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台北 (TPE)
巴斯特爾 羅伯特布拉德肖國際機場
6月18日 週五
6月25日 週五
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從台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴斯特爾 羅伯特布拉德肖國際機場的熱門航空公司



優點: "Crew was okay."

優點: "Yes"
缺點: "Delightful experience except at SFO checkin."

優點: "the scheduled time offers, the fast boarding time"
缺點: "offer lactose intolerance snacks"

優點: "The crew was polite and professional. Boarding went very smoothly and the flight left on time. Baggage was very quick when we arrived in Seattle as it was already coming out when we arrived in the baggage claim area."
缺點: "I would have like to have been offered disinfectant wipes to use on the food tray. Otherwise it was a perfect experience."

優點: "Delta Comfort Plus is always great !"

優點: "Korean air is a step above the rest. Best airline in the business"
缺點: "No WiFi on the flight, but there is so much media offered you really forget"

優點: "Crew friendly, attentive."
缺點: "Baggage connection between Delta and partner KLM not made and luggage left in Atlanta."

優點: "Everything was good/adequate, nothing was exceptional."

缺點: "sat on the tarmac for 3 hours because the pilot was late."

缺點: "Cheerless stewards could perk up."

優點: "Very helpful flight crew."
缺點: "A little unexpectedly bumpy."

優點: "The movies"
缺點: "They didn’t have any blankets left it was really cold on plane"

優點: "Love Delta. They will always be my #1 choice."
缺點: "Seats aren’t super comfy, but that’s true of economy on any plane."

優點: "VERY small plane and small narrow seats"
缺點: "Yes...not change my flight at the last minute and causing me to miss my connecting flight. Then making me reschedule my flight with only options that I now have (2) layover and then arrive in Korea another day later, that then caused me to miss my college orientation day!"

優點: "Amazing"
缺點: "Old plane"

優點: "Basic flight... likedthe tomato juice and snack mix"
缺點: "Announcements startled me every time due to volume"

缺點: "seats were broken, armrest broken"

優點: "Short and easy"

優點: "Delta Flights are always enjoyable and the staff is always treats you with courtesy"
缺點: "The only thing I don't understand is how the planes are loaded. and this is only a comment and I know you and others carriers have there way of doing things. I just don't understand why you load the first section of the plane first and the back of the plane last, It looks like you would want to load the back and come forward so everyone is not getting hit and stood over while everyone is loading."

優點: "On time"
缺點: "Seats did not recline"

缺點: "Never told why we were delayed by more than 90 minutes"

缺點: "Was late almost for an hoir."

優點: "Crew was friendly"
缺點: "Paid extra for Econ Comfort but still got a seat with no in flight entertainment and they provided no food/beverage services."

優點: "Fast boarding"
缺點: "Seats are too crammed and uncomfortable."

缺點: "La incomodidad de los asientos además que la escala fue de más de 6 horas y fuimos los últimos en abordar. Para colmo los asientos fueron los últimos de la fila y ni siquiera eran reclinables. Creo que deben tomar en consideración a las personas que estamos tantas horas en la escala y permitirles abordar primero además de darles asientos más cómodos más aún si hemos comprado los boletos con tanto tiempo de anticipación."

優點: "Everything was perfect, everyone was nice, there was lots of room, the crew offered snacks frequently, WiFi had a great connection and there was a wide array of entertainment."
缺點: "There was a problem with the plane that they told us after we boarded that delayed our plane an hour. But hey, better safe than sorry!"

優點: "Chicken wrap was delicious."
缺點: "touch screen did not work."

優點: "I like Delta's free messaging wifi although it is very S-L-O-W. I also enjoyed the free entertainment. They have a great variety to choose from."

缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Even though one couldn't hear an announcement Delta did have a staff person tell people where to line up for different zones. Flight was fine and on time."
缺點: "Couldn't clearly hear any announcements and once it was getting closer to boarding time as usual so many people just start gathering in a mass. (It would be so much easier to have signs label Zone 1 ,2, etc.)"

優點: "Left on time, no hassles at boarding. We were in premium economy and seating was comfortable for both of us, not-too-tall people. FA were quite friendly."
缺點: "One bathroom wouldn't flush, which was a problem with limited facilities and a full flight."

優點: "I Love flying on Delta especially since I'm often upgraded to Comfort or first class."

優點: "Nice service , but flight was delayed , but that's not Delta dakut as it was weather related"
缺點: "Nice sercixe and crew and generous with snacks and water"

優點: "Flight wasn't full so the service was very good lots of food and snacks and we arrived early too"
缺點: "Music was a. Bit limited"

優點: "The gate crew was great, so was the flight crew. My journey home was quite calming."
缺點: "The delay, I know it was due to storms."

優點: "Good selection of free, in-flight entertainment."
缺點: "Our flight was delayed on the runway, but that wasn't the airlines fault."

優點: "The crew was very friendly, especially the attendant named Charlie. The cabin was also nice and cold. I hate getting too hot on planes so it was really nice that they had good AC going. Short trip overall and was very pleased!"
缺點: "No complaints!"

優點: "The crew was very friendly and kept making rounds with water so we didn't have to get up looking for it. Free entertainment at our seats made the flight go by faster."
缺點: "No complaints, I was stuck in a middle seat but somebody has to sit there!"

優點: "Complimentary meal and entertainment, very good service from flight attendants."
缺點: "Seat 43B?! I checked in 12+ hours in advance."

缺點: "Sitting on tarmac in Traverse City for 15 minutes waiting for gate to open up"

優點: "The crew and the flight were all very pleasant. Highly recommended."
缺點: "Unfortunately the trip was marred by being stuck on the tarmac for the better part of an hour while we waited for out gate. Even when it became available however, we were forced to wait while ATC sent every other plain taxiing through our route which was clearly visible from our vantage point. Not an issue with Delta per se but nonetheless it left us all exhausted and frustrated."

優點: "The flight was bumpy because of storm but the pilots were expert at making the best of flying around it."

缺點: "No fruit and cheese available to purchase one the flight. Need more than cookies"

缺點: "Not having a seat assignment until arriving at the gate."

缺點: "I sat in a window seat and they put a 350 lb person in the center seat. For 3 hours I was squished against the wall. Flight attendants noticed but did nothing to reseat either of us."

優點: "It got me home."
缺點: "Although I paid for a first class ticket I was seated in coach. The plane was a commuter jet, and I suspect that Delta added one or more rows of seats because even though I'm of average height and less than average weight I had no leg room at all, and the hip room was minimal at best."

優點: "Delta crews are the best in the US, very competent and they know how to take care of you."
缺點: "Flight delays. And their lousy air miles program which has become very difficult to redeem for travel. Sky miles has become very terrible. Planning to switch my loyalty program"

缺點: "Not only were there delays but they wouldn't allow me to upgrade to first class even though there were seats available, they said "oh with the package you purchased it's not available" Then why was I able to upgrade to first class for the other portion of my flight? The customer service was awful too, transferred 5 times on the phone for 20 mins to not get any help and for them to uncheck me in, I had to check in for my flight again."

優點: "Had exit row so more leg room"
缺點: "Did not announce zones well, no entertainment."

缺點: "Food option to purchase"

優點: "The flight was on time. I got lucky and was seated with extra legroom and was very very grateful. No drama - nice and easy."
缺點: "When we were checking in I wasn’t sure where to lineup to put my luggage in. The lines for the kiosks were also confusing. Some more direction that I think would be helpful at Philadelphia airport."

缺點: "With so many empty seats on the front. They decided to crunch everyone in the back without the minimal distance requested for social distancing. Very disappointed. Social distance is not practiced at AA as in Delta. Very sad. Will remember that next time I book a flight."

缺點: "Food and drinks"

優點: "Literally nothing"
缺點: "After sitting on the plane for over an hour we had to change planes. Notice that our aircraft isn’t working properly before you board it would be helpful so we aren’t 2 hours behind schedule having to sit on a hot airplane during covid"

缺點: "They messed up the seat assignment I paid extra for, and while I bought WiFi for the entire trip it turned off halfway through."

優點: "Crew was amazing, we were well-fed and service was great!"
缺點: "Captions for the hearing impaired, but not possible unless there are individual TV's. I understand that this was an older plane--a "classic." Hoping that entertainment will become more accessible in newer planes"

優點: "Entertainment"
缺點: "Food"

優點: "Comfortable seating"

優點: "on time departure offered a beverage and snack"
缺點: "we had to circle phila we had to wait for our gate"

缺點: "the entertainment on the app didn’t work. and there was no seat back tv things. there was a movie playing in the aisle of the airplane. there was no way to charge any devices while our domestic flight had the tvs on the back of the seats and international plugs for every seat"

優點: "In flight entertainment"
缺點: "Seat assignments"

優點: "After couple or three hours the seat get to be a pain on the tailbone. Also I am 6'2" so already a bit of squeeze. Can't stretch out legs. Was an Airbus 319"
缺點: "Not much other than more room and more cushion in seats. Quick boarding in group 4, friendly crew, the Taco salad was actually pretty good. Watched 2 movies, both still premium on the pay channels."

缺點: "This leg of my trip went off without a hitch boarding and crew were very professional."

缺點: "Delayed"

缺點: "AMERICAN IS THE WORST. Never flying with them again. My flight was cancelled, &they would NOT rebook me until 2 days later. REFUSED to compensate for the hotel I booked for the night. Held my baggage hostage & would not return it for a whole day. And their customer service is non-existent."

優點: "When my original flight out of Roanoke was delayed so much that I was going to miss my connection an employee went above and beyond to find me a different flight to ensure I got home that day."
缺點: "The first AA employee basically told me I was out of luck and there was nothing he could do, which was incorrect and he just didnt want to do everything he could to help me like the other employee eventually did."

優點: "Eventually getting home."
缺點: "Not being delayed as long, not waiting an hour to get our bags once we got off the plane."

缺點: "Better customer service, better customer experience, no delays"

優點: "Entertainment system is ok"
缺點: "Not canceling our flight, delivering a plane out of a hangar on time and boarding with efficiency."

缺點: "the flight was delayed 5 hours due to maintenance. The captain had to finally, after several hours, come to the boarding area to inform all of us that there was problem that was not communicated correctly so we then had to wait an additional 2.5 hours more on top of the original 2.5 hour delay for the two certified mechanics on St. Croix to attest that the plane could fly. No one asked them to come earlier, so we waited for pretty much five (5) hours. We were promised meals and hotel in Miami. the Miami American Airlines service desk told us, sorry, there's so many people, we could not be accommodated. This is outrageous, and I want my money back. I paid for 4 people on that flight and we were treated horribly. On top of that....Cheapoair, representative from whom I bought the tickets, sold me tickets without my understanding that we only had 41 minutes to get off the original flight from Christiansted find the next flight and board it. We never would have made it. Final point, the Cheapoair guy who sold me the tickets charged me about 500 dollars more than what he said the cost was. He quoted and said "all in" 1150 per ticket (I bought 4 tickets). He then charged me nearly 5300 Again this is outrageous and a complete sham. I demand to be compensated for this."

優點: "Super-friendly, easy-to-understand crew"
缺點: "Too short of a flight for WiFi or snacks"

優點: "Not much probably just that they came by twice with the drink cart."
缺點: "Very limited room in seats compared to other airlines. First class passengers enjoyed full meals while everyone in coach got a cookie. One tv for every few rows felt like I was flying in 2000 still. This is why American is behind JetBlue and Delta. I will pay more nd y time just not to fly American."

優點: "We arrived safely"
缺點: "Flight was delayed 4 hrs., missed connecting flight and then next flight was delayed. Arrived in Barcelona 6 hrs. late."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Delayed, bumpy and staff didn’t look for headphones"

缺點: "I’m still hungry and incredibly tired. Nobody buys their main cabin extra product, so there’s many empty seats. Ripe for the families that don’t want to pay extra to sit together. Those families bring kids, screaming kids to a section filled with higher fare paying customers. The FA in my section had such big hips, that she knocked my shoulder EVERYTIME she walked by. Not only that, everytime she did the courtesy reach over to grab empty cups from the middle seat, she hit me with her trash bag. Woulda been fine had I been awake, but I was trying to sleep in between the bouts of screaming from the devil possessed kids."

優點: "On time!!!"
缺點: "Small chairs."

缺點: "I didn’t like the fact I had to wait 5 and a half hours in the airport and not being compensated by the airline, who for some reason penalize anyone of their passagers if they are late or want to change a flight. I was also late for a meeting"

缺點: "I didnt like that we were an hour and a half delayed and we werent informed why. Then as I am trying to update my pickup person one of the crew members was really rude and I tried to explain and it didnt help. She was rude infront of all the passengers. Not planning to fly in AA anymore."

缺點: "No inflight entertainment at all."

優點: "The smooth boarding process and the enterainment."
缺點: "The limited food option. In general, there's not much vegetables. The food is either a pasta dish (quite heavy) or a meat dish with potatoes or rice."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"

優點: "The flight was done by American Airlines. The airplane was quite new. Entertainment in all languages and food in the norm"
缺點: "nothing"

缺點: "I hated the waiting area at Pearson. I hated the temperature and how tiny the seats are. Was so hot and absolutely miserable."

缺點: "plane does not have in seat monitors, using tablets for entertainment. Power plugs worked on and off during the flight old equipment (767) but still better than PHL-AMS 757"

優點: "not much"
缺點: "not much"

優點: "I gate checked in the stroller at LAX. When it was pretty much dumped in front of me at LHR with an unspecified apology, the sun hood was bent so it doesn't fold right anymore, there's scuff marks on the side, there's a part missing from the left wheel and it drags to one side now. Not happy. If I'd been told, we'll take this off you and damage it, I might have checked it normally. Our car seat was fine."
缺點: "Damaging our stroller. Food wasn't good either. A yogurt with various toppings apparently is a "Continental breakfast"."

缺點: "We booked a BA flight from Pittsburgh to Glasgow, through Philadelphia. We intentionally chose BA because we anticipated good service. We later learned that the flight was serviced by American. Our original flight was delayed one day because we missed our connection due to weather on the East Coast (after six hours at the airport). American re-ticketed us for a flight the next day. After several misstarts in Pittsburgh, we arrived in Philadelphia with minutes to spare. After running to the gate, we were then greeted with what turned out to be a four hour delay. Then, upon return, we learned that our seat selections/priority boardings were all deleted because of the re-ticketing on the on the flight out, and we spent hours on the phone and at the airport trying to get things sorted out and ensure that we had a return flight. One of the worst trips ever in my experience."

優點: "The crew was friendly and competent."
缺點: "Airlines have an industry wide problem. They INTENTIONALLY make every part of flying miserable so that passengers will pay anything to make it less painful. For example... if you want to make boarding quicker, build the cost of checked luggage into ticket prices so that you don't have people carrying everything on and clogging up the process. Or use the existing and publicly available research to improve boarding mechanisms... but that would mean you lose an opportunity to squeeze extra cash out of people for 'priority boarding'. This phenomenon is real, and currently be investigated by congress. Call your senator."

缺點: "a little delay in the departure connection flight ."

優點: "My flight was delayed and redirected to a nervy airport. The staff at this airport was all on board and ready to assist everyone is getting the most current information and putting us a new connecting flights"
缺點: "The check in at LGA was not the smoothest. Most of the kiosk weren't working and was making it hard to check in"

優點: "The view"
缺點: "3 hour delay - no compensation. Very old plane - no televisions, communal in-flight entertainment. Uncomfortable seats, dirty tables, loose arm rests. Food was outdated and terrible."

優點: "Economy seats were comfy Free movies"

優點: "Nothing. Someday the airline industry will be disrupted and we'll all remember this and say, "can you believe what we used to put up with, and how expensive it was?!""
缺點: "No decent food available, they ran out. People allowed to play movies loudly with no headphones for 5 hours straight. Uncomfortable seats with no cushioning."

優點: "Great crew on Sacto flight. More comfortable than Phoenix flight because not full."
缺點: "Had to wait for crew delayed by weather. No gate when we got to SMF. Luggage took way too long to come off. Lots of turbulence - not your fault - but I HATE it."

優點: "Everything, the plane was big and comforting, the fly attendants were very courteous and professional. Awesome fly."
缺點: "Nothing"

缺點: "Plane got cancelled. Missed my other flight. Spending $100 more that was unnecessary"

優點: "The crew was nice and because the flight wasn't full we had ample space."
缺點: "Flight was delayed. It was already a late flight with 2 children"

優點: "Speedy boarding"
缺點: "Unmotivated crew, uncomfortable seats."

優點: "Schedules were always on time, the price was the best"














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