同時搜尋數百家旅遊網站,為你尋找飛往 Antilles的便宜機票

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同時搜尋數百家旅遊網站,為你尋找飛往 Antilles的便宜機票




  • 想找便宜的Antilles機票?25%的用戶找到台北市出發單程NT$28,257,來回NT$28,257,高雄市出發單程NT$51,139,來回NT$53,250或更低價格的Antilles機票。
  • 1月、2月和12月是旅遊旺季。1月從台灣出發的機票則通常最便宜。
  • 將你的首選出發機場和旅遊日期輸入到上方搜尋欄位,開始搜尋Antilles最新的機票優惠。




Treated first rate in first class. The crew had such a happy, even jolly, demeanor that one couldn't help smiling and enjoying the experience. Thoughtful enough not to wake us for breakfast when they saw wife and i sleeping soundly after early morning departure. We would gladly fly Alaska Airlines again.


Treated first rate in first class. The crew had such a happy, even jolly, demeanor that one couldn't help smiling and enjoying the experience. Thoughtful enough not to wake us for breakfast when they saw wife and i sleeping soundly after early morning departure. We would gladly fly Alaska Airlines again.

We did not have to wear stupid masks!

Every flight I have American Airlines is delayed. This was no exception. This one was delayed over 2 hours.

Disappointed in the toilet area both flights- filthy and urine on floor everywhere both flights Boarding and texts communications excellent

缺點: "Why did aa.com make a connection with alaska airlines? I had to LEAVE the airport to switch termknals, go through security again, then my luggage never made it to the next flight."
優點: "They crew was extremely attentive."
缺點: "No tv screens and internet was shoddy."
缺點: "I think boarding from rear would facilitate faster boarding And eliminate people blocking Aisle ( standing in aisle and digging In their carryons preventing people From finding their seats further down the aisle. Also people with a connecting flight Pressed for time on their next flight Departure...Should be allowed to deplane first..so they don't miss their next flight."
缺點: "Too freakin cold."
缺點: "They cancelled two of my flights in one weekend. We will not use American Airlines again."
優點: "The Crew was friendly and professional"
缺點: "More entertainment options and food"
優點: "The 2 flight attendants who continued to work this flight were amazing. The gate agent in Phoenix was also great."
缺點: "7 hour delay initially because of a mechanical problem, but massively exacerbated by an inability to find crew. Disappointing...."
優點: "The attendant for my area was amazing. I was in the back of the plane and he was friendly. He helped me look for my power cord. He is an outstanding member of your team!"
缺點: "Nope, this was a great flight!"
優點: "Attentive crew. Traveling with 2 seniors in their 80’s. Thank you."
缺點: "Nothing. Perfect."
優點: "Booked via JustFly.com and I guess I did not read the fine-print. What seemed like a great deal – $475 USD for an off-peak round trip, LAX-LON-LAX, booked two months in advance – was not much cheaper, once I paid seat assignments and, new one on me, +$100 to check one non-cabin-sized bag each way."
缺點: "Please, don't bait and switch British Airways for American Airlines. I chose to fly BA for a reason, but outbound was AA. I know it's a tough job, tending to 300+ passengers on any trans-Atlantic flight, but AA comfort and courtesy were lacking. It was a different story flying home on my BA 747."
優點: "The airplane was clean and spacious"
缺點: "Improve the snacks and the crew attitude"
缺點: "The gate agents called all boarding groups with the boarding queue extending the entire length of the jet bridge and into the terminal beyond the gate area, making us stand in line ten to fifteen minutes longer for no reason."
缺點: "on time, delayed flight missed connection"
優點: "Nice crew!"
缺點: "Flight delayed"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "My flight from Madison to Chicago got cancelled and I had to drive for three hors to get to o’ Hare."
缺點: "Old airplane. Upgraded to Business Class. The video system was not working properly, didn’t show images so it was hard to choose a movie or program. The seats are old fashioned, and so are the pods: not as comfortable a flight as on newer planes."
優點: "good"
優點: "Crew worked hard."
缺點: "premium service was good including extra seat space"
優點: "The food was good....they kept bring us more and more."
缺點: "There wasn't a choice of movies and we all had to watch the same one with the screen in the middle of the aisle. I had to have my head at an angle and it got tired after a while..... We also had to pay an extra fee to choose seats that were together....that was a rip off!"
優點: "friendly crew, good leg room, on time dperature and arrival. entertainment"
缺點: "one of the food items (beef sandwich) has alcohol in it but I was't told so I ordered from my child then discovered it after reading the label."
缺點: "I could tell you how I liked it if I wasn’t sleeping inthe Ronald Reagan National Airport."
優點: "Smooth operation!"
缺點: "Boarding a slight bit disorganized"
缺點: "Too cramped."
優點: "Better than walking!"
缺點: "Extremely cramped space."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"
缺點: "Comfort of plane!"
優點: "The free movies that are provided with the normal boarding passes is a huge plus that definitely comes in handy for longer flights. The staff did handle the delays very professionally and offered to help in any way possible"
缺點: "The flight received multiple displays before the plane landed then once it had landed it took the crew over an hour to decide that it was broken and that we would need to relocate to another plane."
優點: "The flight was short and all went well."
優點: "Getting out of the plane! and the landing was very good."
缺點: "Bad service no entertainment besides a one very childish movie. My tray stayed with me the whole flight, I had almost to beg to take it and never s flight attendant seem happy, pleasant or even profissional. The landing by the pilots was amazing."
優點: "All good"
缺點: "No entertainment without paying"
優點: "Entertainment system Leg room"
缺點: "Just one package of snacks for a 6 hour flight Delays going out of NYC"
優點: "Flight was on time"
缺點: "There was water dripping from the vents. When I tried to inform the flight attendant, she shut me down so fast I couldn't believe it. All she had to do was reassure me that it wasn't a safety issue. Her attitude was like she was tired of telling passengers that it was perfectly normal. Very unprofessional!"
優點: "Knowing in advance not to expect a great flight helped. Paying in advance for aisle seat closer to front. First movie that played over large sceeen was of interest. I especially liked that it was a direct flight to my final destination."
缺點: "Food was terrible for someone lactose intolerant. Flight attendent accidentally splashed used coffee on me but didn't seem overly concerned that my pants got stained. Shared screen entertainment."
缺點: "I paid 800.00 and no breakfast order lunch served."
優點: "Quick time in boarding and exiting plane in Charlotte."
缺點: "Frustrating to pay extra for priority boarding so they don't require that my carry on be checked which requires me to take half of my luggage and shove it in my backpack to make sure that it lands with me."
優點: "Movies in flight."
缺點: "That I was rebooked and lied to at first as to why, and when getting another ticket the the ticket agent said the flight was rebook because "the crew didn't want to come to work". Not cool, I didn't react I simply got my ticket and just wemtnonw but there was no apology like they didn't care what I missed having to be rebooked I also wasn't given any sort of military discount no seats no baggage. Other airlines I've flown the past months always do something for military."
優點: "Liked that the restroom was near by (9E). Liked that there was the option of watching a movie."
缺點: "Didn't care for the choice of shows/movie on monitors. I paid for an upgrade for row 9 - and was unfortunately seated next to a very large man, which meant that there was no escaping the fact that our arms or legs touched. Obviously an older plane, because there were no outlets (again, paid for upgraded seats). Previous flight was WAY better and I was in the regular seat."
優點: "Comfortable seats, pleasant staff"
缺點: "Flight was 30 minutes late departure, and arrival (no gate at LAX due to late arrival."
優點: "Crew was very courteous."
缺點: "Delayed departure."
缺點: "We sat on the tarmac after landing for 40+ minutes."
缺點: "Walking through TSA in San Diego there is an agent picking people out and telling them there bag is too big to be carried on ( the same carry on bag I've used for years ) and making people go pay to check them. However some people are being allowed to check their bag at the gate for free. No one at the airport working for them had any good customer service skills. Wont fly with them again"
缺點: "Old plane with no tvs or power source for a 5 1/2 hour flight. Dirty plane too."
優點: "All flights were on time. American Airlines personal is extremely friendly"
優點: "Great team of flight crew members but boy it will be a long time before I want to travel through London Heathrow again."
缺點: "Flight was delayed 4 hours. Communication from AA on flight status was poor to non-existent."
優點: "Loved that he was upfront with all of us that it would be a bumpy flight after about 20 minutes, which he was correct and very accurate."
缺點: "I thought his delivery sounded a little more "worrisome" than it needed to be. I thought that he could have expressed the same sentiment, while sounding more confident in his ability and more soothing for folks like me who despise turbulence:)"