搜尋邁爾斯堡 飛往台灣便宜機票

搜尋邁爾斯堡 飛往台灣便宜機票

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邁爾斯堡 (RSW)
10月18日 週一
10月25日 週一
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  • 想以低於平均價格訂機票,應提前最少3星期預訂。
  • 1月、11月和12月是旅遊旺季。8月的台灣機票通常最便宜。



KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買邁爾斯堡 到台灣的機票?



從邁爾斯堡 西南佛羅里達國際機場飛往台灣的4間熱門航空公司



缺點: "The aircraft was very cold and chilly."

優點: "Crew could have been less rude"

優點: "The crew was great although I needed to ask them for my meal cause they passed by me. They thought I had my meal already which I didn’t. I don’t think they did it on purpose so it was just misunderstanding. My flight was on SQ 38 from Singapore to LAX on October 30 2019 Other than that. All is amazing. I will still highly recommend Singapore Airlines to other people."
缺點: "I think I have nothing in mind about improvements because I can see they have been training very well. I would like to say keep up the good work"

缺點: "Left 45 minutes late though we boarded on time. Pretty bad for a 50 minute in the middle of the morning."

優點: "When the seat folded down (business class) into a bed, it gave almost a twin size bed that was flat."
缺點: "Being in business class, I had expected the food to be better. Also, the red wines offered were only a sub selection of the ones in the menu."

優點: "I like everything in Singapore airlines"
缺點: "Nothing"

缺點: "Satisfied service friendly staff overall satisfied."

缺點: "Very cramped. Worst leg of the journey"

優點: "See above"
缺點: "See above"

優點: "Food was good"
缺點: "Boarding was just ok, but departure delayed by half hour. Seats were really poor. Zero comfort.. felt like sitting on a cramped park bench. Entertainment system is ancient. Can't see and can't listen properly. Didn't expect this type of horrible aircraft from Singapore Airlines!"

優點: "Extra leg room, great service and good food."
缺點: "The entertainment system feels dated (no touch screen) manual rewinding of movies, selection of movies"

優點: "Couldn't find a problem"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "personel provided excellent service"
缺點: "food was ok. A faulty entertainment system did make our flight feel longer."

優點: "Nothing beats Singapore SQ!"

優點: "Staff are great and on board service was good. Boarding is always well organised from Changi however it was a full flight and as always half the passengers exceeded their carry on allowance. Rather than addressing this bags were flung everywhere no nowhere within your actual reach during the flight. Very annoying when you are a passenger who does the right thing."
缺點: "See above. No in flight entertainment makes you feel like you're flying with the low cost carrier rather than a full service airline."

缺點: "Screaming children. Totally clueless, rude flight crew. Next time kids are screaming for three hours straight on a red eye, maybe offer the parents some assistance. Makes the “perks” like hot towels seem ridiculous when staff are completely indifferent."

優點: "Entertainment ok but not newest, boarding smooth, food ok"
缺點: "Long waiting time for baggage, food not exceptional"

優點: "I reallyiked th service from the crew"
缺點: "I didn’t like the silk air mainly on my itinerary. It was an old flight with cloth on the back of the flights a bit torn. No entertainment in flight for silk air. That was a bad flight."

缺點: "Cabin little bit cold"

優點: "The economy section of the upper deck of the A380 is great!"

優點: "Everything about this flight was top notch. The inflight entertainment, touch screen and remote controlled, was so good i was up the entire time watching movies Black Panther, Downsizing, DeathWish, Pacific Rim and listening to the wonderful library of music, i was surprised at the range of music, from uncensored rap to big band."
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Excellent attention to service and comfort."

優點: "Amazing service!"
缺點: "N/a"

缺點: "leg space"

優點: "Service was great especially the food"

優點: "great crew service. my first time flying with singapore airlines and they delivered"

缺點: "The flights were always late causing us to miss a connection. Also when purchasing the ticket I was not informed of two extra stops that only showed up when I checked in."

優點: "Good crew service"
缺點: "poor boarding arrangement. passenger did not follow the boarding group arrangement boarding the plane."

優點: "Food and good service"
缺點: "None"

優點: "Efficient courteous and attractive crew. Good food drink selection and great entertainment system."
缺點: "Unfortunately the plane was an older 777-200 with smaller TV screens but otherwise fine."

優點: "Friendly crew, efficient boarding"
缺點: "Food not good and inefficient service, very old plane and entertainment system doesn't work properly, below expectations for such a good airline"

優點: "The flight wasn't full so we had a spare seat between us, That made economy barely tolerable."
缺點: "The seats in economy are now Way TOO SMALL! You better start calling Economy - "Stearage"! Food was not as good as on past flights with SA. Movie selection not as good as past SA flights. Earphones supplied are horrible!!!"

缺點: "Food"

優點: "The friendliness of the staff, the food and overall the experience."
缺點: "That our bags weren't check in all the way to SEA"

優點: "Personal TV"

優點: "Great service with a smile and can do attitude"

優點: "Very nice crew."
缺點: "Why are the slippers/socks not distributed before take off or already in the seat pocket? Why is the food order taken after take of and not before? Why does singapore airline have old seats I new planes? What happened to the earlier leader? Friendly staff alone does not make the deal. And given ticket prices SQ is not attractive any more for me."

優點: "Entertainment was awesome. Boarding was fast."
缺點: "Not enough food served (only two meals on a sixteen hour flight) and tasted okay. Crew was not all friendly."

優點: "Really recommended . Wait alittle longer but i got a free tour go around Singapore ."

優點: "Onboard Crew was great. I sympathize that they have to rush a service on a 1hr 20min flight with turbulance."
缺點: "I have started taking SQ instead of budget airlines hoping for good service and on time travel. However, both times travelling from SQ from jakarta was delayed. Yesterday, I got home 1.5hrs later than I should have. I have also to pay for additional surcharge due to midnight cab fare. Further, when I wsa travelling to Jakarta - none of the inflight entertainment was working. So it has been disappointing."

優點: "Seating space was very good. Meals terrific"

優點: "Great entertainment, good service, clean plane."
缺點: "The lasagna was pretty dry and meh."

優點: "What did I like??? Um, EVERYTHING! First off I got a great price under $850 round trip to NRT from LAX was a steal! They let you check two large suit cases plus a carry on and a personal item. That all FREE!!! I travel pretty light but it was great to know they don't Nickle and dime you for bags or anything else for that matter. Staff looks amazing and treats you first class even when your in economy. They are so polite and really genuinely want to give you a above and beyond experience. And they over achieve at it! They meals are great and very satisfying. The planes are big and roomy even in economy seats. On our return flight we had a brand new plane which had a sleek touch screen monitor and controller. There mad tons of media available (articles, language games, games, movies, tv shows and more) with USB ports to charge devices on each seat. Plus 10inch personal monitors. Earbuds were included free of charge, aswell as socks toothbrush and tooth paste. They have is two big meals on our direct flight (awesome that they have direct flights). Plus, they offered free snacks too and gave us a full can of soda vs. a small cup. They come through several times offering coffee, tea, water and snacks. All free of charge. This was my first time flying Singapore Airlines and I loved it!!! I wish Everyone was this amazing! Norwegian Airlines was the opposite as far as charging for everything! Had to pay each stop for any luggage ($100 per checked bag). No meals free or charge. They wanted money for everything! And yea a skimpy sandwich was $9.00 :(."

優點: "The flight experience was pretty great overall.."
缺點: "I didn't like that interacting with their websitewas not very iser friendly or reliable. While most domestic airlines allow you to easuly interact with your itinerary I pretty much had to just show up and hope everything worked out. Also no alerts or other functions."

優點: "Customer service , crew was nice"
缺點: "Food was terrible out of MEL.. Didn't have any choice at all.. Tasteless , should improve"

優點: "I like your new entertainment devices and big screen"
缺點: "the number of movies is a little bit less. the category of videos is not clear."

缺點: "charge a few $ more but serve some food on a 5 hour flight. very cold feeling"

優點: "If youre searching for airlines with best timing no delay and great service, book your flight with singapore airlines without any hesitation"

優點: "The flight took off 10 minutes earlier and landed about 30 minutes earlier. I ordered seafood meals and the food was delicious and the service was excellent. The movies and flight info on the screen were very easy to operate."

"Great flight Will go again!"

優點: "Very nice airplane and pleasant crew"

優點: "Everything perfect and arrive to destination on perfect time."
缺點: "All positive."

優點: "Information sharing by pilots and crew. Economy class leg room is good."
缺點: "All good up to the level"

優點: "Crew good and seat OK but not exceptional for business class"
缺點: "Food was average - main course could have been better. Range of movies ok but not great"

優點: "The crew tried to be helpful but were equally frustrated with the ground crew."
缺點: "Follow your own policies. Allow people to board (economy plus) with their hand luggage who have followed all the rules and chosen a seat in the front of the plane. My daughter and my KLM approved baggage were taken by the boarding crew while allowing other passengers to go with more than allowed"

缺點: "Flight got cancelled"

優點: "Seats were super comfortable, bigger than most planes with extra leg room. Food was excellent and fresh, amazing Dutch cheese sampler was divine. No nonsense staff who had all connecting flight info on hand when we arrived in Abu Dhabi. KLM staff were friendly and efficient. Fabulous airline."

優點: "Yes"
缺點: "Everything was good"

缺點: "The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines."

優點: "Crew was helpful and food was very good"
缺點: "There was no entertainment on the flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam and this on top of a two hour delay in taking off which led us to have to literally run to our gate in Amsterdam to make the connection to Mumbai"

優點: "Pleasant flight"
缺點: "We were delayed & missed our connection"

優點: "Good for both."
缺點: "Bigger seats."

優點: "Crew was pleasant but not attentive to detail. Bypassed is completely for snack and drink towards end of 9 hour flight!"
缺點: "Pay attention to passengers."

優點: "Nice aircraft"
缺點: "Unexpected refueling stop. 2 hr delay Lost connection Reached destination after 18 hr delay"

優點: "KLM staff is great"

優點: "The earphones for out two seats only worked intermittently, but the Purser, Lee-Ann handled it professionally and pleasantly. That was the only disappointment in an otherwise pleasant flight"
缺點: "The earphones could have worked!"

優點: "The crew was amazing and the food was great."
缺點: "Something did not go right with our booking so it took some work for the airline to get it figured out for us. Thankfully we had left plenty of time. But that was an unexpected stress."

優點: "The earlier announcement about timing of meals and landing cards etc is very good. The food trays have non-slip design is also very nice"
缺點: "The screen in front is too close to view movies comfortably. Would like to know if the airline has any arrangements to make it greener e. g. What's going to happen with the disposables etc"

優點: "Good"
缺點: "Nothing"

缺點: "I have ordered Wheelchair for my parents which one of my parent didn't get it on Mumbai Airport. When they arrived on Amsterdam Netherlands Airport they were dropped to the gate assigned first and once the gate changed on the fly no body came to help them moving to the new gate assigned which was far away to walk. Nobody even came to tell them that the gate has been changed. It was because of my father's alertness they didn't miss the connecting flight and when my father asked help to members on airport none of them helped my parents and other 4 co passengers which also were on wheel chairs. It was so scary experience for them that they asked me not to book any more flights with Jet Airways. I won't recommend Jet Airways to any of my friends for their parents to travel to USA. I strongly recommend you guys to take a strict action against this. This is so unacceptable."

優點: "Smooth flight."
缺點: "Seat a little cramped."

缺點: "Not enough leg room"

優點: "Everything was clean and well organized."
缺點: "The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours."

缺點: "Flight departed 35 minutes late"

優點: "Smooth boarding, clean seats/plane, nice small aircraft (2 rows x 2 seats each), surprisingly spacious (more legroom than expected - and I’m 6’2”)."
缺點: "About 1h30min delay without an explanation. All other planes in the terminal seemed to take off on time without a problem, without exception (aside from this flight, of course)."

優點: "Very friendly crew going out of way to assist in making trip comfortable"
缺點: "Had travelled KLM to Amsterdam on my first flight 27 years ago and the aircrafts are stuck in that age! Lousy seats, poor quality bathrooms, lousy screens, prefer not to fly them"

優點: "Premium economy service was good."
缺點: "Inexplicably, our preassigned seats were changed at checkin and we were put in bulkhead. This particular Boeing aircraft is pretty poorly designed. Especially the bulkhead in premium economy."

優點: "Crew were friendly. Flight was comforyable smooth and on time. Nice snack."

缺點: "Crowded seating, wake-up for breakfast service two hours before arrival"

缺點: "Boarding was delayed a little due to weather as was takeoff. Cant blame them for weather but the connection was very tight."

優點: "Just great crew."
缺點: "Not comfortable at all and will not book KLM again."

優點: "Service impeccable!"
缺點: "They have one line of executive class after the kitchen and toilet, is very noisy."

優點: "Flight crew was pleasant and attentive. Seats were comfortable for economy as well. We were allowed to check in extra baggage for free at check in which really helped since we would be catching a connecting flight in Amsterdam"

優點: "Eveything is well arranged"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "The crew were pleasant"

優點: "Timing & efficiency. Good food though only a sandwich."
缺點: "Nothing. Could say there was no entertainment but I didn't want entertainment on such a short flight"

缺點: "One of the senior stewardesses we're very rude. Whether it's her personal opinion or KLM's policy, it's unreasonable to think that a 3 years old child could or should hold her pipi over 20 minutes, while they slowly and inefficiently trying to give out food. Several parents were there with the request to let us through to the toilet with small children and she smiled in our face and said "no, we will finish first and than you can go". She might be not fit for the job anymore, but KLM can't afford this kind of treatment."

優點: "The crew were really helpful since I am a short person in putting my luggage away in the overhead compartment and attentive to everyone's needs. I am a fussy eater and don't really like airplane food but the food was actually really nice. We was given plenty of snacks and drinks in between meals as well. There was plenty of programmes to choose from to keep me entertained."
缺點: "The seats in economy were a little too small for a 12 hour flight"

優點: "I fly delta this was run by KLM they weight all bags delta does not they don't take TSA preach Check. Delta does It was a free for all with check in and getting into plane"
缺點: "See above"

優點: "It's the best flight I could get for such a low price. But don't expect to to get the best and newest planes around but it's still overall a good experience."
缺點: "Quite bummed the plane didn't have wifi / USB"

優點: "leg room economy compared to KLM"
缺點: "full flight, no upgrade possible"

優點: "I ended up getting home with less delay than originally predicted. I guess that's a good thing Also delta customer service was super polite and trying to help when I called"
缺點: "Delay again... seems to be pretty frequent on KLM flights at least on the ones I flew with in the past 4 years... this time it was 3hours wait due to a technical issue... no alternative flight option and we ended up getting a very old plane as a replacement. In addition people at info terminals are disorganized and not kind at all.."

缺點: "Luggage (being handled by Air France in Basel) was first marked as delayed... nothing of the flight was in the end put on the belt and instead dropped off at Lost and Found. Ridiculous service since this was in no way announced to the people waiting for their suitcase."

優點: "Almost missed flight due to line at customs and having to pick up suitcase and check in again, they did wait for me though"

優點: "Crew and food"
缺點: "Seat"

優點: "Economy class product offers good value for money."
缺點: "Boarding processes could be enforced consistently."

缺點: "KLM sent us to Kiev thru Stambul (Turkey). We have spent 8 hours more on flights."

優點: "The long flight"
缺點: "The long flits"

優點: "On time, courteous crew, decent food."
缺點: "Leg room."

"The plane was not clean. Crumbs on seats and trays so nothing had been wiped down"

"Flight was delayed."

缺點: "Comfort and food."

缺點: "No beverages were available to even purchase!"

優點: "The crew was nice"
缺點: "American has been overbooking flights, doesn't respect social distancing, not true that the middle seat is empty, the person next to me coughed frequently, and since it was a FULL flight, I couldn't get another seat!, never again American"

缺點: "The plane was completely packed despite the COVID pandemic. A stranger sat next to me on the plane (distance of about 6 inches, not 6 feet). What social distancing? And yet they conveniently said no food/drink beverage for safety reasons. Good way for the airline to save a few bucks. Other airlines (like JetBlue) block out adjacent sears and give snacks in individual bags but this... I flew several times since the pandemic began and this was by far the worst. What a joke of an airline. Never flying them again"

缺點: "Delayed as usual."

優點: "We appreciated being upgraded to first class using my segments."
缺點: "For a 2 1/2 hour flight in first class all we got was our pick from a basket of chips. Horrible!"

優點: "Great stewardesses"

優點: "I liked how convenient and smooth everything was, from the price of my plane ticket to the pick-up and drop-off of my rental vehicle. Also, the text notifications I received upon landing that informed me how much time I had I had between flights & where to go!"
缺點: "Honestly, there's nothing that comes to mind for me as far as improvements go."

缺點: "just the food options were not that good. all other things were ok."

優點: "Seats we fine"
缺點: "Delay 2 hours"

優點: "The seating, the comfort, the entertainment, the complimentary food, the drinks. Everything was great with American Airlines."
缺點: "Nothing."

優點: "Very nice crew, smooth boarding, made up time from late arriving aircraft. Surprised and impressed by how good AA was relative to how I remember it."
缺點: "Wifi was unreliable."

優點: "Very nice crew!"

優點: "Fight was reasonably smooth. Flight was on time."
缺點: "Being able to afford 1st class"

優點: "I like to staff and flight."
缺點: "My legs are too long for the seats"

缺點: "On both segments of the trip American changed my seat which I. I’d not realize until boarding. Way to late to protest. You pay for preferred seating but then get bumped to a lousy seat with no explanation. Likely because I was a single traveler and an American employee wanted my seat. Better not happen on the return flight"

缺點: "It is clearly the policy or American Airlines to discriminate against passengers based on their class of flight"

優點: "Arriving in SFO for Christmas"

缺點: "Gate changed 4 times...late boarding and even later departure 2 hours. Put us on a small plane and then do maintenance. not cool."

優點: "Pleased to get luggage with tight connections. Exceptional crew RSW- Charlotte. Good legroom in overseas flight . Please do on all flights"
缺點: "Tv screen didn’t work on trans Atlantic flight"

優點: "nothing"
缺點: "Flight crew was an hour late to the flight, whereas customers were waiting for far longer than that."

優點: "Comfortable seats"
缺點: "Nothing I didnt like"

缺點: "The flight was delayed due to weather"

優點: "Nothing to complain about!"

優點: "Comfort and food"
缺點: "Delayed"

優點: "Flight attendants"
缺點: "Very cramped searing"

缺點: "I loved the fact everything was exactly like the booking information. No hassles and no issues."

優點: "nothing"
缺點: "The fact that the flight was cancelled and I was unable to reschedule from this airport, resulting in an increased price of almost $1,000."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"

缺點: "Staff at N Carolina were rude and had there heads buried in there computers! Acted like they were doing you a favor to answer a question!"

缺點: "."

缺點: "gate assignment took too long"

優點: "The direct flight, less time"
缺點: "The seats aren't comfortable on any flight, the was tv only, no movies, snack aren't healthy for someone with food sensitivities"

優點: "The crew was great, very attentive."
缺點: "A flight from Paris to Miami is 9 Hours without delays. We had bad weather so it was 11 hours. There's no excuse for inflight video not working. If I'd paid for First Class you can bet I'd be comped something. But for the rest of us, TFB!. Such is the way of airline travel, you pay for a product you don't entirely get."

優點: "Crew was great, took off and landed early."
缺點: "Plane was very dated, food service was aweful..... bag of chips in first class."

缺點: "Not very helpful in rebooking"

缺點: "The first class flight attendants were VERY RUDE to the passengers getting on the plane, especially the male flight attendant. While serving drinks, instead of saying things like "pardon me", they would say "move" (as was said directly to me) and get out of the way" (as I herd him say to another passinger). Very disrespectful way to treat a person, let alone a paying customer! Btw...I am a middle class 5' 11" tall college educated male."

優點: "I. Did not take this flight had a family emergency had to get home right away"

優點: "Boarded on time and was easy"
缺點: "The food"

缺點: "Why do I pay $25 extra to check my bag when everyone else brings theirs to the gate and checks them for free?"

缺點: "Sticking me in the middle row"

缺點: "The crew was rude and were just sassy."

缺點: "Didn't ask for any food so can't rate that or entertainment"

缺點: "I paid $75.00 to take an earlier flight and Americans crew error nullified this. I feel ripped off."

優點: "everything was polite with a lot of courtesy service was given excellence I would recommend to everyone at all times everything was clean too"

優點: "Best airline ever"

優點: "The cue was great. Did not try the food! Overall I had a ver good experience. The seats on the airline needed more leg and seer room . The space was uncomfortable. And I am not a fat person"
缺點: "I guess the same! The crue was very nice and helpful! It's the space that was shared with the other person that was painful"

優點: "The seats had head rests"
缺點: "Rude staff, flight was delayed. No food or drink service."

優點: "Amazing crew, great service."

優點: "nothing in particular"
缺點: "cold, inattentive crew, United premium economy product is not worth a pretty penny it charges"

優點: "The lady at the checkin was very considerate and suggested that I am only allowed to bring one baggage. So she suggested if I can combine my both luggage as one, then I should be all good otherwise they will charge double- scary."
缺點: "Light travellers like us should be given more latitude to choose 1 bag size 17x10x 5” and one laptop bag size 12” X 10” x 3”"

優點: "The pilot told the passengers before the flight took off that there would be some turbulence. It was nice to know about it beforehand"
缺點: "The crew started serving first class passengers BEFORE boarding was complete, which forced the passengers who had not boarded yet to wait in line until service was complete. This sent a poor message to the economy class telling us we were not important customers"

優點: "good movies to choose from"
缺點: "slimline seats on a 12+ hour international flight are torture"

優點: "無"
缺點: "飛機大delay"

優點: "Horrible experience with travel assistant at Newark. All United ground staff were rude and extremely slow. Complete chaos in extreme weather situation."

缺點: "Sits not suitable for long distance travel"

缺點: "Not missing our flight"

優點: "20 minutes early landing, despite the weather"

優點: "Nice crew. Frequent updates regarding turbulence. Early arrival."
缺點: "There could have been entertainment and/or WiFi but it was broken."

缺點: "飛機上的食物太差了,份量又不足,全程都餓肚子,有選擇的話我肯定不乘搭聯合航空或是自備食物。"

優點: "The variety of TV shows."
缺點: "The flight attendants just didn't seem to care The food was so salty. The air conditioning made me cold and sick."

優點: "Ease of boarding"
缺點: "Purchasing extra leg room"

優點: "舒適"

優點: "Economy plus seating in an exit row was maybe the best airline seating I've had outside of first-class. The on board entertainment was better than average."
缺點: "The flight crew, save the one male attendant couldn't possibly seem and more disconnected and uninterested in passenger comfort or safety. The eldest attendant was simply rude and seemed annoyed at having to do her job. The other young woman couldn't seem to keep the cart from bashing into seatbacks or herself in the aisle and the flight was NOT rough."

優點: "Boarding quickly"
缺點: "No PED was available didn’t have anything for entertainment if you weren’t buying it seems every thing available for 3 hour flight and flight was scheduled for 2 hours and 55 minutes No snacks made available came thru once had a small bag of pretzels cup of coffee and never came back"

優點: "Boarding and entertainment were good.."
缺點: "Over an hour delayed and unlesss you pay up the seating is very cramped"

優點: "That I slept all the way"
缺點: "Nothing to complain about"

優點: "fast take off and good service."

缺點: "Rude flight attendant. White, old, male, with half shaved head. Uncomfortable seats. Awful food"

缺點: "No entertainment screen on each seat, just old TV far away. Very boring on this trip"

優點: "It was the worst trip I have ever taken. Delayed 2 hours due to air traffic control problems, then they landed us in Baltimore and decided we were gonna take buses to Newark. They put us back on the plane and drove around the runway for 2 more hours until I finally had a panic attack. I got off. Then they pulled everyone off and 3 busses took us to NJ, arrival at 4 a.m....HORRIBLE crew had timed out, horrible stewards served up water in cups and were yelling at people to sit saying we were NOT getting off the plane."

優點: "Early arrival"
缺點: "Waiting for docking spot."

缺點: "For a long flight, it's inexcusable to have no wifi working for both my flights. I'm very dissapointed as this was very uncomfortable to fly internationally. While they did play a movie on the communal screen, was hard to see from my seat. Would of much rather paid more to fly with a nicer service"

優點: "Plane was fine but cheap seats suck"
缺點: "It was a miserably long weather delay that turned into a sleepless. nIght in the airport and on the too cold plane. Not their fault, they kept us updated but updates were always more delays."

缺點: "Seats are ridicoualy close together and the aisle's width to short. Every time someone moves, they are bumping into people seated in aisle seats. Boarding and replanting is a nightmare. Asked to help clean up plane before leaving. For all this, I paid $650."

優點: "Uneventful, on time! Knees will never be the same, but small price to pay - or so I'm led to believe by your marketing. Also paid 10 bucks for internet- seems excessive."

優點: "There was room for my carry on on both flights."
缺點: "The bathroom on the plane smelled of urine. The only snack offered on both flights was a stroopwaffle. Seat didn't relive at all."

缺點: "中文廣播人員結結巴巴都在亂翻譯,太不專業了 服務人員一直玩,講話好大聲,讓人不能休息,很不舒服 大家下飛機時,每間航班都會很有禮貌一直謝謝搭乘,UA871我沒感受到。"

優點: "Movies on personal device"
缺點: "Food"

缺點: "I was rerouted, very efficiently, to another airline by United due to late planes. I had paid my baggage fee on united and then had to pay it on the other airline. I have been on the phone 3 times for half an hour each time to get my refund from United. I STILL do not have it!!!!!!!!"

優點: "workers were caring and professional"
缺點: "some people take on extra large luggage and too much stuff"

缺點: "After booking my flight months in advance United change are seating and separated us. Spent hours on the phone with no explanation and no assistance. Didn't even help me upgrade when I was willing to pay for it. The worst of it all was the nonsense that their customer service kept spewing. Brushed and straight up lied to. Will do everything possible to never fly united again"

缺點: "Delayed in Fort Myers due to maintenance. Just missed flight in Chicago. United wouldn't hold flight, spent night. No offer to compensate. Writing letter. Poor customer service as well. Unpleasant experience."

優點: "Seats are far tooo tight for long flights.. So I booked Virgin America on the way back."
缺點: "Entertainment not working well. It was too difficult to get a movie, and I am using the same laptop/ equipment that I had on the last united flight. It made a long flight even longer."

優點: "TSA precheck, Group 2 boarding, more room in seat"
缺點: "The usual things that you can't do much about: small package of pretzels, bathrooms, crowded. I wasn't unhappy, it just goes with flying."

優點: "My flight was delayed 30+ minutes going out from Ohare. But overall the flight was good & service was fine. Thanks!"
缺點: "The delay concerned me, years ago we flew to Mudkegon and our flight was delayed and we ended up stranded in Detroit overnight. I was very happy to see our plane fly into terminal."

缺點: "They would not honor their refund policy with proper documentation submitted four weeks in advance."

優點: "The crew is really nice. They are considerate and helpful as if they know you will be bored through out the flight."
缺點: "You get no food. One advise for the company, do not serve alcohol on 6 AM flights. Just serve some eggs or bread. Try to compete with international airlines like emirates and not greyhound buses. The entertainment system requires you to download the app on your phone and you need to buy the internet."

優點: "Uneventful is good now a days when flying. Plane was comfortable an very smooth flying!!"
缺點: "Our flight attendant was all business an no smiles. I asked for ice an never received."

優點: "Lost flight other one took longer not happy"
缺點: "Lost flight other took too long"

優點: "Had the ability to connect in my phone to the app for free in-flight entertainment. Other United flights will have the TV in the headrest but charge you for wifi or to watch TV or movies."
缺點: "Our flight got delayed 3 hours (which I understand happens) but they boarded group 1 individually, group 2 individually, then combined groups 3, 4, and 5 in the same line. I was in group 3 but was stuck behind people in other groups. Also, they ran out of room in the overhead storage which is frustrating when you're flight is already pushed out to a later time - the last thing I want to do at 1:00 am is wait for my luggage because it had to be checked. People brought on carry-on suitcases along with 1 personal item which were huge tote bags or backpacks. There's got to be a way to monitor overhead storage for items like that - if it's the size of a carry-on, they should need to check their suitcase. The snack was lack-luster. I went on a 5-hour flight to Seattle a few months ago and one cookie with no protein is hardly filling for that long of a flight."

缺點: "Did not like the commuter ride from newark to syracuse. Probably would not use united again because of that. Had to get on a bus that took us across the street to board this little, very noisy plane. Even the flight to newark was uncomfortable. Seats are too close no legroom and my back was killing me due to uncomfortable small seats. United is not for me. Sorry."

優點: "Absolutely nothing"
缺點: "Flight was cancelled in Newark for an unknown reason. Luggage was then delayed because nobody from united cared to change it onto the new flight I was assigned to."

優點: "Everyone was pleasant and ask are you comfortable."
缺點: "The flight was great"

優點: "It was on time"
缺點: "That all the passengers were allowed a carry on bag, the flt was full and they made a lot of people check their bags, not fare!!! This airlines breaks their people into 5 different classes, I'm not sure what or how they do it, I was a 5, I boarded last, people climbing over each other, use to be back to front, after 1st class, of course. It was ridiculous."

優點: "nothing"
缺點: "Departure was changed twice until I would miss my connecting flight. I was sent to another airlines with not much help. Stayed in the airport an additional five hours."

缺點: "I booked my flight over 5 weeks ago, and was given an aisle seat. When I checked in online, my seat had been changed to a middle seat. I tried to change my seat online, and was only given the option of 1 other middle seat. I have to have an aisle seat because of arthritis, and I need to walk around during flight. There were long lines at the desk at the gate, and I couldn't stand there to get my seat changed. Now I'm dealing with lots of leg pain as a result. I NEVER would have booked this flight if I'd known I would'nt have an aisle seat. IT IS "BAIT AND SWITCH"!"

優點: "Food was good"
缺點: "Dinner was served within 1 hr of takeoff and breakfast 1-2 hrs of landing. Nothing served inbetween. There was about 10-11 hrs of nothing. No drinks or snacks served. Very poor service in compairison to other international flights I have taken."





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