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同時搜尋數百家旅遊網站,為你尋找飛往 婆羅洲的便宜機票
















台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場往亞庇國際機場的航班


  • 想找便宜的婆羅洲機票?25%的用戶找到台北市出發單程NT$8,630,來回NT$11,697或更低價格的婆羅洲機票。
  • 想以低於平均價格訂機票,應提前最少3星期預訂。
  • 1月、2月和3月是旅遊旺季。4月從台灣出發的機票則通常最便宜。
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Everything was all right


Everything was all right

Cleanliness Help for boarding and sitting Food should have been better

Singapore Airlines are the best for comfort, food & service


Excellent flight. Wonderful inflight service. Check in in Mumbai could have been better but overall 10/10.

If they had fruits as snacks that would have been nice

Direct connection to US. Otherwise no in flight food choice and food quality is poor. Not much entertainment choices and are outdated. I just starved and slept through the flight.

Paid full SQ fare but return trip was on scoot and without any entertainment and no given choice for food.

food comfort chars helpful crew helps with finding or making announcements where to go for connecting flights

Have to stand 1 + hours to board, very crowded gate

The crew was very friendly and professional. The food was great. The check-in process took a long time, more than 20 minutes.

優點: "Crew , amenities and food"
缺點: "None"
優點: "The help desk employees who helped me rebook my flight."
缺點: "After rushing to catch my connecting Singapore flight, their desks were closed and there wasn’t an employee in site. Given that airlines can see connecting fights it would have been great to have someone stay back to either give me a boarding pass or help me rebook! UNSATISFACTORY!"
缺點: "crew isnt very careful in serving the food but its not really that bad. but im just comparing it from my previous flights so i think that group of FA's can do better. And the food was served a bit a late so they dont have time to serve hot beverage anymore."
優點: "Kindy flight attedances,,smooth boarding,,delicious food"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Crew was amazing"
優點: "one of the crew was rude. my spouse forgot to fold-up the cup holder, the hostess heat the holder so hard while walking. I don't know but it appeared as very very rude."
缺點: "Improve the process for boarding people were standing there for 45 minutes to 1 hour. People there needs training"
缺點: "Flight way too cold"
優點: "Crew was very courteous, went above and beyond."
優點: "Flight was very pleasant and enjoyable, on time for both departure and arrival."
缺點: "Meals were served rather slow as we were last for row 45 but there was insufficient time for us to finish the meal, collection of trays started in 5 minutes time"
優點: "This was the most comfortable business class mid haul flight I've ever taken."
缺點: "Absolutely nothing went wrong."
優點: "Got bumped to Business Class"
缺點: "I liked everything"
優點: "Punctual flight with friendly crew."
優點: "crew very helpful with seating service on board also good"
缺點: "head phones for entertainment very uncomfortable Food not to my taste"
優點: "Everything SIA stood for, we experienced it, despite the unfortunate delay which the ground crew couldn't have done much about."
缺點: "Unfortunate delay caused by technical issues. I'm just glad we found it on the ground, instead of in the air. But the delay was REALLY long."
優點: "Arrived"
缺點: "Boarding a mess, 30% boarded as "business". Food terrible. Entertainment system doesn't work on a lot of seats as plane is very old. Cabin crew not able to handle the passengers, delayed in every aspect and forget to serve passengers. Shitty flight and service."
缺點: "Food , both quality and quantity was poor. Entertainment - world movies did not have many choices for such a long flight"
缺點: "I am a vegetarian and they served a chicken piece along with my main course."
優點: "easy check in process and the crew was awesome. friendly and attentive to all passengers. great food as well."
優點: "That the A380 was only 70%full, resulting in me getting three seats to myself. I was able to stretch out and sleep for most of the flight. Food and service were top notch. Better value than Lufthansa or American, for the overall flight experience. You could fly cheaper, but not better, in economy."
缺點: "Though we landed early at JFK, we had a one hour wait on the tarmac until one of the only two gates capable of receiving an A380 opened up."
優點: "The staff was very responsive and the food was great. Ground staff in SIngapore helped me to modify the tickets due to us missing our connection to Phuket. Very helpful. Irene at the transfer desk was an excellent manager. The wheel chair staff was excellent all through."
缺點: "It would be great it the seats were leather so that plane would feel more cleaner."
缺點: "too long a flight 17 hours from SFO to Singapore"
優點: "Crews are truly nice and patient"
缺點: "Crews are very nice, food are not really good"
優點: "Everything was pretty great. Crew is very nice. Food was very good actually. 2 meals with snacks when asked. Hot towels were given a couple of times. Drinks were served and offered throughout the flight. Socks and toothbrush also given. Entertainment was great with a good mix of movies. Chairs were comfy and leg space was ok."
缺點: "I don't think I would complain about the space otherwise except that the person in front of me decided to recline their chair all the way back. It was a tight and fairly uncomfortable ride the rest of the time."
缺點: "Food"
優點: "Crew was very friendly and good service."
優點: "Staff were awesome. given that my wife and son both had food poisoning."
缺點: "But we were meant to fly on an A380. This was an A320. Nowhere near the same legroom. Less entertainment options. No USB charging."
優點: "The comfortable with pillow & blanket given... Crews are friendly & approachable."
缺點: "The food is average taste... a bit salty :("
優點: "Great service with a smile and can do attitude"
優點: "Made Econ class feel like biz :)"
優點: "nothing"
缺點: "Singapore Airlines always boast themselves as first class service. That is just bs. At night when I was hungry, I asked the flight attendant for some snack, both a male and a female served at my cabin said, "we don't have that." I expected SQ staff to serve one step further, instead of stopping at a no. Can't you recommend something? Throughout the entire trip, whenever I asked something, the way they answered always made me feel that I was a trouble to them. Is it because I was in an economy class and that's how you treat me? SQ, you may want to change what you are proud of. It's no longer a first class service, at least not to us poor economy class passengers."
優點: "The crew, the food and the comfort was fantastic. I was in economy and even with a full flight I was still comfortable."
缺點: "It would have been nice if wifi was free considering it was such a long flight"
優點: "Everything else was good"
缺點: "I purchased wifi and it was too slow to load my movie. Ear buds fell out of ears."
優點: "Movie selection, very helpful crew and good quality food."
缺點: "Nothing!"
優點: "I loved the movie selection and the food options."
缺點: "The woman behind me kept insisting that I keep my chair in the upright position. With two crying babies on the plane, I was trying to relax and sleep as much as possible on the 12.5 hr flight. What bothered me even more is that when the woman asked the flight attendant to tell me to put my seat up, the flight attendant complied instead of telling the woman it was my seat to do as I wished. Why make the seats recline if they are going to bother the people behind? Why tell me to put my seat up if it was not a requirement for all (ie during take off or landing)? I did not appreciate this and it made my flight extremely uncomfortable."
優點: "Extremely polite flight crew"
缺點: "-The food was pretty bad -The movie sound quality was bad, and the subtitles didn't work -Not much leg room"
優點: "Overall, the Singapore Airlines team are always professional and friendly. They pay attention to every detail and try to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible. One of my favorite things about this airline is that snack and juice are readily available throughout the entire flight without bothering the flight attendants, say in the middle of the night. This includes fresh fruit and juice, which in my book is a huge plus. Their bathrooms are always clean and include extra cosmetic amenities."
缺點: "Sometimes I feel like the cuisine is a bit too Asian and spicy. I had the fish curry and paid for it later in the flight in the bathroom, if you know what I mean. Also I was disappointed that I could not continue the same movie on this flight, as my previous flight, despite both flights being Singapore Air and using the KrisWorld entertainment system. I think the movies should be the same on each flight. However, the wide selection was great and I watched something else instead and really enjoyed the music selection."
優點: "Fast boarding and crew"
缺點: "Food was terrible even for plane food was unacceptable the headphones jacks are all half way working u have to wiggle the end to make it work the chairs are very stiff and uncomfortable next time looking for another airline"
缺點: "Older aircraft seats quite hard entertainment on last flight to Copenhagen entertainment was average."
優點: "Portion of the food"
缺點: "More food for long flight"
優點: "All was good service, seating comfort and food.."
缺點: "Entertainment content can be more popular in terms of film and television programs"
優點: "Everything was as expected. .sevice, food and seating was good not cramped. ."
缺點: "The seats can be a tadd hard after 14 hours.entertainment is good enough although film and other programs could be better served if if the content was more popular .."
優點: "Crew was friendly and efficient. Entertainment was good though do expect some random editing and bit blocked out. Seat width was fine had lots of leg room."
缺點: "Food was very average - fine just nothing very interesting. Snacks were available. Seat was hard."
優點: "seats and airplane are in superior state"
缺點: "the food and boarding"
優點: "Yes indeed. Polite and listening."
缺點: "Snacks at the beginning, dessert, and inflight duty free."
優點: "The crew were very good and attentive."
缺點: "Although the film choice was ok, the more recent releases were absent. The cabin was uncomfortable with too much chilly air being circulated. Blanket over the shoulders was the order of the day."
優點: "They are friendly and able to be approach when we have"
缺點: "The flight was new."
優點: "Service, food served."
缺點: "Economy class legroom is too tight and not comfortable."
優點: "I Like The Flight is On Time"
缺點: "Don’t really like because I had booked RB from kayak and they never give any e-ticket number nor booked number and made me cannot check in online and need to wait for almost 30mins just to get the check in, Hope when you have a corporate with another online company please let them provide any e-ticket number or booking reference number, thanks"
優點: "Flight attendants were fantastic and thoughtful. It was a lovely flight. Great entertainment options, good food, overall a super pleasant flight!"
優點: "Boarding time was fast, very efficient, food was excellent - much better than the previous flight! Great entertainment"
缺點: "Immigration"
缺點: "Immigration"
缺點: "Change to HiFly plane - noticeable difference in most aspects"
優點: "Very nice flight and very comfortable with extra leg room"
優點: "No problem"
缺點: "Service can b warmer"
優點: "No problem"
缺點: "Service can b warmer Practically no entertainment, just a common screen"
優點: "Crew were ok"
缺點: "Delayed Not enough blanket Seat angle too upright, not comfortable"
缺點: "They ran out of 1of the choices of the meal and I was forced to take the remaining meal which was fish cakes, which I don’t eat. There should be enough food to cater for passengers and regular snacks on board."
優點: "Their Dreamliner plane is spacious, well fitted, not cramped."
缺點: "Unable to listen to movies with their headphones - too much static"
優點: "None....RBA shld give everyone a free voucher. Flight is supposed to arrive at 23:30. We landed 02:15. And they let people starved serving the snacks an hour late as promised. Then passengers were moved from one gate to another. It was inhumane and no explanations at all about the delay."
優點: "Comfortable seats"
缺點: "Can improve food."
優點: "Entertainment is very up to date Crew striving to help Nice all in all"
缺點: "Boarding usually late"
優點: "legroom good despite A320 being much inferior to B387 Found an aisle seat helpful to older passenger flight on time cabin crew friendly and efficient selected fish meal.bangus..very good did not miss alcohol captain spoke normal English happy with travellers prayer good airbridge on arrival with nearby toilets pleasant arrival procedure for overnight stay"
缺點: "A 320 necessarily lowers the quality compared with dreamliner eg access to toilets and aisle width and entertainment system at manila the`woman at checkout spoke very poor english so had to repeat several times... and she expressed doubt about any seat vacant as`i was late in the queue.. she resolved this by passing me to her supervisor no other problems"
優點: "Friendly crew, always available and happy to help"
缺點: "Boarding was late"
優點: "Love the 787. Best windows best toilets, 3by 3 seating. Love daytime travel. Am senior and given bes t possible aisle seat. Friendly check in a t Melbourne. Super cabin crew all smiling and keen to assist...all very smart dress.Good movie selection on average screen. Good service pillows blankets. Above average lunch with quality beef. Good follwup refreshments. Good air quality. Good use of shaded window effect.Liked"
缺點: "Worst was slow moving line at Melbourne. Not enough check ins. Missed the tail and fuselage cameras on 780 and 750. Seat covers look cheap and worn. Coffee and orange flavour not best. Screens not best eg Cathay and Qatar. Women cabin crew good to dress islamic but too restrictive. No t easy th o hear captain messages. Seat design only average. Bandar airport ver y beautiful but need better restaurant."
優點: "Super crew. Boarding full plane very efficient. Airbus A320 inadequte to serve great meal to full plane. Gangway too narrow. Big struggle for cabin crew. Captain message hrd to hear. On time. Good landing. Entertainment bad flip down screens not good enough."
缺點: "See above. Aircraft not ok for busy sector. Eg A330 required"
缺點: "Dont know why I can not choose seat, it automatically give me a seat next to exit and in the middle, I cannot change it."
缺點: "airplane is a little bit old."
優點: "Service was outstanding and i rate them high her than Singapore airlines! Amazing crew who provide regular service With a smile and provide extras ! I cannot speak highly enough of this Arline. They just ooze class!"
缺點: "I was sitting around a lot of families with kids"
優點: "The crew was really friendly and helpful"
缺點: "I didn’t like nothing"
優點: "We were in transit and I checking-in was orderly. Grateful for friendly crew."
缺點: "Not much legroom but understandably as the plane was smaller. No entertainment unit. Very hot, didn't know if the air conditioning was on at all. Didn't like the hot meal much."
優點: "Very clean aircraft, very good service from friendly, helpful crew, entertainment system is very good."
缺點: "Didn't like the hot meal much. Preferred that crew gave extra water during meals even without asking. Fruits should have been offered, too."
優點: "Gave me aisle seat, great service"
優點: "Dreamliner appears to have more room, the seats recline to a greater angle, and it is not cold like a lot of other planes. Cabin crew were friendly, helpful and attentive. The break up of flight legs between Australia and U.K. into 3 legs of 7 or 8 hrs is a great alternative to the 1x9hr & 1x12hr."
缺點: "The entertainment system functionality is great, but choice was a bit poor, although numerous. Food generally quite good, only one meal I was disappointed with."
缺點: "The flight delayed for 5 hours and then cancelled. While I understand this happens, it was completely unorganized. They didn't have any plans to try to get people on other flights (passengers ended up organizing this), they provided a hotel but we had to sit there for over an hour while they tried to find one, and when trying to get flights gets the next day, staff was not proactive...the only way people got rebooked was if they told them what to do."
優點: "The cabin crew were very friendly, organised and polite."
缺點: "The flight was delayed 20min from the outset as the pilot explained to all onboard that we weren't allowed to land early at Dubai airport. Towards the end of the flight the plane was delayed for over another hour as we circled the gulf waiting to land. This wouldn't have been so inconvenient if the lights were dimmed again as it was 2-3am local time and passengers wanted to sleep."
優點: "The cabin crew were very friendly, organised and polite"
缺點: "The layover at Brunei airport was a little boring as there's not much to do for three hours."
優點: "Best crew I have ever had"
缺點: "Leg room is too small."
優點: "Crew are just the best"
缺點: "Boarding was disorganised, excellent service otherwise."
優點: "They were able to accommodate my request to move to an aisle seat"
缺點: "Sticklers for luggage weight and the plane was small"
優點: "I Have booked true which is Byojet is absolutely disgraceful I'll be seekong to recover alm fears gro Byojet they been absolutely Nightmare"
缺點: "BYojet shouldn't be with Kayak get rid of them."
優點: "Short and sweet flight."
缺點: "Very short flight means may not have time for loo visit. Be warned! Use the airport loo before boarding!"
優點: "The food!!!!"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Service with a smile. Great manners."
缺點: "Nothing. Great crew, food, flight."
缺點: "Everything was good except for the food. It was average"
缺點: "I like the flexibility of the staff re changing seats. Ground and air staff were very friendly Flight cost was cheap"
優點: "Everything but mostly the leg room. Not sure if it's due to the airline type (Dream-liner) or just the seating arrangement but makes for a very comfortable long haul flight. Excellent wide screen entertainment system, not like the majority of aircraft with undersized and poor screen quality."
缺點: "Nothing."
優點: "Everything but mostly the leg room. Not sure if it's due to the airline type (Dream-liner) or just the seating arrangement but makes for a very comfortable long haul flight. Excellent wide screen entertainment system, not like the majority of aircraft with undersized and poor screen quality. And unlike previous comments, actually enjoyed the fact I had to disembark at Dubai on flight from Brunei to London allowing us all a chance to stretch our legs, go to the toilet and get a good cup of coffee."
缺點: "Nothing."
優點: "The plane was good, comfortable, service excellent! Business lounge at Singapore airport is excellent!"
優點: "Crew was not very friendly."
缺點: "Checking in for flight was not very good. Counter help was not well informed/trained."
優點: "Passengers and crew were all nice and accommodating. Food was great!"
缺點: "Temperature was very cold 21C but perhaps that is to inhibit spread of germs."
優點: "Not Satisfied!"
缺點: "Need improvements"
優點: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew throughout flight, good plane configuration, even economy comfortable. Really impressed!"
缺點: "Maybe more veg selections on main menu and more/better beer."
缺點: "On time gate opening when landing"
優點: "Time management"
缺點: "More information about the terminals"
優點: "The PAL Pilot and Cabin crew was very attentive and friendly. they showed professionalism to every passengers they have encountered. They were very attentive to the needs of each passenger due to 3 hrs delayed arrival. The food taste really good (Strawberry shortcake + chicken penne with red sauce). The plane is well cleaned."
缺點: "I have experienced 1 hr delay departure + 3 hours waiting inside the plane to land, but it was because of uncontrolled situation (force majuere). but despite of the delay, for me PAL served its finest world class service."
優點: "不錯 但臉臭"
缺點: "目前無"
缺點: "由於 航空公司的錯誤,將行李唔知送到去邊,要滯留在機場,不單沒有提供任何協助,連問需要等多久也黑面"
優點: "No."
缺點: "Checking in was terrible. We had 2 luggage each allowed by Japan airlines. When we checked in to our connecting flight with Philippines airlines, we were told we were very excessively overweight. We had to pay almost 10,000 pesos for the excess weight.What is acceptable to one airline is not with Pa"
優點: "登機"
缺點: "起飛時間延遲3小時"
缺點: "the business class seats were not comfortable, badly designed. also it seems some staff (i think manager) are just sitting around, only one young guy was really doing all the work."
優點: "Completing the trip"
缺點: "Timeliness of the boarding process"
缺點: "PAL is literally never on time. The terminal process was absurd - 300 person line to check in and print a boarding pass. Then it was 1hr late to boars and then >90 mins waiting on the tarmac. Just a terrible on-time performance and inconvenient process that is typical of PAL"
優點: "Absolutely:$"
缺點: "The business seat was very uncomfortable"
優點: "Nice flight attendant. Alcohol included."
缺點: "Snack choices. More tea and coffee"
優點: "nothing good about this airlines they sell cheap fares and overcrowded planes"
缺點: "they do not offer any veg food"
缺點: "The amount of time waiting for our luggage to come out. There was a good 15 mins of nothing"
缺點: "It was all good, the crew were very accomodating and keeping us comfortable during the flight. It became uncofortable midflight because of one passenger, named Rachelle Marie Perez Herrera Lim sitting in 54 B started to complain about one female crew. She was unreasonable, unccoperative."
優點: "Yes crew and plane were ok."
優點: "Currtious attendants."
缺點: "Dis orderly lines. Too many long lines"
優點: "One of the smoothest landings I’ve ever extin my life! The food was excellent- all our children ate from 17 down to 2. We were provided blankets and pillows (which you sometimes can’t get on other airlines). Would fly with them again for sure - great budget airline"
缺點: "We had about a 35 minute wait once on the plane before we could take off. Not sure why it took so long (other than they said we were number 7 for takeoff). Also once we went through airport security and sat around we had to go through security again before getting to our waiting area (or hold area) but we had to throw out our water. Not sure why seeing as we purchased the water in the airport."
優點: "Food was good. My dinner was beef with noodles. Check in was fast. Boarding and plane departure was on time. We arrived Manila Airport 15 minutes early."
缺點: "There was no entertainment on board."
優點: "Luckily we were not on the plane when they announced the 45 minute delay"
缺點: "Lately I have been hearing the flight delays, but dang everyday??? Flight was delayed and announcement wasn’t made until the departure time."
缺點: "Extremely bad experience, the airline rejected to issue boarding pass to us without an appropiate explanation. Never take Phillipine airlines anymore"
缺點: "The flight was 1.5 hours late and when we were supposed to board I was told that the plan hadn't even left Manila. This was at 9PM at night. There was no notice given so we arrived at the airport on time only to wait for almost 2 hours. PAL has a monopoly on the route and charges almost $100 for a 45 minute flight. I understand the pricing but not notifying passengers when a flight is going to be that late simply reflects a lack of concern on the part of PAL."
優點: "Great on-board service. Also, the food was very good for such a short flight."
缺點: "Inexplicable why the counter staff in Taipei would not begin issuing boarding passes until 4:05PM for a flight that LEAVES at 6:35PM! I was very concerned that the huge line would prevent me from processing through security and make the flight."
優點: "The crew and staff"
缺點: "I liked everything. This is a great airline"
優點: "Read above"
缺點: "REad above"
優點: "有腰部靠枕跟毯子很貼心"
缺點: "I had to pay again for the ticket even when I did my confirmation with time."
優點: "Ontime"
缺點: "No inflight entertainment. Very little leg space"
缺點: "None"
優點: "3 meals. Super kind beautiful attendedTs"
缺點: "Nailed in the els How by serving cart while dead asleep!"
優點: "Decent video choices but not great; decent checkin process"
缺點: "No leg room. Bad food."
優點: "I liked the fact that it was relatively efficient terms of service on the plane. Flight attendants were courteous and hospitable, despite the fact that the flight was full. It was also a relatively smooth flight."
缺點: "First of all, it took a very long time to check-in, despite the fact that I had done web check-in the night before. I think a lot of people felt the same way. It took also a very long time before we took off. We were told that it was because of the luggage being loaded but it took almost 2 hours before we finally took off. In the plane, there was a man who was obviously intoxicated and was talking in a very loud voice. I think that someone should have spoken to him about his behavior and proper decorum on the plane. Also, the flight didn't have WiFi working on the plane as well (we were told that it wasn't working) and the seat back was broken. I wish that they had told us that ahead of time to manage expectations. I hope that the next flight that I take on Philippine Airlines will be better. I hope that these comments/suggestions will really be taken into consideration so that they can make their service even better because I would really want to use Philippine Airlines again."
優點: "Efficient airline, on time, easy enough check-in and airport processing"
缺點: "Barebones, no Wi-Fi on plane and no entertainment of any type"
優點: "Legroom is wider than cheap airline, service is better. Ticket price is able to compete with cheap airline. What should a traveler ask more for?"
優點: "Direct flight to Los Angeles is convenient. Overall the flight crew was hospitable. The food was enjoyable and they keep restrooms clean"
缺點: "Terminal 2 at the Manila International Airport is aweful. The redundancy of screening at the gate is laughable. The terminal is too warm and there are not nearly enough seating for everyone at every gate I viewed. This experience alone may influence future use of Philippine Airlines. The flight attendant who served my section never smiled. I was suprised she is entrusted with serving passengers."
優點: "It has a USB charging port, and it wasn't too full."
缺點: "When we arrived, we sat on the runway for about an hour."
缺點: "Mechanical difficulties. 9 pm delayed then new flight next day around 10/11am"
優點: "For a short trip of almost two hours going to and from Taipei, I did not expect to receive such accomodating treatment from PAL. Crews are efficient and helpful."
優點: "Good"
缺點: "Good"
缺點: "Pr896 use small flight with 3+3 a row seat. No video or other media service. We onboard after 2 hours later of the original time because the flight is delayed."
缺點: "Departure was delayed by more than 1 hour"
缺點: "My outbound flight (Manila to Taipei) was rescheduled so I had to make alternative plans. On the day itself, we were told that the flight was cancelled with very little warning. I wasted a total of 8 hours waiting to be put on another flight. They transferred us to the cheaper Cebu Pacific flight that left 5 hours later (at 10 pm!) than the PAL flight. Most horrible flying experience I've ever had in my entire life and I've been flying internationally for almost 20 years. Their customer service is terrible, not transparent and not helpful. They took longer than necessary to rebook people to other flights. Completely horrible. I have another flight booked with PAL that I can no longer cancel, but after that one, never flying them again!"
優點: "the flight is an hour in advance!"

Flight was on time. Food was ok. Seats didn’t have much arm room but was manageable for a short flight.

The flight is awful, food isn’t very tasty or good, entertainment sucks

優點: "Yes"
缺點: "Vegetarian Food need to Improved."
優點: "Comfort"
缺點: "Business class boarding could have been more organized. Was sent to the gate too early from lounge"
優點: "ok"
缺點: "Better range of entertainment as the options were a bit dated and mediocre"
優點: "The crew was very attentive. The pilot landed the plane smoothly. Although had a delayed departure from KUL, we arrived in Sydney earlier than expected."
優點: "Ok"
缺點: "No"
缺點: "Not being cancelled and delayed"
優點: "Everything on the plane was fine, and the service was great."
缺點: "Not being delayed on the first leg and missing my connecting flight to Denpasar would have been great."
優點: "The Malaysia Airlines crew hospitality is world wide known and I experienced it myself during this flight"
缺點: "I sit in 2K of A350-900. Though it is known as a throne seat, there is an error on the installation of this seat. The foot rest that comes up and supposedly joined with the ottoman to make up the flat bed is too long so this seat never can actually go to full 180 degree mode."
優點: "Seats were comfortable"
缺點: "The crew was not friendly, and the food selection is limited"
優點: "The timeliness of the boarding and flight takeoff"
缺點: "The landing. Seemed a little rough"
優點: "The seats were comfortable and the in-flight entertainment was fine."
缺點: "The crew shouldn’t assume that an Asian person is Vietnamese just because they boarded from Vietnam. The vegetarian door was awful."
優點: "Comfortable seats"
優點: "Wonderful Crew- friendly, professional, helpful."
缺點: "Been on time departing."
缺點: "No seat back entertainment. Very old plane."
優點: "Economy seats arent different from other airlines. Flight was good in general"
缺點: "Transfer desk was hard to find for first timers. Send "ask me" staffs to greet on arrival for connecting passengers or info board will help."
缺點: "Delayed for more than an hour.."
缺點: "Food Seats cramped"
缺點: "Incorrect information of boarding gate reflected on the boarding pass for the third time already. And to make it worse, this was the most difficult problem that me and my friends encountered throughout all the flights that we took. We nearly miss this flight as we actually went to the boarding gate that was reflected incorrectly on our boarding pass as stated earlier. There was also an unannounced delay. Flight estimated departure is at 1720HRS, but the flight only took off 1750HRS."
優點: "Can’t find anything good."
缺點: "The airline is protected by the government. Hence there is no motivation for them to improve. This airline is my last choice. My biggest dissatisfaction is the hospitality shown by the crew.. not sincere and in some cases rude... is this the MH - MALAYSIAN Hospitality that they keep advertising? Very disappointing.."
缺點: "Prebooking a seat with Malaysian Airlines requires calling KL office which is always busy. It costs a lot if calling from the US, in addition to paying for the seats. It really turned me off."
優點: "Service is great..."
缺點: "Not sure why all Sabah/Sarawak gates are at the farthest..."
優點: "Attendants were very good"
缺點: "12 hrs in the air!!!"
優點: "Most of it, especially having a meal on such a short flight."
缺點: "Could do with more legroom, tall people exist"
優點: "Crew was accommodating enough to provide for us during this cancelled flight."
缺點: "Better and open communications with what's going on. They were helpful and efficient but needed a clearer and more concise communication line to get us mobilized and ready to go."
優點: "Nice crew and comfy seat."
缺點: "Table tray was dirty and there was old coffee spilled along the side."
優點: "On time. Good food Good flight attendant service"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Canceled flights both directions. Poor airport. Long runway times. When told I was notified about the canceled flights, I was issued absolutely no apologies."
優點: "The first and second flight of the four were on time. The food was surprisingly pretty good- probably some of the best airplane food I've had. Not much variety, but still good. One of the four flights had entertainment, and the movies were of good selection."
缺點: "Planes poorly taken care of inside. First flight back delayed so long, missed our connection. Ended up having to stay in KL, where the hotel they put us in was an hour away from the airport. No direction, terrible communication. The attendant in Bali lied to me, knowingly. I had to miss a day of work due to this. And this all could have been avoided if they would have held the second plane just 30 more minutes."
優點: "the staff were pleasant"
缺點: "the food was ok as I like spicy. But one mouthful of water and a small wine. soft drink, etc was not enough on a 4 hour flight. Leg room was very bad. I am average hight 5 ft 10 inch but could only sit sideways aas not enough room"
缺點: "Food is always the same - soggy noodles and chicken or bland spaghetti and wilted veg with soggy fish. Seats cramped. Wasn't informed of gate change until 30 minutes later. Crew efficient but a little lacking in hospitality department."
優點: "Good entertainment"
缺點: "Check in- only 2 desks open."
優點: "Nothing remarkable"
缺點: "Nothing unremarkable"
優點: "Plane (A380)"
缺點: "Limited choice menu, some minor malfunctioning seats & screens"
缺點: "I was having 10hrs of layover in Malaysia, the airline neither facilitates with any transit lounge, room, and lunch. I am very disappointed."
優點: "Efficient and quick to load the plane and then take off."
優點: "Free beer and wine. For breakfast the egg dish wasn't bad. Good in flight entertainment"
缺點: "Seats uncomfortable after a few hours, not good for long flights. Seats have very little leg room so for someone over 6 foot tall it will not be comfortable."
優點: "Fodo was great."
缺點: "No entertainment system"
優點: "They left on time"
缺點: "Website is a debacle, asked to preorder meals for business but can't, can't check in on line, business menu was limited, what was on the menu wasn't offered. Seats are uncomfortable, short & narrow. In general for the amount of money paid for business, it's the worst yet"
優點: "On time departure, nice aircraft and entertainment."
缺點: "Two people on the same PNR, but seated six rows apart. Say what?"
優點: "my family and I flew one way Singapore to London (15 hours 1 hour stopover in KL) for $1600 (all 4) Singapore Airlines or BA were $1800 per person. they are nicer airlines but not $5600 better. Airbus A380 was a bit tired but service was good. pretty painless trip all in all"
優點: "Clean and entertainment good!"
缺點: "Food is mediocre, even for airplane food."
優點: "Crew was efficient and polite in Business class. Lie flat seats were fantastic and cabin layout was great."
缺點: "Lack of movies compared to other carriers. Lack of food choices. Would have thought there be more local cuisine included especially for a flight emanating out of KL. Check-in at KLIA was pretty dismal in terms of the process - simply had no idea where to go even though I was in Business class."
優點: "Flight to KUL from BKK was a fairly new 737 and had a new entertainment system. It was clean and looked well maintained. Nice ride."
缺點: "Return to BKK from KUL was on a 737-800 that looked like it was ready for the scrap heap. Very dirty even on the outside of the plane. The backs of the seats were torn and spots from drinks and dirty hands on the backs of the head rest. All the magazines were WELL worn and one had gum between the pages. The table top had part of a meal left on it."
缺點: "Only 3 hours to checkin prior boarding for business class. I waited for 2 hours foor checkin"
缺點: "I received an eticket confirmation by email, but when arriving at the airport for checkin, Malaysian airlines did not have the ticket in their system"

The crew is good, but the flight delayed and there is two passengers keep talking during the flight

I don’t fly also same as previous no refund even it’s airlines or agency mistake

I don’t travel I need my ticket back until now am with so many communication daily to get my refund

優點: "the girl next to me was flirty"
缺點: "the girl next to me could have offered her number..."
缺點: "The AC created so much smoke that I couldn’t see the stewardess during the safety instructions"
優點: "Smooth check in"
缺點: "That the in-flight wifi really is free instead of making the passengers to pay"
優點: "The flight i booked has 2 segments and both by Air Asia. However, when arrived in KL, i was forced to exit term"
優點: "Very good for the price I paid"
缺點: "Somehow I couldn't check in online, or at the kiosk. There was only 2 check-in desk for domestic flights in KLIA2. Long lines and waited 20 minutes. Thankfully the staff at the counter allowed me to check in, despite having only 50 minutes to spare."
缺點: "Delayed flight"
優點: "Price"
缺點: "No room for legs Flight was delayed without any information at the gate My wife was at a differtn row even if there was a free seat next to me. I had to pay to next to her during check-in."
缺點: "Never been on a flight before, where the pilot pushed back whilst people were still taking their seats. Not very safe!"
優點: "Old and worn out"
缺點: "Food is not appetizing. There were only meat or chicken to choose from. Need to have an option for fruits only."
缺點: "Food"
優點: "Fares. Schedules. Destinations. More than you might expect for a low cost airline."
缺點: "I got what I paid for."
優點: "Delayed in departures for 30 mins but arrived only by 5 mins late"
缺點: "In the Ramadan month, on board the plan just when time for breaking fast, a small glass of plain water to be given free for passengers on the flight at that time would be a thoughtful gesture"
優點: "Where is my bag. Please find my bag because many thing inside it."
缺點: "Fail tu makesure customer bag arrival safely"
優點: "I feel confident with your aircraft and crew. Very professional"
缺點: "The chicken and rice was not the freshest and although the seats are comfortable they are very cramped for a big falang like me"
優點: "All ok, seriously,stewardesses look great and very charming with her uniforms, very friendly staff"
優點: "Ease of checking in -- and getting to the gate."
優點: "Good music Took off EARLY and landed EARLY"
缺點: "Sprayed the cabin with bug spray"
缺點: "The short space between seats. Hard to get comfortable without room for knees. Have to pay extra for an aisle even if some are empty. Crew doesn't care."
缺點: "One hour delay on runway"
優點: "Captain address on delayed update and get free meal"
缺點: "Initialy no staff at gate to update the delay. Passenger left wondering. Luckly received alert from Kayak.com on the delay. Received sms at 9.05pm after 1 hour delay from Airasia."
優點: "On time (early on the return leg). Interesting usage of onboard wifi to deliver inflight entertainment. The choices of the channels was mediocre. Nevertheless, a good start."
缺點: "Same food (on return leg) with no other choices choice with the value pack add-on. Pasta was overcooked."
優點: "nothing to say."
缺點: "only food that i received the rice i think didn't cooked properly"
優點: "Avoid this shitty airline since it’s NEVER EVER on time!"
優點: "The aircraf was brand new"
缺點: "Delay"
缺點: "The flight was damn cold and freezing"
缺點: "No water is provided on board"
優點: "All except boarding"
缺點: "Flyers cutting que prior to boarding without intervention from air crew staffs."
優點: "Politeness of the crew. Welcoming you with a smile"
缺點: "Delay. So many delay"
缺點: "Delay"
優點: "There was a fee to change the automatically assigned middle seat to a window seat, but it was low: either $6 for a seat close to the front of the plane or $3 elsewhere. It was nice to have those options. First time flyer on Air Asia; I would choose them again."
缺點: "No beverage service unless you had booked it in advance."
優點: "Staff was very attentive and well trained! Arrived without any delays. Everything was great!"
缺點: "More than 3h late, no information, gate close (we had to wait in the corridor), nothing to drink during the flight. And I had to pay 80RM just to travel with my umbrella,"
優點: "very affordable fare"
缺點: "No beverage even water. Bring your own water"
缺點: "No attention to our needs. I booked a wheelchair for my mom from manila to bkk. No wheelchair was provided from malaysia to bkk. I even push my mom in manila airport coz they said they dont have enough staff. My mom had a stroke and she walked all the way in kuala lumpur. What a lousy airline you have"
優點: "Great boarding arrangement for back seat passengers to board first and follow up with front seat passengers."
缺點: "Cabin crew totally forget their priority task which is to Ensure the comfort of passenger. Instead everyone is so focus on retail as well as F&B add on sales."
缺點: "Delayed"
優點: "Everyrhing."
缺點: "Nothing."
優點: "First time I've flown with them. I was very impressed"
缺點: "I liked everything"
優點: "Flight is not so full"
缺點: "So far so good"
優點: "On time"
優點: "Cabin Crew was great First time using the inflight entertainment Rokki. Great job Airasia."
缺點: "Ground check in crew at Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Azureen) was damn rude. I'm appalled with her customer service level. Rude and not helping at all. Worst Airport staff I've met so far."
缺點: "The leg room is deplorable. My knees were continuously hitting the hard seat in front of me and going sideways wasn't even an option. I've never had this happen to me before. I'm a female and 5'9 and this is the least space I've ever had on a flight. So uncomfortable I can't imagine a long flight with this airline, which is good to know because now I will not use them for flying to Malaysia from NYC. Also both flights were delayed by nearly an hour each."
優點: "Surprised to see t&Co coffee is serve, good n keep it up Flight is early 20mins on reaching kl! Very good"
優點: "Just for budget flights"
缺點: "Seats, boarding, delays"
缺點: "Paying for water on the flight? Paying >60% of my ticket price to check a bag? Typical airasia gouging you wherever they can."
缺點: "Flight was delayed by over 9 hours out of Colombo. Missed our connection to Ho Chi Minh city. Colombo ground crew and customer service didn't have any idea about the status of the flight."
優點: "we got to the destination"
缺點: "rude and unfriendly crew. freezing climate. super cramped seating. and they charge for water. it was a human cattle call. horrible."



直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia





直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
直飛亞洲航空 AirAsia
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