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搜尋天津 飛往台北市便宜機票

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天津 (TSN)
台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場
10月15日 週五
10月22日 週五
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缺點: "Ensuring passengers left room for everyone's bags. There was a man who put many items up above leaving me no room for my bag in the bins >:("

優點: "機組人員很貼心"
缺點: "無"

優點: "Entertaining; organizing; staff; on time."
缺點: "More varieties"

優點: "提供牙刷、拖鞋、眼罩的設備,不用怕肚子會餓!"

優點: "Boarding on time and the flight arrived earlier than schedule."

優點: "Amazing crew and food; clean lavatories throughout the flight"
缺點: "Need more elbow space; 10 seats across in the economy section really soured the experience"

優點: ""Transfer crew' got my luggage from another airline and transferred to EVA while I rested comfortably in the nearby business lounge; walked straight on board business class without breaking stride; seats recline nicely and I slept 7 hours of 11 hour flight."
缺點: "Fish was only meal option on one leg. I realize that's probably fine for your Asian customers, but you might consider a simple pasta as a second choice. There is an extra level of service in East Asia that is much appreciated by a weary traveler (6 weeks across Russia). Please don't ever loose it"

缺點: "Airline on strike. So no flight"

缺點: "桌子太小。菜盤太擠。包裝蓋子都不好放。椅背袋資料太多太擠。盤子等太輕容易翻倒。"

優點: "I have flown Eva Airlines twice now for a few trips to Asia. The service and experience was great. I would highly recommend."

缺點: "飛機太簡單"

優點: "This was a first overseas flight in a long time. This airline earned their 5 star status. Great service, attendants where very helpful and available. Seating was tight but functional. Restrooms were very clean and the for service was always on time, fast and efficient. The food was airline good, but I'd say slightlyabove average and plenty of drink options."
缺點: "The wifi offered was not good at all and I was charged for it and never connected once. Advice- Save your money on this one."

優點: "Professional. Attentive. Meals included. Drinks included Nice bathroom. They go the extra mile"
缺點: "Nothing Everything was awesome"

優點: "Great staff"
缺點: "Food not too good, bad terbulance"

缺點: "機組人員服務態度可以再加強"

缺點: "三明治乾硬,生菜還放在外頭,不好吃。 視聽系統每幾分鐘就自動變暗,有問題。"

優點: "飛機降落技術不錯"

優點: "Flew with EVA 16 years ago to Hanoi, Vietnam and again in 2018 to Hanoi, via Taipei. Very professional, attentive, good food, little amenities that make a difference in the overall experience of traveling. Very clean bathrooms, even after a 16-1/2 hour flight to Taipei it was still clean at the end of the trip. Food was good and plentiful, wine, spirits, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages offered. Came around at least three times on the leg to Taipei with food and water and when I wanted more water they gladly made sure I stayed hydrated on such a long flight."
缺點: "I"

優點: "I was happy to be back on EVA after a bad experience on Thai Air."
缺點: "That I was not compensated in any way for my previous flight BR68 from Bangkok to Taiwan that was cancelled. I was put into another airline barely in time that had poor food, no entertainment & smaller seats. Waiting for EVA to respond with some sort of compensation so I don't have to switch airlines. ANA is looking really good right now."

優點: "Very accommodating"
缺點: "Nothing to report"

優點: "Food, service was great."

優點: "飛機新,"

優點: "Everything was Hello Kitty. I didn’t expect that but I loved it"

優點: "Attendants really look after you. They work hard and walk fast to keep everybody happy."

缺點: "Delay for 1 and half hour"

優點: "Pleasant looking"
缺點: "Very rude to customers Not friendly Shouts at passengers Overall, not passenger friendly with no customer care skill set"

優點: "Service is excellent"

優點: "Everything from boarding to entertainment."

優點: "Service was all good and friendly. Food was ehhh... I appreciate the veg. options, though!"
缺點: "Horrible turbulence. At least 15-20 minutes of straight non-stop hard shaking, with probably around 1 hour in total. Obviously, turbulence isn't fully controllable--but I wonder if a more experienced pilot would have navigated it differently."

優點: "service on time and great staff"
缺點: "all good"

優點: "First time flying internationally but overall it was good. Your in a plane so you can't really expect for all your needs to be met, even though I didn't have any needs."

優點: "I had to reschedule the flight from Jakarta due to airport closure in Bali. The staff were very helpful with that, especially Betty Chen, Agent code: 364. She was a great ambassador for customer service."

缺點: "剛上飛機時,先去廁所,但感覺好像沒打掃過的樣子,讓我嚇一跳,按沖水也失靈,不知何故?後來再去上就乾淨多了,並且可以沖水,但後來我都再換別的位置上廁所。Shan Tzu Cheng"

優點: "I had a good seat"
缺點: "Stewardess at Zone 3 too noisy"

缺點: "I didn't like the food. The worse was that all my luggages were soaked with water. Water was still coming out from the suitcase when we reported about it to the Eva counter in HONG KONG AIRPORT. WE DID NOT KNOW HOW AND WHERE THE WATER CAME TO MY SUITCASE , FOR WE HAD NOT PUT ANY LIQUID IN OUR SUITCASE. BESIDES, THERE WERE OTHER TWO PASSENGER'S RAISED THE SAME PROBLEM to EVA WHILE WE WERE THERE IN THE AIRPORT OF HONG KONG. SHOULD EVA TAKES THE RESPONSIBILITY OF IT?"

優點: "\the well trained wheel chair servers. They care."

優點: "New equipment and incredibly good crew. Seats were actually roomy and comfortable."

優點: "The crew was excellent. Easily the best I have ever seen"
缺點: "16hr flight could've used better movies and some snacks"

優點: "I actually loved the whole trip. The aircraft still looked like it was brand new on the inside even though I'm sure that it has probably been in the air for a few years now. The service was great from the seemingly effortless takeoff and landing by the pilots to the flight attendants being very efficient and caring. The ambient temperature of the cabin was great. I had a wonderful experience and when I return home I will not hesitate to book with EVA again for any of my international flight needs."
缺點: "It's not really even something that I didn't like because I know learning a second language is hard any way but every once in a while when the flight attendants made announcements they would either run English words together into one word or pronounce it a little wrong but I still could understand everything that they were saying. So if I have to suggest something that is all that I can think of and it isn't even a bad thing at all. Thank you for everything!"

優點: "Flight was on time. Check in was quick"
缺點: "Food was too salty too much sot sauce? Service. I was expecting a bit more Seems like they were short staff to take care of the needs of passengers. Big difference when traveling economy you don't get attention from the flight attendants, which should not be the case. That is being impartial to passengers traveling business class than traveling economy"

優點: "Helpful, professional, and friendly cabin crew, who are also easy on the eyes:) Individual movie screens."
缺點: "The food is mediocre at best. But it's no worse than most economy cabins. Need better movies."

優點: "After having flown numerous airlines to Asian countries over the years, we are extremely happy to have found EVA Airlines. After flying EVA the last 5 round trips we are happy to say they are the #1 airline of choice. Actually, we will fly no other than EVA as they have the cleanest planes and the best of service from the check-in counter, thru the security and flight staff, all are the best and most devoted to assist you in any way needed along your trip. Professionalism and cleanliness matched only by their devotion to be the best"
缺點: "There is nothing to dislike about the airline or employees"

缺點: "沒有機上娛樂"

優點: "Staff was extremely attentive and friendly"
缺點: "No complaints"

優點: "Crew were polite on boarding, and throughout flight when seen then"
缺點: "Service was terrible, flown to thailand with these ba and thai airways and thai airways will beat everyone hands down"

優點: "Good in flight entertainment options, overall smooth flight, take off and landing."
缺點: "Lots of kids screaming and running around the plane."

優點: "請空姐給枕頭跟毛毯,雖然他很忙還是很快送來了"
缺點: "咖哩餃是冷的,難吃"

優點: "服務很棒"

優點: "Comfortable. Timely food service - good time for sleeping. Bathroom had toothbrushes, earplug and sleeping masks - a nice touch."
缺點: "I did not like not being offered a seat until the last day. We want a seat assignment. How are you supposed to choose one flight over another without a seat."

缺點: "Seats are narrow, leg room limited, and food is minimal."

缺點: "Everything is ok"

優點: "Nothing! I like absolutely nothing about this experience! Worst fight of my life and I plan on letting my reviews reflect that!"
缺點: "I was doused with water 2x (condensation about 7 ounces of fluid) from the air ducts. Continually dripped on for 12.5 hrs. Before getting off the plain I took a picture of the napkins stuffed into the cracks over my head as their “solution” and was aggressively asked to delete the picture. I didnt"

優點: "Plane didn't crash! :)"
缺點: "My issues were with the other passengers, not with anything the airline could've prevented. It's a budget airline, you get a budget experience, but I didn't have any huge problems with anything."

優點: "Seat was comfortable, plenty of space for luggage, crew was good"
缺點: "Cold sandwich was so so, not big selection of drinks"

優點: "Amazing crew, very polite and helpful Excellent take off and landed super smooth - koodoos to the cockpit team The seats on the aircraft from Beijing to Vancouver was much more comfortable that the aircraft before ( Vancouver to Ho Chi Minh ) but I think that it’s because it is a newer aircraft"
缺點: "The food quality was very poor and portion too small. This could utilize some improvements"

優點: "Seat very comfortable"
缺點: "Need better food quality and choices."

缺點: "Everything is fine."

優點: "Service was good."

優點: "Number of crew and attentiveness; meal service on a short flight and efficiency in delivery"
缺點: "Mass boarding rather than by section"

優點: "Wide bed and good support for good sleep"
缺點: "Not a big movie selection"

缺點: "touch screen inoperative, little humor or warmth or smiling in cabin crew"

缺點: "Do not like the food at all."

優點: "Love the space of airplane"

優點: "The entertainment on the flight was good. A good selection of movies and genres."
缺點: "The food was horrid, dry noodles and dry chicken balls, Undercooked salmon on undercooked potato salad and a dessert that was not palatable. Only the roll was really edible. My seat did not recline. The air is not controlled by seat, I had to ask twice to turn on some air, I was hot in a sleeveless shirt through 90% of the flight."

優點: "The premium economy was a bit better, but still on a service level was very poor hospitality."
缺點: "The online service was not user friendly and slow. Our upgrade was said at departure it would be for the full flight and was Not. The staff would not speak English and refused to serve any drinks or snacks as I thought it would be normal. Our luggage was lost and did not arrive at our final destination til 2 days later. On the flight home we were told to wait till our transfer to upgrade and that was denied and said we needed to do it prior. I am beyond disappointed and will never fly with Air China again and the only recourse that was given was from the nice people in Japan that explained this happens all the time and provided a voucher for less than 100 US dollars. I will advise anyone in the future not to fly this airline and I would like this to be investigated."

優點: "Nice staff!"

優點: "The in-flight meals from SFO to Beijing were good and the flight attendents' service was up to the standard."
缺點: "The transfer at Beijing was awful."

優點: "Everything. Air China comfort and service is great. I travel a lot to China and Air China is my first choice."

缺點: "Somehow my passport number on my ticket was mismatched with another passengers. I was held at customs."

優點: "Very short flight at end of trip, so ok enough flight."
缺點: "I have to give lowest score on food and entertainment because there was none. But the flight was so short that neither was expected."

優點: "The crew was nice."
缺點: "They didn't have any vegetarian meals available. All I could eat was a roll & a few pieces of fruit. Even the salad had meat/fish on it. And the flight was delayed by 3 hours which ruined our plans during our layover."

優點: "dealys"
缺點: "delays"

優點: "Provided entertainment and meals were excellent"
缺點: "Seat plug did not work and crew lied about no more entree and brought two individuals of own ethnicity (Chinese) that asked after me. Waited 45 min for water when asked. I got there three hrs early and had to sit towards back bc airport said that they were not assigning seats behind business class up to 45 at all."

優點: "Flight attendants are friendly and accommodating. Willing to meet all my reasonable needs. Meals are Ok."
缺點: "Seats are a little small considering my body size."

優點: "Bathrooms were clean. Foot rests were comfortable."
缺點: "Chairs did not recline much for such a long flight."

優點: "Absolutely no customer service whatsoever, not even a smile. Best thing about this flight was the food and trust me that’s not saying much."

缺點: "Food was terrible. Drinks are served room temperature without ice. Staff was rude. Tried multiple different televisions that barely worked. They will not let you have your phone on even on airplane mode for music or games, etc. Would not take again."

優點: "Not much"
缺點: "Did not bring wheelchair to board at gate for my friend. I asked them to bring it they said were you brought in by wheelchair I said yes she was. She said just sit down someone will come back to Board your friend , everyone started to board still no wheelchair I went to ask again she got annoyed and told me sit down horrible flight will never use them again."

優點: "Friendly service"
缺點: "Lost my luggage"

缺點: "Slow processing in beijing. Got late boarding Suitcase did not arrive with me Had to wait for suitcase for 3 hours"

優點: "The flight was inexpensive."
缺點: "The bathrooms were disgusting. Toilet seats had deeply etched crusty yellow stains. My pillow had someone's long hair on it and shunks of shaggy lint (I wouldn't use an airline pillow, but still a revolting sight). Air China has a strictly enforced prohibition against using cell phones (even in flight mode) so if you haven't brought a laptop or tablet you're stuck with their limited entertainment system options."

優點: "The IFE felt more tailored to the destination. Good selection of American titles and music. The flight was not very full and the staff was much more pleasant. The food was fine. Nothing special but it kept me happy."
缺點: "No complaints."

優點: "Vegan meals"
缺點: "Long layover in China Consideration for others 11 hrs is way to much time in the airport"

缺點: "The connection time between my flights was only one hour. It took me more than 30 minutes to get off the plane and from the tarmac to the airport. By that time, my connecting flight was boarding. By the time I made it through security, I had missed my flight."

缺點: "Food was bland. Flight attendants are extremely rude."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Our flight was delayed which caused us to miss our international connection. Flight attendants did not care, did not attempt to get us out faster, or put on a different flight. Asked for an announcement to be made on board or to be moved to seats closer to the front so we could get off the plane quicker, did not happen. Offboarded and sprinted across the airport for our international connection and was notified by gate attendents that the gate closed five minutes ago and that they could not let us on the plane. Meanwhile, the plane sat there for an additional 30 minutes while it fueled and waited for release from air traffic control. There were six travelers total stuck there in San Fran at that gate, all of us begging to be let on the plane to Beijing, the last one for over 24 hours. Zero compassion from staff at the the airline gate. They did not care about us and did not care about leaving their travelers stranded. Our total travel was Denver to Bangkok, 26 hours of travel including layovers in San Fran and Beijing. In San Fran (after missing the gate connection), we were rerouted us through Haiwaii and the customer service agent that did this reroute did not finish the reroute to our final destination. We got to Haiwaii and were stranded again, at the Air China service desk for four hours having to once again provide documentation of our initial travel plans to Bangkok, having them build a new itinerary to our final destination. Overall, 20 additional travel hours have been added to our itinerary, almost double our initial travel time. We have had to call and cancel pre-arranged bookings in Thailand as we are now missing two full days off our trip. I am absolutely disappointed and heart broken as I write this still stuck in the Beijing airport waiting another six hours to connect to Bangkok. My fiancé and I were traveling to Thailand to get married and have received no compassion from anyone at this airline to try and get us there. I am flat out disgusted by Air China."

缺點: "Hi, I would like to file for a full refund for the flight which I purchased. Upon arriving at the ticketing counter at LAX, I was denied my boarding pass with the reason that I needed a transit visa. I did not need a transit visa as I hold a Malaysian passport. The ticketing agent was being unprofessional and told me to walk to the Eva air counter to purchase another ticket if I so desperately want to leave. I purchased a business class ticket and was being treated really rudely. I have contacted Air China customer service but they are not responsive or helpful in any way. I showed them the China embassy website stating that I do not need a transit visa and they called me the next day saying they are willing to reschedule my flight for another $700. I would like a full refund for the ticket I purchased. Thanks, Sue"

優點: "The flight itself was pretty decent in all respects."
缺點: "However, we were delayed by 5 hours leaving the airport!!"

優點: "Airline staff"
缺點: "Delayed flights (2 legs, 4 hours) and mishandled luggage"

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Everything"

缺點: "The food options"

缺點: "I've flown over seas several times before. Typically, in my experience, the oversea carriers provide an extra bit of leg room for the long distance travel. Air China apparently doesn't feel the need though. My legs were crammed up in the seats and I felt like I was on an 11 hour budget airliner flight. I checked in for my flight as early as possible, but was told there were not emergency exit rows available. Upon entering the plane, I saw the emergency exit row was filled with elderly people who's feet barely touched the floor. In the case of an emergency, it is supposed to be the responsibility of those in the exit row to assist passengers off the plane. I'm young, able bodied, 6'6" and willing to help, but I was denied an exit row seat? Instead my legs have to spill out into the aisle? It wasn't easy for the flight attendants either, because their service carts kept hitting my legs. I didn't mean to make their job harder, but my legs couldn't physically fit in the seat I was given."

缺點: "wouldnt let our entire group on the flight after we all had seats because of a delay in our connecting flight."

優點: "Over 3 hours late. Chaotic Boarding process."

優點: "Personal TV screens on each seat with on demand movies and tv shows."
缺點: "Food was average although they did give a lot of beverages."

缺點: "Flight was delayed, my screen froze, the food is atrocious, seats are small, headrest gave me a kink in my neck, plane seemed old and in disrepair. Staff wasn't helpful. Couldn't be more unsatisfied. Junk airline. JUNK."

優點: "we missed our connection flight to LAX because of typhoon . they had another flight in 3 hours. meals were good didnt charge us anytime extra overall very good airlines"
缺點: "service care and attention of flight attendants"

優點: "The flight was generally fine and on time. Good as good as to be expected on midrange flight."
缺點: "Transfering in Chengdu takes forever. First we didn't get a gate and had to take a bus to terminal the long way round the runway - 10 mins. Then we had to collect our suitcases and re-check in and the queue was very long. Some people were very stressed about missing their connecting flights. Then when transferring to connecting terminal you first have to walk far within the terminal, then have to go outside security, find yourself the shuttle bus to the other terminal yourself, then go through security again - many more queues. Lots of time spent and lots of stress, and I'm not alone as everyone was complaining."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "The flight crew seemed to be a bit racist. I'm American, they're all Chinese. They skipped me while serving food and beverage, skipped me while collecting garbage, and would not come when I asked for help. I finally was able to get some food when the kind man next to me noticed what was going on and spoke up about it. In contrast, 5!3 man on the other side of me kept elbowing me periodically throughout the flight, and placing his feet in front of my chair directly where mine should go. This was extremely annoying on a 13 hour flight. I will never fly with air china again."

缺點: "Veg meal options"

優點: "The crews are very friendly nice and helpful!"
缺點: "Definitely The food! It was so horrible! Could we have some fruit snacks, yogurt?"

優點: "Good service overall. Great meal."
缺點: "Nothing."

優點: "friendly helpful crew"
缺點: "They routed me Kota Kinabalu-Shanghai-Quingdao-San Francisco, yet could not check my luggage all the way nor issue boarding passes for all legs. Luckily I had 4 hrs transit in Shanghai, had to get 24hrs visa, claim my bag, recheck it to Quingdao and there recheck it to SFO. Quite an ordeal"

優點: "The crew onboard is really professional, friendly, and smart! Very customer service & satisfaction oriented!"
缺點: "Where do I begin...and what do I expect for a low cost carrier, right?"

優點: "The crew was friendly, despite the language barrier."
缺點: "The plane was so old it had ash trays in the armrests. No boarding announcements were made in English and the display board did not work, which made for a chaotic boarding"

優點: "Front Business class cabin solitude only 2 rows."
缺點: "Dirty seats and aircraft, Do not think it was even cleaned between flights. food was atrocious with no alternates. Crew allowed children to run around in upper business class, even during taxi, take off and landing."

優點: "They wouldn't allow me on my flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles one an a half hours before my flight because they said that the gate had closed an hour and a half before the flight was set to depart. And the flight was delayed for an hour total Garbage. They sent me to a hotel in Shanghai and said I was booked the following morning. When I arrived the next day they didn’t have any information about my situation and wanted to charge me for a new business class seat."
缺點: "Customer service"

優點: "The staff were really kind and helpful. Very clean and offered a pillow and blanket."
缺點: "Small plane, no entertainment. We were asleep and missed the food/ drink. The boarding was chaotic, they let us all get off a bus in the middle of the tarmac. Very disorganized. It was an experience haha."

優點: "Being fed twice was nice. Good selection of movies."
缺點: "Food was not so good. Was no vegetarian option so pack ahead if you are vegetarian/vegan."

優點: "The China Eastern 777 out of LAX had good legroom. Overall a good experience."
缺點: "The connecting flight on Shanghai Airlines 737 had terrible legroom and no in-flight entertainment. The flight was a 4 hour international leg. Hard on the body."

缺點: "Full flight but not a lot of leg room for tall people."

優點: "Business class. Great seats with good recline, nice and roomy. Ate one meal, which was fine, passed on the second. Flight staff was friendly and attentive."
缺點: "Luggage not was not transferrable to next leg, final leg was Thailand the next day, 16 hour layover. Needed to pick-up luggage, store, then check them the next day. Would be great if luggage would connect the next day, as other airlines do,"

優點: "Comfortable seats in First Class, Flight Crew was very attentive, food was very good as well"
缺點: "The constant smell of cigarette smoke wafting through the cabin, even though it was a non-smoking flight"

優點: "The plane is very modern, clean and fresh. General procedures of check-in and boarding were smooth. Food is definitely very good for a regional flight - good choice of entrees."
缺點: "Lack of English language abilities from the airline staff. Small choice of beverages (a tiny glass of red wine only is offered to the meal, otherwise you're sticked to water mainly), entertainment on a 5+ hours flight consisted of a couple of Chinese movies on a main screen, flight attendants retreated themselves to the galleys after the meal services on both PVG-KUL and KUL-PVG flights"

優點: "smooth flight"
缺點: "My flight from Changsha to Shanghai was cancelled and I didn't fine anyone speaks English even the China Eastern Airline employees at the airport , even there was no one trying to put me and my son on another flight !!!!!!!!"

優點: "Fast boarding. Crew was nice"
缺點: "Only water for drinks. One movie played for the whole plane. Food was not great"

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "No vegetarian meals. Pudong airport is a confusing mess. Avoid flying on China Eastern - it's cheaper, but not worth it."

缺點: "The airline did not ticket us all the way to Tokyo from Krabi. We were forced to go through customs in China which took over two hours to pick up bags and then get another ticket to Tokyo. Airline needs to partner better with Shanghai airlines so that tickets and bags can go from departure to destination"

缺點: "The flight reeked of smoke as if there had just been a fire or someone was smoking on board. It aggravated my allergies. My seat also did not recline"

優點: "Once in the plane the service and food were good."
缺點: "My way to Phuket I connected in Shangai and my checked bags went all the way through to Phuket. However, on my way back, I had to get my bags in Shangai, go through immigration, go check-in again completely outside the gates, check my bags again, go through security again. After an hour flight to Quindao, I again had to retrieve my bags, go through immigration again, go completely outside the gates and check-in into my flight again, and go through immigration and security again, all in order to get from Phuket to San Francisco. Although the flight was cheap and not bad once you are on the plane, I am not flying with them again due to these extra connection hassles. Also, as others have already pointed out, the website is useless, no way to contact anybody. The baggage information on the website was different from what they told me at the airport, probably because their partner in Thailand does not honor the international bag rules of China Eastern (I also had to re-arrange my bags because of this)."

優點: "Small seats uncomfortable Too hard, No entertainment"
缺點: "Seats very uncomfortable"

優點: "I liked the service,"
缺點: "flight one hour late, no reason given. Ticket name did not match passport, security issue. I should have said Ronald McClain only ,not full name Ronald Bruce."

優點: "On schedule"
缺點: "* The TSA locker was missing * the belts were missing"

優點: "NOt much"
缺點: "Class was very poor, I bought a First Class ticket and seats were barely Delux Economy. Food was weak at best,"

優點: "Pretty hostesses. Good food."
缺點: "Food service was rushed and disorganized. Hostesses seemed tired, perhaps overworked. Dropped several dishes on passengers. Little choice of entertainment"

優點: "Smooth with good service and adequate translations for foreigners."

優點: "Easy flights with good service."
缺點: "First flight departed late causing me to almost miss my connecting flight."

缺點: "Can't list it all here. You will be receiving an email from me. This has been the worst travel experience I have ever had and this airline continues to make it worse. Never again."

優點: "Cheap flight for international travel makes it a great value."
缺點: "The crew spoke very little English and most passengers are Chinese and very rude and selfish."

優點: "The courtesy of the cabin crew"
缺點: "The waiting delay at incheon"

優點: "Nothing. The flight attendant was kind. That's all"
缺點: "Everything else. 3 hour delay. No information, apologies or attempts to resolve questions. Food inedible. No IFE system working in Biz class. No headphones. Can't recommend to anyone."

優點: "Smooth ride"
缺點: "Didn't give immageation ticket"

缺點: "Worst food I've ever had."

優點: "Overall a great experience. Friendly, attentive crew, newer plane, timely departure and arrival, and great value."
缺點: "Food could be improved a bit"

優點: "I had a connecting flight from Hk to Tel Aviv. Ground crew beef ore take off and air crew in air assured me that I would make the el al flight scheduled to take off at 9 pm. We landed at hk at 8.20 pm. Although I was front of the passengers to get off, it took 10 mins for the door to open, I had to wait on the regulnar bus to get to terminal and when we did get there, at 8.40 pm the ground hostess told me that I had missed my plane and they had other arrangements for me."
缺點: "By the delay I had to stay in honk kong for two days. El al does not fly on Friday. Shanghai air put me ina hotel and agreed to pay for one night only. The 2nd night cost US $310 which I had to pay!"

優點: "Young and energetic crew, very polite and direct at the same time"
缺點: "Crowded, food, bathrooms"

優點: "China Eastern came in several hundred dollars less than the competition for our roundtrip international flights from NYC to Bangkok via Shanghai. Because of this, we were naturally a bit worried. China Eastern did not disappoint. Their check in process and boarding process is a bit lengthy; however, we boarded seamlessly and were able to be as comfortable as possible during our 15 hour flights. 3 meals were served in this time period, and a pillow and blanket and earphones were provided. There was never a long line for the toilets, and there was an ample selection of movies on the entertainment front. Overall, would use China Eastern again for our international travels to Asia."
缺點: "Other patrons were pushy/pissy, but you cannot please everyone. Look at other reviews, for example :)"

優點: "Comfortable seats, legroom, I'm over six feed. Staff was great."
缺點: "Food was just snacks. Flight was only four hours. No personal entertainment. They did play a movie however with English subtitles. Plane was delayed indefinitely, then, took off immediately. Almost went tonthge bathroom and missed boarding."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "There was no paper in the bathroom (toilet paper, tissues, or paper towels) for most of the 5 hour flight. I notified the flight attendants on two separate occasions about it but nothing was done. There was turbulence on the flight and because things were delayed because of it, the flight attendants didn't seem to know how to modify their usual pacing to accommodate it."

優點: "Overbooked - diverted to Thai Airlines."

優點: "Crew good."
缺點: "Confusion about delayed departure - almost missed connection in Shanghai."

優點: "Kind crew"
缺點: "Awful food, no entertainment at all"

優點: "The airplane staff was kind."
缺點: "One of my suitcases did not arrive to my final destination. I was told that it arrived in Shanghai but has not been shipped to Zhengzhou. I arrived on January 1st. It is now January 3rd, and I still do not have my suitcase. Also, I am being told that I will need to pick up my suitcase when it arrives, but it should be delivered to my home. This has been a huge inconvenience. I have important things that I need and it has been delayed for far too long. I should also not have to pick up the suitcase because it is not may fault that it was misplaced. I refuse to spend half the day to go to the airport, and I also refuse to spend money on a taxi service to get me there."

優點: "Nice staff"

優點: "Flight was quick and arrived early."
缺點: "Seats were not very comfortable and did not recline much. The flight attendants were not friendly, did not smile much except at boarding and departing."

優點: "Basic airline and service was decent."

缺點: "Shanghai Airline knew that my flight will connect with Hainan airline, but Shanghai airline required us to pickup our baggage at PVG terminal 1. It took us too many time and labor to wait for baggage and bring them to terminal 2 (PVG does not allow customers use baggage car between terminal 1 and terminal 2."

缺點: "My flight was delayed 1.5 hours from Shanghai to HK! I ended up missing my next flight and had to stay at the airport overnight. I tried to talk to someone at the China Eastern counter and they were no help at all. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "4 flights were all late. Transfer at shanghai is a nightmare."





每天清潔,並在 天津飛往 台北市的機艙內安裝HEPA高效濾網


旅客在機艙內必須全程佩戴口罩, 天津飛往 台北市的機上會提供口罩


天津飛往 台北市的航班不能預訂中間座位


從 天津飛往 台北市的乘客必須檢測病毒抗體及檢查症狀



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