搜尋辛辛那提 飛往高雄市便宜機票


搜尋辛辛那提 飛往高雄市便宜機票

辛辛那提 (CVG)
11月24日 週二
12月1日 週二
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KAYAK如何找出由辛辛那提 飛往高雄市的便宜機票?

KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買辛辛那提 到高雄市的機票?

辛辛那提 飛往高雄市的機票有KAYAK組合選項,它是什麽?

KAYAK的「彈性日期」功能是什麽?在搜尋從辛辛那提 飛往高雄市的機票時,我爲什麽該使用這個功能?

從辛辛那提 辛辛那堤北肯塔基國際機場飛往高雄市的熱門航空公司



優點: "Economy was surprisingly comfortable. Boarding and deplaning were very quick."
缺點: "Not a ton of movies to choose from. Enough, but less than most domestic US flights."

優點: "Everything was amazing! Crew was helpful, thoughtful and kind."
缺點: "Nothing. It was great. Strongly recommend."

優點: "Typical flight and all went well."

優點: "crew amazing"

優點: "Simple check in and boarding, right on time."

缺點: "Business class seats not very long if you are tall. Western meal option is not really very western. Crew is a little too efficient- got woken up 90 minutes before landing to clear the mattresses. Lots of announcements- a bit too much. On time, and quick to respond to requests. Sake was good as was the ramen."

優點: "Nothing to complaint. Excellent airline nowadays"

優點: "Professional and friendly crew"
缺點: "Food quality from Jakarta is bad"

優點: "The crew and food was amazing, with ample entertainment selections."
缺點: "Seats. For some unknown reason, JAL uses different seats on this 787-8 flight from NRT-SAN that's 2-3 inches less in pitch than all of their other planes. This was not comfortable on a 9-hour+ flight. The flight attendants also woke us up everytime food was served so we could recline up seats."

優點: "The crew amazing. Food was great"
缺點: "Nothing"

缺點: "Very good airline except for the fact that the staff at Narita airport."

優點: "Wonderful crew"

優點: "even though I was in Economy class, the seat was comfortable, the food was good and the flight attendands were attentive and polite"

優點: "The EMIRATES flight was nice. Japan airlines has good leg room."

優點: "The boarding process ran very smoothly and they dropped us off right in front of the stairs of the plane so we didn’t get wet in the rain amazing"

優點: "她們很对工作有熱誠,很照顧乘客"
缺點: "已經很不错"

優點: "Perfect service, never had a more pleasant and attentive crew"
缺點: "Movies were pretty much still the same as 10 weeks ago. Not possible to sleep in the seat in premium economy right by the toilets and galley. Constant door clattering and toilet flushing. In other cabins the noise wasn't as bad, probably better insulated?"

缺點: "Flight attendants"

缺點: "The food and drinks were sub-par"

優點: "Two choices of meal and friendlier staff. Props to JAL."

優點: "Service was excellent. Premium economy seats well worth the few extra $$."

優點: "The food the service and the staff"

優點: "The food the service and flight was great"

缺點: "Food was awful. Huge hassle having to clear immigration pick up bags and check in again in Shanghai."

優點: "Easily upgrade to premium economy class"
缺點: "Some staff lack of basic english"

優點: "Excellent Service, food and beverage. Comfortable aircraft cabin atmosphere."
缺點: "in-flight Wifi is not working"

優點: "Never problems with JAL"

優點: "The food on the plane is really good. The airline assistants are very friendly. The whole trip is really comfortable."
缺點: "The travel is too long for me. If there’s a direct flight, it only takes 12 to 13 hours for me to land but this trip took me 19 hours because the weather and they have to change the transfer spot to another in Japan."

優點: "It was very good no prO lens at all:)"

優點: "The window shades were so cool. Seat was small but fairly comfortable and I like the foot rest."
缺點: "No vegetarian options on the main meal menu"

優點: "Cabin crew were very nice. Food was okay, while the legroom was good too."
缺點: "Delayed flight, but the email notification from JL was lacking the most important detail... The new take off time! It was 70 minutes later than advertised, but then delayed by another five minutes on top after a late take off."

優點: "The staff were fantastic nothing was too much trouble and great fun attitudes."
缺點: "No entertainment systems."

優點: "The business class layout was very good. Seats comfortable with excellent cabin staff and the food and its presentation was A+"
缺點: "Hard to think of something here...possibly better movie selection and having to bus from plane to terminal... But that's about it!"

優點: "Beautifully presented and tasty Japanese food. Electronic windows."
缺點: "Not overly impressed with the 12:05am departure time. Western food not overly impressive. Having to travel from the plane to terminal by bus."

缺點: "No space for cabin bags. Late by 2 hours. Super rude and passive aggressive staff. Kept in bus at Frankfurt for 10 mins. Won’t fly BA again if i can help it."

缺點: "Choices were few by the time the cart got to us and the food was... airplane food. Nothing terrible but nothing to write home about nor anything a picky child would eat. :/"

優點: "even though middle seat, there was enough leg room to rest comfortably."

優點: "The crew"
缺點: "Being late"

優點: "Attentive staff. Great food. Great service. Vast improvement over Cathay Pacific."

缺點: "Double standard"

優點: "Everything was excellent crew was very helpful"

優點: "That I probably won’t have to deal with AA for a while."
缺點: "The boarding process was a joke. No seat assignments until the last second. The front desk personnel would not help us with a seat assignment and said they were “working on it”. I sat down with my wife in the waiting area and observed the front desk personnel joking around with each other for the next 45 minutes before the flight. Very unprofessional and not helpful. Not a good way to represent your airline."

優點: "服務 電影 雪糕"
缺點: "飯不好"

優點: "Flight attendants provided high standard of service and courteous."

優點: "This was my first time to travel with JAL. They take excellent care of all of their passengers. The flights did not seem to be as long as they were. I was very comfortable."
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "So cramped. Very uncomfortable flight."

優點: "Great service."

優點: "I had to change my flight and it was a terrible experience, I will book directly with the airlines from now on."

優點: "Smooth, on-time, friendly staff. The food was giid and plentiful. What happened to the complimentary toiletries, though?"
缺點: "Omg did you study how to prevent people from sleeping? If you allowed the head of the seat to go back just 3 more inches i think i could sleep. Instead, i am tortured like a yawn that wont come out, a mosquito in the dark, an itch that runs away from my fingers ... out of reach and just inaccessible. 12 hours of wishing so that by the time i reach my final destination, I've been awake over 24 hours. Im getting too old for that."

優點: "nothing"
缺點: "extremely racist crew made the entire flight uncomfortable for everyone."

優點: "Not much"
缺點: "Why no service in first class?"

優點: "Plane wasn’t full, they allowed everyone to spread out in the plane"

優點: "They waited for us to make the connection to Portland. Generally helpful with trying to get people to their connecting flights"
缺點: "Humm...Lady at gate in Yuma was hard to understand over the load speaker"

優點: "Liked we actually made it."
缺點: "Another delayed American Airlines flight where the temperature in the cabin was as the overall apathy of the employees."

優點: "You sold my seat , now I am sleeping in the airport it is no nice"
缺點: "Yes if you keep my seat"

缺點: "We landed early and had to wait 45 min on the runway."

優點: "Crew were good"
缺點: "Way late. This flight has been over 45 minutes late 1/4 of the time in the last 60 days. Today was the 1 in 3 days."

優點: "Crew professional and competent"

優點: "Clear communication on flight boarding"
缺點: "Attendant could have been more friendly."

缺點: "Due to missed connection, computer booked me on later flight, but in the wrong class (i.e., not first class as ticketed). Very helpful agent at O'Hare was able to remedy this though (didn't get her name. 6/25/19 at help desk near O'Hare gate L4, 7PM)"

優點: "Even on a full flight, there was enough overhead storage"
缺點: "Pretzels were lame"

優點: "Courteous crew and staff"
缺點: "Check bags online for all flights"

優點: "We didn’t crash."

缺點: "Very confused as to why I am receiving messages regarding confirming flight and post flight review when I did not purchase this flight. I watched it, did NOT book it. I should not be charged for it."

優點: "None"
缺點: "I had very bad emotions sickness from London to Dallas TX. After I got on the plane I asked one crew member if I have any chance to switch the seat to sit by the bathroom because I am very sick, but seems no one cares. They said there is nothing they can do and tell me to get back to my seat. The whole fight I was sick. It was a horrible no crews member were asked me how I felt. No crews member checked me if I were ok. I had fever and so sick. There were late. I never have any bad fight like this forever."

缺點: "Delayed for more than 2 hours, at midnight, then more delay over the plane"

優點: "The amount of people on the flight was nice,for everyone was able to spread out on the entire plane."
缺點: "The turbulence during the whole flight was terrible."

優點: "They seem to have more time for the passengers then other airlines do"

缺點: "Very upset with baggage handling and charges for baggage on an international flight. I bought an economy fair but was not well informed about fact that charges for baggage would be made. I ended up paying more in fees for baggage and seats than if I had purchased a "regular" coach fare or had flown on another airline. Will do this next time. Also, both my pieces of luggage were damaged and not properly latched following opening by security."

優點: "787 Airplane is nice, very modern. Early Departure Early Arrival. Very smooth Flight. In Flight Entertainment system was great."
缺點: "There was hardly any food and no offering of coffee or variety of beverages on this International 10+ hour flight. Seats were small and not very comfortable. On arrival nobody seemed to know which terminal exit family should meet us at, and LAX "information" said they know nothing about what AA does. Unfortunately LAX is just a terrible airport for arrival or departures. But AA needs to show more clearly where family should wait to pick up arriving internal passengers."

優點: "Departure was on time"
缺點: "Really hard seats, no phone charger outlets, on board WiFi didn’t work"

優點: "Everything!!"
缺點: "None"

優點: "Flight was delayed so much that I would miss my connection so I never went and am on a new flight today on a different airline"

優點: "Smootm and in early."
缺點: "Not knowing no gratis drinks were served."

優點: "We took off and arrived on time. That was the only thing they did right."
缺點: "The service was terrible. The stewardess was clearly doing exactly what she needed to in order to not get fired."

優點: "Journey on time, crew friendly and helpful"
缺點: "Cramped seat, only 1 toilet"

缺點: "Plane was delayed over an hour!"

優點: "Flight attendant, David, was extremely professional and nice."

優點: "Nothing at all"
缺點: "It was very hot inside the plane and dificult to sleep No breakfast when we arrived in Brazil In Lima, after the flight from Miami, the period for the connection to Brazil was very short. At the airport, when I inquired about attention to get through the security line, the answered was that we have to ask for permission to pass before the passagens that was waiting in queue."

優點: "Good friendly service. Flights were on time."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"

優點: "Boarding on time and arrived to my destination on time."
缺點: "no comment"

優點: "Easy flight"
缺點: "too tight to connection time in DFW"

缺點: "I never got on my scheduled flight. The flight I did get on, 4 hours later, was fine. But caused major delays to my train departure from NYC to Philadelphia"

缺點: "They put a bunch of crying babies next to me, other than that it was a good experience."

優點: "the flight was on time and everything was fine."
缺點: "the boarding process is more chaotic than necessary. groups 5-9 board at the same location and people in higher groups stand near the front so you can't tell if you should wait behind them or step around. there was only a single power plug (in economy plus) for 2 seats and it was a cigarette lighter style."

優點: "S"

優點: "Always delayed. Always check my carry on. Which equals me being late to where I'm going."
缺點: "See above"

優點: "Arrived early"
缺點: "Couldn't get movies to play"

優點: "Friendly crew"
缺點: "Zero Entertainment. Flight delayed around 30 minutes, which gave me a heartburn as we had to catch the next flight. No priority plus lounge near this gate in Toronto"

缺點: "Delayed a total of four hous!"

優點: "It's not the person at the gate's fault. She tried to be very informative and kind."
缺點: "The flight was scheduled to leave at 630am. It's currently 945am and I'm still in the airport. Now a new maintenance issue was found. Flying is a first world luxury with first world problems."

缺點: "Watched a very weird interaction between Muslim (with a hajib) women with a kiddo and desk crew. She wanted to sit next to her child on the flight and needed to switch seats to be able to. Woman was very gracious and understanding that she was asking for an accommodation. Ends up her flight to Philly had been moved to a different gate after they had found a volunteer to switch seats. Volunteer was totally unfazed but Desk crew made it seem as tho the Muslim mom was at fault for the time and trouble they had had to go through to accommodate her. She apologized profusely and was very appreciative for the trouble evernote had gone to for her. . As she walked away the crew looked at each other and shook their heads. Pretty crummy way to treat customers!"

優點: "It was fine. Nothing special, nothing wrong. On time."

優點: "I flew Tokyo to Vegas and the entertainment was great."
缺點: "They cancelled my flight vis lax and put me on a flight vis Dallas. That added about 7 hours to my journey. Then they sit on the tarmac for 50 minutes doing nothing on both of the two flights."

優點: "Crew was helpful and provided sufficient food and drinks. Plane was late."
缺點: "The plane was late. Took a long time to turn over and the seats were not very comfortable. This was a flight operated by American Airlines"

優點: "Food on time. Good Food. Good Entertainment like watching movies. Top priority for Diabetes or any other patients."
缺點: "Little guidelines for new comers especially while changing the flights."

優點: "* on time * courteous staff"

優點: "Staff was pleasant and efficient. Schedules met my needs."
缺點: "Seats on smaller planes were very tight!!! It's not just your butt in the seat but where do you put your elbows?!?!?!?"




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