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普林塞薩港 (PPS)
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6月20日 週日
6月27日 週日
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KAYAK如何找出由普林塞薩港 飛往台北的便宜機票?

KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買普林塞薩港 到台北的機票?

普林塞薩港 飛往台北的機票有KAYAK組合選項,它是什麽?

KAYAK的「彈性日期」功能是什麽?在搜尋從普林塞薩港 飛往台北的機票時,我爲什麽該使用這個功能?




優點: "Crew is responsive to requests, and very polite."
缺點: "Cabin temperature was 81F during the night, making it too hot to sleep."

缺點: "my original connection time or lay by was reduced to 50min. Didn’t get an express passage through security check point and my gate on this fateful day was 58A the furthest away after security check - so a long run for me and just made it to the queue 10min to flight"

缺點: "Good"

優點: "Crews and services."
缺點: "My seat."

優點: "Never take it"

缺點: "My seat was horrible. I'm sure it was like that for everyone in economy. The seat can't recline putting me in an awkward position for the entire flight. It was a red-eye so I didn't sleep much. Maybe it was the airplane since I flew with ANA last year but with the 787. The difference is almost night and day."

優點: "Crew were very hospitable"

優點: "Crew was fantastic. Really polite and attentive. Liked that they offered liquids throughout the flight to keep us hydrated. Good experience overall."
缺點: "Entertainment - didn't have to many movies I liked. Food was ok."

優點: "Zero"
缺點: "Asked specifically at the ticketing counter not to be seated in a non-emergency row. Were seated in an emergency row. For a 12 hour flight with seats that don't recline and nothing the on-board staff could do about the ticket counter's negligence and bad faith other than apologize. Seated upright for an overnight flight (for the second time on the same trip) for 12 hours. Not a pleasant experience. Had a feeling ANA would be bush league. This trip confirmed those suspicions. It wasn't the crew's fault (though they, unfortunately bore the brunt of my displeasure) so much as the counter's fault, but airlines charging what they are shouldn't be putting passengers or crew in this position. The ticket counter folks literally mislead us. They specifically told us that these were not emergency row seats and that we would have reclining seats and seatback displays in front of us like everyone else. The entire reason I asked is because we got stuck in the last row on the way in with seats that don't recline, which blows for a 12 hour red-eye flight. Instead we got seats that did not recline and a fold out screen that came from the right-hand arm rest. Not the end of the world if one had no choice, but certainly not what I paid for and certainly not what the ticketing counter people stated we were getting (under specific inquiry about the very point). The ticketing counter in particular seems to be skeevy, at best. To the detriment of their own crew, who is left apologizing for things they can do nothing about. As stated, this is a bush league international carrier. Avoid unless you love sleepless nights crossing the international dateline..."

優點: "I liked how much leg room we had. I also liked the movie selection and the food."
缺點: "It would have been nice to have water more frequently during the flight."

優點: "Food was good and staff were very helpful. The boarding zone in economy class were easy , it started from the last to the front."
缺點: "Check in was a little bit confused, we arrived 5 hrs. Before our departure thinking that we can check in our luggage so we can rest in the gate area, but we had to wait 3 hrs to open the check in counter."

缺點: "The flight was delay .and I can’t able to catch my connecting flight I have to extra money for other connection flight"

缺點: "The food was dreadful. It was like being back in the 1990s. Kids entertainment options were poor. The original toy story movie was it!"

優點: "Boarding was easy and efficient. Crew was tirelessly courteous and respectful. The entertainment system had a good selection, but I've seen better. The food and drink service was excellent. Seats had charging jackass for phones. I'd fly with them again"
缺點: "Internet was more expensive than it should be"

優點: "From start to Finish from ticketing to baggage claim we received Premier Customer Service !!!!!"

缺點: "Flight attendant didn't mention so well about drink service."

優點: "Boarding priority with kids, food choices, flight attendant so nice ans caring, kids friendly and child meal is nice and tasty"
缺點: "Very limit kids entertainment"

優點: "Good service"
缺點: "baggage was broken."

優點: "Very punctual. Service is excellent. I like Tokyo Haneda Airport because it’s smaller and the gates are closer."
缺點: "No complain about the flight and the services."

優點: "The airline was late in arriving for my translate flight but when I got to the airport in Narita everything was taken care excellent ground service"
缺點: "The flight attendants gave me the most beautiful hospitality hope you keep up the good job this was my third time around using ANA"

優點: "Food was quite good"
缺點: "the plane was Hot! So hot we couldn't use the blankets. The staff in Tokyo did not want to let me and my twin 11 yr olds board early. We need extra time to be organised and in our seats for a very long flight. If not we block the aisle. And that is without consideration for the fact that my daughter has limited sight so needs my help and it takes time. I was disappointed that they didnt come through the cabin from time to time with snacks as most airlines do on long haul flights."

優點: "Friendly staff. English language not too much of an issue. Ample personal space in economy class compared to other carriers."
缺點: "Asian Vegetarian meal not very good. Seems like whichever company they use to buy the food makes a half hearted effort in their selections for the food tray. If you're going to put a couple small pieces of lettuce and a cherry tomato into an already small container and call it salad, why bother? The rest of the meal wasn't pleasing either. The fruit was nearly frozen it was so cold. The entree had a few different things but still a weird combination of veggies."

優點: "Don't cheap out on your flights to Japan because this ANA flight from New York/JFK to Haneda was the correct way to go. Japanese-style hospitality, respect and quality of service (which is beyond the heavens) shows from check-in to landing (and even post-landing.) The in-flight meals, inspired by Japanese recipes of the Japanese destination or origin, were finely made - that goes even for Economy Class. When there was a delay that was ultimately out of their control, they made things right with post-landing arrangements. Never take any other country's airline when flying into Japan - always always ALWAYS take ANA whenever you can. (Avoid codeshares, too!!)"
缺點: "There was nothing I disliked."

優點: "Staff are super kind."
缺點: "---"

缺點: "See subject line"

優點: "My wife had injured her knee before our trip and was having difficulty walking. Air Canada provided wheelchair assistance every part of our airport transfers between Atlanta and Japan. Thanks so much !"

優點: "Good communication, food and services"
缺點: "None"

優點: "After flying domestic flights on US carriers, the idea of getting two meals and free drinks is almost shocking. Even more so when the food (though very Japanese) was quite good quality in economy. If you have to spend 10 hours or more crossing an ocean ANA is certainly a good bet, at least if you don't mind a bento box style meal."

優點: "the place. new. lots of space for the legs. air inside the plane was better than others."
缺點: "kosher food is a no go. you need to improve this. also to hold fruits for vegi clients."

優點: "Crew are nice, helpful and polite"
缺點: "Airport problems turned it into a very long flight. We circled around Narita for hours"

優點: "The flight was very well organized and the plane left on time and arrived exactly on time. The service was excellent even though the plane was close to full."
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Staff was very courtaeous .they were very polite and helpful.Hindu veg. food was nice."
缺點: "Flight from Delhi toTokyo in plane leg space was not enough.But in other flight Tokyo to Sanfrancisco it was comfortable."

優點: "The meals were delicious. Japanese option was a seafood bento and breakfast grilled whitefish. Tasted fantastic and well presented."
缺點: "The premium economy seat was about average. Comfort okay but not the best for sleep."

優點: "Seat was good and slept like a baby"
缺點: "Nothing really, slept the whole way"

優點: "Almost everything was good"
缺點: "Check in was complicated."

缺點: "crew not able to understand English"

優點: "Good food and service"
缺點: "Delay too much time"

優點: "The stewardess are the most polite and helpful I've travelled with"

缺點: "Breakfast option"

優點: "Great service and great food"
缺點: "No complaints from me"

缺點: "Nippon kept the planes uncomfortably warm. Also, we were not in an exit row, but our seats still didn't recline."

優點: "The flight was less busy than usual (it was an Easter Sunday departure) and so service was a bit more relaxed and friendly than usual instead of just efficient. Left gate a few minutes early and arrived 20 min early in Tokyo. Flight time is pretty good - 8pm departure which gives time for a relaxed day sightseeing in Dusseldorf before going to the airport in the late afternoon, Arrival in Tokyo is about 2pm which would be a good time to check in to hotels and relax. Food was good - dinner after take-off and a brunch-type meal a few hours before landing. Entertainment system is also very good although I'd flown a lot recently so seen the films I wanted to see already. Sometimes ANA are just "good" but this one was the best one I've flown recently."
缺點: "Surprised that their recently acquired 787s don't all have WLAN! Wanted to do some work ... but ... maybe enforced disconnection is a good thing sometimes :)"

缺點: "Could not fall asleep as the chair would not recline enough"

優點: "Most all."
缺點: "Old business class configuration. Today, expectations are for lie-flat chairs, especially for longer flights leaving at very early hours."

優點: "Crew was outstanding Food and service was excellent"
缺點: "Inflight entertainment was extremely limited. For a nine hour flight there was limited movies in English. Especially as we had seen most of the movies on the previous flight."

優點: "highly efficient processes on ground (Narita airport), clean and enough space in airplane, exteremely supportive and polite staff"
缺點: "nothing"

優點: "Smooth operations, friendly crew, clean plane, free booze in coach!"
缺點: "Nothing really when flying coach. Second meal now like a box lunch instead of full meal. Cost cutting I guess. Seats are small but not as bad as United domestic. No major complaints."

優點: "The crew are very very friendly, helpful,fantastic service, all thing is good"
缺點: "I like in the future is thay have arabic person , i would like thay take care about his meal( halal food)"

優點: "Check in was easy and staff and crew were very polite."
缺點: "Headphones didn't work well. We had pre-ordered a child meal 24 hours in advance but did not receive it."

優點: "Yes, the crew were amazing.. since I was booked In the economy class, it was not that comfortable but good enough."
缺點: "There are not much choice for food aside from the usual that come from the airline catering service."

優點: "The crew, the meals, the on time departure and arrival . Philippine Airlines got my attention . I was in BC, and their lounge was awesome and so was the service on board. And the flight attendants as well! A five star airline, thank you !!!"
缺點: "Everything was great!"

優點: "Boarding was very quick and organized. Crew was very helpful."
缺點: "787 would be nice...."

優點: "Superb service!"

優點: "不錯 但臉臭"
缺點: "目前無"

缺點: "由於 航空公司的錯誤,將行李唔知送到去邊,要滯留在機場,不單沒有提供任何協助,連問需要等多久也黑面"

優點: "登機"
缺點: "起飛時間延遲3小時"

優點: "Crew were courteous and efficient."
缺點: "No IFE and wifi inflight. Snacks served was very poor quality."

優點: "Good staff and inflight crew service/attitude."
缺點: "Poor IFE and snacks"

缺點: "seat not comfortable, tray table hard to pull out, flight delayed 2 hours, flight crew didnt have immigration card (therefore had to wait in immigration line additional 25 min)"

優點: "the airline I've heard is habitualy late. It was on this flight."
缺點: "Food was barely passable and coffee tasted like toasted wood."

優點: "Not much. Both flights to and from Manila were delayed. The flight out was delayed pre-boarding by about 15-min and then about 30-min in the plane on the tarmac. Leaving Manila was delayed boarding by about 1-hr and we landed about 30-min late. Philippine Airlines operation has gotten so much worse."
缺點: "Everything. From the chaos at Check-in on the Manila side from the understaffed and overwhelmed employees, to the gate control and communication with passengers at a reasonable time for the delays. Staff at MNL Terminal 2 for PA seem not to care and there seems to be no management that exists."

優點: "nothing good about this airlines they sell cheap fares and overcrowded planes"
缺點: "they do not offer any veg food"

優點: "On time flight"
缺點: "Food"

優點: "Yes, my first time Philippines Airlines experience was impressive"

優點: "onboard service was good"
缺點: "17 hour delay"

優點: "Yes PAL FA are always excellent and the Pilot Captain n Co Pilot really made us all safe."

優點: "i like d plane used. its 330 wd new biz class lie flat seats."
缺點: "delayed"

優點: "not much."
缺點: "lousy entertainment system, old plane, food mediocre, kept the plane freezing cold, check in process a gong show."

優點: "The crew was fabulous!"
缺點: "My bag is lost- still lost - third day in Bangkok!"

優點: "No direct contact details to change flight"
缺點: "Terrible customer service"

優點: "Flight started out by being delayed. I thought we would be delayed at least one hour plus. Did a great job delay time was only 30 min. Then everything was seamless. Great job of getting us to our destination on time."

優點: "Beautiful plane and crew. On time. Comfortable economy seats. I can’t complain. The food was no worse than any other carrier in economy."

優點: "All"

缺點: "Extremely bad experience, the airline rejected to issue boarding pass to us without an appropiate explanation. Never take Phillipine airlines anymore"

優點: "I thought all taxes already included . then they asked me to pay the travel tax...peso 1620."
缺點: "Include the travel tax or watn clients the tickets included all taxes except the Philippine Travel Tax for tesidents of Philippines."

優點: "Friendly crew. Nice plane. They fed us even though it was less than 2 hour flight."
缺點: "Delayed flight, late take off. Chicken nuggets I had we're bland."

優點: "Friendly, helpful, and patient are the words that come to mind. And very pretty, if that doesn't sound too sexist."

優點: "有腰部靠枕跟毯子很貼心"

優點: "The staff is always hospitable. I was pleased that they left a snack for me even when I was sleeping because when I wake up I was hungry. I also like the disposable toothbrush and paste provided. And bathrooms on the flight were clean, unlike some other airlines."
缺點: "The movie selection was not as good this time as my previous flight with Philippine Airlines, but not a big problem.problem"

優點: "The airport exclusive for PAL, smooth landing."
缺點: "The leg room was too tight , the seats look dirty and old. They run out of choice of food, so they keep on apologizing that you don’t have a choice. But take what ever they have."

優點: "On time arrival"

缺點: "They should raise the baggage allowance to 20K. People travel to Palawan from all over the world and probably would bring home more souvenirs if they had a higher baggage allowance. Otherwise flight was great."

優點: "crew is very caring and attentive, food was delicious,"
缺點: "the business class seats should be upgraded into more comfortable flat beds, biz class bathrooms too cramped!"

優點: "on time."
缺點: "seat spacing/legroom too small. food sucks."

優點: "flight, service --great"
缺點: "check in --vry problematic."

優點: "Although the flight was delayed the boarding process was very smooth. Flight attendants were very friendly and efficient."
缺點: "Long check in lines even though we checked in online. Flight delay."

缺點: "Philippine Airlines makes it hard to upgrade seats. No on board entertainment."

優點: "the airline crew were very accommodating to get the family seated together when everybody were boarded."

缺點: "Departure time of 10pm..... didn't leave til after 11pm. and then we are sent to Guam. Nowhere on my ticket said we were to go to Guam. HORRIBLE SERVICE"

優點: "flight update via email"
缺點: "late boarding ground crew not announcing chnages in the schedule no inflight entertainment PAL app does not work propoerly"

優點: "Good service on the flight. Flights were on time."
缺點: "Manila airport is not well maintained - poor bathroom condition in the international terminal."

缺點: "Pr896 use small flight with 3+3 a row seat. No video or other media service. We onboard after 2 hours later of the original time because the flight is delayed."

缺點: "2.5 hour check in than 3+ hour delay to take off (I flew 4 flights in one week with them, all 3+ hour delay) in flight entertainment only on app you had to download prior to departure. Small seats, airbus 330 with 3-3-3 configuration. Food was awful. Avoid this airline, any perceived thought of saving time with direct flights lost with take off delays. In Manilla all their flights were severely delayed. In country this is a running joke."

優點: "Food was great"

缺點: "Why do we have to buy water? It's just water!"

優點: "We arrived safely."
缺點: "The seats on Philippines airlines are too narrow."

優點: "The lemon butter fish was one of the better airplane meals I've ever had. Boarding was quick and smooth. Taiwanese people take the longest of any nationality to board a plane (they have a series of "pre-seating" maneuvers which cause huge backups). Despite this, the flight attendants politely humored them and were not pushy. Had this happened in the US, the flight attendants would have told them to sit down, get out of the way, and do their aisle stretching exercises and random meanders around the plane AFTER all passengers had been seated!"
缺點: "The plane was old and dirty. The flight attendants seemed more interested in gossiping with each other than greeting passengers (though one or two were very good and professional). Only one flight attendant could speak Chinese. This was not a problem for me, though it was for some of the Taiwanese tourists."

優點: "The smooth take off and landing made me felt safe to fly."

優點: "Service"
缺點: "The vegetarian meal."





每天清潔,並在 普林塞薩港飛往 台北的機艙內安裝HEPA高效濾網


旅客在機艙內必須全程佩戴口罩, 普林塞薩港飛往 台北的機上會提供口罩


普林塞薩港飛往 台北的航班不能預訂中間座位


從 普林塞薩港飛往 台北的乘客必須檢測病毒抗體及檢查症狀



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