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  • 1月、2月和12月是旅遊旺季。1月從墨西哥城出發的機票則通常最便宜。
  • 早上出發的航班平均較晚間出發的航班便宜5%。*




Family of 6 liked the flight.


Family of 6 liked the flight.

Our original ticketed dates were canceled and we were rebooked for a day later at the start and end of our trip without ever being notified. Waited on hold over an hour 4 separate times for assistance from Japan air, since kayak and chatdeal refused to help. Japan air never answered and kayak would only offer to rebook us if we paid a $2000+ Difference in cost. Absolutely horrid overall experience. The Japan airlines flight crew was excellent, but we’re now departing and arriving on dates we did not choose.

Best flying experience



Short flight with minimal services. I have no complaints. The staff were very, very good.

The number of flights available from the west coast US to southeast Asia has been severely reduced to the covid pandemic so flyers do not have all the options as in the past. So I reluctantly flew on JAL despite all the negative reviews [Spoiler: the reviews were correct]. Although I was pleased with the efficiency of the flight, the sincerity of the crew, and the high quality meals, the substandard business class accommodations made the whole flight uncomfortable. The chair was small, cramped, lumpy, and offered little privacy. It by no means compares to business class on China Eastern or Singapore Airlines -- the groups I usually fly. JAL will need to significantly upgrade business class if I consider this flight in the future.

Flight from Tokyo to Dallas pleasant. One Stewardess offered 1 type of breakfast fried noodles. While another one thought no one approached me but asked if I want noodles or eggs for breakfast. In other words..not same offerings. Upon arrival in Dallas..no wherlchair assistance. Had ro walk from tarmac to terminal, to Immigration, Customs then baggage claim..no help.

缺點: "Waited way too long for my bags"
優點: "The coach seats were larger than those on domestic flights. The window glass was dimmable for ideal lighting."
缺點: "The arm rests did not go up all the way. This made it difficult to maximize comfort with my wife."
優點: "Crew and service were outstanding!"
缺點: "I would have liked the ebooks section of the entertainment options expanded. I love to read and that would have greatly distracted from the discomfort of having to sit so long in such cramped quarters."
優點: "Happy crew."
缺點: "more selection of hollywood movies"
缺點: "Trip to Manila from Tokyo was delayed for 3hrs plus"
優點: "The crews were very kind and helpful."
優點: "Crew was very nice and did a great job. Comfy seat. Smooth flight!"
優點: "她們很对工作有熱誠,很照顧乘客"
缺點: "已經很不错"
優點: "Everything was great"
缺點: "Lower the price"
優點: "The food on the plane is really good. The airline assistants are very friendly. The whole trip is really comfortable."
缺點: "The travel is too long for me. If there’s a direct flight, it only takes 12 to 13 hours for me to land but this trip took me 19 hours because the weather and they have to change the transfer spot to another in Japan."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "."
優點: "Food was acceptable. Stewardess very helpful"
缺點: "On a long flight it is good to have a good movie. Selection very bad. Seats r not comfortable seat turns into bed but lower part is too low. Poor design. Food not very good"
優點: "Was fed a meal and snacks/drinks for this connecting 3 hour flight in economy. Hard to sleep in the economy seats, But with a blanket and thick clothes it would be better! Japan Airlines crew extremely nice!"
優點: "Crew was great, just like Japanese specific hospitality. Crew clean up toilet and keep refilling toilet supply. Airplane was nice and clean. Entertainment equipment was up to date."
缺點: "I could not log in in JAL website using mileage account. They said it has been maintanance mode for a while and could not tell when it would be completed. I tried a month later but the problem was not solved. They foward any problems and inquiries to reservation center but calling the number won't find anyone to talk. Always they put me on hold for hours and never reached anyone. I have food allergy and tried to request for special meals but the option was not there under my eticket number as described in their website. They say the option may not be available because I purchased my ticket from 3rd party, not from JAL or it was code share flight. Very inconvenient. I had to skip 2 meals out of 3in leaving for Japan. I got very hungry at the end of the flight...."
缺點: "Double standard"
優點: "The service"
缺點: "Landing was horrible worse landing I have ever had"
優點: "服務 電影 雪糕"
缺點: "飯不好"
優點: "Comfortable business class seat. Flight was on time. That’s what I wanted."
優點: "Nice leg room and excellent head phones nice crews"
優點: "The flight crew were very attentive, polite, and full of genuine smiles."
優點: "Clean plane, very nice crew."
缺點: "Flying coach is always cramped for a tall person!"
優點: "The food"
優點: "Smooth, on-time, friendly staff. The food was giid and plentiful. What happened to the complimentary toiletries, though?"
缺點: "Omg did you study how to prevent people from sleeping? If you allowed the head of the seat to go back just 3 more inches i think i could sleep. Instead, i am tortured like a yawn that wont come out, a mosquito in the dark, an itch that runs away from my fingers ... out of reach and just inaccessible. 12 hours of wishing so that by the time i reach my final destination, I've been awake over 24 hours. Im getting too old for that."
缺點: "BA flight with poorer screens and food than JAL"
優點: "The staff helping to check in was amazing. There was an error which checking in at LAX, we didn’t have our seats assigned. Ali was able to get us seats together, and by a window at that! She was incredible and super helpful. I knew it would be a great flight just from her service at the beginning."
缺點: "I wish there was a paper that showed you options for food/drinks. The language barrier was a bit difficult at times but the crew was incredibly patience and made sure we got what we asked for."
優點: "The crew was friendly, and the view from the window was stunning."
缺點: "There wasn't enough leg space; it would be nice if the entertainment system had usb charging available."
優點: "The service was great. Food was delicious,"
缺點: "It was a bit too warm in the aircraft."
優點: "Business class seat was good."
缺點: "Temperature was kept too hot to sleep comfortably. Service a little slow. It took almost 3 hours to finish the first meal."
優點: "There was more leg room than most airlines, friendly staff, and good movies and food selection."
缺點: "Why does the shorter of the two flights have more comfortable seats?"
優點: "The flight was normal and without problems. As a frequent traveler throughout Asia that is always welcomed."
優點: "Flight crew was very professional and courteous. The food was excellent! It was like eating at an awesome Japanese restaurant! There were toothbrush kits w/small tubes of toothpaste in the bathrooms, which was a nice touch. Bathrooms were very clean. Entertainment was very good and had many choices. Would love to fly them again any chance I get! Probably the best flight experience I've ever had."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Flight Delayed for almost an hour Luggage got delayed in Japan not received in VN till 2 days later Small seat -uncomfortable"
優點: "Food served was actually pretty good."
缺點: "Movie selection, should've had more recent releases instead of flicks from the 90's. Makes for a long flight."
優點: "The flight went well and the 3 meals were interesting. The staff was professional."
缺點: "It's kinda hard to sleep. Some of the food could taste a bit fresher and less microwaved."
缺點: "No individual AC vents to stay cool on long flight."
優點: "The whole price was wonderful I like everything about it"
缺點: "There is nothing to dislike about the flight"
優點: "Comfortable and spacious for economy class. Very helpful staff."
缺點: "If I have to be picky the movie selection didn't seem great."
優點: "This flight was just pretty routine."
缺點: "I wasn't able to make my original flight but that was more the airport's fault so I had to take a later flight and didn't get a choice seat. Tight quarters."
優點: "Great flight attendants"
缺點: "Japanese food not great"
缺點: "Food is not that good"
優點: "Good food and punctuality"
缺點: "No English subtitles for English speaking movies"

Sorry the review I just posted was for this flight which was the long haul flight. The planes were nice and that’s about it. No 2 full service meals, only a little tiny vegetable wrap an hour into the flight. Nothing else until the last 2 hours which was the only meal served. Terrible at that. Also no amenity kits were given. Not even a toothbrush. No snacks or nuts in between. Just an awful experience with a mediocre crew. Very disappointed in this supposed 5 star airline according to Skytrax.

The Travel agency representative set up my seating boarding wheel chair assist perfect and without flaw. every State of my flight assistance was there and very courteously United Airlines is the perfect flight system and the travel agency BOKETO.com with Mr. Enrique who set up and follow through details Awesome Travel Specialist . We will always work with BOKETO.com and United Airlines all possible air travel hire more workers like Mr. Enrique who keep their word that they will take car of your travel at their very best

It's ok flying ANA. I'm going to fly again with this airlines and endorsed them to my friends

優點: "the Crew as always on ANA flights is amazing"
缺點: "This is just a poor airline in which I will never fly on again. I will blame it a lot on miscommunication but seats are horrible and need way for cushion especially if you are on a 11 hour flight."
優點: "The plane was ghetto and old and there was only one tiny restroom for the entire economy class."
缺點: "A newer plane with more restrooms would be great."
優點: "Crew was very nice, toilets clean."
缺點: "Flight delayed 2 times, didn’t receive text or Email from the second delayed"
缺點: "Add a low carb meal option"
缺點: "The boarding was substantially late. There could have been better communication about the delay. However, the plane still landed on time and the flight was quite comfortable"
優點: "the food was god. the crew was very accommodating"
優點: "Excellent crew!"
缺點: "It could have been quieter."
缺點: "Lousy food taste bland out of date movies"
優點: "Crew was good. The food was good quality."
缺點: "Boarding took along time and then the plane was delayed, not their fault but it made the trip less enjoyable. Manila is a poor hub."
優點: "The staff of ANA are so friendly and accommodating. When checking in, the woman at the counter moved me to a window seat from the middle, free of charge. They were very patient and helpful."
缺點: "The food was a little strange, I had salmon and rice as “breakfast” with iceberg lettuce side salad. The pieces of salmon were little shreds with a funky taste. Not bad, but not what I wanted on a long red eye flight. Also I wish there’d been more Hollywood movie selections."
缺點: "The main issue was getting off the plane in Sydney - we had to wait for a bus to offload us as the plane was sitting a long distance from the terminal. The bus eventually came, offloaded half the passengers and then returned 20 minutes later to start to offload the rest. It's the longest time I've ever spend disembarking from a plane and clearing an airport - very poor whoever was responsible (I'm assuming Sydney airport was at fault)."
缺點: "Nice trip"
優點: "Boarding is prompt and orderly. They apologixe for several minutes delay even it’s not the airline fault.The food is excellent , love the kabosu, there is snack available at the back in case you are still hungry. Entertainment is good choices, headphone is nice."
缺點: "None so far, been travelling with ANA 8-10 times a year for more than 5 years"
缺點: "1. Missed our flight connection in Chicago because of delayed take-off from Tokyo. We were forced to use another airline and we landed in NYC about 5 hours later. 2. ANA flight attendants were not very well versed in the English language. Very hard to communicate our needs."
優點: "Service by the crew and how boarding is organized by different queing lines for quick and more efficient boarding process."
缺點: "The personal entertaiment touch screen worked intermitently. When the touch screen did not work, i had to use the remote control to do what i want it to do. Boarding process experience can be improve with better sign for the queing lines and have boarding crew station at end of every quing lines to make sure all passengers are queing in the correct line."
優點: "Smooth boarding and smiley staff."
缺點: "No tv/ intertainment on the plane"
缺點: "The flight was delay .and I can’t able to catch my connecting flight I have to extra money for other connection flight"
優點: "Very efficient"
缺點: "Food was not good"
優點: "Service, Cleanliness and Overall Quality"
缺點: "We got lie flat cubicle seats on the way out but just tilt seats on the return, both on new 787's. After a 11 hour flight in lie flat cubicles and connecting to a standard recline BC seat is a bit painful."
優點: "Good service"
缺點: "baggage was broken."
優點: "All the service was good."
缺點: "My only question is???? When I went to Mexico City from Yangon my baggage was 32kilos. When I came back my baggage was for 23 kilos. I had to pay for my extra weight. I didn't understand why the weight change????"
優點: "ANA did a great job of keeping customers informed about every detail regarding the delays we experienced with the flight. ANA did a great job of finding me a new flight when delays caused by the ground crew caused me to miss a connecting flight."
缺點: "Late boarding caused us to miss connecting flights."
優點: "My wife had injured her knee before our trip and was having difficulty walking. Air Canada provided wheelchair assistance every part of our airport transfers between Atlanta and Japan. Thanks so much !"
優點: "Very helpful and accommodating flight attendants ... all with a smile!"
優點: "ANA is a great airline with a decicated group of professional. I love flying with them!"
缺點: "Can't think of one thing."
優點: "Staff was wonderful and pleasant. Food was good for plane food. Entertainment was enough to get us all the way there."
缺點: "Seats in economy are a little uncomfortable, but to be expected."
優點: "The flight was very well organized and the plane left on time and arrived exactly on time. The service was excellent even though the plane was close to full."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Very comfortable plane and excellent service."
優點: "The crew were very kind and helpful, I was having a sore throats and asked for a candy if possible, the crew answered immediately yes and came back with throat candies that I exactly wished for."
缺點: "The flight was having pretty bad turbulence but there was no explanation from the pilot or anything. Also I also took the same flight on my way to Mexico from Tokyo about 10 days ago but there was better food and beverage sevice."
優點: "The problem is not that I missed the flight, as I am currently in my way to my destination. The issue was the poor support, I mean is ok I know I didn't make it, but I don't want to hwar what I already know, tell me what can be done... waited 7 hours for someone available... the phone at the counter is useless"
缺點: "What about next time you put more instructions on the counter so that we don't waste hours trying to find a way to contact you..."
優點: "Good food Stewardesses polite Brought lots of water and juice during the flight"
缺點: "Seat felt so narrow. Limited selection of movies."
優點: "The food were good and just enough for the inflight need"
缺點: "The time to get to the next flight is so tight! I wish there's a 30 minutes more so I don't have to rush and be the last one to get in the plane."
優點: "Good food and service"
缺點: "Delay too much time"
缺點: "Lounge is full and food in lounge not spectacular. Ground crew unfriendly"
優點: "Great service and great food"
缺點: "No complaints from me"
優點: "I took flight Mexico-Narita on economy and it was comfortable enough for a 14 he trip. Food was great and entertainment was bast."
缺點: "Nothing in particular"
優點: "Wish there was more movies in English"
缺點: "Service"
優點: "I love ANA airlines ❤"
優點: "All"
缺點: "Nil"
優點: "The service crew are excellent and very polite. Definitely like the new window feature."
缺點: "i asked a crew for a drink.. and they refused."
優點: "The plane they used was B-787"
缺點: "There was no entertainment flight system. The seats were also skimpy as it was a domestic flight"
優點: "Seats were comfortable. Entertainment was OK."
缺點: "I don't know what that food was, but it wasn't food."
優點: "I liked the food and the personal television you get. You can play video games on it which was cool."
缺點: "The wifi cost $20 for the whole flight. Pretty expensive compared to other airlines!"
優點: "Excellent food and service"
缺點: "None"
優點: "This flight left nearly an hour late, which at 1 AM really hurts. The crew were ok, but the flight seemed understaffed, and our service in premium economy was pretty ordinary."
缺點: "Total gong show getting to our connecting flight in HK, but Cathay Pacific got us there with only seconds to spare."
優點: "電影還算新,餐點內容ok。"
缺點: "耳機聲音轉小,但是機內廣播超大聲,透過耳機都覺得耳朵快爆掉,又不能調整,代表機內廣播音量和電影音量設定不對。 派餐太慢,我們水果餐先取得,但跳過我們沒有給飲料。 入境單要2張(我和同伴),只給1張,說晚點給,但是後面座位的人卻有取得,又一直沒有送來,再要求後,才告知已經派送完畢,要我們落地再寫。"
優點: "Very good entertainment system."
缺點: "Food was horrible. No drink service. Old seat."
優點: "The crew were busy but very attentive"
缺點: "I could not plug in my headphones because of the proprietary plug on the airplane. I understand some airlines used to use proprietary plugs to keep people from taking their headphones that were offered complementary for the flight but I’d rather use my high end noise canceling headphones."
優點: "everything"
缺點: "nothing"
缺點: "空調比較熱"
缺點: "About cabin crew for for more smile"
缺點: "機上娛樂系統壞了"
優點: "Everything"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "The flight was three hours late."
優點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"
優點: "crew amazing"
缺點: "flight always late as usual"
優點: "miracle fight landed on time"
缺點: "terrible food - poor entertaiment system with limited choice and old movies - crew always on the pa"
優點: "機組服務人員親切"
缺點: "近兩年來,每五次搭乘有四次延誤,真不知道是什麼問題,從來不說明,就是讓乘客空等。"
缺點: "flight delayed as always"
缺點: "Dirty bathrooms, freezing cold cabin, paper thin blankets provided"
優點: "Good"
優點: "整體舒服,安心"
缺點: "去程和回程的機內椅下,餐枱十分污穢,似乎沒有人做清潔,厠所殘舊,污糟,衛生程度比廉航差! 回程在墨爾本check in 時要自助都沒有問題,但詢問地勤問題時十分不友善! 這次國泰給我的印象完全難以想像的差!"
優點: "not too bad"
缺點: "not too bad"
優點: "I am so blessed for their upgrade to primum economy, that was incredible experience for me and my two sisters. Thanks"
缺點: "My earphones was broken, a little bed for me. Entertainment without sport news."
優點: "My cabin bag got lost and theres no way to track it. Complete outrageous."
缺點: "Everything. Worst experience of my life"
優點: "Service, Luggage handling"
缺點: "Flight was delayed, Boarding was haphazard, Food was ok at best"
優點: "Familarity with airline"
缺點: "Limited food options. No drinks service."
優點: "All the flights had bad Kosher food"
優點: "Everything was good."
優點: "Overal, very pleasant flight."
缺點: "My headphone jack did not work, but I was able to switch seats. I could see that being a big draw back if I was not able to switch."
優點: "早餐是粥 很棒"
缺點: "位置很小"
優點: "Food is good. Snacks provided during the flight"
缺點: "One of my luggage’s was lost. It was returned 2 days after. I had important things there that needed to be brought to London the next day I came back to Newark"
優點: "晚餐有雪糕食"
缺點: "The seats seemed like they had no padding and it kept stabbing me in the back. Seat belts were so thick and hard i couldn't lean in any direction to get comfortable as it would stab me. My partner and I were also seated separately. Painful flight, disappointed."
優點: "Upgraded to business"
缺點: "Punctuality doesn’t seem to be a priority for Cathay Pacific or Cathay dragon"
優點: "Great customer service."
優點: "The Stewardesses were polite"
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "Smooth flight , crew members were good"
缺點: "Food and chair space The head set was in a sealed bag , when I opened it I found 2 white hair inside !!! The blanket was soiled with chocolate in a sealed bag !! Delayed flight for an hour without timely announcement"
優點: "整体都可以"
缺點: "早餐很一般"
優點: "Superb crew and excellent service."
缺點: "Nothing!"
優點: "Mostly the amazing staff on the airplane... I'm pregnant and the staff at JFK were very unpleasant and rude."
缺點: "Staff and tsa at JFK"
優點: "Service is good."
缺點: "Wash rooms are limited"
優點: "空中服務員Janice服務親切、細心,笑容滿面,給我一程愉快的飛行體驗!"
缺點: "名古屋中部機場Delay!"
優點: "Chicken rice"
缺點: "Mess in TPE"
優點: "Flying beats driving"
缺點: "NA"
缺點: "flight was late"
優點: "I like the comfortable seats"
缺點: "Thin blankets was not enough to bear the cold."
優點: "Great crew. Super friendly."
優點: "Good service"
缺點: "1-hour delay due to inclement weather"

El Aeropuerto de Cdmx: sucio, sillas rotas y cero comodidad.

Easy check in was great what I did not like was the carryon luggage purchase procedure since you are not able to add online purchase I had to wait 2 days calling since the system was down in the call center and they where not able to help with purchase

優點: "The crew was amazing, Seats are very comfortable on business class."
優點: "All is so good"
缺點: "All at time"
缺點: "Cheaper price"
優點: "Crew seems to try"
缺點: "Avianca seems to ALWAYS have an issue .. late, delayed, etc...but the worst thing is that they don’t live up to their mistakes and reimburse customers for their mistakes. They should be forced to improve their service or be put out of business. Come on Avianca ! Step up your game... instead they know that there is no competition so they just take advantage of their customers. Can we get a new airline in Latin America please!?!"
優點: "Everything was fine. The crew was very helpful"
優點: "Plane was good, plane staff were good."
缺點: "Forced to move seat (whole row of us) as plane was taxiing to the runway. Just managed to squeeze bag into overhead bin, sit down, and buckle in before we took off. Don't know why we had to move - not explained. Ended up with a middle seat rather than my booked window seat. There was a curfew in Bogota, which caused the plane from Panama to Bogota to be late, thus ensuring I missed my connection. Rather than being put on the next plane, I was forced to miss not only my original one, but 2 further ones. So rather than arrive, as scheduled, at 15:15 I will arrive over 9 hours later, after midnight. Could have been handled better by Avianca."
優點: "El confort. La atención fue excelente."
缺點: "Temperatura. Hubo momentos donde hizo mucho calor."
缺點: "Food served on plane"
優點: "Never again with Avianca"
缺點: "Never again with Avianca"
優點: "The crew was friendly, neatly manicured, and smiling. They made sure I was comfortable and answered any questions I had."
缺點: "Make sure to repeat announcements in English if possible for non-Spanish speaking passengers"
優點: "service, great plane, always on time. With Avianca you cannot go wrong. if you find a Delay is usually not because of them"
缺點: "Happy with the service"
缺點: "Todos los aviones deberían tener entretenimiento a bordo."
缺點: "Some employees from the airport Benito Juarez looked into my baggage and stole some souvenirs, please be advised to do not leave your baggage with the airport standby system, there are some private lockers that you can use instead."
優點: "Fly hostess wee nice but couldn’t do anything"
缺點: "the food, the services on the plane, entreteniment, the bathroom that was chaotic."
缺點: "They took forever to serve drinks. Old aircraft. Really bad entertainment options of non existant"
優點: "Food"
缺點: "I had to board another plane, and I don’t have my baggage. I was supposed to be in bogota at 7PM and arrived at 12AM on Christmas Day with my 1 year old baby and my 4 year old son. I am still traveling to my final destination without my luggage."
優點: "Plane, entertainment, seat."
缺點: "Broken luggage upon arrival!!!! No travelling tool given."
優點: "Nothing. And I've flown Avianca 4 times and tried giving it a chance."
缺點: "There is always some sort of problem. When I was in San Pedro they said the flight was delayed, then it never came. They did accommodate me with a hotel for the night which was nice after almost losing my job. The last and final time I used this airline I was at JFK 2 hours and 45 minutes ahead of time. I was there at 11:45 for a 2:20 flight. They told me I had missed my flight because I wasn't there 3 hours early. No where on my ticket did it say anything about that. There was a lot of people complaining and then they told me since I "missed' my flight I had to by a new ticket on the spot, leaving me with no option and a heafty fee."
缺點: "We had to wait about 15 minutes for the stroller to be delivered (thoroughly wet), and then another 20 minutes for the bags."
優點: "Service on time and on point"
缺點: "Nothing really, had a good experience"
優點: "Comfortable and spacious seats and a blanket!"
缺點: "It was sad to fly for 6 hours and have not even a personal TV in front of me, There was only one per section. Furthermore, there were no sockets, or usb ports!. In long flights they should have better entertainment options and also sockets between seats. Also, their vegan food options are poor."
優點: "I liked the time of the flight, that's about all."
缺點: "Avianca is one of the most dreadful international airlines imaginable. I could fill a book with the problems I've experienced. I fly often on many different airlines. This one needs new management; someone who actually cares."
優點: "Everything"
優點: "she crew was attentive and the layover in BOG was seamless."
優點: "The airplane comfort!!"
缺點: "Food wasn't taste"
缺點: "the aircraft. kind of old"
優點: "Smiling faces,friendly and helpful crew . The flight was a little late, and so we're the shuttle buses. Then almost made up the time on the flight, must have caught a tail wind."
缺點: "Late start, makes you a little nervous that you are going to be late."
優點: "It was hard to not laugh at the gate confusion, time confusion, and clear general incompetence of the thousands of airport staff."
優點: "The crew was wonderful and when I was given my special meal request (due to food allergies) they were able to accommodate me in so many more ways."
缺點: "The boarding for every flight with this airline has been late."
優點: "Food, attendants, seats, everything was amazing..."
優點: "Every thing"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Food service was a treat"
優點: "It was fine"
缺點: "Not very roomy."
優點: "The plane was on time ....."
優點: "Flight was on time"
缺點: "Aeromexico checked my bag and instead of un clicking the belt on my luggage to open it they cut it off. When I picked up my bag at baggage claim at my final destination they didn't close my luggage and my clothes were hanging out!! Ridiculous. Also th flight attendants were rude and unprofessional!!! The food on the plane made me gag, it smelled and looked disgusting."
優點: "Seats were comfortable, staff pleasant, food fine and flight on time."
缺點: "Clear day, but bumpy flight."
優點: "Easy trip to a very nice location, flight time around an hour, very enjoyable as always in Avianca."
缺點: "Cold food and not good"
優點: "The service was great on the front end"
缺點: "Baggage crew stole from luggage. Including a family heirloom that my deceased father had left for my sister. Im about ready to go to columbia or mexico and raise hell"
優點: "NOTHING AT ALL, The only thing they did well was re-arrange my flight itinerary to my final destination in Caracas, Venezuela."
缺點: "2nd time flight delayed, which in this occasion result in losing my flight connection. Poor response and attention from the crew on what was going on No compensation on food for the delayed, now stuck in Bogota until I arrive +18 hrs later to my final destination"
缺點: "We had to wait too long in the bus in front of the airplane, before we could get in!! The bus was packed, so that was very uncomfortable!!"
優點: "Lo bueno fue la manera de organizar a la gente en grupos para que vayan entrando en el avión, y el entretenimiento abordo"
缺點: "No tienen wifi, La comida deja mucho que desear .."
優點: "The Crew is well trained."
缺點: "They damage my luggage."
優點: "First time with avianca. Surprisingly modern and comfortable plane.efficient service. Decent baggage allowance. Took a star off because flight was delayed a bit(1/2 hour) but otherwise very pleased"
缺點: "Never happened"

Rude staff in business class on the flight from Istanbul to Islamabad. (Flight TK0710). Great/lovely staff in business class from Chicago to Istanbul (TK006)

Staff was polite

Everything was good.

The food was good the movie selections needs improvement!

Certains passagers ne portaient pas de masque et ont ignoré les rappels des membres de l'équipage. J'aurais aimé qu'il y ait plus de respect des règles. Grand souci des membres de l'équipage de satisfaire les passagers. Peu d'espace pour les jambes.

Very bumpy ride with lot of turbulence. However, the flight landed 25 minutes early, which shortened the time.

優點: "Excellent service for affordable price"
缺點: "Flight was delayed"
缺點: "Squawking brats the whole 10.5 hours of the trip to IAD."
優點: "The airplanes were nice and the crew was wonderful!"
缺點: "I don’t like it when you pick your seat assignment and you get to the gate and all the sudden they change the seat number. Not Kayak’s fault but Turkish airlines could have done better"
優點: "Friendly crew. Plane well maintained"
缺點: "Delay, poor boarding"
優點: "Service was fine, but we're of no help regarding late arrival and connecting flight status."
缺點: "I will never forget Turkish airlines again. They stole our money. We were at our flight on time but they wouldn't let us board. They then said we were no shows and cancelled all our remaining flights with no refund. This ended up costing us around $3000. We don't have this kind of money and I don't know how we will pay rent next month."
優點: "Friendly, charming and welcoming staff."
優點: "They try hard and have 90% sorted . Ground crew great checking in easy and planes are modern and comfortable"
缺點: "Food"
優點: "Food, entertainment"
缺點: "Terrible check-in (30min waiting), boarding was uncoordinated, and the cabin was probably 30 degrees!"
優點: "overall it was ok but the service between chicago-istambul and return is superb"
缺點: "Just the difference in the service between delhi-istambul and istambul-delhi is so much lower grade than the service from chicago-istambul and istambul-chicago it is a real turn off"
缺點: "Same problem as the first segment (see above)"
優點: "Great hospitality for a reasonable price - crew very attentive"
優點: "This flt was the opposite of our earlier flt from TLV to IST. This crew was fantastic--went out of their way to be helpful & pleasant. They were attentive during the entire 13 hr flt. Food was also fantastic. Restrooms were clean and easy to use. All around GREAT flt. Thank you"
缺點: "I wanted to look out the window while flying over Greenland but we were asked to keep the window closed for sleeping passengers. That view of the northern sea and ice cap is Phenomenal and not to be missed if at all possible!! I wanted to wake everyone up to watch it and they could go back to sleep later...;-) Boarding also took a long time...we left 30-45 minutes late."
缺點: "customer service needs upgrading"
優點: "Punctual in terms of reaching destination, all else average."
缺點: "Less leg space, pantry service below expectations."
優點: "The amazing entertainment system."
缺點: "The smell of feet, and nausea from turbulence after food (not really Turkish's fault). Also, I'm getting too used to the food by now, and it doesn't seem to change much."
優點: "On-time departure. very polite and friendly staff and we got there fast!"
缺點: "Movies didn't work well"
優點: "Fantastic onboard entertainment. Lots of current movies and tv shows to watch. Music was available, too. Even a camera under the plane to see what you’re flying over...usually clouds. USB charging, big screens in the headrests, games, remote control with keyboard and game controller, network cable for laptops without Wi-Fi even. The had pillows and blankets on every seat when we arrived and handed out hot towels before the first meal. They also provided a kit with eye mask, toothbrush, cologne, and slippers. Far better than we expected."
缺點: "We were subjected to at least five security checks after our transfer in Istanbul. At the gate they checked our passports and boarding passes five times before boarding, every carry on bag was searched and every person was patted down. We even watched while one man held up his baby for a guard to pat the baby down! This was all after the security we’d received to get to our gate. So, if you left the gate to use the bathroom, you had to go through all the checks again."
優點: "From beginning to end - it was a great flight. Food was exceptional as well as service."
優點: "Everything- well done"
優點: "This was a normal flight. Nothing out of the norm. good food, and good entertainment selection."
優點: "Timing was perfect without any unnecessary delay in transfer. Crew is quite helpful and food was pretty good for Economy class as was the leg room and footrest. Entertainment was excellent."
優點: "The only thing that I liked was that I got to spend time in Turkey which is beautiful and had friendly people outside of the airport."
缺點: "Customer service sucked! Especially in Amman and Turkey . No one would help you when you need it in the airports and their desks are not open long enough to get the help that you need in Amman. Also, when you ask the information desk at the airport in Amman to call someone from Turkish Airlines they tell you that they can't because they won't come. I hope that this feedback would be used to make the airlines better because Turkey is truly a beautiful place."
優點: "A much nicer 777 on this leg."
缺點: "The lounge at IST is overcrowded and lacks sufficient showering facilities. There was leftover food everywhere that the overworked staff tried, in vain, to keep up with."
缺點: "Had to remind the hostess to bring our meal as she missed us in giving out the meals initially."
優點: "Great experience for my first international flight."
缺點: "I t would have been much better to have a faster check in process"
優點: "I like everything the staff, the food, the plane was very clean and the entertainment was very nice with lot of options."
優點: "Very professional, helpful staff. Clean plane. Great entertainment selection."
缺點: "Nothing to complain about honestly."
優點: "Food and staff were excellent."
缺點: "Boarding area was crowded and confusing and no toilets, without having to exit security and return. Business class was in same lane as children and strollers, which was confusing."
優點: "the crew was wonderful!"
缺點: "the landing was bad"
優點: "Half of the plane was empty so most passengers were sleeping"
缺點: "customer service at,istanbul airport was terrible no help nobody knows English at international airport. all they have to speak is Turkce all the way from Istanbul to Atlanta they serve Pasta. very rode is this the standard of good airline?"
優點: "Seat comfortable good leg space"
缺點: "Food quality and selection of items and taste"
優點: "DC to Istanbul: Good food and nice flight experience. Helpful staff were always ready to help. Istanbul to DC: clean, maintained aitcraft, nice crew, good food."
缺點: "DC to Istanbul: Broken bathroom lock. Not very clean aisles. Very few English speaking crew. Istanbul to DC: Ran out of second option lunch. This seem to happen frequently. Most of the crew members were strangely not around. This resulted in two overworked crew members and lots of trays sitting on our laps for sometime. I was curios what all the other ones were doing."
優點: "on time, fast boarding, food ok for distance, entertainment ok for distance"
缺點: "Crew not very motivated, almost rude; gate at end of airport in Istanbul, ear plugs are bad"
優點: "Had a wonderful experience in Istanbul for my layover. Turkish airlines took care of accommodations and the hotel was high above my expectations. If you have a layover longer than 10 hours in Istanbul and are flying Turkish airlines, they will take care of your accommodations and wil treat you wonderfully."
缺點: "The seats and space were TINY for an eleven hour flight, and I am a small girl. Nearly impossible to get comfortable. The exceptional service was my reasoning for the good rating. I would fly again but will probably pay for an upgraded seat"
優點: "The best"
優點: "EverThing was excelentní bit doménových s feet smetl hořické"
優點: "Nice onboard entertainment system"
缺點: "Extremely rude flight attendants. Did not care at all for customer service. Do not expect western standard service ! Service is 3rd world."
優點: "It is nice that breakfast was served."
缺點: "Gate agents never called flight to board - just played an announcement twice saying it would board in 5 minutes. Free Wi-Fi on all flights would make your airline stand out. You may want to work with the airports to provide your passengers with cleaner toilets at the gates."
優點: "The Air hostess are aware of what they are doing, they can manage extra requests from different people."
優點: "Thats awesome"
缺點: "All personel it was good."
缺點: "Did not have as the flight to istanbul was cancelled and moved to alitalia"








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