlines. Except that a kid behind me kicked my seat nonstop. Literally, nonstop!"
優點: "no-nonsense, plain flight, what else would a frequent flyer wish?"
優點: "The flights left and arrived on time."
缺點: "When connecting from a domestic flight to an international flight in Hanoi they do not check your bags to the final destination. They also do not inform you that you have to change terminals when arriving in Hanoi. I barely made the connection because of these two issues."
缺點: "Allowing the boarding of business class passengers before economy class passengers."
優點: "The crew was very nice."
缺點: "There were passengers clapping through the whole flight."
優點: "The fact that it was an over night flight."
缺點: "1) The service was terrible terrible. 2) food was extremely poor. You cannot offer *only* pork and fish. 3) Bad entertainment system. Namely no movie descriptions, bad infotainment system navigation. Poor subtitle choice."
優點: "The crew were not visible and didn't offer any assistance"
缺點: "An offer of a snack as we paid a high price for the econom y flight"
缺點: "Reservation online"
優點: "It was okay, really overpriced for what would have been a fine low-budget flight, like an Air Asia. If I had paid $200 or less for the flight, I would have no complaints about the comfort and service. But I paid over $600, so I'd expect a little more."
缺點: "Seat comfort, food, entertainment, boarding, disembarking."
缺點: "Friendlier crew"
優點: "Boarding was quick and Flight was Smooth"
缺點: "Food basic,Crew not so friendly.Flight left 15 minutes late."
優點: "boarding time is on time dinner have 2 choices"
缺點: "minor one - they donr want to give extra bread as not might enough for everyone entertainment could improve by having in-seat monitor"
優點: "Everything, from the check in process, to the flight itself."
缺點: "Nothing to eat, except a cup of juice or water."
優點: "Their boarding process was smooth. The cabin crew was attentive. The plane wasn’t full and there were three of us sitting together that were rather large. The crew allowed us to go to an empty seat without someone next to it."
缺點: "The flight had small video screens but no place to plug in a headset so consequently o sound."
優點: "Boarding by rows - great!"
優點: "Very quick procedures! Check in, boarding, disembarking"
缺點: "Seats are not comfortable"
優點: "Onboarding went well and bagage was out fast in Nha Prang"
缺點: "Seats at Vietnam Airlines are hard and old. Do not sit well so would not take a long flight with them despite that the crew is very professional."
優點: "Check in was efficient"
優點: "The system cancelled my ticket & need to buy a new ticket"
缺點: "Non action from airline & IRRESPONSIBLE replies from customer service"
優點: "I only fly Vietnam airlines within Vietnam."
優點: "The flight attendants are friendly"
缺點: "The food is a bit “pedestrian”"
優點: "The food was pretty good and the check-in process was also fairly smooth."
缺點: "Armrest on my husband’s seat was broken and fell off twice during the flight. He cut his arm on it the first time this happened. The flight was pretty bumpy, but the weather wasn’t great. The landing was a bit of a roller coaster, too!"
優點: "Kind attention and assistance with checkin, given priority as an elderly passenger needing a wheelchair."
缺點: "There was no food offered for this 80 minute flight, and the only drink offered was a choice between cold water and s Coke-like soft drink. I get a wheelchair assist (elderly woman with some mobility issues). The service person who brought me to the gate never showed up again to help with the boarding. Instead (??), the airline had me boarding LAST (most airlines have had me board among the first), and then sitting at an aisle seat (most airlines have me at a window). They asked me to wait to deboard until all passengers were off - that is standard. But because I was sitting on the aisle I had to get up and wait standing while the two other passengers on the row got out, and then go back to be seated. Very awkward"
優點: "Reasonably well organised Nice veg meal Attentive pleasant staff"
缺點: "Drinks: they had limited juice range, prob only orange and for some strange eason didnt serve hot drinks"
優點: "Check in was easy, food was decent, there was a TV in each seat"
優點: "Reliable, no nonsense, good price-quality ratio"
缺點: "This flight is almost always late. Connections in Paris tend to be difficult."
優點: "The evening meal was far better than the mystery cold cuts and drowned slaw on the daytime flight out of Hanoi. Crew were pro -- if a little terse at times. Pilot launched and landed the aircraft successfully, always a big plus in my books."
缺點: "Seat was hard and somewhat uncomfortable. I wanted bottomless refills of white wine but the stewardesses had other ideas. Pours were on the skimpy side, too. Passengers were fiddling with their damned devices during takeoff and landing, and the crew shoulda laid down the law there."
優點: "The schedule on time"
缺點: "Clean, organized and friendly service. The headsets are not well taken care of. I had to exchange twice due to the broken items."
優點: "Very good experience especially compared to USA airlines"
優點: "evrry thing"
缺點: "none"
優點: "Food served inflight was excellent, new airplane, and comfortable legroom"
缺點: "Sell me ticket hat no use. 17 hours layover while Japan not allow overnight layover and kick me out . I have to spend 1700 more to get another ticket to go us for school! I demand my money back"
優點: "Priority boarding for pregnant passengers, leggy and clean"
缺點: "No personal service, meaning have to fill out the same waiver of liability every time we fly, even if flights are just a few days apart."
優點: "Cabin crew are great. Vietnam based catering is always really good: excellent fruit and I enjoyed the Vietnamese beef stew."
缺點: "Equipment seems older, no entertainment system in economy class."
優點: "On Time"
缺點: "staff on ground and in flight was unfriendly"
優點: "Check in was easy. Able to check in baggage easily. Staff was kind"
缺點: "Nothings"
優點: "便宜。服務人員友善"
缺點: "座位非常小"
優點: "服務人員友善"
缺點: "座位非常小"
優點: "On time. No problems."
優點: "All traditional amenities like foods and water are provided"
缺點: "none"
優點: "Small plane and very nice people. Short flight so no food or entertainment to judge. Just hard not to love the Cambodians."

Just to be expected on a budget airline. Since all the flights were either late on the evening it would help to offer some food for purchase Since you tourists cannot buy decent food withoit local vaccination record in hong Kong this would really to help Using phone to submit electronic data is great but for the elderly this is a hassle

Cancelled without alert

Flight cancelled without notidication, had to book an emergency replacement flight at the counter

缺點: "We should have been allowed to sit near our family (wives). There was empty row but they wanted to charge us to move up. Ridiculous!!"
優點: "Check in staff was friendly and helpful"
缺點: "Refused to serve me food when I woke up."
優點: "Absolutely nothing"
缺點: "The flight took forever to land. Pilot said prepare for descent and we stayed in the air for another forty minutes. The air smelled awful. One of the worst flights I’ve ever taken."
優點: "I was able to purchase extended seat room for a reasonable price."
缺點: "No free drinks or entertainment or anything to help pass the flight time."
優點: "Comfortable seat in emergency exit row!!"
優點: "HK Express compensated for delay"
缺點: "Punctuality"
缺點: "Fight was delayed 2 hours"
缺點: "Terrible attitude from the staff"
缺點: "Sat on runway 2 hours and then bags delayed 1 hour"
缺點: "They didn’t offer any thing to drink, complimentary"
優點: "Price was good and HK to Tokyo times were good"
缺點: "No entertainment on 5 hour flight"
優點: "Nothing in particular."
缺點: "They don't tell you that 1) you aend up paying more than other airlines charge by the time you add various 'extras'; and 2) you have to go through immigration because they are in another terminal. This means two hours of work, plus I missed my flight because I didn't have 3 hrs. They said my fault."
優點: "Good price to go HK to Tokyo"
缺點: "Flight attendant woke up a baby to tell passenger something and then baby cried for next hour No water unless you pay for it"
優點: "The crew was very nice, seats comfortable and the airline seemed well run for a discount carrier."
優點: "Easy flight, nice crew"
缺點: "Budget airline. Have to buy drinks. Space between seats is tight. Spend the money for the seat with more leg room if you are average height or taller"
缺點: "IS THIS A WAY TO RUN AN AIRLINE? WHAT A BLANKING JOKE! People should notify Ralph Nader & PUT in a LAW or a LEGAL INSTRUMENT that MANDATES compensation to “We the People”, the consumers, the citizens, the customers, man. IF a flight leaves 1-15 minutes late = okay BUT IF a flight leaves > than"
優點: "The web specials for prices"
缺點: "At least provide water to guests."
缺點: "Service from the crew could have been better. This crew was not hospitable and we had to ask multiple times for our requests."
優點: "I wasn’t able to get the flight and the booking agent never amended this despite 2 weeks of emails and phone calls"
缺點: "Lastminute.com could have answered my emails"
優點: "Service was fine. Charged 50 usd for 21kg checked baggage. Food and beverage was not complimentary during flight."
缺點: "Fine experience. Stuck next to obese traveler that forced me to lean into the aisle. My bad luck, not the airlines fault."
優點: "I just want a seat in a high season!!!!!!!!!!"
優點: "Friendly crew and very organized"
缺點: "Wish we didn’t have to buy water and entertainment lacked for a flight this long."
缺點: "Made me do a ticket change because I used the first initial and not the full name for my middle name. Been flying 30 years and this is the first time I have had a problem. Won't take these bargain airlines again. It was my first time taking one. Same with my 6 year old's ticket as well."
優點: "Everything"
缺點: "Nothiing"
優點: "Price was good."
缺點: "Never boarded the plane! I was not notified that luggage check-in closed 1 prior to departure; who knew it would take luggage more than an hour to reach the plane... I checked-in already and was only a couple minutes past the cut-off; they wouldn’t check my luggage in. Instead of offering some solutions or let me pay extra for checking at the gate, I was told my flight was closed, I would have to re-book at full price. I was there before the posted boarding time with time to spare. To top it off, I received a phone call from them asking if I was on board the plane.. online chat with customer service, not helpful either, thenperson I was chatting with just ended the chat after telling me 1 minute past they went check in."
缺點: "Although it was one e-ticket, I was surprised that HK express could not forward my luggage to my final destination. This almost caused me to miss my connection and caused me to pay twice for my extra luggage (which accumulated to a significant amount)"
優點: "Easy boarding, and slept the flight."
缺點: "It was the hidden prices after booking that ticked me off. Charged for seat after paying airfare, charged for any checked baggage, no in flight service without charge, and you arrive so late to HK you have to Bus or Taxi in. Not worth it."
優點: "I love when they have great deals on airfare. The late night flight works well for me."
缺點: "Wish the air cooler was stronger and that water was served during the trip."
缺點: "Budge airline, uncomfortable seats"
優點: "On time"
優點: "Price is good"
缺點: "No entertainment, no water"
優點: "I'm glad it was only a three hour flight"
缺點: "I connected from a Cathay Dragon flight onto an HK Express flight to Jeju. At the transfer desk, the ground agent told me I would have to leave and reenter the restricted area despite having no checked luggage. Knowing it can't be right, I checked in on my phone and went through the normal transfer process in HKIA. It was a 0215 flight from the midfield concourse. The last automated passenger carrier left at 0100. After which, passengers would have to rely on sporadic bus services. The captain announced 'cabin crew, prepare for landing' 45 minutes before landing. That woke everyone up and it was not ideal. All the flights I have been on announced landing when the plane was at base leg."
優點: "Cheap service out of Hong Kong"
缺點: "Lack of seat pitch"
優點: "準時起飛"
缺點: "網上已check in,但到登機閘門要排完一邊對資料,再排另一 邊查証件,比較愚弄人"
缺點: "Due to their mistkes with connections and communication I never made it on my flight therefor the specific indicators way be inaccurate but I would say an overall terrible experience."
優點: "Clean cabin"
優點: "The airport had an emergency shut down and we didn’t get notification about it. When we showed up in airport, the only accommodation was 250 Thai bhat Burger King vouchers that it’s not even enough to buy a drink after getting a burger."
優點: "On time departure and arrival, had priority boarding and check-in, you get what you pay for."
優點: "Great job"
缺點: "Small seats"
優點: "Professional staff"
缺點: "n/a"
優點: "Quick flight between HK & DaNang on time both directions. Convenient flight schedule. Smooth flight. Crew was friendly."
缺點: "Had to purchase food, beverages but wasn’t really necessary due to short duration of flight"
優點: "Flight departed on tme and arrived on time"
缺點: "None"
缺點: "回程航班登机时间已经延误了大半个小时,回到香港後行李竞然要一个鐘有多才陸續出来。这是什么服务?"
缺點: "got sick from food"
缺點: "Seats were very very uncomfortable"
優點: "Cheap but on time"
缺點: "Too much promotion message"
優點: "We landed safely and the crew were polite"
缺點: "Late on the way to Da Nang and very late on the way back (flight back to HK was a Hong Kong Express plane). Budget airlines are just not worth it at HKIA - your flights lands and takes off so far from the terminal, you are transferred by bus! No in flight entertainment- although not an issue on such a short flight."

Ground crew clueless, delayed flight gate change without communication. Horrible experience. Will not fly Vietjet again.

The actual flight was ok, everything else terrible worst airline in South East Asia, delayed twice and eventually took off late again, waiting in room at gate before flight no staff there no information about second delay, jammed on bus with doors closed waiting to be taken to the plane, just a disgusting airline, do not ever rely on this Vietjet will always cancel or delay your flight, and it’s not cheap when you see luggage price and other add ons, if possible try to book a better airline Bamboo air etc

No in flight entertainment, no food, not even drinking water, uncleaned flights, smelly bathrooms, and above all no baggage allowance, they charged us 53700 yen for the baggages.

No, comment Me and my family at the boarding gate more than 30 min early but the flight delayed and they still leave without us.

Very basic, all seats are non reclining

優點: "Worst Airline Ever"
缺點: "Vietjet needs to update their refund policy"
缺點: "We left 1. 5 hours late! The only food on the plane was prepackaged chemical foods and the only vegan option was a porridge they pour water over ($2)."
缺點: "Flight was delayed - be on time"
缺點: "Avoid at all costs. Delayed both ways. On the way out of Danang they would not even tell us what time the flight would be departing despite numerous passengers asking. On the flight, a crew member stepped on my foot with her heel. My foot was NOT in the aisle, she has stepped in to get past a colleague. She didn’t even stop to apologize. Her colleague apologized and said I’ll get you a glass of water. She returned after a good 30 minutes with a paper cup of water. There was no enquiring how I was or if I needed anything. Will NEVER fly them again!"
優點: "Crew was average, need to brush up on geography. One crew member announced that we have arrived to the city of Quang Nam, instead of province of Quang Nam."
缺點: "Take off on time, not 45 minutes late."
優點: "The food is good. Air crew is nice."
缺點: "Worth for money we paid"
缺點: "I was charged for a medical device (CPAP) to carry it onboard the plane. Never had to pay before on any flight as FAA permits medical devices for free."
優點: "The crew was very nice and helpful, comfortable seats and the airline seemed well run for a discount carrier."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Customer service. Not helpful at all. They were more interested in getting rid of us. There was a man in a wheelchair who injured his leg in a bike accident. He needed to get to Vietnam for medical help. They told him they couldn’t accommodate him. They also refused to give helpful. They just left him. Your airline is run by heartless people. I would never recommend Viet jet to my worst enemy"
缺點: "No free water on a 5 hour flight. Poor choice of snacks to purchase. No leg room. Chaotic at boarding time. Expensive for the service"
優點: "It was on time for a change"
缺點: "The seats are uncomfortable. We requested 2 aisle seats. Given the ok, and then found out we were seated window and middle. How did that get lost in translation?"
優點: "Flight Cree good"
缺點: "Seats, no jet ways to board or deplane"
缺點: "Baggage policy ridiculous. I was prepared bc I’d heard about the 7g rule but still had me running around almost missing the flight to pay the fee at a different location than the check in desk. The other location had staff on a break. Then no one else at the check in wanted to accept payment so that I could move on to boarding. Staff not friendly about the whole process."
缺點: "Crew members playing video games while waiting on the Tarmac.. very unprofessional.. driver of shuttle should be fired for not paying attention..."
優點: "Plane was clean and boarding was efficient. Good value. Flight was on time."
缺點: "Online booking experience was confusing as I was rerouted to Kiwi. Tried to pay for both bags at time of booking but was told due to a technical issue I had to pay at the airport. When checking in was forced to pay in cash. More of an inconvenience and caught us off guard. Plane was old and seats were very small and uncomfortable."
缺點: "No online check-in. Flight was late. No legroom."
優點: "Good pilot and crew, comfortable seats because we were given the ones right behind the exit row seats with some leg room."
缺點: "Our original flight time was delayed the first time, and then it got delayed AGAIN about 45 minutes after we got to the airport!"
缺點: "Took 2 flights with this airline and both flights were delayed! Will never fly with this airline again!!!"
缺點: "My flight was from Bangkok to Busan, via Hanoi. I was planning to transfer at Hanoi, but Vietjet did not offer transit service. I had to pass immigration (exit the country), then reenter. Luckily Korean citizens can enter Vietnam without visa; otherwise, I would have lost my luggage. Terrible service."
優點: "It was exactly what we needed. On time flight with few frills but good price and efficient. No complaints at all. Crew did well keeping control of passengers that kept standing while seatbelt sign was on. Firm but not angry. Good job."
優點: "Uneventful flight. Nothing worth writing home about. No food, no entertainment, no hassle either."
缺點: "VietJet Air has the habit of not announcing delays until after departure time. It was funny to see the billboards announcing: "On time", then "Boarding" when there was no aircraft in sight. On the Arrivals billboard, it showed the in-coming flight as "Landed", when it most obviously had not landed, and there was no information about when it might eventually arrive. With slow operations, we boarded 40 minutes mate and arrived a full hour late. The schedule had been 9:00 PM; days before flying it was pushed back to 10:00 PM. We actually were at the gate at 11:00 PM. VietJet Air is unfortunately the only airline operating a late flight from Pleiku to Ho Chi Minh. No competition means no pressure to be on time."
優點: "Flights were on time and worked well for us. Flight attendants were helpful"
缺點: "The charges for each checked bag were annoying. We are a family of three and traveling with a 26 Kg kid but paying full price for our seats. With one checked bag the additional 4 Kg in the bag resulting in an upcharge seems foolish. Other passengers weighing 4 times as much pay the same ticket price as our smaller lighter weigh child."
優點: "Was on time and cheap."
缺點: "I received a text saying the departure time was delayed 5 hours but that was not true. Don't know where or why the text."
優點: "Nothing"
優點: "The plane got me to my destination"
缺點: "1) I had to check in my bag (which in any other fight I took was a carry on) 2) I booked thru kayak via kiwi and it was impossible to make a change even though I requested the change 1 min after my booking (I called and emailed them several times without success) 3) there was a delay in the gate and we were not kept up to date"
優點: "Relatively cheap but you get what you pay for."
缺點: "They are super strict with the luggage, and you have to go through multiple steps. Operations are poor. Flight was delayed."
優點: "Provide 30kg of luggage allowance and at least a clear method for prepurchasing luggage allowance in your website"
優點: "Nothing too special to say here. One nice thing was that the lady that checked us in let us carry-on our overweight bags."
缺點: "I wish they had in-flight entertainment, but it's not that big of a deal."
優點: "Cheap flights but u get what u pay for"
缺點: "2 delays of 10hrs"
缺點: "Attendants gave the first three rows drinks, but didn't give the rest of the passengers anything."
缺點: "I don't like how the lineup was at check in. You go the counter to check in. Then go to another counter to limeuo again to pay for your bags. Then lineup again for checking in. Very frustrating and confusing. Flight was almost three hours delayed and they refused to change to earlier flight. Service was poor and staff spoke very limited English. Will try to avoid this airline in future. Not a great first time experience."
缺點: "This airline was impossible to get in touch with. THey we're not at all accommodating to my request to change the flight time and sleazily rip you off with what is written in the small print."
優點: "Good value, and the planes were on time (We took a couple of VietJet flights). Staff was courteous and friendly.Inexpensive! Free bag."
缺點: "Somewhat arbitrary rules about how much your carry on can weigh. I don't really get why this makes much of a difference anyway, as the bag will be on the plane anyway."
缺點: "I am an average height United States male; never have I been so restricted by seat space."
優點: "nothing"
缺點: "many delays, no associates anywhere in the terminal to address any issues even though they say repeatedly to see an agent if you have questions, horrible airline that does not deliver the service that is paid for"
缺點: "I was on an International flights, 3.5 hours. Their website didn't mention any additional fees for check-in luggage, I didn't expect that as most airlines don't charge extra fees on international routes, how surprised was I when at the check-in counter I was ask to pay $36 for my 10kg backpack. I feel I was scammed."
優點: "Not much"
缺點: "Bus instead of ramp boarding. No food or drinks provided. The carts raced by us and did not stop to ask if we wanted a purchase. No leg room in seats."
缺點: "There is no entertainment in flight and baggage check in is an issue ."
優點: "Schedule and price were reasonable."
缺點: "Extremely noisy announcements, much louder than necessary. Poor boarding information. Incorrect gate info and poor messaging."
優點: "Cheap fares"
缺點: "Late. Terrible boarding process, agents showed up 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time, and then put a final boarding call on the message board everyone had a lineup in a long line and no rows called just first come first serve. Male flight attendants were rude."
優點: "Check in and boarding processes were actually ok this time! Decent timeliness and decent comfort level on flight."
缺點: "I understand that a budget flight will sell food and drink for money, but I feel it would be common courtesy if they at least provided water free of charge if a client asked."
缺點: "Booked a midday flight directly with VietJet only to find the flight no longer was flying that day. We had been up onto a completely different flight, 4.5 hours later, with no communication whatsoever. We had paid extra for certain seats, And we're told during checkin these were given away. Thankfully they gave us the seats 1 row in front of what we'd booked. They should really tell passengers about flights, as this could have caused a lot of issues if choosing connecting flights. We were lucky to be able to rearrange our pick up."
優點: "Fluent English, comfortable and ample seat space"
優點: "Please be aware they can change flight times earlier without communicating"














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