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同時搜尋數百家旅遊網站,為你尋找飛往 台北市的便宜機票







優點: "Size of the seats, space"
缺點: "Older plane, mediocre service and food. And two screaming babies two rows ahead."
優點: "Size of the seats, space"
缺點: "Older plane, mediocre service and food. And two screaming babies two rows ahead."
缺點: "There was no headset in my front pocket so I couldn’t watch any movie. Staff was busy doing meals and drinks over the 1.5ht window. When there was time, it was late to start any movie."
優點: "Service"
缺點: "Improve food Better movies"
缺點: "電影選擇不多,建議有中文字幕(畢竟是非台灣的班機嚕)"
缺點: "電影選擇不多,建議有中文字幕可選"
優點: "Everything"
缺點: "None"
優點: "The crew were very helpful and attentive, the food was really excellent ( note I travelled in business)"
缺點: "The lay flat bed was good but hard, entertainment was good but having travelled the route 7 weeks ago, not much had changed - but a good choice. We were late leaving but arrived on time"
優點: "Amazing crew lounge just great airline"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Seems like a simple thing but they should give Lao immigration paperwork out to passengers. No reason to not do this simple courtesy that all the other airlines do."
優點: "Snack was great"
優點: "new plan and equipments are good"
優點: "Crew were fantastic and flight was comfortable"
缺點: "Flight was delayed by around 15 mini"
缺點: "Nothing I wish American domestic flights were as nice as Thai’s!!!"
缺點: "Thai food instead of Nepalese Curry. Thai food is the best."
缺點: "The flight was delayed by 30 minutes. If it was not delayed, I'll give it good rating."
優點: "Kid menu was good with a box of snacks. No delay. Everything was arranged in an orderly manner."
缺點: "More in flight movies"
優點: "Quick flight"
缺點: "Food was awful Crew before flight in Krabi were quite abrupt Flight was delayed so good job I booked a longer stop over else I would have missed my next flight"
優點: "crew was pleasant."
缺點: "very cramped seats in economy class had to take a bus and walk up the stairs to get to the plane medicocre meal (but it was a short flight)"
優點: "Plane was nice."
缺點: "Food was horrible"
優點: "Food & services on the plane were great."
缺點: "The boarding process can be improved. I traveled with children (7 & 8 years old) and normally we would get the shortest line. But this time we had to board with other long lines which not so comfortable for our children. Also the flight was delayed by 20 minutes. Thai airways should really be improved on this area."
優點: "Nice staff"
缺點: "The A330 was old, no charging ports for chairs, limited leg room and the entertainment system was a struggle to use"
優點: "航空服務員有禮"
缺點: "食物差 設施差"
優點: "The B-class seats are fine."
缺點: "Crew did not offer blankets or earbuds. Dry flight! No beer, wine, or spirits at any price. I was astonished."
優點: "Speedy boarding, early arrival and generally comfortable flight."
缺點: "The food choice was limited - and it was spicy which didn't suit me or the children. The flight was a little bumpy."
缺點: "I was assured of Bulk head ffom BKk to ZRH . Howrver in Manila they told to ask for Thai Reptentative. The head of Boarding crew told before the flight they would ask for a volunteer to exchange seat. They never did A German speaking Thai Disablef persons are not in Bulkhead. I am partially deaf.all the bulk head sits were given to Thai. The food were unpalatable.The worst I had.No tooth brushes no snacks in between. I will never fly this horrible airlines."
優點: "Entertainment choices were good"
缺點: "Dinner was tasteless and my cup of tea was bitter, too strong and a bit cold The cup of tea slid off the slippery, sloped table right into my lap, over my mobile phone and into my bag below. The staff didn’t seem to care. They admitted this happened a fair bit."
優點: "Just like on previous domestic flight experience, I love how Thai Airways is able to promote and provide for customer comfort and service on such short flights - something that US airlines are so incapable of providing. Not only was the A350 comfortable and spacious, the fact that they also served a meal on such a short flight is so much appreciated."
缺點: "Our itinerary did not show that we had to transit in Chiangmai. It came as a surprise when we checked in at the airport. That was very misleading. We had to remove our hand luggage at each stop."
優點: "The flight was awesome, the food was delicious and the delay was shot"
缺點: "None"
優點: "Baggage did not make connection to Phuket."
缺點: "Air Canada cancelled the original flight and rescheduled it for one day later. This was an obvious problem since it affected other travel plans. Air Canada customer service was very poor. First agent was unhelpful, second agent better. Overall it was a pain to finally get another flight for the original day."
優點: "I pre-ordered a seafood meal. It was excellent."
缺點: "The seats (bottom) have become worn and caved in. And the head rests are as flat and hard as rocks. They need to be changed"
優點: "Thai Airways is a great airline - very comfortable, haven't had an issue with delays as with other airlines within Thailand."
缺點: "nothing"
優點: "None"
缺點: "Lack of legroom"
優點: "Everything was ok"
優點: "Great carrier flown with all the others thai airways best!"
缺點: "Had to ask for blanket not on seat ready for use."
優點: "Smooth take off and landing. Great service, even food and drinks served on an hr flight!"
缺點: "Nothing. Excellent!"
優點: "I’m in awe of the special attention we received from the time we entered the airport, all the way to the gate. It was amazing. I can’t fault the service from the home airline."
缺點: "The food was a touch too salty for my palate. It would have been nice to have someone meet us at Osaka but this may be asking too much."
優點: "Its a very good flight with good service and hospitality"
缺點: "I find the selection of movies and songs quite limited."
缺點: "Due to visa not being final I wasn't allowed on flight. I would appreciate any assistance with getting refund. Thanks"
優點: "I always fly Thai airways between Bangkok and Phuket. They are always on time, consummate professionals, and over all, a great experience. Very happy I was able to check my luggage through to my international destination! Thank you Thai airways!"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Nice Crew , very professional and courteous. Pleasant with their service. Would recommend only once for tourism. Not for families travelling with children."
缺點: "Because the system of on arrival visa has been opened to Indian folks , entire plane was crowded with indecent , uncultured Men. Mostly drunkards who would not stop at couple of drinks. Added to their worst behavior was the airlines providing unlimited amount of Liquor that was being offered by the crew after the food was served, this was quite annoying and unexpected. Thai Airways Please stop serving Liquor for God's sake , especially for folks travelling from India (Only this route) or charge $100 THB for a drink, this would stop those free riders from messing up other tourists happy vacation."
優點: "They provided metal cutlery for the meals (in plastic wrapping, just like with disposable plastic forks and such), which seemed like overkill but added a tiny touch of premium feel."
缺點: "The in-flight entertainment system is kind of archaic, but it works."
優點: "I got to the check-in counter about 15 minutes before the plane was set to take off. The staff was very understanding of this and I was able to get on with no issues. They even checked my massive luggage without any objections, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure it was about 8kg over the limit. If for some reason you don't bring a Kindle or something to occupy yourself with, they have a decent selection of movies. The food was also not bad. I ordered the seafood dish, which was decent. The staff seemed pretty responsive, and came along regularly to serve refreshments."
缺點: "I have long legs, so I was pretty uncomfortable throughout the entire 12+ hour flight, but that's what you're gonna get flying economy."
優點: "did not really like anything very much unfortunately"
缺點: "the plane was old, it had no windows on the right hand side in business class, the food in business class was terrible and the service was not warm or hospitable. they only gave me one glass of wine with my dinner and did not ask if i wanted a refill."
優點: "Clean, easy, and relatively efficient."
缺點: "It exceeded expectations for an internal domestic flight. We didn't use any entertainment facility on this short flight."
優點: "Plane arrived on time and service was good!"
優點: "座艙位置的間距是舒服的,尤其像我是高個子的,特別容易遇到坐飛機時的不適,而且上飛機後,空服員立即確認每個人是否都有靠墊和毛毯,機上餐盒也非常好吃,即使我乘坐的飛機並未滿座,但服務品質並未因為乘客少而有所降低,另外,機師的駕駛技術真的太令人驚艷!起飛、降落都不會有任何顛簸和不適,完全非常順利和平穩,實在很難忘!我真的很欣賞也很享受!"
優點: "The included extras and polite staff."
缺點: "When the passenger in the seat in front of me reclined her seat it was almost impossible to keep watching the movie which while sar, shows as mainly a black screen and even changing the angle didn't assist"
優點: "I love the Japanese style food as well."
缺點: "Nil."
優點: "Nice crew, night food."
缺點: "Old aircraft type, insufficient entertaiment."
優點: "The team was very pleasant and helpful."
缺點: "The movie selection was not the best for US movies."
缺點: "I wasn't on it"
優點: "Good service, friendly cabin crews and on-time flight. Great price. Relatively spacious seat in the Airbus A 380 flight."
缺點: "no USB for charger which is almost standard in most other airlines; limited drink selection; restroom not as clean or as often cleaned as some other airlines"
缺點: "Hard seats"
優點: "China Southern's cabin crew are amazing, responding quickly to anything a passenger might need. They seemed a little frustrated at the end of the flight near Wuhan, most likely because they had to clean and prepare to go on to Guangzhou."
缺點: "It wasn't super clear from our booking that we'd go to Wuhan and then Guangzhou instead of a straight shot! Seats were a bit uncomfortable on the Dreamliner for such a long-haul flight. Also, the food wasn't great but it's abundantly supplied, even a night-time snack if you asked."
優點: "Great flight, left on time, flight attendants very friendly and always smiling. Good goodand we arrived early."
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "It was almost an hour late and no explanations in English were given"
優點: "Meals and professional cabin crew."
缺點: "Seats and movies are due for an update."
缺點: "They don’t serve water regularly, only before meals. No snacks between meals. My screen does not work. The crew seems not quite nice."
優點: "On time, comfortable, beautiful, new terminals (Beijing and ZZ)"
缺點: "No wine served"
優點: "Was ok overall."
缺點: "Harbin airport is not efficient. Gate goes out to the cold. The airline is fine, the international terminal isn't .no entertaiment and they wouldn't let you use any eletronic device."
優點: "Great service."
缺點: "Need “brown” paper towels for the bathrooms, not just facial tissues."
優點: "We arrived safely."
缺點: "I was unable to check in online.When I mentioned this at the ticket counter the agent responded that they kept hearing that from passageners. Apparently this wasn't enough of an issue to make any changes. The plane was uncomfortable for such a long flight. Lots of movie choices, but few current choices. Flight attendants weren't that friendly."
優點: "Again - flight was on-time, boarding was quick and painless, entertainment options were extensive, cabin crew was accommodating and efficient, food was fine ... NO COMPLAINTS!! What more can one ask for?!?"
優點: "The arrival was on time. The aeroplane landed very smooth. Luggages arrive the terminal in very short time. Overall this was a comfortable trip."
缺點: "There was no entertainment on the plane. May be this was a short distance trip. On arrival, we needed to take connection bus from the aeroplane to the terminal and wasted us some time."
優點: "check in was friendly, and efficient, crew was friendly."
缺點: "food was edible- but that was about it. I don't eat pork so not so good for the other option. entertainment was blah..."
優點: "I love Kayak"
缺點: "The airline was fine but the booking agent cancelled my reservation by mistake. I know mistakes happen but when I tried to resolve this problem Justfy.com put me on hold for hours on the day I'm suppose to fly out. I had to go to Twitter to get a call back, I will never use just fly.com again."
優點: "Was worried about the legroom on the 15hr flight. No problem at all."
優點: "10 abreast in economy. A380 didn't feel big. Reminded me of 747. Crew was efficient, nice and polite. Food was mediocre. Two meals ran out wine."
缺點: "I hate Guangzhou airport. It's huge but requires miles of walking. Needs a shuttle or tram. I spent Y20 electric cart, so I could catch my flight. Other Chinese airports have trams between terminals. Donald"
優點: "Same comment as flt to Guanzhou. Flight was comfortable."
缺點: "Again, it took a long while to disembark from the plane. Also, the lock in my suitcase was damaged like someone tried to force open it."
缺點: "Need food to take with medication they served us one meal at the very start hen the next SEVEN hours later and had nothing available in between I asked three times for medical purposes before Rhett went to first class for a freezing cold piece of bread."
優點: "flights were on time though luggage my be delayed, itwas handled very well."
缺點: "wish the food would be more consistent. the beef w/ rice and pork with rice delicious, but the beef with mash potato, fish with rice or fried noodles with beef wasn't good at all and they happened to be on the international flights."
優點: "pork with rice was delicious."
優點: "Everything was great."
優點: "I liked that it was an almost empty flight. Food was average."
缺點: "Pilot couldn't land so made a different airport landing and waited two hours to let weather clear up. So a 14 hour flight was 17 hours long. Missed connecting flight so was loaded onto another flight. After onboard had to wait another hour before we could take off. Arrived at hotel after check in time had to sleep outside of hotel till they opens next morning. Horrible trip!"
缺點: "Hello, my son is the first time a man back to China, when we go back the plane delayed three hours in guangzhou, return, plane in xinzheng airport delays again, didn't catch the direct flight to New York, stay one night in guangzhou, endorse the flight from New York's flight to South Korea for my son, his first trip is so bad!"
優點: "I have been customer of this company for one year. The service is heart-warming. Thank you."
缺點: "If there is anything I can complain, neither zhajiangmian nor xuecai appeals to my taste."
優點: "I liked being seated in the upper deck. Great service. Nice heavy blankets, head support, and foot rests"
缺點: "The western breakfast with eggs wasn't good. Not very many good movie options."
缺點: "Not allowed to use cell phone or any electronic equipment even in flight mode"
優點: "Friendly staff and my ticket price was unbeatable"
缺點: "It was a bit cold on the flight, and the intercom messages in English were not understandable."
缺點: "It should be zero stars. We never made this flight because of excessive delays. We also had to wait more than 2 days for the next available flight. The airline tried to put us in a very dirty and dumpy hotel 35 minutes away from the airport. We paid out of our own pocket for a hotel at the airport. Worst 15 hours of airline experience I've ever had."
優點: "Help And pleasant staff"
缺點: "Poor quality entertainment screen"
缺點: "Very limited program."
優點: "price"
缺點: "No personal entertainment system. No fresh fruits were given. They should keep some apples or some other fruit for those who miss their lunch schedules"
優點: "The flight was on time. Food on flight was normal. It was a full meal."
優點: "1. The check-in was very good, and very helpful!!!!...***** (5 stars service). 2. Flight crew was very professional."
缺點: "1. No information or explanation in English about the flight delay. 2. I have a very expensive new metal "19 degree Tumi all Aluminum suite case. It arrives damaged with a whole punched through the side wall. Cost me USD $1,395. Total disrespect for my property entrusted to China southern airlines. You inform me in Hong Kong maximum reimbursement is approximately USD 50.00 ! How would you feel about that? You tell me! 3. Approximately a 4 hour flight delay. I am not sure it was really necessary. How would you feel about that? You tell me! 4. Took a long time to get off the plane. I was in the front... No bus I think I appreciate the plastic rain coat. However The buss was leaking inside worse than the rain outside, and all over me. I left the bus with very wet trousers. How would you feel about that? You tell me! 5. So many problems because of a little rain...Really? You cant deal with a little rain better than this?"
優點: "everything else"
缺點: "flight was delayed"
優點: "Short layover."
缺點: "Late departure. Cramped seating. Deplamed onto buses at Guansshou instead of docking at a terminal."
優點: "The ground crew at GuangZhou was very helpful in leading us from our delayed flight to our 2nd flight,"
缺點: "Our 1st return flight from Wuhan to GuangZhou was delayed for an hour, and we almost missed our flight back to the US by minutes as we have to go through Customs. But we had to pay for a cart transportation from the terminal because it was too far away. I felt like China Southern should've paid for the transport service, as it was their fault that we almost missed our flight."
優點: "On time, promotly service."
缺點: "Our flight was delayed although this might not have been their fault."
優點: "The seats were comfortable and the boarding process was efficient."
缺點: "The food was mediocre. There could have been a better variety of in-flight entertainment (fewer comic book movies)."
優點: "Good bang for the buck which makes all the average food, seat, legroom etc bearable."
缺點: "Delayed an hour, never listed/updated on the boards at airport."
優點: "At least they gave me free hotel to spend the night, but the staff was really rude."
缺點: "When we were about to land in Astana the captain decides to go back due to bad weather. My friend was waiting for me at the airport and I had no way to let her know that we went back. When we went back to Urumqi they didn't tell us anything about the new information, an hour after they just reschedule the flight without giving any information to us. Again the staff didn't really speak english."
優點: "The flight crew was great and attentive"
優點: "Terrible! Delayed Flight and didn't inform us ahead of time that China recently passed a law where Kazakh citizens couldn't transit through the airport without a visa! I had to buy her a new ticket with a direct flight! I also had to check my baggage and get a new ticket at every stop!"
優點: "Very efficient check in process."
缺點: "Food service - half a sandwich and a kids juice box. No coffee available. Good thing I caffeinated up in the airport. I think they can do better."
優點: "Good price in comparison to other companies"
缺點: "no individual consoles, no individual usb charging ports"
優點: "Food was okay"
缺點: "The rep at the counter were extremely rude plus another thing if your flight is going to be delayed more than 4 hours the ladt thing you can be is NICE to the the passengers plus you only take Rupias what kind of company of this I couldn't be for my surfboard with my cc or $$ I had to change everything into Rupias even though I was already leaving. Great business"


缺點: "Shouldn’t have babies or small kids in the business class"
缺點: "Flight delay."
優點: "I love the vegan food that they provide me."
優點: "There was a good amount of leg room for an economy seat"
缺點: "I wish it had more movie options"
優點: "The crew was nice"
缺點: "My tv monitor didn’t work and my wife’s chair wouldn’t stay reclined"
缺點: "Hope to keep departure on time !!!!!!"
優點: "Attentive crews, food on board - Food on board provides couple of choices of mainly Chinese food. I don't claim it to be extraordinary but it is far better than most of food other airlines provides in the economy class."
缺點: "There is no individual entertainment screen. The small screen from the ceiling of the airplane was far from sufficient."
優點: "The crew was great, and seat was comfy compare to other European airlines seats"
缺點: "Less salt in the food would’ve been better"
優點: "The Xiamen reps at the SGN airport was insensitive and arrogant. We were not able to board because of a misunderstanding on the China visa-free program. I still fully believe they are wrong. I had to book 2 new one way tickets with China Southern and wait all day at the airport."
缺點: "Helpful, courteous, and well-informed Xiamen representatives."
缺點: "Delayed / diverted - no communications whatsoever"
優點: "Great airplane (787 Dreamliner), comfortable seats, lots of meals, free beer and wine. Great ticket price!"
缺點: "The cabin crew did not really understand english. When I asked something, it was clear that they didn't understand. I had to claim my checked bag and recheck it at every flight segment. No ability to select seats unless it was more than 72 hours before departure."
優點: "Great airplane (787 Dreamliner), comfortable seats, lots of meals, no charge for beer & wine"
缺點: "IMO, the flight attendants should understand better english. It was clear they didn't understand much. I had to claim checked bags and recheck every flight segment. No abilty to reserve seats unless it was more than 72 hours before departing!"
優點: "Staff was nice"
缺點: "The food vegan Movies"
優點: "yes crew were amazing"
缺點: "ticketing was terrible, id number is totally different from our passport.causing lots of ordeal in check in and security check"
優點: "I paid $14.95 to have a seat selection before departure however, my seat was given is in the middle not the roadside seat I prefer either karak to refund all seat selection charges."
缺點: "I paid $14.95 to have a seat selection before departure however, my seat was given is in the middle not the roadside seat I prefer either karak to refund all seat selection charges."
優點: "The Chinese people were wonderful! But I was required to pass thru security checks 3 times arriving. 3 times transiting and 3 times leaving. At customs, transit and departure. No common sense to their process only"letter of the law". For example I was taking beef jerky to my friends in Thailand but the Chinese security has a meat sniffing dog and they confiscated it as well as the girl in front of me More than $100 worth of jerky. They should have given it back at departure gate. I had to buy more in their duty free shop. Also they cancelled my flight without advising me but did get me on Thai airways later that day. Too much hassle to Transit China"
缺點: "Security"
缺點: "The flight left before we get there. I had to book a train ticket to my final destination because I have to be in Fuzhou that day. I was told by the airline that I would be reimbursed the air fare from Xiamen to Fuzhou."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Had to process in and out of immigration then back into airport No transit area"
優點: "Everything"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "They left my luggages at SeaTac. I am at China right now, and I don’t know when they are going send them to me. All my stuff in the luggage now I have buy everything again."
優點: "787 Dreamliner layout is efficient, generous legroom and recline is better than American carriers. Crew works as team, fast and courteous. Very helpful and professional, Water offered frequently, trash pick up kept cabin neat, bathrooms always clean. Passenger announcements are clear and crisp is English and Chinese."
缺點: "Really, no complaints. More entertainment choices would be appreciated however is not my priority."
優點: "Flew business class. Cabin crew was some of the most attentive I have experienced. Food was very good and nicely presented. Pillows could be better, but had two. Same with blankets. One thick and puffy, the other lighter. Nice for temperature regulation."
缺點: "First leg lax - Tao delayed almost 3 hours. Fortunately the 2nd leg was delayed 1.5 hours. 3rd leg on this itinerary was also delayed, I could have made the flight, but they gave my seat away. It was a bit of a Charlie Foxtrot rearranging flights and overnighting Hotel. 2.5 hours. A supervisor was needed to sort it all out. We will see if the above was bad circumstances or not. I run the same itinerary in reverse on the way home in a week."
優點: "The number of take offs equaled the number of landings :)"
缺點: "We meet different problem in this flight. First, the boarding start late and we arrive late more than one hour. They could organize the entrance with range of number. The food was ok, but the beverage is poor, just half glass of wine or juice. no more. one small bottle should be normal fro lunch or dinner."
優點: "the order of boarding the plane"
缺點: "food was dry"
缺點: "The check in staff did not let me check in and denied to support me! The reason was that my first name, middle name and last name were written in English order, not in Chinese order! I want my money back! All of my plan and meetings in Xiamen were cancelled!"
優點: "Clean plane. Left on time. Better than average legroom."
缺點: "Movie selection was virtually all violent related. Nothing the airline can do about the numerous Security checks passing through this Airport."
優點: "Clean plane. Left on time. A little more seat room than many other carriers."
缺點: "Poor selection of movies. Want more light comedy"
優點: "Kept me well hydrated, supplied tissues that helped me bear a long flight while sick. Early arrival appreciated. Fresh fruit was good."
缺點: "Crew might have cleared away medications by mistake but they tried hard to find it, inquired all attendants and even looked through the trash. I missed the passing of of declaration forms twice while I was in the bathroom and when we landed the customs people directed me wrong so I had to wait a long time in line to get through customs without water which made me sicker and I had to go to the doctor."
缺點: "Nobody could rearrange any flights for me, zero help!"
優點: "I like the price but best of all the service and the attention given to us by all staff members."
缺點: "Everything was great!"
優點: "food is great"
缺點: "check in time is too long (about 1 hour)"
優點: "Two meals plus sandwich in between were enough to keep me from getting hungry."
缺點: "Boarding line was too long. There was no grouping which means there was a bit of disorder. A check-in counter agent was super slow. Other agents had a supervisor watching over their shoulders so they were much more efficient. The flight ran out of hot tea... but got refilled later. Need more tea cuz most passengers were Chinese."
優點: "Nice new plane, efficient crew, lots of food ... if a bit bland. Airline provided a free hotel in Ciamen for the overnight."
缺點: "Terrible paper shuffle in Shenzhen getting a require temporary visa, because the leg from Shenzhen to Xiamen was domestic. 2 hours or paper shuffle during which they took away our passports, with no guidance in English about what the heck was happening"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "I couldn't fly because they said there was NO TRANSIT lounge in the airport and I didn't have a VISA to enter China? Who ever heard of a visa for transit?! My destination was Singapore! I am told I have to get a transit visa in order to return home and for me and my son 350!! For 2 hours transit in an airport??? This is NOT a world class airlines, they make their own rules. I will buy another ticket!!"
缺點: "The front dest and customes have horrible attitude! They will ingore you."
優點: "Staff was friendly"
優點: "The food was good and staff was friendly"
缺點: "Uncomfortable"
優點: "Crew, comfort, food, entertainment."
缺點: "Boarding."
優點: "no regards for customers"
缺點: "no regards for customers"
優點: "The offerings of beverages and the choices were good"
缺點: "Lack of communication by staff. Lack of entertainment on 14 hour flight. Was told not to use device while others were able to use."
優點: "Hostess"
優點: "Hostess"
優點: "787 Dreamliner's hardscape was new and clean. IFE was decent but had some anomalies (can't take off of pause unless you shut off screen, select same movie and resume). Food was fairly decent and plentiful. Think a cheap chinese diner & you've got it."
缺點: "Crew was efficient but can't speak Englsh worth a nickel! While I have a limited ability in Mandarin (think 5yo vocab), the announcements in Engrish was almost as bad as some of the translations in many Chinese products. I pity the people who can't understand ANY Chinese: they could not possibly get most of the announcements. They should really get at least 1 FA that can speak and understand English. The signage in Xiamen (I was transiting from LAX to TPE) was amazingly poor and confusing. You basically stumble from 1 floor to another based on the signage. The airport was actually very large for what appears to be a medium size city."
優點: "International carriers kick butt on US domestic carriers. As a A+ SWA traveler, I know my 787s like the back of my hand. Xiamen had a Business class section (small & unfortunately: untested by me). Economy was as expected but imagine getting a Bao (chicken) & packaged fruit, pastries, pickled cucumbers. Hey, beats a pack of peanuts. You could also get a white or red wine (didn't try them) - all for the price of admission. Take that UA, Delta, & AA! Why can't foreign carriers bring their game to the US routes and really give some competition!"
缺點: "No entertainment (there was some fold down screens playing some ads) but the volume was so low that nobody paid any attention to it. At least someone can read a sentence in English (and there were pre-recorded anouncements)."
優點: "Excellent, friendly service on a terrific plane. More leg room than the average (American) airline for a long flight. Had to call Customer Service. They were as helpful as they could be."
缺點: "There was no computer check-in even for people with no bags to check. Long wait on line to check-in. Probably could use more staff at airport. TSA wait that night was also very long. Not Xiamen's fault of course."
優點: "on time food"
缺點: "no movies"
缺點: "The staff was rude and the flight was delayed twice."
缺點: "As everyone was lining up at the gate to board, a guy came out yelling at everyone is Chinese. I have no idea what he said but it didn't sound good. We sat on the plane for 1.5 hr waiting to depart. An announcement was finally made that there was some kind of issue with air traffic, we ended up almost 2 hrs delayed. The volume on the media device in front of me was not working. The seats were terribly uncomfortable, my butt was hurting after the first hour."









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