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芝加哥 歐海爾國際機場往台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場的航班

預訂芝加哥 歐海爾國際機場飛往臺灣桃園國際機場機票的最佳時機



  • 想找便宜機票?25%搜尋此航線的用戶找到NT$17,972或更低的單程機票價格。
  • 一般而言,出發前79天可以最低價格預訂從芝加哥 歐海爾國際機場飛往台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場的機票。
  • 想以低於平均價格訂機票,應提前最少1星期預訂。
  • 6月、7月及8月為旅遊旺季。9月的機票最便宜。
  • 早上出發的航班平均較晚間出發的航班價格高出11%。*

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Good flight.


Good flight.

缺點: "Food"
優點: "Crew was grest and helpful"
缺點: "Seats on 777 are not padded very well for a 14 hour flight"
優點: "The service vayama were trying to charge fees way over the normal fees for any adjustments"
缺點: "If they could of tried to be helpful when trying ro change dates"
優點: "On time, great meals, great friendly crew! Forgot how much I appreciate flying with Korean Air!"
缺點: "No improvement needed!"
優點: "crew was nice. not enough space in overhead stow. other passengers bag ate up my legroom"
優點: "Clean facilities and polite staff. Made the 14 hour trip much more tolerable."
缺點: "More JFK related than anything. 20 minute delay on Yvette tarmac due to gate related issues but that's not the airline's fault."
優點: "This was not to positive off a flight."
缺點: "Boarding easy, I am Handicapped, but arrival was a joke. Was never offered assistance. After 12 hours on a plane with braces on both legs you have to walk about a half mile to baggage and stand in lines to get out."
缺點: "The food is usually good on korean air but wasn’t great this time"
優點: "It seemed noise free but I think that’s because they turned all the lights off as if night time. The flight attendants were helpful when asked and friendly"
缺點: "The 1st 6 hours I had to keep calling for water as no one came around. More movie options."
優點: "food"
缺點: "Movie selection was a tad bit small"
優點: "The crew was very friendly and accommodating. The food was delicious. The plane was clean. This was much better than United Airlines."
缺點: "As with other airlines, flying coach is uncomfortable."
優點: "Great service"
缺點: "Hope I can change seat when I check in even though I choose to enter other skyteam number than sky pass."
優點: "Crews were all amazing!"
缺點: "Boarding was not announced clearly"
優點: "bibinba(korean food)was very good rfor me."
優點: "Free food, 2 hot meals, including special kids meal that can be preorder. Free entertainment, blanket, hood service."
缺點: "My son's entertainment console had some issue."
缺點: "Inconsistent entertainment system"
優點: "Legroom was generous, crew were attentive and polite, although alcohol availability was stingy."
缺點: "Food quality was poor bordering on tasteless, more importantly service of lukewarm egg meals is guaranteed to earn an "Air Typhoid" award, and is inexcusable."
優點: "Everything, the crew was outstanding. I haven't flew with all airlines but Koren Air was so good that I don't want to fly with any other airline, all ways Koren Air from here on out."
缺點: "The second meal wasn't the greatest but I think it was me not the food."
優點: "Flight attendants are pretty and nice."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "I love Korean Air. Can't say enough good things about this airline. I fly Korean Air whenever I can."
缺點: "Simple meal but a short flight."
優點: "My flight to Seoul was originally through Air Canada but my flight was cancelled due to weather in Toronto. So I was rebooked with Korean Air and I loved every minute of my flight. The staff are so talented speaking flawlessly in Korean and English. They made me feel comfortable for the whole 14 hours. I’d definitely fly with them again."
優點: "Long flight....seats were comfy for economy....nice crew....good overall experience....entertainment was okay for its selection on movies and music."
缺點: "Food got me sick the next day....would have been great if wifi was available"
優點: "Great customer service. Smooth flight. Friendly and helpful stewardesses despite the language barrier ( I don't speak Korean)."
缺點: "Really no complaints. It was just a super long flight and it was too uncomfortable to sleep."
優點: "I have flown a great many long haul flights and this airline is right up there in the top ranks. Excellent flight crew and comfortable seats."
缺點: "Rude flight attendant! She opened the food tray on my lap and instead of informing me to put my seat upright, she did it for me as though I was a child."
優點: "Service, friendliness"
優點: "bring you anything you need. so helpful."
優點: "Food and accommodating flight attendants."
缺點: "The seat is small"
優點: "Polite, attentive crew"
缺點: "Lie flat seats on the 777 did not go completely flat."
缺點: "Staff were oddly unfriendly and I was awakened twice"
優點: "I was recently on flight CI054 from Auckland to Taipei, with a short layover in Brisbane (my final destination was Incheon, South Korea. Due to fog in Brisbane, the flight was diverted to Gold Coast. After arriving in Gold Coast we had to take a bus to Brisbane. It's kind of a long story, but basically I will say it was handled well for the most part my China airlines. Certainly, fog was not there fault and they did everything they could to accommodate passengers, including putting us up in two very nice hotels."
缺點: "The one complaint I have is when disembarking the plane in Gold Coast, there was no China Airlines personnel to be found anywhere. Nobody on the plane knew what we were doing - who was supposed to get on the bus and who was supposed to stay. The Australian immigration authorities and Gold Coast airport staff took control, but again, China Airlines staff had completely disappeared. Nobody was there to tell us whether we should collect our luggage, how to get an appropriate visa to enter Australia, where to go to get on the bus (or even if we SHOULD get on the bus). I was really frustrated at the point, but other than that, I would say they handled it quite well"
優點: "The flight crew was attentive and the meal options were suitable. The in-flight entertainment featured a nice selection of movies."
缺點: "The seating in economy class was adequate regarding the comfort standards given the duration of the flight."
優點: "Food not too bad, plenty of beverages."
缺點: "Nothing not to like."
優點: "Child friendly with special requests meals. Very accommodating FAs. Always efficient from checkin to boarding. Smooth ride. Great inflight entertainment. Good food. Hot meals all the time. Very Good customer service. Would love to fly Korean Air again."
優點: "All of the people from Korean Air that I spoke with were very considerate and helpful."
缺點: "No legitimate complaints."
優點: "upgrade the food quality"
優點: "Staff are first class....efficient, polite...anxious to please. very well organized flight."
優點: "The selection of fellow PAX, the cabin staff"
缺點: "Concorde was better"
優點: "The staff members were really nice and it was an enjoyable flight."
缺點: "The food. The noodles were over cooked, but the rest of the meal was good."
優點: "This was my first experience with Korean Air, I was very impressed. I would definitely fly with them again."
優點: "I liked the ample legroom. I liked the food. I liked that the crew periodically offered refreshments. I liked the spacious overhead storage. I liked how far the seats reclined. It doesn't go back as far as first class seats do but better than the economy seats of other airlines/planes. I liked the clean restrooms. I liked the entertainment selection. I especially liked that you can view the external cameras."
優點: "I have flown with many airlines and Korean Air is by far the best airlines I have flown with. Great service, perfect locations."
缺點: "China Air was alright. Just didn't like the whole running around the airport trying to figure out what counter to go to. Also I am not a big fan of getting transported via bus from terminal to plane"
優點: "I liked stewardess's kindenesses"
缺點: "food"
優點: "I like that KE is lenient with the baggage allowance of 23kgs per piece that some can still go up to about 25kgs due to measurement system used (Metric vs. US). I also like that KE has bigger leg room even in the economy class."
缺點: "I don't like the fact that KE charges the 3rd baggage (excess baggage) US$200 for only up to 23kgs. Anything beyond that is additional $100 for only up to 32kgs. another $100 beyond 32kgs. I will state for a fact that Cathay Pacific only charges US$150 for the 3rd baggage and is already up to 32kgs. Perhaps this is something KE would like to look into. In spite of Cathay Pacific's excess baggage rates, they have a smaller leg room in the economy class."
優點: "It was really the best flight I've been on! A very comfortable and relaxing trip. The staff were very kind and happy to answer any questions that came up. Overall I was very impressed and highly recommend Korean Air!"
優點: "Professional staff great movie selection"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "I had a great flight good service and excellent food."
缺點: "No complaints"



缺點: "Electricity didn’t work in my pod"
優點: "33" seats"
缺點: "nothing"
優點: "The seat was very spacious"
缺點: "More space to put things"
優點: "The crew amazing. Food was great"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "If the flight was on time."
優點: "We were seated together as a family even though we were not able to reserved any seat"
缺點: "Food could be better. Especially the easily digestible meal. It was mostly mush so it's more easily chew meal"
優點: "她們很对工作有熱誠,很照顧乘客"
缺點: "已經很不错"
優點: "No... no... no...."
缺點: "More movie selections"
優點: "Crew was very pleasant"
缺點: "Missed my flight due to Customs. But AA took good care of me and got me on next flight. Wish layover was a little longer. Missed flight by 10 min"
優點: "Felt welcomed"
缺點: "Just felt a little cramped but not to bad"
優點: "Everything about this flight was awesome. The food, the people, the seats in economy felt like first class. VERY polite and happy attendants compared to American Airlines who seemed to be annoyed by those on the flight."
優點: "The food on the plane is really good. The airline assistants are very friendly. The whole trip is really comfortable."
缺點: "The travel is too long for me. If there’s a direct flight, it only takes 12 to 13 hours for me to land but this trip took me 19 hours because the weather and they have to change the transfer spot to another in Japan."
優點: "The flight attendant and staff was extremely nice and accommodating. Japan airport is updated with excellent facility and flight transferring was easy."
優點: "I was comfortable, Crew was pleasant and attentive. Food was really good- both meals!"
缺點: "Not applicable"
優點: "The food was good the crew was trying to accommodate"
缺點: "I have a slight gut and the food tray wouldn’t come out on the seat assigned to me. Could have changed my seat would have paid more for it but they said it that wasn’t an option."
優點: "Good food and movies. Flight attendants were great."
缺點: "Tight seating and it was hot. No way to control individual airflflow"
優點: "The flight attendants were very attentive and polite, seats are some of the most comfortable of any airline I've flown (particularly compared to the US domestics), and entertainment is solid (although the English movie selection was not that large). I would definitely recommend JAL to others."
缺點: "The food was not to my liking (i.e., all Japanese style, but not necessarily types that appeal more to Westerners) but it was palatable."
優點: "The flight from Chicago to Tokyo was delayed, which made me worried that I would miss the connection to Taipei. I was very happy to discover that an airline staff person was waiting for me when I got off the plane, having already changed me to another Taipei flight. She explained things and guided me to the right place. She was able to walk amazingly fast for a woman wearing high heels!"
優點: "Dinner (coach) was pretty good. Earphone, screen for entertainment are very nice. I liked the charging slots for each seat. Crew is polite and friendly."
缺點: "The second meal (light lunch, i think) had dry shredded chicken."
優點: "服務 電影 雪糕"
缺點: "飯不好"
優點: "Longer leg room and clean ambience coupled with very friendly flight attendent makes this trip a wonderful experience"
缺點: "None"
優點: "The seats were comfortable, the staff was lovely and accommodating, and the food was delicious."
缺點: "The WiFi was very weak and barely connected to any website. It couldn’t connect to Netflix, but luckily the in-flight movies were okay."
優點: "Space between the seats."
缺點: "Color of the seats."
優點: "JAL went above and beyond. The aircraft was very comfortable, temperature was near perfect.. Onboard entertainment was very good. Flight attendants were very friendly, very helpful. And with out a doubt, this was the best meal I have ever had in-flight."
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "Service was excellent."
缺點: "The food could have been a little more mainstream"
優點: "Crew was very nice. They let us switch seats when my boyfriend's TV wasn't working"
優點: "So much food, great leg room, very comfortable and clean, kind and attentive staff"
優點: "The high level of service and attentiveness"
優點: "Amazing service. Delicious and plentiful food. Larger seats with more leg room. Quick and efficient boarding."
優點: "Not many passengers so that I had empty seats and could lay down."
缺點: "Tv stopped working suddenly."
優點: "Met a very nice Taiwanese sitting next to me. We spoke the entire trip."
優點: "Comfortable flight, polite crew, good selection of movies"
優點: "I fly with JAL business class and it was the best business class I have ever experience. The crew was amazingly helpful and polite."
缺點: "I wish they can pronounce English language better. Sometimes I did not understand what did they said. Including the pilot. I don't want to be an American brat, but I did not understand what they said."
優點: "Once again the service from the flight attendants was perfect."
優點: "This was a very long flight, but the crew was fantastic and attentive. The meals were good and they did everything they could to make us comfortable. The flight was on time and convenient."
缺點: "I wish all the seats were like first class. We were in economy class"
優點: "Great service, attitude, hospitality. Was never treated this nice on any flight ever. Thought I was a king or prince. And that's how they make you feel. If I can, I only fly JAL and especially the flight JL9"
缺點: "The fact there are many airlines which can't even get close to what JAL can offer and even if they try, employees won't be able to match it because of the cultural differences. Makes me sad that other airlines (I won't name them) can still be in business... they need to fly JL9 once and hope they understand."
缺點: "Flight delayed 1 hr."
優點: "Always on time"
缺點: "No clue when it's boarding time and no announcement"
優點: "The service on this flight was excellent.First class service in the economy section."
優點: "The crew member was excellent and his charisma really made up for any shortcomings this little "puddle jumper" had. He even helped my companion out with some advice for relieving his ear pressure."
優點: "This flight was just pretty routine."
缺點: "I wasn't able to make my original flight but that was more the airport's fault so I had to take a later flight and didn't get a choice seat. Tight quarters."
優點: "It was a good price. I always like JAL flights that provide much better service than American companies. The Japanese staff are EXCELLENT! My flight was delayed from Montreal, but when I arrived Chicago, the JAL crew was waiting to take me to the next terminal!! (This never happens for American airline companies!!)"
缺點: "The food is getting terrible. They had better food a year ago."
缺點: "All passengers were onboard but the captain said that we need to go out and change to another airplane at different gate too (note: the changes made after passengers on board)"
優點: "fine food, the pilot handled a typhoon like a pro"
優點: "Soft chair."
缺點: "The stewardess was been chatting with the passenger the whole time and she called everyone a "darling." You have to pay for your snack and there are no entetainment. But like I said...I don't care because it's only a short flight. What I care is the flight being delayed."
優點: "The service"
缺點: "Leaving a comfortabke setting"
優點: "The entertainment package was the best ever encountered with seemingly endless choices, keeping us happy all fight long. The seating seemed a bit crowded, and the food was mediocre. We survived, however, without any problem and overall enjoyed our first Dreamliner flight."
缺點: "Windows were dimmed most of the flight."


優點: "機組人員很貼心"
缺點: "無"
優點: "Crew, food, entertainment"
缺點: "More movies to choose from. Food."
缺點: "Ok"
優點: "The crew was exceptional! They were very friendly and helpful. The food was much better than I expected. The overall experience was great!"
優點: "提供牙刷、拖鞋、眼罩的設備,不用怕肚子會餓!"
優點: "Boarding on time and the flight arrived earlier than schedule."
優點: "Seats are comfy"
缺點: "Food is the worst out of many other airlines"
優點: "The crew was friendly and the food was excellent."
缺點: "Cannot think of anything"
缺點: "More leg room"
缺點: "Airline on strike. So no flight"
缺點: "The airline went on strike and I have to go through the process of disputing the charges since I had no airplane to board. Really caused a problem since it was a international trip."
缺點: "A better selection of movies and a bit more legroom."
缺點: "桌子太小。菜盤太擠。包裝蓋子都不好放。椅背袋資料太多太擠。盤子等太輕容易翻倒。"
優點: "Awesome crew and great service"
優點: "Crew was super nice . Food from Chicago to Taipei was not good but from Taipei to Osaka delicious. Not enough room for man like me 6'2" in Boeing 777 better in 787 ."
缺點: "Look above"
優點: "Great friendly flight attendants."
缺點: "Nothing I can think of."
優點: "The premium economy seat was pretty comfortable, and much better than those I have experienced in economy on other airlines, the food was really very good, the plane was very clean, the crew very professional, take off and arrival were both on time."
缺點: "No complaints."
優點: "I like everything five stars rating."
缺點: "飛機太簡單"
優點: "Never heard of Eva air, highly recommend. The plane itself was very comfortable, many amenities provided. Staff was very friendly and helpful."
優點: "Economy very comfortable. Flight attendants gracious and accomodating. Lots of entertainment options. I dreaded this long flight but it could not have been more pleasant. Even the food was good! We were offered drinks about once an hour which I really appreciate."
優點: "Leg space was adequate---not cramped. Friendly crew members."
缺點: "Would have liked more choices for movies/TV."
優點: "Courteous crew ever, food was good, service was excellent. On time departure."
缺點: "機組人員服務態度可以再加強"
優點: "Very friendly and attentive flight attendants, they made the 12.5 hour flight very enjoyable. Good selection of in flight movies as well."
缺點: "三明治乾硬,生菜還放在外頭,不好吃。 視聽系統每幾分鐘就自動變暗,有問題。"
優點: "飛機降落技術不錯"
優點: "More entertainment selections like movies and music. Food is great too. Best of all is the free day tour for long layover in Taiwan"
缺點: "Smaller leg room, rest room and space where people can stretch compared to asiana and Cathay"
優點: "On time, great crew"
優點: "Excellent and responsive service from what must be the most attractive flight attendants on the planet. Seats even in basic economy are very comfortable with adequate legroom for my 250 lbs frame. Food is good with two choices and an option to customize online prior to the flight; and drinks are offered several times during the flight with numerous choices plus hot coffee and tea. Restrooms are cleaned several times during the flight and are stocked with amenities like toothbrush and paste, blindfold for sleeping, lotions etc."
缺點: "Why is the flight to Asia so long? Maybe the pilot could step on the gas?"
優點: "Comfortable seats in economy, pretty decent entertainment, our flight from Chixago landed in Taipei at 4am. Getting through immigration and customs a breeze."
缺點: "Made us check our hand luggage in even though it fit in sizer because it was 3 lbs too heavy. Food and wine mediocre in economy. Not enough liquid served on cabin staff pass through or at dinner. Had to keep asking."
優點: "2 free meals, attendants were very nice and ready to serve, free wine and multiple coffee and tea and drink calls. Also the flight was cheaper than most, which credits all the previous feedback provided."
缺點: "Can't think of anything. Trip was pretty nice."
優點: "飛機新,"
優點: "Newer interior and entertainment as it appeared."
缺點: "Service not as attentative compare to other airlines."
優點: "Everything was Hello Kitty. I didn’t expect that but I loved it"
優點: "Movie on board is good"
缺點: "Food not so nice"
優點: "I liked their services the most. All staff and crew were very courteous."
缺點: "Delay for 1 and half hour"
優點: "Eveyone was syper friendly and the food was decent. They were very good about allowing me to change seats to an open seat once the doors were closed."
缺點: "The selection of movies to watch was not ver good. They had a few (10-15) choices for a few genre but over all there were obly 1 or 2 decent movies per genre."
優點: "Everything is perfect"
優點: "Lots of helpful staff who spoke English."
優點: "Well trained crew. very attentive and polite. Comfortable seats and I find the Airline food is very good and fresh. The cost of the flight was very reasonable, compared to the other airlines. EVA Flight attendants are gorgeous and carry out their tasks very professionally and with a smile to all."
缺點: "Only issue was that I felt the entertainment needed to be more updated and with more selections within each category. Still I found the entertainment was okay and appreciated on such a long flight"
優點: "The food and the service was excellent. Nice screens on all the seats with good movie, tv, and music selections. For a 16 hour flight I’d say it was a great experience."
優點: "Got upgraded to premium economy. The convenience pack they give you was very nice. Cabin crew was great!"
缺點: "The food did not agree with me but that was the only bad thing."
優點: "Consistently good service. Really love this airline."
優點: "The crew was gracious and didn't bother my sleep to eat."
缺點: "The seats were hard and oddly shaped such that my legs and feet felt numb after a while. Not the way I want to spend 15h."
缺點: "They need to pass more water..very dehydrated. Other airlines is Cathay Pacific and Korean air are always passing water..not 3 ounce cups.. ridiculous."
優點: "Nice facility and good food"
缺點: "Some crew members seemed tired and did everything minimally"
優點: "The boarding, comfort and crew were excellent. Everything is very organized and professional."
缺點: "I had a 12 hour layover in Istanbul. The hotel was great and I appreciated the good food and rest. However, it took nearly an hour each way to the hotel. I think it would be great if Istanbul airways cooperated with the Yotel so transit passengers could stay in the airport. They helped me to get a visa and they say it will be reimbursed, but all of those things took time when I was so exhausted after a long flight. Overall, it was wonderful to have that opportunity to rest and shower on a long wait, but it would be even better if it was closer and it was clear ahead of time that a visa would be needed."
優點: "Convenience"
優點: "The crew was great and service and meals where wonderful"
優點: "Great food options, very tasty. Crew was attentive, polite and professional."
優點: "Nothing."
缺點: "This was the worst airline I have flown with. I booked my tickets last minute, it was for me and my 4 month old son. I had 3 suitcases a stroller and 2 carryons. I had paid for the suitcases, but because I was traveling alone I went there with my husband and he politely asked if they could please take the carryons on the plane because she can’t carry everything by herself. The manager came out and said that we have to pay. I said I already paid extra for my suitcases please help us because my wife is carrying our son, the diaper bag and 2 carryons. He was rude stating that we have to pay each carryon. We didn’t have the extra money and my wife took everything with her. If that’s how Turkish Airline treats their customers, they shouldn’t be operating. It was the last time I use this airline. No dignity or humanity, it’s all only about the money. And when I took the stroller with my son. They made me package the stroller by myself looking that I had my son on me crying and when I asked for help they said that they can’t help me... unbelievable... they see me with 2 carryons a stroller and a baby and they can’t help me."
優點: "Food on the second leg ( Istanbul to Delhi ) of the journey was good."
缺點: "Poor Boarding In Chicago, no lines were formed to let people board in an organized fashion. Insufficien/inappropriate food ( BEEF Prevented choices ) - Eliminate beef from your food choices. Many people like me can eat Non vegetarian meals like chicken, fish , EXCEPT BEEF Ran out of the Salmon fish dish. I was given a snacking cheese sandwich instead! This would not have happened if you had selected other than a beef dish! Cramped seating. The airlines greed shows in picking out the seat placement design. The plane had extremely limited knee room. I'm five foot five inches tall and my knees were almost touching the seat in front."
優點: "The little details...slippers, nice meal, foot rests, deep carryon bins."
缺點: "Legroom, too tight. Attendants blocking lane unable to reach restroom, entertainment didnt work."
優點: "In flight entertainment system and food. Courteous crew."
缺點: "That they destroyed one of our suitcases"
缺點: "Plane delayed by 3 hours. Missed my other flight to Tirana. Horrible service at the airport to help me out with a hotel. Had to run around for over 3 hours. Never flying Turkish again."
優點: "Once my wife reached the gate, having left me behind at security, Turkish Airlines waited and were patient with us, the last to board the plane. The food and plane and bathrooms were all without any problems."
缺點: "We had a 80 minute layover in Frankfurt. Turkish Airlines should make note that this is not sufficient for making a connection. 1. The terminals require extensive walking. Not a problem except for time. 2. Security entering the terminal was seriously understaffed. There were a hundred security personnel, but thousands of passengers. The line stretched for half a mile. 3. Cutting, disorganization, mismanagement, lack of organization, and airport layout all contributed to making this a very stressful hour for us."
優點: "The service was very nice and courteous"
缺點: "The seats don’t match up to the comfort level and privacy of the other airlines"
優點: "Service, flight and landing, exceptional!!!"
缺點: "No cons..."
優點: "service, no delays."
優點: "On title"
優點: "Easy check in"
缺點: "Please include sea food in your menu"
優點: "Flight was on time, great cabin crew."
缺點: "Seats and Food was not as good as it used to be."
優點: "Comfortable but narrow seats."
缺點: "Entertainment system could do with more selection."
優點: "Good personal movie choices"
缺點: "Taking a bus to plane"
優點: "Good trip great service"
缺點: "None"
優點: "Turkish airlines has great service and crew in plane."
缺點: "Hi, The flight was great. However my layover at airport lounge was long. I didn't like their (Turkish Business lounge)policy for not letting me have the room to sleep as the layover was more than 7hrs. I was told to ask for a hotel at reception. When i did, they said that they dont have any hotel inside and cant take me to ourside hotel too. The staff at reception of lounge was not courteous either. I only needed the room to sleep for 3 or 4 hrs. Anyway, the flight itself was great, no complaints"
優點: "I sat in coach but was treated like I was in first class. Hot towels. Entrees were very excellent. The food was above what I expected coach meals to be from my experiences flying different carriers to over 8 different countries. The customer service was amazing! The lady flight attendant for my section was very attentive and friendly. When I came out of the bathroom, I accidentally interrupted one male flight attendant from doing his job, he politely gestured which reassured me that he would be right with me when he was done with what he was doing. I asked him if they had any heartburn or antiacids available which they didn't. These 2 interactions with the flight attendants made the flight very enjoyable."
缺點: "I was in couch and in the middle seat. I usually get the aisle or window so it was a hard adjustment to sleep in the middle seat because I didn't have leg room and couldn't lean my body against anything so I had to shift often to avoid my bottom from feeling numb."
優點: "Constant service, food, entertainment."
缺點: "Seat area is too small. No room for legs/feet. Garbage was not picked up."
優點: "Comfort"
缺點: "They lost one of our bags."
優點: "The service was impeccable!"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Boarding was smooth"
缺點: "Food needs improvement and staff should be more friendly."
優點: "Good food"
優點: "crew was very very nice!"
缺點: "not enough leg room"
缺點: "The crew was very professional and helpful"
優點: "food was amazing"
缺點: "Crew was slow to pick up trays."
優點: "The food and comfortable plane and nice staff"
優點: "There was a lot to choose entertainment wise."
缺點: "We had a child behind us who would not stop screaming and playing with the tray table. One of the crew members gave me a hard time for having my purse out for 1 minute while I was taking my prenatal vitamin even though we were sitting on the runway for over an hour at this point and the man in front of me had his chair fully reclined so I wasn't able to get to it under my seat.. Even though as she said, we were about to take off, but she didn't say anything to the man in front of me. This was my second time flying with them and the first experience was much better."
優點: "Crew were excellent making everyone comfortable in a long flight."
缺點: "Nothing arrived on time even though it departed late"
優點: "That was good every thing, thank you."
缺點: "Nathing wrong."
優點: "Nice onboard entertainment system"
缺點: "Extremely rude flight attendants. Did not care at all for customer service. Do not expect western standard service ! Service is 3rd world."
缺點: "Terible transit info. No information / custmoer service help at all in Istambul. Rude and unwilling to help airport employees! Gate changet without notice/ almost lost transit flight.. Turkis airline crew did not come by during flight until breakfast. Sooo thirsty...."
缺點: "The seat was hard for a long trip"
優點: "Everything! Voted best airlines in Europe for a reason!"
缺點: "Nothing! Everything was great"
優點: "Nothing whatsoever."
缺點: "Worst customer expireince ever. I was making a short trip to visit my very sick mother. Turkish Airline changed my connection time without notifying me such that I had 5 min left for my cooection in stambul. They gave me no other option and blamed this on Kayak and kayak blamed it on the Airline leaving me with no options. I had to stay in Birlin at my own expense. Complaint filed with Turkish airline resulted in nothing. I made several calls for update and only repose I got was we will send an email to the complaint dept. and you will here in 24 hours. This has been going on for over 5 days with no contect, update or resolution. Once back in the US, I plane to file a formal complaint with FAA and more. DO NOT take this airline. They are worst airline I have ever used and will never use it again."
優點: "I liked everything, from check in to the end of my trip!"
缺點: "Nothing to dislike!"
優點: "I was very pleased with the overall service and comfort on my flight. Boarding went smoothly, and crew were friendly and helpful. Cabin service included Turkish delight, hot towel, an amenities bag, hot dinner, hot breakfast, and snacks available thought the flight in the galley. Entertainment was on demand and included a wide selection. Seats were comfortable with reasonable distance between rows for coach (better than on many U.S. carriers). They have ample restrooms and they are split throughout the coach cabin, which made lines for the restroom almost nonexistent. Restroom amenities include hand lotion and refreshing spray - very nice."
優點: "The service was very respectful and friendly."
缺點: "My volume didn't work at the seat I was sitting at"
優點: "food was good"
缺點: "plane interior could be updated."
優點: "Friendly crew and clean aircraft."
缺點: "I was traveling with two family members with wheelchairs and gate transfer at IST was a nightmare. It was very slow, but finally we were at the right gate. Handicapped access must be improved at the IST airport."
優點: "Stewardess was very good. Very helpful and attentive."
缺點: "Audio/video quality on entertainment system Was old & not functional."
缺點: "AS BOVE"
優點: "Good service and good food"
缺點: "Small seating for such a long flight, but overall not bad"
優點: "On-board chef was excellent. Movie selection was excellent. Crew was very friendly and prompt."
缺點: "Economy class was very tight. Hard to rest."
優點: "Everything went very well. The food was fantastic. Just too warm on the plane."
優點: "Wonderful flight with spacious seats."
缺點: "We arrived around 39 minutes early and the whole process was very smooth"
優點: "Flight was on time and crew helped find a place for my violin. Even though I was early to the gate, they also helped me update my seat before the new flight crew arrived."
優點: "Crew was friendly, seats really comfortable!"
缺點: "Headphones sold for $ 2. Headphones preferably free"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "We were traveling international in Twitter after contacting we were told we can carry one checked baggage but then we were not allowed and at gate they didn’t know the procedure and repeatedly checked our passport Poor customer service"
優點: "Short lines"
缺點: "Seating arrangements"
缺點: "The carrots were hard and the bread was cold."
優點: "No"
缺點: "The flight was delayed almost 6 hours, the crew was rude and the “comfort +” seats had very little leg room ."
優點: "All good."
缺點: "Price"
優點: "The flight was on time, the crew was pleasant and looked like they enjoyed working in the air."
缺點: "Our second time on a 787 Dreamliner across the Atlantic as about the same as the the first. The seat pitch is very tight so when a passenger reclines into the next row the seatback nearly touches your face. The Dreamliner seats seem to be very hard and it's difficult to get comfortable."
缺點: "No AC for an hour before takeoff - very uncomfortable. Audio for tv did not work."
缺點: "Flight was delayed a bit due to a couple passenger booking/misc issues. 1st class didn’t get gate bevfood service. Oven was busted so my meal wasn’t available. Entertainment console had all channels functional except — not really an issue I just really wanted to have ESPN playing in the background"
優點: "Son got wings, so was happy."
缺點: "No entertainment."
缺點: "It was late"
優點: "Good snack selection. Crew was personable."
缺點: "Seat assignment for me and my traveling companion was done at gate. We had to sit in 2 different rows."
優點: "Crew was nice and welcoming"
缺點: "Well, if our plane had been leaving on time it would've been superb."
缺點: "Notify the delay quickly"
優點: "Helpful"
缺點: "More print media to read on"
優點: "Crew was great."
缺點: "Couldn’t hear/understand the pilot"
優點: "Flight attendant in first class was amazing."
優點: "Jeff was our flight attendant in first class. He is an excellent flight attendant. He has an amazing attitude and his manner made us feel as if we had been friends with him for years."
缺點: "Passengers who pay retail for first class on domestic flights should get access to the Delta lounges even without the AE card. Other airlines do this, and we have come to expect it."
優點: "The boarding was fast and very well handled."
缺點: "My flight from Chicago was two hours late and that's why I missed the flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires. No one helped and did not know that the flight was delayed and I had to find a place to sleep. I'm not satisfied with the experience and I have not yet arrived in Argentina because of the whole"
缺點: "It was delayed"
優點: "N/A"
缺點: "Chinese Eastern did not try to help and solve my problem."
優點: "There was a bit of a mixup in boarding the plane but otherwise the flight was good. There was no entertainment system on this short flight. The flight attendants were very pleasant & efficient. They only served snacks on this short flight but were very good at ensuring everyone had at least one or more beverages. The premium seats were very comfortable ."
優點: "It was a smooth boarding, flight and exit out of the plane."
優點: "On time departure/arrival despite weather in Atlanta. Always a fan of free messaging and choice of snacks."
缺點: "Delta needs to invest in their gate area at ORD. Understand it’s not a hub but it’s a key business/leisure destination. The MD-80s are ok for a short hop but over 1 hour unless you’re in Comfort+, it’s tight."
優點: "Snacks, cleanliness and crew"
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "They take them forever to find me another fly ,make miss my other fly, my work my time and my sleep"
缺點: "Entertainment app from Go Go didn’t Work."
優點: "It was a normal flight as well expected."
優點: "I was with my friend"
缺點: "Delayed 12+ hours"
優點: "We had a 2 1/2 delay due to mechanical issues but the crews, flight and ground, did a great job. Thanks."
缺點: "It takes time and worries to find the air train and Aeroflot registration."
優點: "My flight was great. Boarding was easy and the seats were comfortable."
優點: "I needed to run real fast to the connection flight and gladly got there on time."
優點: "The service was amazing , the staff was honestly friendly and nice"
優點: "Great service, nice agent friendly"
優點: "Very friendly and professional gate agent and flight attendant"
缺點: "I was unable to fly at all due to a spelling error on my ticket. The airline refused to alter the ticket. Worst experience of my life, ruined my Christmas"
優點: "Very nice flight and attentive staff. Enjoyed the view of NYC as we flew up the East River, then looped over Nassau County to approach LGA."
缺點: "The male flight attendant who handed out the complimentary drinks and snacks acted a bit strangely. I was very thirsty, and I asked him if I could keep the rest of the can of soda. He neither said yes nor no, but rather completely ignored what I said and just poured my drink and moved on. I was a mildly annoyed, but figured maybe it was policy and he was shy and didn't want to debate the matter. When he took care of the older couple behind us, however, things got really strange. He asked them whether they wanted pretzels or peanuts, but they misheard him and asked for a ginger ale. I happened to know that he did have ginger ale, since my wife had just gotten one, but rather than just pouring the old folks a drink, he repeated himself. "Peanuts or pretzels?" They misheard again and asked him whether he had a diet ginger ale. Again, rather than just pour them the drink, he repeated himself. "Peanuts or pretzels?" This went round and round a few more times -- like a poorly designed computer UI that refuses to accept anything except the correct input -- before the old couple finally figured out the disconnect and picked their snacks before their drinks. Very weird."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Cancelled my flight because I lost one of the arms"
缺點: "Layover"
優點: "Short flight"
缺點: "Too cold Not friendly boarding agent"
優點: "N/A"
缺點: "2.5 hour delay for no apparent reason at first (supposed mechanical issues with plane) and then waited on plane at gate for a missing pilot who never got picked up from his airport and got stuck in Chicago traffic trying to get to O'Hare. Eventually had to take pilot from another flight before leaving at 8:45 when flight was scheduled for 6:00am."
缺點: "Had a death in the family and no one would help me get back home"
優點: "Seats were comfortable. Snacks!!! Nice flight crew."
缺點: "I liked everything."
優點: "The Gogo Inflight wifi and entertainment did not work for even a minute. I choose flights based on their amenities and this one had offered full WIFI service which swayed me to choose to fly with Delta. I'm not sure who is to blame about this issue but I'm pretty frustrated that it was completely dysfunctional."
優點: "I missed my flight for the first time and I was having a complete meltdown at the check in desk until the sweetest agent said "oh no worries sweetheart, let's find you another flight back home"... It seems so simple but with the morning I had, this simple act had me in tears! The kindness and patience she showed me was amazing and definitely the reason I will always fly Delta to any and every destination they are able to take me! <3"

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