搜尋蘇黎世 飛往高雄市便宜機票


搜尋蘇黎世 飛往高雄市便宜機票

蘇黎世 (ZRH)
11月24日 週二
12月1日 週二
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8月 避開人潮的最佳時機,價格平均可下降54%


6月 最熱門的出行時段,價格平均可高65%


NT$ 28,317 (過去兩週的平均價格)




  • 5月、6月及7月為旅遊旺季。8月的機票最便宜。





KAYAK如何找出由蘇黎世 飛往高雄市的便宜機票?

KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買蘇黎世 到高雄市的機票?

蘇黎世 飛往高雄市的機票有KAYAK組合選項,它是什麽?

KAYAK的「彈性日期」功能是什麽?在搜尋從蘇黎世 飛往高雄市的機票時,我爲什麽該使用這個功能?




優點: "The flight was quick, limited turbulence, and the crew was very friendly and pleasant to fly with. The only negative was the plane itself."
缺點: "The plane smelt like fresh urine, chemicals, feces, and burning rubber. Simply put, the plane should not be in active rotation. It felt immensely unsafe as the plane rattled and moaned throughout the flight."

缺點: "I purchased an exit row seat. Upon checking they confirmed my seat number but did not inform me of an equipment change so I was no longer in an exit row. The crew was great and allowed me to take the exit row seat after boarding was complete"

優點: "seat uncomfortable, food wasn't good"
缺點: "armrest seats should moveable for a child can lay down during 11hrs45' fly. Terrible experience! My seat number was 53A,B, and C wasn't moveable, boeing 777"

缺點: "Excellent service over all."

優點: "Crew was accommodating, seat space for economy was generous and comfortable for a 2hr flight."
缺點: "Luggage allowance for economy is only one check-in bag, as opposed to most airlines these days, which give two check-in bags. For the price paid (almost $300) for a return trip to Yangon from HCMC, this is expensive -- and I booked over a month in advance. Should be offering more leverage."

優點: "The flight attendants were wonderful and the business class seats were very spacious and comfortable."

缺點: "They could improve on the entertainment and service."

優點: "The cabin crew were very pleasant."
缺點: "The airport departure noticeboard was a mess, giving confusing information about flights and gates, as well as information which contradicted what was on the boarding pass. Not just about my flight, but about several flights. The PA announcements didn't clarify, until the very last minute."

優點: "Crew"
缺點: "Slow check-in not very comfortable seats and food was awful."

缺點: "Food"

優點: "This plane is in much better shape than the last one."
缺點: "Flight delays seem to be a common thing with VN airlines"

缺點: "The whole online experience dealing with the airline is poor. I attempted to upgrade repeatedly online however the website would not recognise my ticket. This is the same with my repeated attempts at online checkin. I attempted to address the issues with airline ground staffhowever the weren’t inte"

缺點: "Choice of movies was not that good. I had severe diarrhea the next day after the flight and I put it down to the aircraft food."

優點: "Efficient"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Entertainment was ok"
缺點: "I was harassed by the crew members, starring at my passport and taking pictures of them, and doing more question than a migration officer. I’m leaving in Japan, and my Honduras passport do not requires a visa to enter to Japan and they were keeping taking picture to my whole passport. Shame on them."

缺點: "Leg room is short, seats are average. Fine for a short flight."

優點: "The check-in staff realised we hadn't allowed enough time to transit in Ho Chi Minh city, so they seated us close to the front and put business class tags on our luggage. They were the first on to the carousel."
缺點: "Every one of our legs was delayed, which contributed to tight transit times."

優點: "Comfort"

優點: "The check-in staff at SGN domestic were efficient in getting us on to our connecting flight despite the late arrival from Sydney."
缺點: "Communication. Our plane had a malfunction at Sydney which caused a delay. After it was repaired, we are then told of further delays due to the pilot now running out of hours, delays in sourcing a new pilot, and then having to resupply all the catering. 26 hour delay."

優點: "The crew were not visible and didn't offer any assistance"
缺點: "An offer of a snack as we paid a high price for the econom y flight"

缺點: "Reservation online"

優點: "Food was good. Flight was punctual. Heritage magazine is well done."
缺點: "Seats"

缺點: "Refurbishment of the seats"

缺點: "Friendlier crew"

優點: "No turbulence"
缺點: "Never wake up passengers for your terrible food"

優點: "Excellent service"

優點: "Boarding was quick and Flight was Smooth"
缺點: "Food basic,Crew not so friendly.Flight left 15 minutes late."

優點: "We love how they service food and drink."
缺點: "There were a lot of things which you need to know like send flighting schedule, visa to get in Canada, and depart and arrive on time so we can flight next stop. Also, make sure all luggages of customer will delivery directly to last stop if the tickets includes this things."

優點: "The crew was fabulous. The flight was not over booked/ loaded and therefore much more comfortable."

優點: "Flight team were friendly and efficient."
缺點: "Delayed take off."

優點: "The crew were great."
缺點: "Not much entertainment available."

優點: "The ground staff assisted us when a flight was changed for some reason. They immediately rebooked it."
缺點: "It was early but that was our choice!"

優點: "boarding time is on time dinner have 2 choices"
缺點: "minor one - they donr want to give extra bread as not might enough for everyone entertainment could improve by having in-seat monitor"

優點: "Excellent check in and boarding. Being a short flight, by the time they've served you water or juice, it's time to land."
缺點: "Only juice or water?"

優點: "Everything, from the check in process, to the flight itself."
缺點: "Nothing to eat, except a cup of juice or water."

缺點: "Delayed departure. They were slow to board flight.departed almost an hour late. There didn’t seem to be a reason for delay other than poor organization and management."

缺點: "Delayed by almost 2 hours."

優點: "The food which we didn't expect. The friendly crew. Ease from checking in to flight."
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Check in was efficient"

優點: "Check in was efficient"

優點: "The system cancelled my ticket & need to buy a new ticket"
缺點: "Non action from airline & IRRESPONSIBLE replies from customer service"

優點: "It went smoothly from start to finish"

缺點: "The choice of English language films were limited. I did not enjoy the food too much"

缺點: "It was super hot before and after the flight took off. Felt like tha AC of the airplane was broken. Other passengers and I had to use magazines, safety info leaflet to fan off the heat."

優點: "Nice massage centre. Water on site. Coffee shops. Flight very full and uncomfortable"
缺點: "No towels in shower. Not very clean. Information desk not very helpful. No one to book sleeping cubicles—-very confusing"

優點: "From check in to final arrivals this was a smooth and faultless flight. Too short for food or entertainment but everything was perfect. All booked through Kayak."
缺點: "Nothing!"

優點: "We left late but arrived safely and close to being on time."
缺點: "Taking the bus to the plane is a nuisance."

優點: "Was able to buy last minute at airport. food and drinks are fine"
缺點: "delayed by 40mins. but is ok as already informed from morning entertainment is overhead screen aircon not strong"

優點: "We really enjoy the additional room in Premium Economy. The boarding process and checki in was terrific."
缺點: "Whilst the crew were pleasant today"






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