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從索菲亞 索非亞機場飛往台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場的熱門航空公司


I liked the comfort and the gifts. The service needs to be improved. Overall, everything is good, and I would use Turkish Airlines again, but it depends on the price, of course.


I liked the comfort and the gifts. The service needs to be improved. Overall, everything is good, and I would use Turkish Airlines again, but it depends on the price, of course.

Just keep doing what y’all are doing

The pre-boarding crew in Istanbul for the flight to NYC did not have accurate information on Covid requirements - kept insisting I need a PCR test, when in fact an antigen test was sufficient for my category of travel. Created unnecessary tension.


優點: "Everything was perfect"
缺點: "nothing, all was perfect"
優點: "The crew was not amazing, it was okay The cabin was clean. Food was dog food. The seat was uncomfortable but no different from other airplanes of other airlines. Entertainment (if the selection of senseless movies could be called that) was okay to boring."
缺點: "For the price, overall conditions could be better, at least the food and drink could be better."
優點: "I liked the ability to check in online"
優點: "The crew was OK. The seats were normaly OK."
缺點: "Maybe better food"
缺點: "Very comfortable and well run."
缺點: "I would definitely have vegetarian food. 30% of population is vegetarian"
優點: "Food was great, service was also amazing."
缺點: "The seats are so small and so uncomfortable, it almost made the 11hr flight unbeatable"
優點: "Mediocre seats, very friendly staff."
缺點: "Better food options, more comfortable seats, easier access to wi fi"
缺點: "Seats are hard as a a was like A cattle car, no ability to check in on line, service at the counter horrible, baggage ridiculous my 30.L duffle definitely qualified for carry on but my tiny backpack (10 L) small as a purse) made the guy say check the duffel...others had huge rally bags plus back pacjs"
優點: "Entertainment and punctuality"
缺點: "I think some of your steward and stewardesses exhibits racist tendencies. I am not sure why this is so. They need to be educated that we are all paying customers and they should know how to avoid the discrimination trap."
缺點: "Rude crew.. i am elite plus ..i can only imagine how they treat people with no status"
缺點: "My bag didn’t arrive"
缺點: "Same problem as the first segment (see above)"
缺點: "The boarding was a little more chaotic, but the host airport has a major influence on that process."
缺點: "We didn't get anywhere cause we didnt have visas."
優點: "Entertainment and crew were helpful"
缺點: "Food messed with my stomach."
缺點: "Turkish Airlines sells you a long layover business class ticket but then cannot deliver the promised hotel as American passport holders cannot leave the airport So enjoy your 22 hour layover in the gate area This is fraud This change in visa for USA passport holders was known for weeks but they chose not to let customers know when booking the tickets Kayak You should take this up with Turkish Airlines as this is blatantly false advertising and you are supporting this fraud on your site by not highlighting the restrictions"
缺點: "Reaction of crew to passengers call needed improvement."
優點: "We like that everything was on time. The food service was excellent and we enjoyed that entertainment was provided on such a short flight."
缺點: "The boarding process on the flights between Istanbul and Sofia were somewhat chaotic.We had boarding group assignments, but there were no announcements for these groups."
缺點: "Lost my baggage, refused to give another ticket when getting to Istanbul late made me miss my next flight. Had to sit 10 hours and buy another ticket from another airline to make My destination a day late."
缺點: "The woman at the Rome airport turkish airlines counter scolded us for being a little late to arrive to the airport. She was very rude to say the least."
優點: "Crew, food, and beverages given were all excellent."
優點: "Our Turkish Airlines flight was late boarding and passengers were upset about not being able to make their connecting flights. The crew handled it well, but anxiety was high. The food is always good and one of the reason I fly Turkish Airlines on a regular basis."
缺點: "Passport Control at Ataturk International was a nightmare with hundreds of people ahead of us in the queue. No Police to secure the area, so people rushed the line pushing us aside and jumped the queue, this happened repeatedly. I would advise people NOT to fly into this airport and expect to make your connecting flight, because it doesn't play out well at all. We were in line for 2 hours and witnessed people pushing, shoving, yelling at strangers and generally acting like animals. I found the whole experience highly disturbing."
優點: "Onboard food was good"
缺點: "Crew wasn't attentive, flight boarding was delayed with passengers on the bus waiting for boarding ramp to the plane, for awhile no explanation was given."
優點: "A much nicer 777 on this leg."
缺點: "The lounge at IST is overcrowded and lacks sufficient showering facilities. There was leftover food everywhere that the overworked staff tried, in vain, to keep up with."
缺點: "it was late to arive"
優點: "The staff are friendly the food is great and their are lots of options, there is nothing to buy, everything is included in your ticket price (entertainment, games, movies, food, snacks, drinks, including alcohol) as well as a complementary travel bag with a sleeping eye mask, slippers and toothbrush and toothpaste. I couldn't be happier. I will seek out Turkish Airlines now every time I fly!"
缺點: "nothing, it was the best flying experience I have ever had!"
優點: "Timing of the flight."
缺點: "I have used this same flight 6 times and only the first time was good. The others were getting bad every time. The service is very poor. The food is not good. You can not say you are out of pasta when you said you will serv it. Flight attendants really are not friendly."
優點: "The food, the service"
缺點: "Too many announcements"
優點: "Entertainment is good, many movies and games for kids."
缺點: "Flight attendants are rude."
優點: "Great experience for my first international flight."
優點: "Delicious food, fantastic entertainment system, power plugs and USB plugs at every seat. The amenities kit everyone gets is fantastic and sure makes the flying experience feel more special."
優點: "All good"
優點: "Great"
優點: "The food and service were great."
缺點: "Seats were a bit tight"
優點: "The crew was great. Flight normal, food and drinks good."
缺點: "Boarding took a little longer and was delayed without them giving us a reason for it."
優點: "Always love THY's customer service!"
優點: "Crew is always excellent, food is amazing. Overall is always good."
缺點: "The airplane was old, seats were uncomfortable. Ataturk staff, Turkish Airline ground staff is so HORRIBLE, we are never traveling with Turkish Airline again."
優點: "I liked the aircraft. They were fairly new and well maintained. New inflight entertainment and movies. Fairly spacious for a medium sized person."
缺點: "I feel the food could have been better."
缺點: "Check in person said we had an exit row seat; we didn't on either of our flights he checked us in for."
優點: "The entertainment and food were excellent."
優點: "I liked Sofia airport personnel friendliness"
缺點: "No entertainment system, flight attendants are not very friendly."
優點: "politely crew."
缺點: "food caused stomach pain"
優點: "Great food and great service by crew. On time. Good aircraft. Good connection times."
缺點: "With the high level of noise, I prefer movies with subtitles/CC. There were only a handful of such movies on the flight. Seats a bit too cramped and become unbearable when the front seat leans back.. Suggestion: have a hole section (i.e., center section, between isles) with seats that do NOT lean back."
優點: "Nice onboard entertainment system"
缺點: "Extremely rude flight attendants. Did not care at all for customer service. Do not expect western standard service ! Service is 3rd world."
優點: "Everithing was exelent, the best food, movies and nice crew"
缺點: "Our plane was not attached to the terminal and we have to go on the bus, we was with little kid amd 2 hand bags - wasn't pleasent"

Hardly any crew service

PHOG airport infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired and even lack back up electrical generators for power outage contingencies that delayed the departure of this flight more than 1.5 hrs. As the gateway to Maui they need a lot of work to meet standards


優點: "Everything basically"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Try not to loose my luggage next time full of my family’s Christmas gifts. It was a short flight and a giant Leopard print bag. Crew was rude, didn’t wake me to let me sit up. She just shoved my seat forward"
優點: "Flight was short"
缺點: "Could have not delayed the flight 3 times."
優點: "nothing"
缺點: "everything."
優點: "It was on time,!!!"
缺點: "Not being delayed for 6 hours would’ve been better."
缺點: "Cabin crew was good not great - expected more in flagship"
缺點: "The terrible communication for delays and boarding."
缺點: "No wifi, drinks came in the last 5 minutes flight was 1.5 hours late"
缺點: "Was late. Almost missed me next flight."
缺點: "TSA"
優點: "Comfortable bulkhead seats tho talk husband didn't have enough room for his feet."
缺點: "No power outlets!"
缺點: "We didn't take the flight. The previous flight arrived late. We had to rent a car to the final destination."
缺點: "Delayed flight"
缺點: "I will never, ever book with Kayak again"
優點: "The crew was awesome, very attentive and helpful."
缺點: "The plain was very old meaning no screens, outlets, pretty much no entertainment what so ever."
優點: "Staff were friendly and efficient"
缺點: "No snacks because of short trip, so can’t rate properly."
優點: "Everything."
缺點: "Waiting for 30 minutes a Dublin to dock."
缺點: "No individual TVs. I won’t fly without making sure my individual seat has its own!!!"
缺點: "I paid $10 for the WiFi service and it wouldn’t connect at all. I had a short flight so i never got to send my emails off. American Airlines should refund me my $10."
缺點: "Instead of flying MIA-EWR I was sent to ORD and then to EWR arriving at 11:00pm"
缺點: "This was my final connection from a long flight, we did a line to check in and get our boarding passes, when we got to the gate I found out I didn’t have a seat number asigned but husband did, they gave me one there but of course it was not next to my husband, it was the last seat available at the end next to restroom. The smell coming out from the it was so disgusting even before th first person went in, they should do something to improve the cleaness in the restroom between flights. It would probably take them 30 more minutes to do so, and I would not mind waiting for it even if this was my final flight after 15+ hours."
優點: "Landing at my final destination."
缺點: "Over 3 hours of delays. American Airlines needs to get their act together at Chicago O’Hare airport."
優點: "We got home early"
缺點: "The sandwich was auwful"
優點: "Journey on time, crew friendly and helpful"
缺點: "Cramped seat, only 1 toilet"
優點: "Boarding staff helped me change to a seat that was suited better for my child and I- I was SO grateful. During the flight, flight staff made sure my child was happy/comfortable which meant a lot to me."
缺點: "The normal things- better cushioned seats with some lumbar for those of us with back/nerve issues; a little wider seat options in economy for heavier people or those with lap infants; Honestly I’m reaching because I was just really happy with my flight/plane/crew service."
優點: "The fight was not over crowded."
缺點: "Coach seating is too tight"
缺點: "i couldn't get my seat before the flight. Coouldn't even find out it was on American airline. So I couldn't get gluten free meal for any of the legs of my journey and I have celiac's disease. A real problem!!!!!"
優點: "Food voucher, small consolation for a missed dinner with family!"
缺點: "Delayed due to tire issue, deboarded and were told another plane would be there in 45 minutes, took 3 hours!!"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"
缺點: "The plane was older and seat room was pretty bad. Under the seats was more open though."
優點: "The flight attendants were helpful and friendly. Short flight, so seats were good."
缺點: "Food options are generally not good on American Airlines flights. This has been a beef of mine."
優點: "Flight was delayed. No food offered."
優點: "The crew was awesome."
缺點: "You guys lost our luggage!"
優點: "Flight and landing were smooth."
缺點: "Touch screen worked sporadically. Wifi never worked. Boarding plane was very unorganized."
優點: "Nothing. Someday the airline industry will be disrupted and we'll all remember this and say, "can you believe what we used to put up with, and how expensive it was?!""
缺點: "No decent food available, they ran out. People allowed to play movies loudly with no headphones for 5 hours straight. Uncomfortable seats with no cushioning."
缺點: "Delayed boarding that caused us to miss our next flight."
優點: "I was traveling with two teenagers and originally there weren't 3 seats together. When we got to the gate they had reassigned our seats for us to sit all together. I appreciate that."
缺點: "We had already pulled out of the gate to leave when the captain informed us the plane had maintenance issues and we had to wait for a gate. We waited. When we got to the gate he announced the crew had timed out and that we should take our things and get down to wait for more information. Once at the gate we were told they were trying to put a new crew together for us, including the pilot. While we waited they did provide good quality deli food for us. I appreciate the food but the 5 hour delay, I did not appreciate."
優點: "The PWM airport, ALMOST makes air travel tolerable. Great little airport. Crew was pleasant, Seemed to enjoy their work. That, alone makes a huge difference in an industry that truly doesn't put customer service anywhere NEAR the top of the priority list."
優點: "GSP easy to navigate- easy option for WNC travelers"
缺點: "Due to a flight being cancelled earlier in the day, flights for the rest of the day were over booked. Instead of getting bumped from flight to flight due to the earlier cancellation, I and 6 other passengers decided to drive."
優點: "The crew was friendly and efficient."
缺點: "Paying for extra legroom, delays, being told the flight may be canceled if we didn't leave by a certain time, no beverage service"
缺點: "The flight was delayed, the ground staff made no effort to update its passengers as the mood to grow angry, however instead two of the counter people continued to laugh joke and talk between themselves as everyone grew more and more restless by 6:30pm"
優點: "we arrived safely"
缺點: "had to take a shuttle to depart from a remote terminal. Had to climb up a long ramp. Seats were very close to each other (no knee room). No food. not enough overhead space for luggage. Very tight and uncomfortable seating."
優點: "Fantastic customer service - from lounge to arrival gate. Unlike BA this airline does recognize its frequent flyers and upgrades us often to business. I fly a lot - Executive Platinum - and this makes a huge difference."
缺點: "My connecting flight LHR to AMS was on BA and they really droped the ball compared to AA."
優點: "The wifi service and very enthusiastic flight attendant!"
缺點: "The food was bad"














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