同時搜尋數百家旅遊網站,為你尋找飛往 科羅拉多泉市的便宜機票

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同時搜尋數百家旅遊網站,為你尋找飛往 科羅拉多泉市的便宜機票











台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場往奧蘭多國際機場的航班


  • 科羅拉多泉市沒有大機場。 而需要由奧蘭多國際機場的機場提供服務。
  • 想找飛往科羅拉多泉市的便宜機票?25%的用戶找到以下價錢或更便宜的科羅拉多泉市機票:台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場來回機票NT$48,218起,高雄市出發來回機票NT$59,868
  • 1月、2月和12月是旅遊旺季。12月從台灣出發的機票則最便宜。
  • 將你的首選出發機場和旅遊日期輸入到上方搜尋欄位,開始搜尋最新的科羅拉多泉市機票優惠。







Great service.

comfortable seat & short lay over

There was a miscommunication between Kayak and Chatdeal. My flight wasn't Haneda-Chicago. There was a cancellation on my Haneda-Chicago flight two days before departure (Atlanta-Haneda) and switched to Narita-Chicago but the Narita-Chicago flight wasn't fully booked even though I got a new itinerary. Luckily, I noticed a week in advance but it might have been a disaster. My husband was on the phone many hours for three days from US while I was in Japan. The flight itself was great but the process was not pleasant at all. Hope my situation was rare and nobody goes thru this. Thank you, Junko Gupta

Service is ok

Only thing i have to said is rough landing and food is not great so does the entertainment.



Same as above

Gate folks had trouble maintaining order during birding. Terrible experience. Flight ok. Food not the best. Deplaning ok.

缺點: "flight didn't even happen"
優點: "Yes the airline co-operating so nice and staff were helpful. The seat was so comfortable."
缺點: "More variety of movies"
優點: "Great seat, cabin crew was fine."
缺點: "Too much confusion trying to just find a shower in the lounge"
缺點: "The flight was fantastic. It was a long flight but the flight attendants took excellent care to keep us comfortable."
缺點: "I needed to change the date of the flight and JAL refused to change it. that sort of made it a bad flight since I couldn't take it."
優點: "All of the crews were polite and friendly, and the food was tasty."
缺點: "If there're more variety of movies, that would be great."
優點: "Great food. Excellent cleanliness"
優點: "The crew was amazing. The meal choices were great !"
優點: "她們很对工作有熱誠,很照顧乘客"
缺點: "已經很不错"
優點: "Pretty much everything"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Food was awful. Huge hassle having to clear immigration pick up bags and check in again in Shanghai."
優點: "Overall is good :)"
優點: "The food on the plane is really good. The airline assistants are very friendly. The whole trip is really comfortable."
缺點: "The travel is too long for me. If there’s a direct flight, it only takes 12 to 13 hours for me to land but this trip took me 19 hours because the weather and they have to change the transfer spot to another in Japan."
優點: "Best service and food among a few hundred flights I have taken so far. CAs were always courteous. They are smiling to each other and looked happy. It was really nice to see that."
缺點: "When booking the flights, I didn't know that I wasn't able to reserve a seat until check-in at the airport. Even usual online check-in was available for my ticket. I might have not purchased this ticket if I knew this limitation. It would be nice to know it at the time of booking."
優點: "Very helpful staff. Easy check in. Comfortable seats."
優點: "I always like to fly JAL because of their excellent customer service. Very comfortable flight, too. Very smooth take-off and landing."
缺點: "Bad seat near bathroom. Smelled like pee entire trip"
優點: "服務 電影 雪糕"
缺點: "飯不好"
優點: "The staff are always very polite and professional. Food was fine (better the past years). Everything was punctual and orderly."
缺點: "The seats were extremely uncomfortable. The gray ones were much better (San Diego to Narita) in comparison."
優點: "Inspire of bad weather, the pilot executed a perfect landing !"
優點: "I had a pleasant flight experience with JAL. Nothing to complain about."
缺點: "I was able to choose an aisle seat but it did not go through. I have to get to Narita to be able to get an aisle seat."
缺點: "Inflight WiFi is very slow and choppy. I wish we could get a stable and high speed connection."
優點: "Smooth, on-time, friendly staff. The food was giid and plentiful. What happened to the complimentary toiletries, though?"
缺點: "Omg did you study how to prevent people from sleeping? If you allowed the head of the seat to go back just 3 more inches i think i could sleep. Instead, i am tortured like a yawn that wont come out, a mosquito in the dark, an itch that runs away from my fingers ... out of reach and just inaccessible. 12 hours of wishing so that by the time i reach my final destination, I've been awake over 24 hours. Im getting too old for that."
優點: "Nicest crew I have ever seen!"
優點: "So much food, great leg room, very comfortable and clean, kind and attentive staff"
缺點: "Flight was delayed by 3 hours!! No info was given why until we got on the plane. We did not know if the flight was going to get cancelled and if we need to make other arrangements."
優點: "Crew was very nice, movie selection was great and the 787 is a nice plane"
缺點: "Not a lot of room to move around (seat size) and need more bathrooms only had 4 for about 100+ ppl"
優點: "The crew was always super polite and looked very professional and overall just great. The food was delicious, though the portions are small haha. I had my time behind and I was super late to boarding but the crew came looking for me and they were super nice. Definitely recommend them. Miles better than China Airlines and any of the USA based airlines too. The movie selection was pretty good and the seats were roomy and comfortable."
優點: "I fly with JAL business class and it was the best business class I have ever experience. The crew was amazingly helpful and polite."
缺點: "I wish they can pronounce English language better. Sometimes I did not understand what did they said. Including the pilot. I don't want to be an American brat, but I did not understand what they said."
優點: "JAL work ethics are what the Japanese excel at, so there's not much to complain about."
缺點: "The same as most other airlines, the seat width and pitch has been getting smaller. Even with seat by the aisle, my elbow sometimes bumped inadvertently a wayward flight attendant."
優點: "Glad to make it to Japan safely and back in one piece"
缺點: "Turbulence"
優點: "The cabin crew was professional, friendly and courteous. It's always refreshing to fly an Asian airline for the impeccable customer service. The 787 left me with minimal jet lag. The odd shaped pillows provided great back support."
缺點: "The seats were comfortable but old fashioned. The WiFi was spotty and it would have been nice to have Asian food options."
優點: "That it was comfortable."
優點: "Boarding was orderly and crew was nice and polite."
缺點: "The person in front of me reclined her seat entire fought crushing my knees and leaving NO legroom, couldn't even use foot rests!"
優點: "Everything was perfect - crew, food, service, comfort, entertainment."
優點: "Seats were comfortable and plenty of leg room. Food is much better than US airlines and so as the service! Will fly JAL from now on."
優點: "I enjoyed their food very much, and the bathrooms are so clean! It made my trip easy. You will never regret using JAL."
缺點: "Boarding was actually good. It was checking your luggages in and getting your boarding passes which was POOR. Passengers on International flights going out of the Philippines are advised be at the airport at least 3 hours before scheduled flight. Well, the JAL check-in counter opened at 650AM for the 950AM flight (exactly 3 hours before the scheduled flight), with maybe some 50 people already in line. With most passengers coming far from the airport, it will be very very helpful if the counter, even at least one counter, would open earlier, so that passengers who came in early could check in early and wait comfortably in the departure area."
優點: "I forgot to make prior arrangements for a special meal due to allergy concerns. I notified the crew onboard, and they were attentive to my issue and helped me avoid certain foods which may cause an allergy attack."
缺點: "The seats felt very dated and uncomfortable. The entertainment options were very limited."

I loved both the ground and flight crews. They're so patient and willing to accomodate us and help solve problems. I only wanted to suggest if they can give us more new or not so new movies to watch.

優點: "The crew was awesome. They went above and beyond."
缺點: "The crew of ANA was incredible. I think it is my best flying experience to Asia"
優點: "The crew was professional and super friendly."
缺點: "Our bags had arrived early, and were waiting at the service station. However, there was no one there in the rooms and our stuff was left outside the door. We have pictures of our bags left out. It’s kind of a bummer that our stuff was left unattended. Someone could of grabbed it."
優點: "Amazing"
優點: "no -all that was amazing was the complete idiocy of ana"
缺點: "virtually everything was a unacceptable starting with the gate staff ..."
優點: "Almost everything"
缺點: "Slightly delayed"
缺點: "Excellent"
優點: "Crew was amazing.Premium economy seats were superb. Food was also good."
優點: "the food was god. the crew was very accommodating"
缺點: "Bigger seat, but compared to other experiences it was very good."
優點: "everything."
缺點: "can not think of anything. Everything was more than i expected.Thank you for my experiance"
優點: "The crew was very good."
優點: "The crew was so kind and helpful, the kind of people I wish that I could have spent time to get to know."
缺點: "It would have been really nice to have taller seats. I’m only a little over 6’3” with shoes on and the seats were still quit short and uncomfortable for me."
缺點: "Movie catalog needs to be expanded"
優點: "All crew are so kind.Great services."
優點: "Plenty of legroom in economy."
缺點: "Vegan food option unimaginative. Tomatoes used in every dish!"
缺點: "Purchased tickets through Kayak on ANA with confirmation. Bumped to United after confirmation. Although I realize both companies are Star Alliance, the bait & switch is unacceptable & I would NOT have purchased these tickets for United. Flight had much more turbulence than my experience on ANA which is why I refuse to fly any other airlines. Will recommend against Kayak to everyone I know."
缺點: "My seat was horrible. I'm sure it was like that for everyone in economy. The seat can't recline putting me in an awkward position for the entire flight. It was a red-eye so I didn't sleep much. Maybe it was the airplane since I flew with ANA last year but with the 787. The difference is almost night and day."
優點: "Flight check-in counter was so nice and accommodating. Makes me never want to go back to rude America."
優點: "Great food"
缺點: "Leg room"
缺點: "The flight was delay .and I can’t able to catch my connecting flight I have to extra money for other connection flight"
優點: "Very uncomfortable chairs. Food was gross, tasteless and dry. Crew is excellent."
優點: "Packed in like sardines with no ability to recline for a red eye flight of 10h was excruciating. Food was not good on this flight though the kids meal was a nice touch."
缺點: "Seats, food"
優點: "Boarding priority with kids, food choices, flight attendant so nice ans caring, kids friendly and child meal is nice and tasty"
缺點: "Very limit kids entertainment"
優點: "Good service"
缺點: "baggage was broken."
優點: "crew from the check in to airplane very good"
優點: "The airline offer a lot of food on the plane including Hagen Daz ice cream. The service was excellent, flight attendances were polite and always smile. The seat was very comfortable!"
優點: "Cheap prise"
缺點: "Food and entertainment"
優點: "The food is great as far as airline food goes, the plane was clean, and staff was thoughtful"
缺點: "The in seat entertainment was a bit clunky"
優點: "Pleasant stewardesses"
缺點: "Expensive lunches, no entertainment unless you pay"
優點: "The boarding process, on-time departure and in-flight service were all great and it has the on time arrival."
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "seat labeling not clear"
優點: "Good"
缺點: "No"
優點: "Good food Stewardesses polite Brought lots of water and juice during the flight"
缺點: "Seat felt so narrow. Limited selection of movies."
優點: "Everything is perfect!"
缺點: "Limited number of movies"
缺點: "The weather made the approach at Narita really bumpy, not anyone's fault. I thought the pilot did a very good job landing."
缺點: "Food was disappointing for business class ticket. Seats did not recline all of the way."
缺點: "No individual air conditioning. Centralized AC got hot. Old plane 777 Once I got to lax, there were no guide on getting to domestic connecting flight (united). After getting pampered with awesome ANA service, you get slapped with horrible united customer service."
優點: "From communication on flight details to boarding to in-flight comfort, ANA rocked. The staff was so kind, seeing that we had what we needed. I didn't feel like a liability at all, and I think their approach to the work ensured a great flight experience for everyone."
優點: "I could upgrade my seat from a regular economy seat to a premium economy seat about 24 hours in advance. The flight attendants were generally attentive and thanks to the kindness of my ajacent passenger to my left, I could sometimes go to restrooms."
缺點: "I usually take an aisle seat, but it was not available this time. Furthermore, my ajacent passenger to my right hand side had cold and often coughed and I myseld caught cold from him during this flight...."
優點: "2 inches more legroom in economy than other airlines on that route."
優點: "It was clean and nice"
優點: "The icecream"
缺點: "There was only one choice of meal left when they gave it to me:("
優點: "The airline gave us pillows and a small cover"
缺點: "The food was nasty, and no air circulation plus so hot in there"
優點: "Excellent service and flight experience!! Thank you."
缺點: "NA"
優點: "Comfortable flight and cabin crew were very good"
優點: "n/a"
缺點: "The captain failed to update the passengers and crew of significant change in flight path and delay. The flight flew off course for almost 30 minutes, while the flight attendants required everyone to remain seated due to supposed turbulence. We felt no turbulence for almost 25 mins. No update was given to passengers while we flew far off course. I motioned to the flight attendant, who was seated due to turbulence warning, to ask why we were off-course, but she could not get up. Many passengers were pointing to the flight path animation, to point out that we were flying straight north, instead of southeast. The flight attendant then called the captain for an update, and then the captain finally made an announcement about weather delays around shanghai."
優點: "I could not rate food and entertainment higher as food was not served and there was no entertainment."
優點: "Late departure but kept informed. Food good."
優點: "電影還算新,餐點內容ok。"
缺點: "耳機聲音轉小,但是機內廣播超大聲,透過耳機都覺得耳朵快爆掉,又不能調整,代表機內廣播音量和電影音量設定不對。 派餐太慢,我們水果餐先取得,但跳過我們沒有給飲料。 入境單要2張(我和同伴),只給1張,說晚點給,但是後面座位的人卻有取得,又一直沒有送來,再要求後,才告知已經派送完畢,要我們落地再寫。"
優點: "the noodle snack and food was good"
缺點: "more leg room would be nice on a long flight"
缺點: "Delayed too much except that, everything was good"
優點: "When do you need help they always happy Helping"
缺點: "The best"
優點: "Crew was courteous."
缺點: "Seat needs to be much roomier. Entertainment and Food should be good and more options."
優點: "Very good"
缺點: "Very good"
優點: "Delay"
缺點: "Don't delay"
缺點: "Seat was very uncomfortably"
缺點: "空調比較熱"
缺點: "機上娛樂系統壞了"
優點: "Crew is very good and efficient, generally very friendly and helpful. Seats are fairly spacious and comfortable. The flight was only slightly delayed. Food and drinks are quite readily available. Meal quality is nothing amazing, but it's definitely not bad."
優點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "The breakfast vegetarian food didn’t have any taste! Serve some real food!"
優點: "機組服務人員親切"
缺點: "近兩年來,每五次搭乘有四次延誤,真不知道是什麼問題,從來不說明,就是讓乘客空等。"
缺點: "short hall business class not comfortable - flight delayed as usual"
缺點: "flight delayed as usual"
優點: "Good"
缺點: "Even though our baby has broken leg our stroller was not delivered to Hongkong so we had to carry our baby whole afternoon on hands..also after arrival from Hongkong to DPS Bali one of our suitcases was destroyed- very bad experience"
缺點: "90 minutes delayed"
優點: "整體舒服,安心"
缺點: "去程和回程的機內椅下,餐枱十分污穢,似乎沒有人做清潔,厠所殘舊,污糟,衛生程度比廉航差! 回程在墨爾本check in 時要自助都沒有問題,但詢問地勤問題時十分不友善! 這次國泰給我的印象完全難以想像的差!"
優點: "The crew was readily available and was able to assist with everything needed"
缺點: "A few times my television froze and it was restarted by the crew, but unfortunately the problem persisted."
優點: "The crew was so polite and kind!"
缺點: "I had no problems"
優點: "Quick check in. Courteous."
優點: "All the flights had bad Kosher food"
缺點: "Liked everything"
優點: "Smooth boarding"
缺點: "Air hostess did not offer hot drinks"
優點: "The staff and there were great movies on the flight."
缺點: "That you had to special order vegetarian options or they wouldn’t have any sometimes, and I couldn’t online check in so I couldn’t make the special order."
缺點: "The crew service very lack"
優點: "早餐是粥 很棒"
缺點: "位置很小"
缺點: "Didn’t like the seating arrangement. The check in counter was unwilling to accommodate us, even when we tried to check in four and half hours prior departure. We were unable to seat together for the long flight. On the plane, I noticed 2 family members travel together got aisle seat. I was really disappointed that Cathy Pacific allowed passengers pre-select seat in this method and has no authority or unwilling to accommodate others that flight together. Will not flight Cathy Pacific again."
優點: "Boeing 777 had an upgrade on the video display software, making for a more manageable video experience. It's easier to navigate because of the ability to close screens and go back to the screen you were on, rather than having to start over each time."
缺點: "I received a polite e-mail and a text message an hour or two later indicating that my flight from Taipei to HongKong had been delayed. It took a login to the Cathay Pacific web site to figure out that with the rescheduled time, I would miss my connecting flight from HongKong to Boston if I didn't change anything. I managed to sort it out, though it took using my cell phone to place an international call to the HongKong Cathay Pacific office to get me on an earlier flight. I don't think this is an acceptable level of service -- had I not had WiFi access or an international capable cell phone, I would have been stranded in Taipei or HongKong an extra day. I think CP could have done more to notify and help remediate the situation knowing the implication of the rescheduled flight. Food also remains mediocre, though slightly better."
優點: "晚餐有雪糕食"
優點: "Little more leg room! A good flight overall"
缺點: "Flying time too long!"
優點: "Comfortable Economy class on A330. Adequate seating and a good breakfast pastry for a short duration flight."
缺點: "Older entertainment system but not a big issue on a short flight."
優點: "Food was great. Crew nice"
缺點: "All good"
優點: "very accommodating, I don,t know that hand carry bags changed to smaller size now, they helped me checked it in for free. I travel to the Phillippines every year ,I will fly w/ Cathay Pacific from now on. THANK YOU"
優點: "Overalll the flight was okay and the company crew is very helpful!"
缺點: "The only problem is if you need to go in the first flight at 6am to Hong-Kong.... they will only open the check in at 4:30 and usually you find a big waiting line. You won’t have time to do anything stead check in, go directly to inspection, after to migration to finally go straight ahead to the gate to hopefully have time to enter in the flight... to tide"
缺點: "Flight was absolutely packed"
優點: "The seats were comfortable in both flight , HK airport is clean , washroom are clean ,"
缺點: "The costumer service of pasific airline in HK airport and in Perth airport , were not skilled , I asked them many time if they can help me in my 10 hrs waiting time in HK airport with a food voucher or access to their lounge for rest and fresh in up , they said you bought your ticket this way and you accepted it , no voucher no access to lounge unless if you are business or first class !!"
優點: "整体都可以"
缺點: "早餐很一般"
優點: "very comfortable."
優點: "空中服務員Janice服務親切、細心,笑容滿面,給我一程愉快的飛行體驗!"
缺點: "名古屋中部機場Delay!"
缺點: "No in-flight WiFi was disappointing."
優點: "There is actually meal between hkg and TPE. This is new."
缺點: "The cabin is just too warm."
缺點: "Flight delayed by 4 hrs. Food was horrendous."
缺點: "Treatment by EVA staff when trying to transit from Kaohsiung to Shanghai flight. Very incompetent. Take 90 minutes for them to figure out how I can make simple transit. Terrible."
優點: "On time"
優點: "The flight attendance were polite and helpful. They are very generous in pouring the red wine for the passengers. Food/beverages are fine as compared with other cross Atlantic airlines. The captain was very pleasant during his in-flight announcements; complete and thorough. The bathrooms were quite clean."

The flight was perfect. From all companies who are using 737 (around 20 companies), Turkish Airlines was the best in my life!

I think they are doing a great job in maintaining customer experience. I am satisfied and look forward to fly with them again. But they need to train the crew to be more polite while they speak English.

Checking in was horrible

Cheaper price compare to Emirates and Qatar.

優點: "Sits are very comfortable and the food is amazing."
缺點: "The door from the US plane was closed in front of our nose and the staff was extremely rude.In Boston the Turkish Airlines representative from the luggage transfers didn't have a clue what he's doing. It was a complete disaster. So, the 1:10hrs between Cluj and Istambul is not enough for an US flight. You guys must schedule more time so people can get to the US plane on time. The Airline is amazing, good food, good crew, great sits, but please work on this schedule because it's so exhausting to stay an additional 11 hours on the road."
優點: "Crew was excellent, meals were excellent."
缺點: "More seating space but that won't happen."
優點: "They were helpful"
缺點: "The entertainment services on the plane"
缺點: "Food in TK used to be great... not anymore!"
優點: "Plenty of films."
缺點: "Cabin was too hot."
優點: "Liked that in this day's of cost cutting by most airlines, Turkish decided to win customers with Quality! Premium liquid soap, cologne and moisturizer in the lavatories, fresh seafood in ordered special meals, friendly service and good entertainment. Thank you! Didn't expect..."
優點: "Every thing amazing"
缺點: "This trip really excellent Thank you Turkish Airlines"
優點: "Over all good service."
缺點: "Passenger seats. Very uncomfortable need more legs room and more padding."
優點: "Entertainment, and crew was nice"
缺點: "Seats and food. I had a dietary restriction (no dairy). But instead of giving me poached chicken and boiled potatoes be more creative and put more flavour. It’s lactose free not flavour free"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Turkish want more money for changing the date"
優點: "Good service good food and entertainment system worked well."
缺點: "They need to update the airplanes."
優點: "I like the service and caring help of onboard staff of THY"
缺點: "I don’t like dealing with THY on ground and internet staff. They should be more helpful in all instances"
優點: "Friendliness of crew, hot towel, great food, cologne in washrooms."
缺點: "My seat did not roll back. The movie choices could have been greater."
優點: "The service, food,seats,crew,hot towel, slippers & more."
缺點: "Nothing. Everything was great!"
優點: "2nd time with Turkish Airlines; no concerns. Everything handled timely and professionally."
缺點: "Delhi International Airport: Unhelpful representatives at both: Baggage Claim and at Operations center."
缺點: "We didn't get anywhere cause we didnt have visas."
優點: "Crew and the food"
缺點: "That the WiFi didn’t work."
優點: "Again a good solid basic service with good food well prepared and agreeably served by a pleasant staff. Thank you"
缺點: "Planes are a little small for a fairly long haul business service. Nice but small - so basic amenities."
優點: "including new releases"
優點: "Very uncomfortable seat. Very narrow walk way to lavatory."
缺點: "The broke my baggage. I have been flying a lot lately and never had any issues until I flew with Turkish Airlines. They are incredibly unorganized, late, gave headphones just so I could watch a map since nothing else was being played for some reason, etc. I won't be flying them again."
優點: "Busy flight with many kids and the entire crew was friendly and professional with service."
優點: "Crew was very helpful and everything was good"
缺點: "Lost my baby stroller and didn't found when arrived"
優點: "Food, crew"
缺點: "The flight was delayed 1.5 hours so we missed our connection."
優點: "The care taken to wrap the electronic equipment you were mandated to confiscate. That part was handled well"
缺點: "Retrieving the electronic equipment was a chaotic nightmare. There was no order. There were two lines where passenger did line up in than others cut the line claiming they had connecting flights. Those in charge never verified whether they were connecting to another flight. Never asked for their boarding pass. I heard some laughing saying they did no have connecting flights. I better job and method of handling this situation is needed as long as the ban is in effect. Otherwise, Turkish airlines is fine. My wife and I have traveled most airlines and travel extensively. So, we are aware of good service and bad. Your service minus the electronic equipment is good."
優點: "This had to have been the best flight I ever had the attendents cater to you every need"
缺點: "seats in economy far too close together ... nose to back of seat in front of me about 9 inches. when seat back was back."
優點: "Comfortable and nice people"
優點: "the crew was wonderful!"
缺點: "the landing was bad"
優點: "Food and service"
優點: "Service"
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "Never again shame Missed connexion in Istanbul no service awful and lack of respect no more such a disaster no Thanx 3rd and last time"
缺點: "Well our flight wasn't until 4:30 am and we couldn't go into the airport until 1am. So we were sitting outside in the heat for 8 hours until they would let us in."
優點: "short, so the missing entertainment system id forgivable. The crew is super,"
缺點: "legs space, legs space and legs space. I will hesitate to pick up turkish only because of tha"
優點: "The flight was on time, lots of amenities, comfortable seats"
缺點: "The flight attendants weren't personable on any of the flights. I'm 6 months pregnant and randomly get hungry. There are snacks like muffin available "anytime" On our long flight from Atlanta to Paris I pressed the button 3 times to see if I could get a muffin, but the attendant alert was turned off remotely and no one came to check on me. Thank God it wasn't some sort of emergency."
優點: "The staff were helpful, the food was it's usual high quality and it was possible to grab a a snack or drink during flight if you wanted one without bothering the flight crew"
缺點: "I found the announcements at the start of the flight a little annoying as they were timed to continually interrupt the films I'd chosen, but I prefer that to not being able to start a film while taxiing."
優點: "they are good thank you very mush"
優點: "I didn't like what airline did to my mother-in-law was here arrive at JFK an hour before her flight left because another airline counter day or late day since she was a no-show when the plane is still sitting there and she was there an hour before the plane left I would never fly this airline and I will let everyone know that this is the most corrupt airline out there"
缺點: "I didn't like what airline did to my mother-in-law was here arrive at JFK an hour before her flight left because another airline counter day or late day since she was a no-show when the plane is still sitting there and she was there an hour before the plane left I would never fly this airline and I will let everyone know that this is the most corrupt airline out there"
缺點: "I have 4 lost baggages, didn't arrived Miami"
優點: "The food was great and the movie selection was also good"
缺點: "The person who checked me in did not give my boarding pass for connecting flight and also didn't ask me if I wanted my bags for my layover stay inistanbul. Good thing I asked or else I would have been without essentials."
優點: "Everything overall"
缺點: "My lock on my checked luggage was broken and things were stolen, it is quite unfortunate not to be able to thrust an airline with one's personal items."
優點: "I had two short flights with Turkish Airlines and on both flights I received good meals and entertainment. Young children in the seats around mine received shrink wrapped comic books and stuffed animals. Headphones were provided to those who needed them. I definitely did not expect such good treatment on such short flights. I really got the impression that they are trying hard to keep the quality of their services as high as possible. I really recommend these guys."
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "Seats were roomy. Plenty of movies."
缺點: "Long gap between meals, they didn't walk thru and offer enough water or sandwiches. No sandwiches even once? Sometimes cabin was warm."
優點: "Same as above"
缺點: "Same as above"
優點: "Tv screen was like an iPad. Lots of choices and options. Food very good. Staff friendly"
缺點: "Seats were a little dirty especially for the COVID-19 going around."
優點: "Boarding process need to be improved. Seat assignment is horrible"
缺點: "Food."
優點: "Comfortable seats, nice staff, clean facilities"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Nice helpful crew, plane was clean, arrived ahead of schedule"
缺點: "Nothing much"
缺點: "WiFi didn’t work at all."
優點: "Horrible delay with unruly customers on the plane. But the flight attendants did great handling them"
優點: "Boarding and crew were professional and courteous."
缺點: "Media interface system and Gogo inflight app are not synced and I could not listen to the movie I was watching. No subtitles offered for in flight movies. Someone farted before we deplaned and it was quite unpleasant. Also I wish the automatic seat assignments took my height into account."
優點: "Seat was great, complimentary snacks and alcoholic beverage"
缺點: "It could have left on time or they could have told us they weren’t leaving and let us get some sleep."
優點: "Arrived on time"
優點: "Great food and service in first class"
缺點: "Water waiting on table on arrival"
優點: "Full flight, nightmare. No comfort at all. Never again."
缺點: "Comfort on board."
優點: "The food and the treatment"
優點: "I was trying with a broken arm - the Crew both on the plane and off the plane was wonderful"
缺點: "Would like more food available-not for purchase but with what comes with your flight"
優點: "Television"
缺點: "No drinks or snacks"
優點: "The seat back screens."
缺點: "Completely full flight. Rough landing."
優點: "I loved flying delta comfort. I’m going to do it more often."
優點: "Confort"
缺點: "N/A"
缺點: "A 7+ hour delay!"
優點: "Smooth. Fast boarding"
優點: "Everyone is working the gate and on the plane were amazing!"
優點: "Everything went as smoothly as possible. Not a hiccup. Great price, great flight, great experience!"
優點: "I love flying Delta. Non stop flights from DTW to MCO and FLL. The crew are so courteous. Love the new uniforms also."
缺點: "Nothing."
缺點: "Both Virgin plans needed a deep cleaning."
優點: "This was my cousins first time flying and the Flight Attendants made her feel very welcomed. They all were very personable."
缺點: "No Gluten free option"
優點: "I enjoyed my flight! Great movies, good food and I was comfortable. Nothing like First Class."
缺點: "Crew was pretty short with everyone and not Delta’s best - not sure what the story was. Gate staff were allowing people to cut queue lines left and right - why even have the zones lined up if not going to enforce?"
缺點: "Bought a brand new suitcase and Delta staff broke one of the wheels!"
優點: "Every thing good"
優點: "The in flight movie and fast boarding"
缺點: "Couldn't get a receipt for baggage fee"
優點: "Excellent crew"
缺點: "Entertainment system did not function at all during the flight"
優點: "The boarding was easy, crew was super and the travel was awesome."
優點: "I like that Delta is efficient and the service is consistent. I pick Delta because I know what I’m going to get . I like that I can choose the entertainment I want and that everything is at my fingertips including flight info, food and beverage options, etc. it’s relatively comfortable but it’s not near the level of Virgin America or JetBlue."
缺點: "I’m not sure if it is due to LAX construction but it is chaotic at the airport. It is super confusing where you need to go, drop bags, etc. the weird part is Check in was in terminal 3 and gate at terminal 2. That is a long walk back and forth. There is probably a more efficient way of doing this. Besides that, they need to do a better job communicating that seats are changing and not Reggy before boarding. Though I can understand it can get crazy because people will panic but it’s not great heading up to enter in not knowing if you are sitting in window when you picked it for a reason. Otherwise, everything went smoothly."
優點: "Crew was very nice. Flight was smooth. Boarding process was good. On time."
缺點: "Plane was old. Not that comfortable. No entertainment on flight. Unable to connect to wifi. Snack options were not that good."
缺點: "Staff not attentive to customer needs. I asked for a blanket and the stewardess never came back to me."
缺點: "I paid for an upgraded seat and it was still very cramped"
優點: "Great crew"
優點: "Movies"
缺點: "Not supplying headphones Crew not to helpful, one unpolite Refreshments ridiculous"
優點: "Delta is always running behind."
優點: "For the first time in a ling time I felt if I dropped something I didn't have to kiss it goodbye. My knees and back didn't hurt by the end of the fight. I know longer felt like a sardines in a tin."
優點: "Enjoy able"
缺點: "Noise"
缺點: "My bag was damaged when I arrived at Orlando."
優點: "Short comfortable flight.. good entertainment to choose from."
缺點: "Everything was good with this flight.."
優點: "Crew was nice"
缺點: "Always a delay with Delta"
優點: "I fly Delta Airlines 2x a year and if I had to go on this flight experience alone I would never fly with them again. This particular flight attendant. Brunette who wore all red~ like she had a personal conflict with us from the moment we walked on the plane. We were sitting in the back and could hear the things that she was saying about my grandson and myself. She was rude, snotty, had a sassy mouth. I was COMPLETELY APPALLED as to the way we were treated by her. It was a long flight to have someone you felt was bullying you the whole flight to the moment we were exiting the plane. Karma will come back to her one day..."
缺點: "I fly Delta Airlines 2x a year and if I had to go on this flight experience alone I would never fly with them again. This particular flight attendant. Brunette who wore all red~ like she had a personal conflict with us from the moment we walked on the plane. We were sitting in the back and could hear the things that she was saying about my grandson and myself. She was rude, snotty, had a sassy mouth. I was COMPLETELY APPALLED as to the way we were treated by her. It was a long flight to have someone you felt was bullying you the whole flight to the moment we were exiting the plane. Karma will come back to her one day..."
優點: "Delta crews are the best in the US, very competent and they know how to take care of you."
缺點: "Flight delays. And their lousy air miles program which has become very difficult to redeem for travel. Sky miles has become very terrible. Planning to switch my loyalty program"
優點: "Friendly staff"
缺點: "Confusing and chaotic boarding procedure"
優點: "Comfortable seats"
缺點: "Moron putting the seat back in front of me"








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