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同時搜尋數百家旅遊網站,為你尋找飛往 加拿大的便宜機票
















台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場往溫哥華國際機場的航班


  • 想找便宜的加拿大機票?25%的用戶找到台北市出發單程NT$32,373,來回NT$42,751或更低價格的加拿大機票。
  • 想以低於平均價格訂機票,應提前最少4星期預訂。
  • 7月、8月和9月是旅遊旺季。3月的加拿大機票通常最便宜。
  • 將你的首選出發機場和旅遊日期輸入到上方搜尋欄位,開始搜尋加拿大最新的機票優惠。



缺點: "More water, more comfortable seats"
缺點: "More water, more comfortable seats"
優點: "I like ailes center seat it's easy to get in or out."
缺點: "Should have the option for reserved the seat not only priority travelers ."
優點: "Food was good."
缺點: "Not enough soft drinks and ice has to be asked for."
優點: "Crew was friendly food was great, flight was safe."
缺點: "More room"
優點: "Crew was amazing. But the seat could have been more comfortable."
缺點: "There should have been some Indian programes/ movies. Specially some Hindi movies to watch."
優點: "Clean, kind cabin crew & nice meals"
缺點: "entertainment"
優點: "Boarding services"
缺點: "On-line cellphone app interface in mandarin version could be better."
優點: "Same as the first flight. Korean flight attendants were very courteous and helpful. Foods ok. We couldn’t afford first or prestige class so we have to trade in our comfort in economy."
缺點: "Flight wasn’t as long but if you add up the lay over time, it end up being long."
優點: "A comfortable flight, with fine service."
缺點: "The connectioning flight was slightly late, but just enough to make it a mad dash through customs and to the furthest possible gate on the opposite end of the terminal. Not within the airlines control, but unnecessarily hectic"
優點: "Would appreciate if they can provide a list of possible menus to choose for the meals. Consistencies on bagage claim info, and changes in boarding gates."
缺點: "Inconsistencies, on my way back to montreal from the philippines, i was informed that baggage would be claimed directly to final port of destination but didnt, when i arrived at toronto i had to take my bagage and drop it off again, although my next flight would be with west jet airlines, korean air was not able to communicate well with their airline partners as to bagage claim and changes in boarding gates."
優點: "Crew, food, comfort, entertainment and many good things"
缺點: "I love everything"
缺點: "The only thing that brought my rating of this flight down was the fact that it was so hot in the plane! From the moment we boarded, this plane was, for reasons we couldn’t figure out, stuffy and uncomfortably hot. My pregnant girlfriend did not particularly enjoy this flight."
優點: "The employees were soooo nice and friendly"
缺點: "Wheelchair service"
優點: "We boarded quickly and efficiently. It was a 90 minute flight and they served a sandwich, fruit, salad and water plus juice or soda. Very friendly and efficient flight crew."
缺點: "I have no complaints."
優點: "nothing, i regret flying west jet but i had no choice bc it was the only option for my layover."
缺點: "- boarding was late - take off time took forever (kept circling around) - no entertainment - uncomfortable seats - very loud plane compared to other airlines"
缺點: "Seat room was too small, couldn't comfortably fit in seat"
優點: "I very much enjoyed the flight. The crew went out of their to make you feel comfortable. The food was delicious and more than enough to make you full. I was very impressed with the room between seats. I will definitely fly with this airlines again"
缺點: "Entertainment options are out of date which is painful for long flights"
優點: "Friendly staff, good leg room, pillow and blanket are provided and food was pretty good too."
缺點: "Delayed flight"
優點: "All. The best airline."
優點: "I am big person, and being able to cross my legs even in economy seats is a real relief. Good selection of Hollywood and Asian films was enjoyable. I liked that our flight data was always viewable in a variety of formats."
缺點: "the cabin temperature was a little hot. The staff tunred it down after i asked, but even then it was still a bit warm for me. People who are cold can put on blankets or jackets, but people who are hot can't remove clothing, so i think a lower standard temperature setting would be nice."
缺點: "Flight was delayed for 2 hours from Seoul to SGN. The boarding gate was changed a couple of time, it was very confusing & chaotic. The airplane was very old & the seats were not comfortable."
優點: "Polite, attentive crew"
缺點: "Lie flat seats on the 777 did not go completely flat."
優點: "Business class lie flat bed"
缺點: "The Korean food was not that great. The crew was not clearing empty glasses They served food on Korean time rather than on destination time"
優點: "Had a fantastic time, it exceeded my expectations."
優點: "The meals were really good for plane food, the flight attendants came around often offering water or juice, and really competitive price for tickets."
優點: "Crew is rather polite and courteous."
缺點: "On-board entertainment system wasn't working until 5min into the air."
優點: "Getting preferred seating because we were sky team elite plus members"
缺點: "Exiting the plane in the cold Seattle weather."
缺點: "Justfly has the worst customer service. There is no way to complain either. There is no executive office. They are not on any rating sites. They just don't care, because they are not held accountable for their actions."
優點: "Lots of room, most space I have ever seen in an economy class. Nice attendants and good food."
缺點: "Every Korean flight I had this trip was delayed. Created problems when Korean Air gives you 1 hour to transfer at Incheon. When transferring, all passengers need to go through security again and there are long lines. Airport attendants were not nice and made us ask people to cut in line. After running through the airport, we then find out the plane was delayed an hour to accommodate other delayed connections! They could have told us this before but only rushed us off."
優點: "Food was pretty good too. Great service for the price!!!"
優點: "The food, the service,the entertainment were the best. Every time the bathrooms were used they were cleaned, you never see that on US based flights, ever!!! Food was well prepared and tasted great. Will fly KAL every time I can"
優點: "The crew are friendly, the flight was comfortable"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "The cabin crew was very courteous and attentive. There was a passenger on my flight who appeared to pass out and I was able to observe the care the cabin crew provided him. They acted very professional while the person appeared to be in and out of consciousness. The person eventually became better, but it is always good to see a well prepared crew deal with an issue. Also I am happy they had the bim bim bop on this flight. I didn't have it on the flight I had from Riyadh to Seoul that I took to get out there."
缺點: "The movie selection of Hollywood hits could have been a bit more robust, but it was more that fine."
優點: "The crew is crisply dressed and very professional in their demeanor. You feel first class even in economy."
缺點: "Service!!!! Plenty of crew and they are very attentive."
優點: "I liked that i had two seats to myself"
缺點: "No VR goggles"
缺點: "Terrible service. Old plane."
缺點: "Next time"
優點: "I liked everything about my flight from the attendants to the food. Overall, it was a great experience. :)"
優點: "Service counter check in was very helpful"
優點: "Same as acove."
缺點: "Same as above."
優點: "The beautiful and friendly air syewardess."
缺點: "Not comfortable sitting on the cramped seat."
優點: "Crew was great"
缺點: "Food sucked, small seats"
優點: "Always enjoy the care and treatment provided by Korean Air. They know how to pamper. Thank you KOREAN AIR."
優點: "Good food, friendly staff, great service"
缺點: "The seats could be bigger"
缺點: "Comfortable seating in Prestige class with attentive pleasant crew and nice entertainment"
優點: "My flight was round trip from JFK to Incheon in Seoul South Korea. It was about 13 hours and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The crew was fantastic and the entertainment offered was sufficient. The food was very good for airplane food and the plane was easy to walk around."
缺點: "My only complaint was that the seats weren't very padded. My rear did go numb once in a while and I felt like I adjusted a lot, but I assume that that would have been the case no matter what the seat was like."
優點: "Delays on both legs, but major snow storms at both departure points. Lucky to have gotten out."
優點: "They're live up to their on time promise."



Overall experience from checking in to boarding off - everything was painless and comfortable. Nice treatment. Special meals was good. Nothing to complain about. The seats were quite comfortable and had ample leg room. Will fly again with them,

They are all good,but can’t compare with Japanese airlines

優點: "Every thing in airplane was wonderful. I would like to recommend this airline to my friends"
缺點: "You are best ."
優點: "Crew took great care of us"
缺點: "The cabin was so hot it felt like there was no air conditioning. Please turn up the air conditioning (make it colder). Passengers feeling cold can use a blanket to stay warm. Passengers feeling warm have no solution. I was wearing just a T-shirt and was feeling so warm. Thank you"
優點: "Everything was amazing! Crew was helpful, thoughtful and kind."
缺點: "Nothing. It was great. Strongly recommend."
優點: "Love everything"
缺點: "None"
優點: "I didn’t get on this flight. Due to the departure at LAX. It would’ve been nice to know that this was a possibility before the arrival. Although the ladies at Japan Airlines were able to get me on a later flight, it almost didn’t happen. But the kept making calls to help me. I’m very thankful they were able to get me on ANA flight at 8pm."
缺點: "Communication"
優點: "Great service for economy. Very attentive flight attendants."
優點: "I was on board with my 4 months old baby. The crew was so kind, they helps me a lot."
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "Everything. I always enjoy my flights with JAL."
優點: "JAL flight crew were excellent and friendly"
缺點: "nothing"
優點: "I really got a good deal on my trip's cost, and for the price, all the comforts of a top-quality airline were there. I especially appreciate how helpful and friendly the airline staff were."
缺點: "The outbound flight still had the exact same movie selection as the inbound flight had, even though they were six weeks apart for my trip. I really feel like the movie selection should be changed every month (or even more frequently than that), as I ran out of films to watch."
優點: "Everything, the service and the food is great."
缺點: "Keep it up"
優點: "她們很对工作有熱誠,很照顧乘客"
缺點: "已經很不错"
缺點: "More movie selections"
優點: "The food the service and flight was great"
優點: "The food on the plane is really good. The airline assistants are very friendly. The whole trip is really comfortable."
缺點: "The travel is too long for me. If there’s a direct flight, it only takes 12 to 13 hours for me to land but this trip took me 19 hours because the weather and they have to change the transfer spot to another in Japan."
優點: "The food and movies"
缺點: "The bitchass mofo next to me who took up two seats and STILL kept touchin my feet. Fuckin weirdo man. JA is a good airline, but clowns like that guy ruin the whole flight."
優點: "服務 電影 雪糕"
缺點: "飯不好"
優點: "Crew very polite, friendly and respectful."
缺點: "Flightsame as"
優點: "The staff are very friendly and accommodating. The food is superb. It doesn't seem like we had a long flight because of the great service."
缺點: "None"
優點: "Really nice crew, the flight was great."
缺點: "I think the food made me sick. It could have been the long journey but 1/2 hour after I ate it I felt really sick."
優點: "So cramped. Very uncomfortable flight."
缺點: "How about being stranded at Narita Airport due to bad weather AND not helping your passengers rebook. Told us the flight was cancelled at 10:30pm when suppose to fly out at 7:30pm. No trains or hotels available, only way to rebook was through their phone service? Which didn’t open until 8am. Why not rebook at the ticket desk, guess what? You can’t!"
優點: "Ms Yoshinaga went out of her way to make sure everything was smooth for my experience."
優點: "Service is great."
缺點: "Flight was an hour late. Boarded late. Took off late. Delayed 10 minutes at arrival gate with seat belt sign on."
優點: "Very nice airplane with new technology"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Not many passengers so that I had empty seats and could lay down."
缺點: "Tv stopped working suddenly."
優點: "The flight is on time,service is excellent."
優點: "Friendly and helpful staff, excellent food."
優點: "Clean and nice staff"
缺點: "Seats separated from my friend for 14hrs."
優點: "Service"
缺點: "Food, especially before landing"
優點: "The staff continued to check on the passengers throughout the flight. The food on the flight across the Pacific was excellent for airline food. Used trays did not stay in front of the passengers for a long time. They were removed in a very timely manner."
優點: "Fare price was unbelievable. JAL and AA combined to make my flight very pleasurable and memorable. This first leg, on AA was smooth and allowed me to go to my connecting flight easy without having to go out of security and back into the international section of LAX"
優點: "Very good premium economy seats and airline service was excellent - highly recommended"
優點: "The whole price was wonderful I like everything about it"
缺點: "There is nothing to dislike about the flight"
優點: "food was great movies are updated flight attendants are professional and courteous"
優點: "Great friendly service on jal... my wife and I got lucky and we're bumped to business class. Would fly with them again 100%"
優點: "Service was exceptional and good was good. Everything was to my expectations and would certainly use Japan Airlines again"
優點: "Great vacation"
優點: "JAL ' service is nice."
缺點: "I didn't like MSG in food."
優點: "Great flight attendants"
缺點: "Japanese food not great"
優點: "Very attentive service, very comfortable seats on economy, good food, excellent attention to detail"
優點: "Finally arriving"
缺點: "AA waited 4-hours to cancel the flight with 24-hours to the next flight.. Breakfast voucher didn't cover a third of the cheapest breakfast in the hotel where I was sent for the night. Even the flight the next day, sunny, was delayed."
優點: "Japan Airlines is very good. They have good service, safety, and customer care."
缺點: "Economy seats are a bit tight."
優點: "The 787 was quieter and felt very comfortable. The take off and landing were more smooth than I remember other flights being. The seats were quite comfortable and everything was very nice."
優點: "The food was delicious and interesting. Also, the flight crew allowed me to sleep through the rest of the night after dinner service was complete."
缺點: "I don't recall having seen an option for a vegetarian dinner, either when I was booking my ticket or after I was on the plane. Perhaps I just missed that part of the booking process."
優點: "The cabin crew was lovely and ground staff equally so as I've come to expect from both ANA and JAL. Great entertainment options."
缺點: "I think my negative impression of this flight was more due to the extreme turbulence and extra hour spent on the ground at Narita, which is always a challenging airport. The meals were passable, but hardly anything to be proud of, seats were cramped and flight was pretty uncomfortable."


優點: "The crew was great. I experienced great hospitality."
缺點: "The quality of meal."
優點: "ANA flights are always well run and good enough."
缺點: "Their iphone applications could be smoother and more functional."
缺點: "Cabin to hot"
優點: "Crew on ANA is always the best Also custom check in was amazingly fast, I went to the side custom check in by accident (there are two) It took less than 5 minutes, I didn’t not know I had to fill another card to leave japan but it was super easy as there was a person to guide me + basic info"
缺點: "Other than chairs being more comfortable nothing really"
優點: "Friendly staff and decent size."
缺點: "Vancouverites are a bunch of entitled, self-absorbed twats. Not really much ANA can do about that."
優點: "Comfortable seat & nice crew."
缺點: "Seat booking was not available when I booked on line. Ad some difficulty getting a seat next to my wife."
優點: "More leg room than most flights."
缺點: "Baggage drop after on-line check-in very slow. Otherwise everything went very smoothly."
優點: "the ANA folks at the departure check-in went out of their way to get me on my flight. You see, I got to the airport right before boarding. Their response? They literally escorted me through security, waited for me at the immigration checkpoint, and brought me to the boarding gate! I love ANA! :)"
優點: "There was lots of leg room. Crew was nice."
缺點: "One of our seats had a broken recliner button."
優點: "Very friendly and caring"
缺點: "i can not think of anything. Great crew Great experience"
優點: "Their friendliness And care for the passengers"
缺點: "i can not think of anything."
優點: "everything."
缺點: "can not think of anything. Everything was more than i expected.Thank you for my experiance"
缺點: "Better seats and food. More water please"
優點: "Attentive and friendly service, good food, fairly spacious seat."
優點: "ANA did great on everything I could expect from a flight."
優點: "I would definitely fly ANA again they have a fenomenal service and I love the politeness of the crew"
缺點: "Noisy passengers, no paper towels in the toilets only thin napkins. Limited food options."
優點: "I enjoy ANA and choose to fly with them, normally a good flight"
缺點: "All our issues were another passenger, not ANA’s fault"
優點: "Friendly staff, comfortable seats, able to watch new release movies, good food."
優點: "ANA's entertainment service is quite nice! I don't get bored on the plane. They always keep the washroom clean and I always appreciate it."
缺點: "The flight was delay .and I can’t able to catch my connecting flight I have to extra money for other connection flight"
優點: "Good service, food"
缺點: "Too many announcements the whole flight Wake you up 2 hours before landing by turning on lights, activity (too much time, need more sleep)"
優點: "Pleasant crew, good food. Standard flight as one would expect."
優點: "Service was excellent; I felt well-cared for!"
優點: "Good food. The seats were spacious enough. I used both the pillow and blanket provided. Lots of drinks were served keeping everyone hydrated. Enough staff to manage the needs of everyone."
缺點: "How loud and aggressively the toilet flushes."
優點: "Everything"
缺點: "The fact I had to come back to Canada from Japan. Canada is ghetto."
優點: "Staff were pleasant. Flights left on time. Really enjoyed the ANA lounge in Haneda."
缺點: "The food met airline standards, which are generally pretty low."
優點: "The boarding process, on-time departure and in-flight service were all great and it has the on time arrival."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Ground staff was very helpful, we had an overweight luggage and they kind out provided a complementary package box to redistribute the weight instead of charging us extra baggage fees. The flight attendants were caring and offered great service. The entretenimient system on board was easy to use and had a large library of movies."
優點: "Great service"
缺點: "Film selection is ok."
缺點: "I asked to move my seat to an aisle seat in order to not disrupt a neighbor when needing to use the washroom and was kindly given another seat by the flight attendant but then was later asked to move back to my center seat. Having me move around caused confusion and made a ackward situation for me."
優點: "Great service with professional staff. I would definitely fly with ANA again in the future and recommend them to others."
缺點: "Breakfast option"
優點: "Great service, excellent and curteous. Clean cabin"
缺點: "Food can be improved, economy seats are tight. Movie selection not as vast as SQ and Cathay."
優點: "Most comfortable economy flight I've ever taken, good legroom, excellent customer service, tasty food, best toilets!"
優點: "Aircraft was new and spacious"
缺點: "Crew forgot to ask us for drinks upon serving us meals. I also had to repeat my order 3 times."
優點: "I slept most of the way home so didn`t use the entertainment."
優點: "Great leg room, staff was very nice, food and entertainment was decent."
缺點: "Flight to Japan and to Vancouver was way too hot. Tough because I wasn't able to turn down heat or increase fan above."
優點: "The crew were fantastic and the meals were pretty good"
缺點: "Every time I'm on an airplane I'm seated next to several really sick people.. I know this isn't something you can control but it really reduces the comfort any healthy individual can have. I also didn't like the really long delay for the baggage after the flight. The on flight movie selection had not changed on the return trip which was 16 days later."
優點: "I could upgrade my seat from a regular economy seat to a premium economy seat about 24 hours in advance. The flight attendants were generally attentive and thanks to the kindness of my ajacent passenger to my left, I could sometimes go to restrooms."
缺點: "I usually take an aisle seat, but it was not available this time. Furthermore, my ajacent passenger to my right hand side had cold and often coughed and I myseld caught cold from him during this flight...."
優點: "The food. the personable flight attendants. The whole experience is amazing."
缺點: "Lack of English movies on the ife. Mediocre headphones in business class."
優點: "The service, the plane and even the food were all top notch."
優點: "Japanese quality is good quality"
優點: "Smooth operations, friendly crew, clean plane, free booze in coach!"
缺點: "Nothing really when flying coach. Second meal now like a box lunch instead of full meal. Cost cutting I guess. Seats are small but not as bad as United domestic. No major complaints."
優點: "Food was good."
缺點: "Bumpy ride and no info of what was going on. A passenger next to me took his pants off and was sitting with his underwear. He did put a blanket after. Very annoying!"
優點: "Very friendly and accommodating staff. They were quick to help when a friend of mine wasn't feeling well on the flight. Great service!"
優點: "The icecream"
缺點: "There was only one choice of meal left when they gave it to me:("
優點: "The food"
缺點: "All old movies in English"
優點: "The staff was polite and professional. We have no complaints at all."
缺點: "The in-flight entertainment options (eg. movies) were limited compared with other airlines. However, we appreciated watching the local foodie guides to the Tokyo area."
缺點: "Japanese food served on plane that I found main. course - the cubic shaped meat is too dry and hard to finish.- Mrs. Sun-Hua W. Hsieh"
缺點: "Boarding was disorganized. Otherwise everything was good"
優點: "Cathay Pacific continues to delivery a stellar experience in first class even on shorter legs such as the soon to be discontinued New York to Vancouver flight (888/865). They even brought back Krug, which they opened on the ground no less in New York, and offer access to AA Flagship Dining at JFK which itself offers flagship dining."
優點: "電影還算新,餐點內容ok。"
缺點: "耳機聲音轉小,但是機內廣播超大聲,透過耳機都覺得耳朵快爆掉,又不能調整,代表機內廣播音量和電影音量設定不對。 派餐太慢,我們水果餐先取得,但跳過我們沒有給飲料。 入境單要2張(我和同伴),只給1張,說晚點給,但是後面座位的人卻有取得,又一直沒有送來,再要求後,才告知已經派送完畢,要我們落地再寫。"
缺點: "Hi do veg meal could have been better and communication about my bags could have been better ."
缺點: "Delayed too much except that, everything was good"
優點: "When do you need help they always happy Helping"
缺點: "The best"
優點: "the crew was professional and efficient on board the plane."
缺點: "seat space was tight. it was hard to get comfortable"
缺點: "Shopping items available."
缺點: "Customer service from the cathy pacific crew are not good at all.. I flight business to and from asia to the USA at least 3-4 times a year.. cathy pacific was such a disappointment.."
優點: "The crew was fantastic."
缺點: "Entertainment is out of date and difficult to use."
缺點: "I booked a window seat, got a middle seat."
缺點: "Seat was very uncomfortably"
缺點: "空調比較熱"
缺點: "機上娛樂系統壞了"
優點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"
優點: "Yes all of the above"
缺點: "None"
缺點: "The breakfast vegetarian food didn’t have any taste! Serve some real food!"
缺點: "Not sure why we left and arrived so late, but it was annoying to miss the last flight out of Vancouver to my destination and have to find a hotel and stay the night. I guess lesson learned on expecting flights to always be on schedule. Sometimes things happen and they’re not."
優點: "機組服務人員親切"
缺點: "近兩年來,每五次搭乘有四次延誤,真不知道是什麼問題,從來不說明,就是讓乘客空等。"
優點: "The crew is amazing. Particularly the FA in our section was amazing."
缺點: "No outlet charging for smartphone. Only USB charging was available."
優點: "Good"
優點: "Seat and legroom ok. Seats are on the narrow side if you have a large person beside you. Supper was excellent. Breakfast so so."
優點: "I really enjoy this airline. The flight was good with good entertainment system. I like the provided pillow and blanket and they make sure the cabin is dark and quiet for sleeping. Food is decent with generous amounts and snacks always available to go and grab."
缺點: "I was fairly squished on this flight at 6'2" with my knees almost touching the seat in front of me. I had more space on another Cathay flight and I think I had a seat in the same class. I took off my shoes and that helped me get a little more room to spread my feet/legs out to get comfortable."
優點: "Airport checkin crew sucked, in-flight crew were fantastic!!"
缺點: "They made me check my carry on for a flight that was MAYBE 50% full... ANd If the ground handlers were actually awake when we landed in Vancouver... took 43 minutes for the first 5 bags to come out.... and another 7 minutes before anymore... WTAF!??"
優點: "整體舒服,安心"
缺點: "去程和回程的機內椅下,餐枱十分污穢,似乎沒有人做清潔,厠所殘舊,污糟,衛生程度比廉航差! 回程在墨爾本check in 時要自助都沒有問題,但詢問地勤問題時十分不友善! 這次國泰給我的印象完全難以想像的差!"
優點: "The crew was average. Few of them were hospitable and friendly."
缺點: "After allowing first and business class passengers if boarding is done from the tail end that makes things easier and less messy or chaotic. Many airlines does that way and it seems very much civilized approach."
優點: "The crew was so polite and kind!"
缺點: "I had no problems"
優點: "Really good flight, no complaints here. Friendly and efficient staff."
優點: "Handing our menus in economy class was a nice touch. Service on board was very attentive."
優點: "Food"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Some of the staff were very nice. the plane was not full so was able to sleep whole flight."
缺點: "The flight was delayed 1 hour. we get on plane. then an announcement that in previous flight plane hit a bird so they needed to dissemble the plane. we got off plane at 11:26 pm. waited there. received a text announcement it would leave now at 2 am. the staff on site did not announce this information till 12:45 am. we waited and then got good news flight was going to take off. not in a logical way the plane took off all our luggage off the plane. and then could not add our luggage back on to the plane because tsa was now closed. so paperwork for getting luggage was poorly committed. not bright people. I hope my luggage arrives like they say a day later."
優點: "The food was delicious! And they had a great selection of drinks at no additional price. The crew was very professional and welcoming. Overall so much better than any American airline I have flew with."
缺點: "Would be amazing to have a little more room in the economy seats!"
優點: "Excellent service for wheelchair passengers"
缺點: "Turbulence"
缺點: "Flight delayed 13 hours"
優點: "Staff was welcoming, everything was well organised, food was good. Journey was comforatable ."
缺點: "More choices foe veg meals"
優點: "早餐是粥 很棒"
缺點: "位置很小"
缺點: "Didn’t like the seating arrangement. The check in counter was unwilling to accommodate us, even when we tried to check in four and half hours prior departure. We were unable to seat together for the long flight. On the plane, I noticed 2 family members travel together got aisle seat. I was really disappointed that Cathy Pacific allowed passengers pre-select seat in this method and has no authority or unwilling to accommodate others that flight together. Will not flight Cathy Pacific again."
優點: "Boeing 777 had an upgrade on the video display software, making for a more manageable video experience. It's easier to navigate because of the ability to close screens and go back to the screen you were on, rather than having to start over each time."
缺點: "I received a polite e-mail and a text message an hour or two later indicating that my flight from Taipei to HongKong had been delayed. It took a login to the Cathay Pacific web site to figure out that with the rescheduled time, I would miss my connecting flight from HongKong to Boston if I didn't change anything. I managed to sort it out, though it took using my cell phone to place an international call to the HongKong Cathay Pacific office to get me on an earlier flight. I don't think this is an acceptable level of service -- had I not had WiFi access or an international capable cell phone, I would have been stranded in Taipei or HongKong an extra day. I think CP could have done more to notify and help remediate the situation knowing the implication of the rescheduled flight. Food also remains mediocre, though slightly better."
優點: "晚餐有雪糕食"
優點: "Very quiet (A350), good crew who helped direct those unused to flying to the correct class. Good seat comfort and food, very good good entertainment. Toilets were cleaned periodically during the flight."
缺點: "Rather a wait for the toilets at times - not the most efficient layout and not that close to Premium Economy seating."
優點: "Average flight. Nothing special. Pleasant flight crew."
缺點: "Baggage was delayed."
優點: "We were lucky the flight wasn't full. Had decent leg room using three seats for the two of us."
缺點: "Had entertainment without downloading the WestJet app and/or payoff for stuff."
優點: "整体都可以"
缺點: "早餐很一般"
優點: "Mostly the amazing staff on the airplane... I'm pregnant and the staff at JFK were very unpleasant and rude."
缺點: "Staff and tsa at JFK"
優點: "空中服務員Janice服務親切、細心,笑容滿面,給我一程愉快的飛行體驗!"
缺點: "名古屋中部機場Delay!"
優點: "There is actually meal between hkg and TPE. This is new."
缺點: "The cabin is just too warm."
優點: "The food - best in the sky"
缺點: "Cathay's business class seats are not as wide at Singapore Airlines'' business class seats"
優點: "On time"
優點: "Service was great."
缺點: "Another passenger request me move to a window seat from a front row with leg room seat and it was hard for a big guy to go to and from washroom. Plane was hot and sweat throughout the flight making it very uncomfortable. Ran out of food choices for breakfast really fast."

之前由於疫情的關係,打算不在飛行中用餐,但是到了機場,發現其實情況沒有想像中嚴重,所以現場請check in 服務台的服務員幫忙訂奶蛋素餐,但是我也明白時間太趕,可能沒辦法。所以心想:有就感恩,沒有也能夠理解。 結果,飛機上某位空服員自願把自己的餐點給我吃,讓我既不好意思,但是也非常感動。 感謝他們的貼心和用心。


缺點: "Good everything"
優點: "機組服務人員很週到"
缺點: "沒有"
缺點: "Leg room in economy is just tight"
優點: "Food on flight was decent. Hotel was nice, buffet breakfast was good!"
缺點: "Screens were better on the flight from Vancouver to Taipei."
優點: "Kind workers and excellent food"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "服務人員非常親切"
缺點: "飛機非常的舊,食物不好吃,感覺有跳蚤"
優點: ",很舒適餐點很棒服務很好"
缺點: "希望班機準時開行"
缺點: "食物沒有很美味,希望可以改善 !"
缺點: "雞肉餐雖然肉不多,飯很多,但是有些飯粒生硬不熟。"
缺點: "太擁擠,太多航班共乘"
缺點: "耳機很不舒服 餐點"
優點: "Friendly crew. Good entertainment options."
缺點: "航班太少. 可以增加多ㄧ點航班"
優點: "Friendly and attentive flight attendants."
缺點: "Food and quality of entertainment screen for economy."
優點: "Excellence in crew's attitude, promptness in service, very courteous."
缺點: "A bit more bathroom diligence would have been nice, but the passengers seemed quite messy."
優點: "座位舒適,食物好吃,服務人員很有禮貌"
缺點: "沒有"
缺點: "飞机check in always late,机上根本连一人一部电視机都沒有,更何況别希望要看任何电影,食物差。 Tinawaty"
優點: "Large screen, plenty toilets, good leg room, kind stewardess, great handicap assistants"
缺點: "Food can be better"
優點: "餐點很美味"
缺點: "航班的飛機窗有點髒,玻璃上面有上一位旅客留下的油漬"
優點: "Excellent customer service with every question"
缺點: "One hour departure delay due to technical checkup but I’m glad they fixed it prior to taking off."
缺點: "電視屏幕太細太舊"
優點: "艙內設備乾淨"
優點: "Crew excellent"
缺點: "Cramped."
缺點: "電視機太小了,而且那屏幕根本很難看得清晰,太朦了。飲料沒什麼選擇,只有茶和咖啡。"
優點: "Service was efficient and responsive ."
缺點: "Food was good"
優點: "Quite comfortable, met my expectations and I slept well. On board team were friendly and helpful."
缺點: "Lounge in TPE is awful! Over crowded, noisy and a mess. I wouldn’t fly CI again just from the lounge experience."
優點: "The meals are very good and tasty, good portions."
缺點: "The economy seat is OK but too distance between seats could use extra inch."
缺點: "Smell was so bad"
優點: "Cabin fitout is cozy and comfortable. Great service onboard and free WiFi for Premium customers"
缺點: "Taoyuan airport facilities"
優點: "Food is surprisingly not bad, with entertainment is a plus."
缺點: "luggages delayed for nearly one hr. Many ppl waiting for luggage at the luggage bell"
缺點: "登機分區呼叫不明確,服務人員重視販賣免稅商品遠超過服務乘客,飛機上娛樂系統沒有聲音"
優點: "Price"
缺點: "Going to Taiwain food is good but going back to LA it sucks"
優點: "Like everything but the seats. The flight attendants are amazing."
缺點: "Only thing I didn’t like was the chairs weren’t as comfortable as the seats from the flight to taiwan. My back hurt more."
優點: "I was surprised that they provided meal for less than 1.5 hour flight. The fare was very affordable for only a few extra hours waiting in Taipei. Very happy with their service. I will definitely use China Airlines again."
缺點: "Nothing I didn't like."
缺點: "I got sick on this flight, and the concern expressed by the crew was about 0. Also, they don't understand the meaning of ice water. Water, with lots of ice! Serving an American destination, they should know how much ice Americans like in drinks. Normally not a big deal, but when you really need to cool down to keep from barfing, it is important."
缺點: "there was not much information at the airport, the flight did not appear on the screen. but when I asked, I get the information."
優點: "服務很好"
缺點: "沒有個人娛樂系統 近五小時航程很難捱"
優點: "Great flight, plane &crew"
缺點: "Nothing was bad"
優點: "Comfortable and relaxing!"
缺點: "-"
優點: "Transit was smooth and efficient."
缺點: "-"
優點: "I like the boarding styles and the crew"
缺點: "I didn't like that we had to wait for one guy cause he was late. I also didn't like the little room we have to streach."
優點: "差不多要下機才吃到晚餐, 份量十分少.一個76歲的老人家都説不夠."
缺點: "Nothig"
優點: "Always very nice great crew always I've made the flight 3 or 4 times now"
缺點: "Still a little bit nicer if we had a bigger selection of movies"
優點: "Excellent condition of Aircraft"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "No entertainment during the flight."
優點: "Everything is good & went fine!"
缺點: "None."
優點: "It was very organized ."
缺點: "Nothing ."




每天清潔,並在飛往 加拿大的機艙內安裝HEPA高效濾網


旅客在機艙內必須全程佩戴口罩,飛往 加拿大的機上會提供口罩


飛往 加拿大的航班不能預訂中間座位


前往 加拿大的乘客必須檢測病毒抗體及檢查症狀


豁免更改費用。搜尋到 加拿大的彈性機票



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