搜尋台北市 飛往合肥便宜機票


搜尋台北市 飛往合肥便宜機票

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KAYAK如何找出由台北市 飛往合肥的便宜機票?

KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買台北市 到合肥的機票?

台北市 飛往合肥的機票有KAYAK組合選項,它是什麽?

KAYAK的「彈性日期」功能是什麽?在搜尋從台北市 飛往合肥的機票時,我爲什麽該使用這個功能?




優點: "Professionalism"
缺點: "Baggage Claim"

優點: "Nice crew, night food."
缺點: "Old aircraft type, insufficient entertaiment."

優點: "Crew was great with service even though they must have been super tired from the flight."
缺點: "More leg-room and space to stretch."

優點: "Didnt have a neighbor. Lucky draw"
缺點: "Had difficulty with online check in through china southern"

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Everything, totally understaffed, check-in kiosks do not work. Will avoid any carrier who uses them."

優點: "Crew was communicative. Great entertainment selection"
缺點: "WiFi didn’t work but it was told it may not"

優點: "Great connections via CAN to KTM. Comfortable seats, good food, great service. A real value. Highly recommended."
缺點: "All in all, I am very pleased. Will definitely be back!"

優點: "The food on the way to China and on the way home was horrible. They stopped serving cup noodles too. Only sandwiches when I asked for other option when the main course weren’t good."
缺點: "I didn’t like the food choice at all. The fish didn’t taste good. Chicken with pasta tasted cheap and the beef with potatoes were spicy. Should have make the spicy sauce on the side in case for people who can’t eat spicy food. They used to serve 3 meals now cut down to 2 meals... maybe it’s time to reconsider another airline."

缺點: "Gave us false infor for our boarding location and we had to run for boarding to different location when 30 mins left. Very hectic situation."

缺點: "Very good and friendly"

優點: "It is a direct flight."
缺點: "They send old ladies with luggage down two flights of stairs to go to a bus to drive 50 m to enter customs."

缺點: "They gave me a regular seat when I paid for extra comfort."

缺點: "I couldnt order Hindu meal and when I asked for a chicken dish, I was served pork with it."

優點: "A well & kind hospitality"
缺點: "Liked almost all"

優點: "CS did offer Priority Business class immigration and lounge"
缺點: "Booked 6 months in advance, at counter for return was advised that they had over booked and wanted to change my flights. All my reservations pre made with transportation and hotels, they want to change on day of departure???? NO! NO notifications, terrible counter service. No entertainment offered!!!"

優點: "Food, entertainment, solid"
缺點: "Flight got rerouted to Chicago because of snow. Airline abandoned us for almost 10 hours. No one knew where to go, what to do. That part was horrible after a 15 hour flight."

優點: "First off, I don't know any Chinese except thank you, so I was a little uneasy about flying domestic. But China Southern is really solid for anyone with common flight/airport sense. Important messages are all in Chinese as well as English. Crew members know enough English to help you out with basic things when needed. Got food with both my flights over 2 hours. More spacious seating than airlines in America. 5/5 experience"
缺點: "Had to take one long (15 minute?)squished shuttle from gate to plane in Beijing. But for that to be the worst thing that happened is pretty great."

優點: "Nice crew"
缺點: "Foot room is super small, no entertainment and they wouldn't let you use any electronic device."

優點: "price"
缺點: "Only allow one piece luggage."

缺點: "I have to cancel the flight due to a death in my family. i thought the airline will waive the canceling charge, i guess not. my daughter and I have to pay $400 total for it. Sad."

優點: "China Southern Airlines flight was very clean, very friendly, and of very good ticket price."

優點: "Crew efficient, Food satisfactory, Boarding is fine. You just have to have no high expectations"

優點: "Cabin crew is helpful, & I noted they are especially attentive to their elderly passengers & those needing assistance."
缺點: "The food is absolutely disgusting. And this from a national airline of a country renowned for one of the world's finest cuisines. It's an awfully long flight & little to eat. Even the packaged peanuts were poor. Also, deplaning at Guangdong requires use of portable stairs & bus to terminal - they don't use the jetways! This is a pain in the butt - and knees for those with any mobility issues."

優點: "One meal for a 90 minutes fly? I am a frequent flyer and this is my first fly that services a meal in a 90 minutes fly"
缺點: "Everything is awesome."

優點: "Good food and very comfortable!"
缺點: "They didn't have individual TV's onr the flight."

優點: "Almost everything."
缺點: "It was delayed twice."

缺點: "Vegetarian options would be nice."

優點: "Service was on time and efficient. Boarding went smoothly. Crew seemed well trained and attentive."
缺點: "No jetway at the destination gate. We had to wait for the bus late at night. The meal was not very tasty, but China Southern is by no means alone here."

優點: "Business class seats are newer and comfortable. At 6'5' this is a big deal. Food was good and plentiful"

優點: "Overall I have 5 bc it wasn't airlines fault"
缺點: "Flight was delayed 2 hours"

優點: "Flight attendants very attentive."
缺點: "Severe flight delay caused me to miss 3 connecting flights, causting me a lot of money to rebook."

優點: "Southern Airlines, from check-in to Luggage Pick-up were very courteous and attentive. The air-fare was very affordable, and the food service was good. All the way around, I was impressed."

優點: "Crew was friendly and helpful at all times."
缺點: "On boarding the cabin was very hot, after everyone was seated and doors closed we were informed the Air conditioning was broken and we could not take off -over 90 minutes in extreme heat, no air circulation whatsoever. The crew did their best to give out water and keep people from passing out. Once in the air flight and air temp was ok."

優點: "Got me there."
缺點: "Warm and cramped cabin."

優點: "Nothing!"
缺點: "6 hours delay without any explanations and compensation, the transfer experience was so bad. Worst airline ever."

缺點: "The flight was delayed for 1.5 hours, so I arrived at JFK,NY at 6:20am, with my flight to Baltimore at 7:59am. I have to go through Customs, then claim my baggages which took a while to come, then recheck the baggages which at that time 7am I was told was already late, but eventually took them when I told them my flight was delayed. After that, I have to go to screening with a long, long, long line of people. I finished at 7:45am, now I have to go to my gate B55, so starting from B18, I was both running and walking fast, asked 2x a staff if there's a faster way, but was told I have to walk through it. I heard overhead paging 3x final calls for my flight. I eventually made it a few minutes before the door closed, but I was really catching my breath when I finally sat on the plane. I hope this won't be experienced by anyone else, as it wasn't a good experience!!!"

優點: "The seats had plenty of room and the crew was very friendly."
缺點: "Good and entertainment."

優點: "I had to cancel my trip, but kayak website does not provide an option to cancel or change the itenarary. I had to forfeit the ticket."

優點: "Very professional and courteous operation. Departure/arrival was right on time. Connection flt transfer in Guangzhou went very smooth and is simple to pass through concourses to connecting flt. Other airlines and airports can be a major hassle, but China Southern Airlines has their business model operation down to a science. And the best part, their prices are very offirdable."

優點: "good quality airplane (787 dreamliner)"
缺點: "can't use my iPhone even in airplane mode. That makes a big difference for any flight. A stupid policy to be sure"

優點: "Efficient crew."
缺點: "Chaos at gate. Use English for announcements as well. Delays."

優點: "Flight, cabin and ground crew was all great and friedly"

優點: "I have flown a lot of Chinese airlines because I live in Beijing, and they are the best! I had a 9-hour layover and expected to sleep in the airport overnight. However, they provided a free hotel! I really appreciated it and they did it without asking. Also they spoke English and were very polite and nice. In my opinion, Chinese airlines are usually terrible and the staff usually has terrible English, but China Southern was amazing!"

缺點: "Delayed"

優點: "I got there safely."
缺點: "A group of approximately five children ages six to about ten traveling with their family: kicked and pulled at seats, squealed, stood up in their seats during landing, talked, talked, talked. Parents said nothing. More importantly, please improve your food. It's really subpar."

缺點: "Hard to find help from crew when needed."

缺點: "Delayed 1 hour"

優點: "On time"
缺點: "Being held at the gate to deplane, tho this isn't the airlines fault but more pudong airport"

優點: "In flight movies"
缺點: "Late. Took forever to taxi to gate and then still had to take s bus to gates"

優點: "The seats declined more than most airlines"
缺點: "A 4 hour delay for an 11 hour plus flight? They could have let us off the plane and if not at least been more pleasant. Flight attendants were rude. Worst airline AND flight I have experienced in my entire life."

優點: "The crew was amazing, in the first few hours, they kept serving us, hot towels, drinks, food etc. I really felt pampered. Would fly with them again."
缺點: "Transferring between 3 flights to get to my destination, I had to transfer my suitcases every time. With the security check etc. it was tiring to say the least."

優點: "The price was nice."
缺點: "The seating was uncomfortable. The flight crew was was rude and were constantly rushing everything. I saw them yank the headphones out of a sleeping mans ears as we prepared for landing 45 minutes early. They didn’t even attempt to wake him."

缺點: "無限延遲登機時間,需要改進..."

優點: "Efficacy boarding, good entertainment"
缺點: "Better food and snacks"

優點: "The crew was polite but service was not quite there. We pick a 2-seat layout so it was OK."
缺點: "The food was poor and only served twice. Once shortly after taking off and another a couple of hours before landing. In a span of 10 to 11 hours there was no offer of drink or food of any kind."

優點: "服務親切"

缺點: "I wasn't able to flight I didnt know my passport wasnt any good if it's going to expired in less than 3 months. I was off by just a day. I still cant believe I cant get my money back. My boyfriend and I were already planning to go this time and win December to Thailand. Also Vietnam during October s"

優點: "Everything was good, and the flight even arrived earlier than expected."

優點: "the Fight attendants were nice."
缺點: "There were no screens to watch anything, no WiFi and my seat didn’t recline."

缺點: "Very limited English speaking programs/movies"

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Poor service during checkin in and in air. Bad IFE system. No one spoke English. No wonder it has to sell its ticket very cheap."

缺點: "沒有"

優點: "Excellent service and comfort."
缺點: "I had read several reviews concerning cigarette smoke coming from the cockpit and thought maybe it was an overly sensitive individual near a heavy smoker whose clothing/hair gave off an odor. On the leg of our journey from Hong Kong to Shanghai I found out it was true. If China Eastern ever wants to reach the next level of service they've got to stop this."

缺點: "My issue is not actually China eastern but Kayak! I received messages saying to check in in Taipei at Terminal 1. Well China Eastern is actually in terminal 2! And these mega airports in Asia getting from 1 terminal to another when you don’t speak the language can add an hour! If the flight wasn’t an hour late I would have missed it because of the messages. I have saved those and will be contacting Kayak for some type of reasonable compensation for this terrible error on their part. No message at all would be much better than a message sending me to the wrong place!"

優點: "The crew was nice. Too late to eat dinner, so I cannot comment on the food."
缺點: "As usual, flight was late with no updates on the new time. The only airline I could tell that was diverted to another airport due to weather. Incredibly bad luck, or just laziness, I’m unsure, seems it’s usually China Eastern that this happens to. The gate was changed, or so we thought, but it was back to the original at boarding. The flight parked a long way from the terminal, even with travel weary people on board (4 hours late getting in, after 11pm) and we had to take a bus to the terminal, then wait an hour for immigration as it was late at night. Sorry to complain, but this seems to be a trend with CE. You get what you pay for."

缺點: "Shanghai airport needs to be more clearly marked on where to go. Most of it was very confusing, and the airport staff wasn't very helpful."

優點: "Everything but the seat"
缺點: "The seat didn’t recline. Very uncomfortable especially on a late night flight"

優點: "The free cup of water"
缺點: "Welcome aboard Dictator Airlines... NO I WILL NOT SHUT MY WINDOW COVER"

優點: "excellent price, lots of wine, champagne and beer"
缺點: "long slow line to show passport and boarding pass at entry. It was faster to go through immigration and out again than wait in line. Flight had 3 hour delay as they found a smaller plane. Waiting area had the doors open to the sub zero temperatures outside. No announcement made as to when we were to depart. We finally boarded buses and were forced out into the cold at 3 am to stand in line on the open stair to the plane. I was in business class with seat 12B. There were only 4 seats of business class. No Entertainment. a small snack was served"

優點: "Very comfortable seats, several meals served."
缺點: "China eastern is the absolute worst airline I've ever flown. They constantly chnage your flight. Which causes people to miss connecting flights. There was a whole group of us that were hauled off to a hotel for the night which had the worst heat everrrr. It was freezing! We slept in several layers of clothes. It was their fault we missed our connections. Our flight coming home got delayed again. Crew is rude and rarely even smile. Their ability to help you or explain things is poor. The plane is beautiful and actually comfortable though and they do feed you. The food was not bad."

優點: "Service was prompt and polite. The personnel were great!"
缺點: "Im not sure if it's China Eastern policy, fleet-wide, but cell phone use was not allowed the entire flight, even with the phone switched to airplane mode. This, and the fact that seats did not contain flight entertainment systems, meant that I couldn't watch any movies."

優點: "Wonderful cabin staff reseated me after snafu with losing my original seat reservations; extremely friendly and accommodating"
缺點: "Somewhere in the handoff from Kayak to JustFly to China Eastern my seat reservations got lost (IT staff, please notice). However, as I said on the positive side, the China Eastern cabin crew responded very well and resolved the situation."

優點: "We didn't crash, and the crew spoke some English."
缺點: "The seats were uncomfortable, the movie options were limited, I couldn't get English subtitles on e flush movies which I needed because the only headphones one could use were the provided ones (due to the jack), but the sound quality was so poor and airline so loud that I couldn't follow. Also there was no menu or schedule to anticipate meals, and I was left hungry even with what was provided (14 hour flight). Certainly not Emirates."

缺點: "I missed my flight to Osaka, cause must claimed baggage, re-checked and immigration & security clearanced in at Pudong."

缺點: "Yes the crew was nice, but they seemed to rush around as if there is some sort of emergencies, all the time. They maybe too eager but gave the impression of not calm, sort of made me nervous. The butter came with the dinner rolls are not salted, no taste, very plain. Also they don't have pepper, when I asked for pepper to season my food, there was none. It was like this both ways from LAX to PVG and back."

優點: "Nothing"

優點: "The food"
缺點: "It was very unorganized & when asking for information the staff members of China eastern were unhelpful & unreliable & Very UNORGANIZED!"

優點: "Very helpful flight attendant (should have asked her name) Healthy food"

優點: "Everything except the man in biusiness who kept getting up and ignoring the flight attendants"
缺點: "Nothing. To complain about"

缺點: "4 out of 5 times I've taken Chinese Airlines something mechanical with the plane went wrong. This time 8 hour delay and I miss connecting flight again. Headed us into small hanger where man slammed into my leg. Ruined my vacation."

缺點: "Waiting hours is too long, There's a kid who kept on kicking my seat. The space from each seat is too close"

優點: "Seat were comfortable and boarding was done quickly."
缺點: "They make you take off your headphones and secure all electronic devices before taking off and landing. Even if you are using the headphones for noise reduction they make you take them off until the plane is in the air for 15 minutes. Cellphones in airplane mode cannot be used during the flight at all. Entertainment was lacking tremendously!"

優點: "Never taken"
缺點: ".."

優點: "very good"

優點: "Seats ok Crew was good"
缺點: "No headphones for ife Food horrible"

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "The connecting flight from shanghai to new delhi was delayed by two hours..no proper response from the crew members..the sound system of entertainment unit was horrible and the food was pathetic"

缺點: "- at the time of booking could not select seats or make a meal request. SHANGHAI - ORL was not given any meal at all, because they had nothing vegetarian on plane. A crew member felt bad and offered me his "crew vegetable dish" and it had shrimp. So I could not eat that. On the way back I called vayama as their website was down and made my meal request over the phone. Requested vegan meal, was served something made with egg. Very disappointing"

缺點: "炒米粉或者炒飯無料 很糟糕。機上日文機組服務佳"

優點: "The in-flight service was on the same level as any international airline."

優點: "Did not like much. The crew was not the friendlyess. There was a crying baby and a loud women sitting directly behind our seats. The crew did not seem to know how to handle the lady or the crying of the baby. The annoying sound made for an the most uncomfortable flight ever. The crew did nothing accommendate us for the noise. A better seat up front, headphones or something should have been offered with out request! Even an apology for the out of control environment! Me and my mate will never take China eastern ever again! And will advise others to do the same. There were plenty of seats available to be moved too... The food was the only decent thing on the plan. The bathrooms where a mess and again the crew was horrible except maybe one, but that doesn't make up for the other 5 or so members who where suppose to be helping out."

優點: "First all, the flight changed to stop at PVG, not Nanjing. When it depatured from PVG to Taipei, inside the airplane was so hot. We talked to flight attences 2 times, still didn't be adjusted. And food was terrible, too. They provided food too late, then they rushed out to clean the food trates. There is no enough time to eat! The experience was so bad with them."

缺點: "兩件大型行李遺失,航空公司很不負責任!坐飛機成五十次從未有試過遺失行李。還有,空姐很惡。"

缺點: "兩件大型行李遺失,航空公司很不負責任!坐飛機成五十次從未有試過遺失行李。還有,空姐很惡。"

缺點: "It was late."

缺點: "Small space in economy"

優點: "Completely pleasant and satisfactory in air."
缺點: "Poor inter carrier baggage communication and change over, delayed flights caused overnight stay in a hotel in Shanghai out of pocket, terrible spoken English in Vancouver and Shanghai. Changes of flights in both directions caused huge increases in travel time. On the ground ruined my experience. Cost me out of pocket an additional $175 CAD and at least 24 hours round trip extra time."

缺點: "I had a connecting flight from Taiwan to Shanghai to catch my flight to LA. AT CHINA Estern counter, they will not chech my luggage all the way to LA. I had to pick up my luggage going out the terminal then go to check in again. I am 82 years old. This is not easy and stressful to me. I asked the supervisor that he could not do any thing. My connecting flight ticket was also from CHINA EASTER AIRLINES. They say the connecting flight was not on the same ticket. However it is from the same airline. I made my flight with great effort. I had hard time to speak to the agent in checking in my flight to LA. THIS IS TOTALLY UNEXPECTED WHEN I PURCHASED THE TICKET. IF I KNEW, I WILL RECONSIDER TO PURCHASE THE TICKET. DO REQUEST YOU RECOGNIZED THE STRESS AND INCONVENIENT YOU PUT YOUR PASSENGER THRU."

優點: "There were clearly ATC delays at Pudong but it us not the habit of Chinese airlines to keep passengers updated. A frustrating hour on board."
缺點: "No info"

優點: "corteous, helpful"
缺點: "Obliged me to buy a whole new return ticket when checking in for reasons beyond my control"





每天清潔,並在 台北市飛往 合肥的機艙內安裝HEPA高效濾網


旅客在機艙內必須全程佩戴口罩, 台北市飛往 合肥的機上會提供口罩


台北市飛往 合肥的航班不能預訂中間座位


從 台北市飛往 合肥的乘客必須檢測病毒抗體及檢查症狀



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