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  • 想以低於平均價格訂機票,應提前最少4星期預訂。
  • 6月、7月和8月是旅遊旺季。5月從阿倫敦出發的機票則通常最便宜。


從阿倫敦 利哈伊谷機場飛往台灣的熱門航空公司


Late to connecting flight, and we’re stuck at the AIRPORT, no food or place to sleep


Late to connecting flight, and we’re stuck at the AIRPORT, no food or place to sleep

i wouldve liked to be offered earphones to enjoy the great selection of movies provided. i was also asked to be moved from my seat by the staff despite being assigned the seat on my ticket without any explanation. i am also active duty military (not in uniform), and expected to be put on priority seating (seated first) but that is not as bad as i'm not sure if that service is offered, but it was offered on my prior delta flight that day.

The weather!

My flight got cancelled and we was not reimbursed for expenses

優點: "The crew was nice."
缺點: "N/A"
缺點: "The exit row that I paid up for, for leg room, didn't have extra leg room. First world problems."
優點: "Everyone was perfect...!!!"
缺點: "We need a real meal, we appreciate the snacks but real meal is necessary."
優點: "Everyone was perfect..!!"
缺點: "Is a international flight and you guys don't have a real meal. We appreciate the snacks but a real meal is necessary"
優點: "Had seat open next to me"
缺點: "Delays on afternoon flights East create all sorts of problems; fewer options the later the arrival"
缺點: "I’d prefer more a la carte food options rather than only boxes of stuff that include 3 things I don’t want."
優點: "It was an intern final destination and the boarding crew answered all my questions and put me at ease."
缺點: "Everything was perfect."
優點: "Great entertainment."
缺點: "Turbulence was high so good/drink service was less than normal. No fault of delta or their crew but the JFK airport was awful, especially through customs. No help from the employees and easy to get lost."
優點: "Flight attendant coughed in my face twice without covering her mouth while I was seated and she was passing out drinks and snacks"
缺點: "We left Salt Lake City so late that I missed all my train connections and ruined my plans."
優點: "Very smooth flight. On time take off and landing. Excellent in flight entertainment. Great crew."
優點: "Flight cancelled"
缺點: "Flight not cancelled"
優點: "Happy to be home"
缺點: "Allow more time for check in"
優點: "This is a super aircraft with many amenities. The flight was smooth for the most part. Loved the movie and the classical music. The crew seemed to work well with each other and was very friendly."
缺點: "It would be nice to have an enforced carry on rule as people bring multiple large bags on and tie up the storage space."
缺點: "Don't call it "food." the meals were terrible. Also stop creating so much single use plastic."
缺點: "The comfort seats are not that comfortable"
優點: "I love Delta! Always professional, efficient and polite. They disappoint on this round-trip flight. They are my go-to carrier. When I call the people whom I speak to are always very polite and efficient"
缺點: "The person next to me was a very large individual and the seats were not wide. This phenomenon had nothing to do with Delta as a carrier, however."
優點: "Free drinks and snacks - great entertainment system (please read this Frontier)!"
缺點: "Boarding process was agonizingly slow and ineffective"
優點: "Staff tried to be helpful"
缺點: "Silly series of events. Maintenance problem before flight left previous city, got to us and we boarded only to deplane for more repairs. Ended up with another plane, five hours later. For a 44 min flight. Would’ve been easier to drive!"
優點: "The boarding was smooth and in time. I enjoyed the WiFi service and the extra room in the seats. Plane was gorgeous! Staff was courteous and professional."
缺點: "Baggage was delayed overnight. With modern tracking, should have been notified that the luggage was not loaded on the same flight as me, eliminating my wasting 45 minutes at ATL realizing that my baggage was not coming and then having to queue to notify the airline that it had not come."
缺點: "I was first in line for a 1st class upgrade. They didn’t upgrade me but when I got on the plane, the flight attendant randomly asked someone if they wanted to move to 1st class because of an open sest"
優點: "Delta....ticket counter...gate agents....flight attendants....pilots...amazing customer service with a smile! Very attentive and everyone thanked me ( and other passengers as well for flying with Delta."
缺點: "Nothing negative to say!"
優點: "Food and service was nice"
缺點: "Very long route to my final destination"
優點: "Snacks"
優點: "The movies"
缺點: "We boarded late, then sat in a hot plane for an ester 30-40 mins because the route got cancelled. They wouldn’t serve us beverages while it was so hot inside. We landed over 49 mins later into Lax"
優點: "Friendly and courteous attendants."
缺點: "Had a seat that did not recline...not broken just one of those seats."
優點: "Flight was late leaving JFK. I paid extra for Comfort Plus and had the most uncomfortable seat ever. My back ached during and after the flight. Absolutely the worst seat ever that I have had flying. While it was a short flight we were supposed to get serviced during the flight, but there was no cabin service unless you were in 1st class. So much for the perks of Comfort Plus as there were none. Not even a glass of water. Wow! When we landed late obviously because we left late we were late and there was no ground crew to get our plane to the gate so we sat for over 1/2 hour on the taxi way waiting for ground crew to be available for us to get to the gate. To add insult of injury when we did get to go to the gate there was no gate available for use so we had to deplane in the rain down the emergency stairs. They said that if you had a problem with the steep stairs that they would make other accommodations. Probably would have been another delay so we all carefully went down the steep slippery stairs. I doubt that the stairs met any OHSA or safety requirements except for emergency issues. They were wet and slippery. This was the absolute worst trip that I have taken with Delta. It will seriously influence my future trip decisions."
缺點: "Not being on time. Not delivering service stated. Sitting on a taxi way for extra time. Having to disembark down steep slippery stairs, basically an emergency exit. This trip was late from start to finish."
優點: "New airplanes.On time schedule .Very professional a"
優點: "Female flight attendant was incredibly personable and had a bubbly personality. Definitely made you want to smile"
優點: "Stewardesses were sympathetic but could do nothing."
缺點: "A few flurries out of Philadelphia and flight is delayed 2.5 hrs, we therefore miss our connection and all they wanted us to do was spend 2 days in airport until next flight. Finally reached a compassionate soul at customer service who got creative and routed us to BCN via ATL, Miami and Madrid."
優點: "Nothing really"
缺點: "Flight delay further to the 30 minutes additional 20 min due to crew being not there"
優點: "customer siervice was great and welcoming was awesome"
優點: "Liked choice of Biscuit, almonds or pretzel"
缺點: "I used mobile checking and did not get seat assignment till Boarding started"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "That I couldn't reschedule due to the hurricane. I got stuck in Texas because of the hurricane. They didn't want to reschedule the flight because Denver was not apart of the affected area."
優點: "The staff was very helpful and kind."
缺點: "The wifi did not work, my seatbelt was literally broken/unattached, they had no coffee. This may seem minor to some but when you are at the airport at 4 a.m with a child you don't expect all yhese things to happen."
優點: "Updated plane, movies are old but a verity"
缺點: "Lost two pieces of luggage"
優點: "Exit row seat with no seat in front. Was able to stretch legs."
優點: "Service in the flight !!"
優點: "Online check in was very good. Liked the ability​ to select free seats ahead of 24hr window. Liked being air side for the whole trip Detroit airport Terminal A was good. Free WiFi 50mb + awesome. Crew were friendly and efficient Will do this trip again."
缺點: "Seat always seem uncomfortable after 3hrs anywhere! And more leg room would always help. Food was OK liked the choice of 3 meals difficult to do quality food for 200+ but keep trying to improve"
優點: "Great service for a short commute trip."
缺點: "Amazing"
缺點: "The redesign of seats means that very few of Delta's planes can actually accommodate a sherpa-style pet carrier, even though they are an industry standard for in-cabin travel. Further complicating the problem is that the clearance under the seat varies depending where in the cabin you're seated. It's become an extremely stressful proposition for which I have the privilege of paying an extra +$100 each way whilst having to give up one of my carry ons. As far as I can see, the charge is just straight up greed, since no one would be able to use the space beneath the seat in front of me, anyway, and carrying on my cat cause zero extra work for the crew. I'm going to have rethink my loyalty to Delta. At least with Southwest, they'll let me check two bags for no additional cost."
缺點: "On board entertainment (movies / games) was not working the whole flight."
優點: "The gate agent helped half a dozen people (not including those described below) understand they were boarding with the wrong group."
缺點: "Fully one-quarter of the passengers boarded as disability or premium. This included a party of eight that boarded with one person in a wheelchair because "We're all together.""
優點: "Friendly service. On-time."
缺點: "No tv's in airplane."









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