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JAL is a very good airlines. However they insist on mostly Japanese language entertainment, with some Hollywood movies. Food is OK. I prefer traditional breakfast like eggs, bread, sausage, omelate etc. But not pasta..which I got during Tokyo Seattle flight. Also their lunch dinner entries were not western, at least they can have that option. They have good Miso soup.

I would fly this airline again, I would consider one step upgrade from economy for a flight over 5hrs but at 6ft I was still comfortable in economy

缺點: "More movie choices. More substantial second meal."
優點: "The crew amazing. Food was great"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "The crew was amazing!!"
缺點: "Nothing! Excellent flight!"
優點: "The crew is outstanding. A girl two seats away from me barfed and two attendants were there immediately with a bag, cleaning wipes, etc. They are very friendly and patient with passengers. The next best part was the comfort. I got a good amount of sleep on my nine-hour flight."
缺點: "The movie selection and meals were not bad, but I've had better on other airlines."
優點: "Crew members are extremely friendly and the seat has more leg room."
缺點: "in flight entertainment can add more movie and TV shows."
優點: "她們很对工作有熱誠,很照顧乘客"
缺點: "已經很不错"
優點: "Everything ! Makes me what to travel to Japan more."
缺點: "I loved it"
優點: "Easily upgrade to premium economy class"
缺點: "Some staff lack of basic english"
優點: "The food on the plane is really good. The airline assistants are very friendly. The whole trip is really comfortable."
缺點: "The travel is too long for me. If there’s a direct flight, it only takes 12 to 13 hours for me to land but this trip took me 19 hours because the weather and they have to change the transfer spot to another in Japan."
優點: "even though middle seat, there was enough leg room to rest comfortably."
優點: "i cancelled my flight and still have not got my money returned"
缺點: "I dont have my return but you take it right away"
缺點: "Double standard"
優點: "Our flight was delayed due to lightning strike on arriving flight, we were transferred to non stop EVA Airline so we can get home and not need a connecting flight in Japan. JAL did all these arrangements without us requesting it. They also were very polite and got our luggage in time to be on the flight with us. JAL is truly a top airline in the world."
缺點: "None"
優點: "服務 電影 雪糕"
缺點: "飯不好"
優點: "JAL went above and beyond. The aircraft was very comfortable, temperature was near perfect.. Onboard entertainment was very good. Flight attendants were very friendly, very helpful. And with out a doubt, this was the best meal I have ever had in-flight."
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "JAL is great!"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Their customer service is excellent! when I left my card (fell out of my pursue while in transit), they called me immediately! After a long vacation, exploring. I was extremely tired and and left my phone completely on silent for 4 days, and within those 4 days they called and left me messages. Lucky I live here in Hawaii, can you imagine being a tourist and you lost your card? Excellent customer service."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "They give a lot of food and the 12 hour flight was comfortable"
缺點: "Limited selection for entertainment"
缺點: "Our flight was delayed for two hours. We have a connecting flight from Osaka to Los Angeles, which we were worried we couldn't make it. They told me the flight will wait for us because there were 20 plus people also need to get on that plane. When the time of boarding we heard they were calling us to the front and explained the flight we were suppose to be connecting already took off. They had to booked us to another airline. We were extremely disappointed! We asked if we could took another Japanese airline but they said our luggages were already transferred to that airline and the tickets were printed! Mosf importantly we have already waited in airport 5 hours and they needed us to wait for another 3 hours! Very bad experience with how they dealing with this situation!"
優點: "The meals. The attention to service details. The seats are better."
缺點: "Ticket reservation follow up."
優點: "The legroom is comfortable for a tall person."
優點: "Fantastic service, excellent food, state-of-the-art entertainment, always on-time and professional."
缺點: "Older plane had extremely uncomfortable seats for the lengthy flight (over 7 hours). Shorter flights of 3 hours or less would have been fine."
優點: "The staff"
優點: "Movie choices"
缺點: "Too small, too hot. Not enough air conditioning. China air was better. Only one meal choice. No choice for vegetarians or allergies. Didn't warn about the rain, stairs were slippery"
優點: "The seats were quite small but other than that it was a nice flight. The crew was very nice."
優點: "Excellent service. Flight attendants are consistantly helpful and friendly."
優點: "The food is very delicious. I can choose a lot of great movies. The space is also big to move."
優點: "I feel like I got way more than what I paid for with this airline! The hostesses were super friendly always offering some sort of beverage, the food was tasty (Be careful not to drop noodles on yourself like I did, those bad boys left a little mark). The video selection wasn't huge, but it was definitely adequate with good titles. Maybe I haven't noticed this before in other airlines, but they had new toothbrushes (packaged, not someone's forgotten toothbrush) in the restroom so the poor sap next to me didn't have to smell my stinky breath. Finally, they were quick with boarding! They were very punctual and we took off right when we got on, so nice!"
缺點: "The seats were pretty adequately sized, however, I felt like I couldn't lay back too far or if the the person in front of me did, it made it really difficult to get the seats. Also, I thought it was my headphones, but it happened on a couple of flights with different headphones, but the audio only comes out of one earphone which was slightly annoying... Other than those things, JAL is super solid and I would recommend it to anyone considering them."
優點: "Everything was perfect! Thank you for a great experience!"
優點: "Airplane is well kept. Snacks are available near the beverage area."
優點: "The flight attendants are quick in services and with great manner. Cabin foods are generous, filled with variety and tasting the best among various international airlines that I have experienced between LAX and Taipei, Taiwan in the past ten years. The seat belt on light and bell were kept at minimal, in contrast to other airlines like EVA, China Airlines, Korean Airlines and United Airlines."
缺點: "None"
缺點: "Flight delayed 1 hr."
優點: "A meal on a two hour flight is an amazing perk!"
優點: "It was anything very good, my trips on air are great. all flight attendant did good job.i got good slept well on flight JL I will choice Japan Airline next time. Thank you very much"
優點: "When I checked in for my connecting flight from Tokyo Narita to New York, the crew said there was no more seat on economy class. She was making sure that I got on the plane by placing me on the premium economy seat. I appreciate the effort and the courtesy of JAL."
缺點: "The meal and dessert were served at the same time. Too much food all at once."
優點: "Flight attendants were super helpful and lovely, couldn't have asked for better. Very pleasant experience. Plane was clean and tidy and they arranged us all so the majority of us had a spare seat in the middle which I'm sure everyone appreciated."
優點: "Seats in cos are comfortable and plenty of leg room compare to US airlines. Food selection is very good as well as the service. Flight Attendants were very friendly and attentive. Will fly JAL again!"
優點: "Seat was very comfortable and had many games and movies to keep me preoccupied during the flight."
缺點: "I didn't like that the crew at check-in and the crew on the plane told me different things. The crew at check-in told me I could keep my purse with me, and the crew on the airline told me I had to put it overhead. Please be consistent! Flying is very stressful for me, and I want the staff to make it as stress-free as possible. As for boarding, I wasn't allowed into the gate until an hour before. What really bothered me was that they had already let some people into the gate and shut some other people out. Either let people in or don't. Don't follow the rules halfway because then they won't mean anything. I was very shocked by this and have never experienced this at any airline before. All I wanted to do was sit down and relax at the gate before boarding. If this ever happened to me again, I would not fly with the same airlines. To think that this was a JAL flight, with such a high reputation of customer service, makes me even more wary of booking a flight with JAL. I didn't appreciate being treated that way, and I will not tolerate it if it happens again."
優點: "Staffs areattentive"
缺點: "Chair space so limited"
優點: "Fast boarding and wonderful staff."
缺點: "A small complaint, but the entertainment system in the plane was very old and had poor quality screens."
優點: "Comfortable and spacious for economy class. Very helpful staff."
缺點: "If I have to be picky the movie selection didn't seem great."
缺點: "I never like flying into Narita - each time I have to have my boarding pass reissued and baggage rechecked. I like the YVR process where you just put your bags on a conveyor after clearing customs."
優點: "Last minute accommodation for Muslim meal was awesome!"
缺點: "Transit in NRT was too short! Didn't give me time to buy souvenirs.."
缺點: "The main entree was not very good."
優點: "Entertainment was excellent"
缺點: "I'm an entertainer, very well respected in Hawaii, Japan and the world. and has always traveled JAL. I travel with my guitar and has never had a problem carrying it on board. The staff will usually come a get it and put it in the closet if it didn't fit in the overhead. But I guess recently rules change, and was told I would have to check it in because the closet space is used only for staff and business people. Was told that the 737 was to small for my guitar won't fit overhead. I have taken 737's all my life with Aloha Airlines and told them that my guitar would fit. That gentleman was a JERK! and was'nt very helpful, and told me I couldn't take it on board and I would have to take it to the package store and have them box it up. That spoiled my whole vacation."
優點: "Even at economy class everything is all inclusive, meals, entertainment, even alcohol. Fast service with a smile. They will go to any length to accommodate your every need."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Friendly crew. Very clean cabin"
缺點: "Wifi wasn’t working"
優點: "It was nice to have a meal and complimentary drinks."
優點: "Crew was amazing to re-open doors and let 14 passengers board late after horrendously slow TSA throughput. Wish TSA could function like HA."
缺點: "TSA needs to get their act together at Honolulu."
缺點: "One hour later"
優點: "Comfortable seats, friendly & attentive crew, complimentary meal and beverages."
缺點: "Boarding took longer than it should have."
優點: "That food was provided"
缺點: "Seat cushions could have been a little softer."
優點: "Amazing!!!!"
優點: "Rum punch and boarding was gread"
缺點: "I would have liked to purchase a Leo Hawaii experience in on the Maui end"
優點: "The check in, boarding and flight crews were very kind and accommodating."
缺點: "No real entertainment without paying for it."
優點: "Friendly flight attendants."
缺點: "No WiFi, no seat TV for 5+ hours of flight. Horrible food."
優點: "I liked that some of the staff really wanted to see me smile."
缺點: "I am not going to pin point Hawaiian as the worst, I think all airlines just do not care anymore. I have a huge bruise on my upper side leg from trying to get up and down from my aisle seat for people to go to the bathroom. Even with the arm up it was hard to get up and down, the seats are way to close or I need to weigh 110 lbs. How do large men do it? I would not say I am a large person."
優點: "Staff was able to correct the seating assignment when the plane was changed causing the seat assignment to change. Flight was great!"
缺點: "The lunch food could be better on our return flight it was wasted and most guests threw it away after two bits. :/"
優點: "Staff is always sweet and helpful, flights are always nice, food is always good! Mahalo!"
優點: "The on time arrival."
缺點: "Upselling, luggage charges, age of the plane. Chair controls did not work. Could not get a seat next to my husband although I booked 6 months ahead of time and chose seats."
優點: "I was upgraded, fed and taken care of! Such great customer service! I will definitely fly with this airline in the future!"
優點: "The price. User friendly website/app"
缺點: "No complaints"
缺點: "Delayed 4 hours"
優點: "Food and service was good. Comfortable seats."
優點: "Crew very helpful"
缺點: "No internet, no entertainment, muisic,movies."
優點: "Boarding process is fast. Crew is nice."
缺點: "A bit dated. No Audio/visual entertainment."
優點: "Really friendly flight attendants, and I so appreciate that they provide free meals!!"
優點: "Enjoyed the complimentary meal and wine, family boarding as usual. Friendly service. Safe and smooth flights as always."
缺點: "The aircraft this time was pretty outdated. Out of the 5 seats we had most were somewhat broken (my bottom seats was literally sliding out as I moved around once in a while. It was coming apart! My tray table had a broken cup holder, and rest of the tray tables were very wobbly). I was disappointed with the no WiFi or complementary inflight entertainment/movies for the 4.5 hour flight."
缺點: "For any flight lasting over an hour, passengers should be allotted ample leg room and space. The couple in front of us reclined their seats for the whole flight and left us with little room. Airlines are also nickel and diming the passengers every which way by making you pay for a tablet rental to watch a movie."
缺點: "The seats could be more comfortable. Need more space and more cushioning on the seats"
優點: "My flight did not let me on and then told me 5 minutes after my flight left that I should have been on that flight"
缺點: "My flight did not let me on and then told me 5 minutes after my flight left that I should have been on that flight This is my worst flight experience ever!! I have been stuck in Hawaii... and will not be home for over 20 hours since the changes.. why should I use these companies again?"
優點: "Crew was polite and gave me space to sleep but woke me for meals."
缺點: "My middle seat was uncomfortable. It reclined far enough, but the headrest didn't enclose enough to keep my head stable when sleeping."
優點: "Great service and friendly flight staff. Selecting seats was easy."
缺點: "Nothing really"
優點: "Safety first. Great service, new well maintained planes."
缺點: "Nothing to dislike about this airline. My second time flying to Hawaii and I always choose Hawaiian Airlines regardless of vacation package choices."
優點: "Complimentary dinner was good, coupled with a free glass of wine"
缺點: "No Bailey's for my cup of coffee. Only available in "first class"! Makes no sense....."
優點: "Dog food !!!!!"
缺點: "Arrive early"
優點: "I've always had good experiences in many other trips on Hawaiian. This past trip was delayed 4 hours"
缺點: "Four hour delay coming home"
優點: "Big plane. Good meal."
缺點: "Nothing. Crew can be better/ nicer even though they are very nice."
優點: "• Crew and flight attendants was very friendly and helpful • Still offer free food during meal time and free wine • Lots of availability on booking and seats"
缺點: "• Took so long to board cause they still use the outdated way of boarding last to first • Overhead compartments are so tiny especially in the center rows • No entertainment unit on the seats (Cost $17 to rent a tablet!) • Overnight flight didn't have lights dim so ti was hard to sleep • Seats were very very dirty and probably never washed"
優點: "On time"
缺點: "The Hawaii shuttle is very slow and the construction at the airport makes it harder to get to one point at a terminal to another terminal."
優點: "Hawaii airlines offers complementary meals on their flight. The food was tasty!"
缺點: "No Internet and no entertainment (movies). Made the flight feel longer and uncomfortable."
優點: "I could not get a seat assignment until just before I boarded the plane even though I bought my ticket months in advance. They ended up putting me at a seat next to a wall (like a window seat without a window) and it was very clausterphobic. Free meal service was nice but no vegetarian option."
優點: "Despite purchasing tickets in June, we were not seated together for our December flight home from Maui. During online check-in, 3 of us were scattered about the plane and the other 2 were not even assigned seats. NO ONE at customer service was able to assist us over the phone nor at in person check-in. It was not resolved until we got to the gate and we were divided onto 2 different groups."
缺點: "There was no vegetarian nor vegan option for guests in flight. As I was not seated with my kids, they ate nothing."
優點: "Serving free meal and punch"
缺點: "No wifi or charging outlet. Pilot became sick and 3hrs delayed. Pilot came in then crew overtime became issue due to delayed, has to switch crew and delayed even more."
優點: "Hot dinner and wine were provided free of charge. The plane was a 767 which is probably the best plane out there. The crew was friendly."
缺點: "Typical of Hawaiian Air, the seats are quite close together. But on this flight, we seemed to be OK."
優點: "Great service... good meal... and free wine! Yeeeew!"
優點: "The teriyaki chicken and sticky rice lunch was the best meal we've had in recent years, and my husband really enjoyed the complimentary glass of wine they served with the meal ."
缺點: "ALL messages should be closed captioned on the screen. The messages on the loud speaker are garbled; therefore, no one is listening and passengers are talking so you can't hear ANYTHING anyway! Can't even hear directions if there's an emergency landing. Closed captioning would solve it."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Worst flight ever, freezing cold out of Maui, pay for blankets only, rented all movie players before even boarding flight, was a connecting flight and did not get an option to rent movie player, no in flight movie, just Hawaiian hustling their sky club lounge, music channels did not even work on 5 hour flight..only option was their boring sky club music"
優點: "It was nice they came around with drinks and snacks quickly and had food for us too."
缺點: "They made an announcement to sell the Tablet rental for $15 and you'll have it 20 mins into the flight versus if you get on the plane for $17 and it would be 2 hrs later. But that was not the case. The Tablet was available right away the same time I got my tablet, which I paid pre-board. so I don't like to be "Lied" to."
優點: "Everything was absolutely wonderful! Will definitely Hawaiian Airlines again!"
優點: "got there safe ;)"
缺點: "no vegetarian food. no plugs, no wifi , earpiece plug for sound didn't work."
優點: "Plane ride was okay. Just sat there for a while watching a movie rental. The food this time was okay. Seemed traditional and good. Way better than the stuff that was served when going to Hawaii."
缺點: "The food going to Hawaii needed improvement. I felt bad about the flight attendants who had to serve the stuff and see the passengers expressions after the meal."
缺點: "No care for the people flying. I had ZERO room to put any of my carry on luggage and was told we "share space". Then safety instructions were not clear because they were on a video and could not hear with everyone talking. Microphones were out of date and constantly cutting out. Half the seatbelt lights were out and could not see if you needed them on or not. Overall not a happy experience. Will not be flying Hawaiian again."
優點: "People were wonderful."
缺點: "Boarding line was confusing. Food was cheap and horrible. Better off buying food at the airport even if it's expensive. And worst of all the airplane was so cold. So cold that you can't even sleep!"


之前由於疫情的關係,打算不在飛行中用餐,但是到了機場,發現其實情況沒有想像中嚴重,所以現場請check in 服務台的服務員幫忙訂奶蛋素餐,但是我也明白時間太趕,可能沒辦法。所以心想:有就感恩,沒有也能夠理解。 結果,飛機上某位空服員自願把自己的餐點給我吃,讓我既不好意思,但是也非常感動。 感謝他們的貼心和用心。


優點: "The food was great and so was the service."
缺點: "The ride was a bit bumpy at times. I wish there is a foot rest in front for Economy class, just like Singapore Airline ."
缺點: "Food options!"
優點: "The flight was a great value for the price and the staff was amazing and attentive."
缺點: "The vegetarian meals were pretty bad and I felt like the entertainment selection wasn’t great."
缺點: "Airport boarding lounge was ice cold. Staff couldn’t be bothered with it."
優點: "The seat @ premuim economy is excellent with great amenities. Food was awesome and catered to cutomers diet needs. The crew was great considering the Language barriers."
缺點: "Nothing! Awesome Airline. Would use again when traveling to Asia."
缺點: "The cabin temperature was a bit too warm, I sweated a bit during mid flight from the heat."
優點: "food and seat are good."
優點: "機組服務人員很週到"
缺點: "沒有"
優點: "Good service, onboard entertainment"
缺點: "Twice now I didn't get the seat I reserved at the time of ticketing."
優點: "Good staff and very helpful"
缺點: "Not much variety of food in a long flight"
缺點: "Delayed by two hours. Completely disorganized boarding process. Staff were not service oriented. Would not recommend China airlines to anyone"
優點: "服務人員非常親切"
缺點: "飛機非常的舊,食物不好吃,感覺有跳蚤"
優點: ",很舒適餐點很棒服務很好"
缺點: "希望班機準時開行"
缺點: "食物沒有很美味,希望可以改善 !"
缺點: "雞肉餐雖然肉不多,飯很多,但是有些飯粒生硬不熟。"
優點: "A Great Crew"
缺點: "太擁擠,太多航班共乘"
缺點: "耳機很不舒服 餐點"
缺點: "航班太少. 可以增加多ㄧ點航班"
缺點: "Some of the courses in the dinner were excellent like the soup and appetizer. Other items were off, like the entree. Wine selection could improve."
優點: "Seat was ok. Service was timely"
缺點: "Excellent"
優點: "座位舒適,食物好吃,服務人員很有禮貌"
缺點: "沒有"
缺點: "The airline ran out of meal choices before reaching row 5 of the economy class. Seat armrest were locked in place and did not pivot up to allow using the adjacent empty seat. The boarding was tedious and slow. Airline officials did not board according to zone numbers printed on the boarding pass."
缺點: "飞机check in always late,机上根本连一人一部电視机都沒有,更何況别希望要看任何电影,食物差。 Tinawaty"
缺點: "Bus boarding... understandable due to the short-haul nature of the flight- but there was no lack of gates available."
優點: "餐點很美味"
缺點: "航班的飛機窗有點髒,玻璃上面有上一位旅客留下的油漬"
缺點: "電視屏幕太細太舊"
優點: "艙內設備乾淨"
缺點: "電視機太小了,而且那屏幕根本很難看得清晰,太朦了。飲料沒什麼選擇,只有茶和咖啡。"
優點: "They used a more modern plane for the longer haul part of our two flights home from Bali and appreciated the slightly bigger seats for the longer flight. Good inflight entertainment options."
缺點: "Terrible food."
缺點: "Food was not as good as I would expect from China Air and they ran out of eggs for breakfast."
缺點: "登機分區呼叫不明確,服務人員重視販賣免稅商品遠超過服務乘客,飛機上娛樂系統沒有聲音"
缺點: "I had preselected a window seat, but somehow I was “bumped” out of this preselected window seat to a middle seat. I informed this detail to the Air China rep at check in but she would not listen nor care about it. I tried explaining several times, but basically got nowhere. Thanks for listening"
優點: "Great food"
缺點: "Need more leg room"
優點: "Food and transfer is great."
缺點: "Flight delays."
優點: "服務很好"
缺點: "沒有個人娛樂系統 近五小時航程很難捱"
優點: "The staff was nice and very accommodating. The food was good. I was very comfortable the whole time. My ears were fine."
缺點: "I tried a lot of times to check in online but I was never successful."
優點: "I've never experienced anything than superb customer service from China Airlines. When feasible, I always opt to go with them, even if Kayak suggests a cheaper flight. I was cutting it close with a flight, and their staff walked me through security, baggage, and straight up to the gate (TPE to Okinawa). Highly recommended."
優點: "Better entertainment."
缺點: "No footrests, skipped at mealtime and flight crew response delayed, not offered arrival form"
優點: "差不多要下機才吃到晚餐, 份量十分少.一個76歲的老人家都説不夠."
缺點: "They have awful customer service and caused me to miss a flight and have to purchase all new flights. I will never use them again."
優點: "It was a great flight There staff were great, even fed us on a 80 minute flight"
優點: "Service and speed"
優點: "Beautiful plane, clean and well serviced, unlike American carriers"
缺點: "We were delayed an hour on the tarmac in Taipei with no explanation. I was told there were no aisle seats and when we finished boarding I could see that the attendant on the ground had not been truthful. I did get a bulkhead aisle seat after the doors were closed, but I would like to know the truth from service people."
優點: "China Airlines has generally been a step above the average. The name is a bit represented as this is really a Taiwan Run and based airline that has been influenced by the western business practice."
優點: "Fast boarding. Well organized. Good flight attendant crew although they need people with better English. Food was served hot and on schedule. Fair selection of movies. Poor selection of Tv programs"
缺點: "Transiting from One flight to another in Taipei is no easy task. Signage is poor watering lounge features giant rocks for seating and I found out later that there is a proper lounge downstairs. No signage in English to tell you about the seating downstairs. Poor selection of food in terminal. we have to pay for WiFi and when you get it, it's very slow."
缺點: "I need, wheelchair service for this trip but very disappointed the service. I carried my bag to find my seat by my myself. The crew only helped me to put up the bag and my umbrella stick until I asked."

Flight was boarded by we took off an hour late.

優點: "Well I arrived at the gate 8 minutes before departure due to a late flight from San Antonio. And no one was there. I watched the plane leave 5 minutes late. The gate attendants were super rude and lazy when they came back up the ramp. I think the walk really took it out of them. There were 10 people who had run from delayed flights just standing there thinking wtf."
缺點: "AA in Phoenix is always a nightmare. They seem to hire lazy people with no idea of customer service"
缺點: "Ramps up to the plane are a challenge for someone with movement problems. They had a mechanical issue that delayed departure for almost an hour for lack of a single screw."
優點: "Pretty efficient for a completely full flight."
優點: "Nothing on this flight was good except for the Captain with constant updates on the never ending delays."
缺點: "This flight was delayed for nearly three hours due to a mechanical problem with the assigned aircraft. We did not get the reason for the delay until nearly 2 hours after the scheduled departure time. Then, when a new plane was assigned. The boarding agents were rude. The flight attendant was rude."
優點: "Got me to my destination"
缺點: "Attendants were less than welcoming with NO sense of humor. I found an empty whiskey container in the area under the seat in front of me. When I jokingly said that I found it empty and could she refill it for me, the attendant went off on me, telling me that she was too busy and couldn’t take it"
優點: "Dear American, stop lying to your passengers stating that the flights are full, when in fact, they are not. Customers are willing to pay for upgrades but you give them no way to do so."
缺點: "A toilet had no water. The internet was not working for the whole flight"
優點: "The tv and drinks"
缺點: "Being told why we’re delayed and then not being kept on board for so long once we arrived late"
缺點: "In a period of 20 minutes in the hour before boarding there were three gate changes. The last one was a change of terminal and gate. You have been doing this for years and you should know how to do this already."
缺點: "Constant delays, wrongful promises of when/how long delays would take"
缺點: "I paid $70 for a seat upgrade, and it showed on my boarding pass as “EXIT” (exit aisle) with 6 inches of extra legroom when I purchased the upgrade in London. By the time I arrived in Dallas, the “EXIT” indicator on my boarding pass disappeared. When I boarded the plane there was no extra legroom and row 16 was not an exit row: rows 14 and 15 were. I endured a less comfortable trip, and now have to go through the pain and effort to get a refund. Good luck to me..."
優點: "Crew was polite, Captain was helpful."
缺點: "Flight was delayed due to mechanical issues."
缺點: "Delayed"
優點: "Great flight experience overall!"
優點: "The Seats have a nice width and a nice forward-to-back pitch. They're also brand-new upholstery. Very nice"
缺點: "American Airlines concourse in Charlotte is awful. Standing room only, and under construction. No power outlets in the plane."
缺點: "Rushing from gate to gate after sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes after not having anything to eat on the four hour flight from PHL. Not being able to get anything healthy because the layover was reduced from 40 minutes to 5. GIVE US SOME FOOD DAMMIT!"
缺點: "Confusing in LAX as to where to go for the flight"
缺點: "First of all, this flight was not good; that was my rating for the first leg of CLE to DFW. DFW to SJC was a disaster due to weather and multiple equipment changes. Overall the flight was delayed 7 hours, from 4:50pm to 11:40pm. I opted to reschedule for the following morning -- and that flight ended up being delayed for an hour due to equipment changes and mechanical issues. Door-to-door I spent 30 hours getting from CLE to SJC."
優點: "The flight was very short compared with LHR to LAX, so, I don't have much to say about it."
優點: "Staff was great"
優點: "Customer service was friendly"
缺點: "So uncomfortable"
優點: "The customer service!"
缺點: "Eventhough, I have accumulated over 100000 points. I don't get any seat upgrades or gold status!"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"
優點: "The crew was friendly and the flight was great."
優點: "Staff courtesy."
缺點: "When I started this leg of my trip, I was completely exhausted having been in sitting position for almost 24 hours straight. Airline made no concessions for travelers knowing that some were just doing a simple trip and those others whose journey was very long. Narrow seats added to stress and discomfort. Airline policy seemed to be "Give me the money and I will deliver you safely. Period" Humanity seems to be last on airline list. Traveling is seriously grueling and unpleasant for all those not in First Class."
優點: "People actually boarded by group number"
缺點: "Sitting in premium economy still doesn't giive enough room to spread out papers and get work done. Out of four segments I only got upgraded once despite having 16 upgrades in my account."
優點: "1, Crew are very attentive 2. Great seat"
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "The flight boarded really quickly with absolutely excellent service from the flight crew. The pilots and crew were so considerate, and helpful. They totally took care of all of us. From the time I got on to the flight to the time I got off the crew were there to make sure I was taken care of."
優點: "The staff that pushed us thru the ridiculous process of going thru customs , getting our bags checked again & raced us thru to our connecting fight was amazing !!!"
缺點: "Our connecting flight was too close given we were coming back from Mexico& had to go thru customs. The security at customs were so rude to my mother who was in a wheelchair! The customs checking process was a joke! We barely made to our flight running thru that entire airport pushing my mother in a wheelchair. I can't tell you how horrible the experience was for both of us!"
缺點: ""Parked" on tarmac for 25 minutes waiting to leave LAX. Arrived half an hour late"
缺點: "More flight delays..."
缺點: "This flight transfer was totally ridiculous, and required me to exit security, take a bus, get through security again, take another bus, and then wait in a crappy gate with one single terrible food option. Whoever thinks this is a reasonable transfer ought to be subjected to it themselves before booking it for others."
優點: "The plane was brand new and the crew were very nice. Entertainment system was well-done with good selection of movies. Even unedited movies!! Great."
缺點: "The plane was delayed for a half hour before it was marked as "delayed" and then it was delayed another half hour. If I had known it was going to be an hour late I would've been able to eat a proper dinner. They seemed to be out of every normal drink on the drink cart."
優點: "Staff was kind."
優點: "Flight was prompt. Crew was good."
缺點: "Not seated together with my wife. Looked at paying for upgrade, but no seats together."
優點: "Everything went smooth. Staff were professional and friendly"
缺點: "Nothing."
優點: "I like that it's open seating."
缺點: "I don't like how there's not de-boarding procedure. Some people try to just rush off the plane."
優點: "The Crew were outstanding and the flights were quiet and smooth. Very comfortable flight!"
缺點: "No issues"
缺點: "THe reading light was broken"
優點: "We boarded on time, we sat in the exit aisle, so we have a little extra room. They offered free movies, which my husband took advantage of. Pleasant flight"
優點: "I had lots of space to my self"
優點: "On time"
缺點: "We were so crowded. No leg room. The lady next to me was too big for her seat so it was hot and sweaty the whole way"
缺點: "airbus A320 doesn't have power ports at seats...."
優點: "Entertainment was not available for the latest Safari browser 10."
優點: "Smooth, quick flight!"
優點: "Again getting moved up to first class"
缺點: "I would have liked to know before I was already seated in Coach."
缺點: "It's not the first time that I was forced to gate check my carry on luggage. They claim that the cabinet in the plan is full while actually there is plenty of spaces for multiple luggages to be there. The crew was rude and refuse to explain it in an acceptable way. When I asked why cant I carry it when there is enough space, she simply says because you just can't. Do you want to take the plan or not! This is unacceptable."
優點: "I missed my previous flight, and even before that my day was going pretty bad. I was quickly routed to the desk to get a replacement ticket, and even though the flight was oversold, they had me wait around until the plane was ready to take off. A couple minutes after they shut the door of the boarding bridge, I was called and told to follow one of them. It turns out a couple of people were headed to the right city in the wrong country."

People were boarding with 3/ 4 carry-on luggage bags. The staff would announce only 2 and not enforce it. This cause others to be inconvenient because they had to check in their carry-on bags.

All good

優點: "I liked the crew"
缺點: "Almost everything"
優點: "Used miles to upgrade to Premium Plus. Excellent seat and food!"
優點: "The UI to watch videos on the plane is really good. They have good quality screens, so I watched movies for all the 12 hours of lfight I had."
優點: "The woman at the counter was helpful and cheerful."
缺點: "The experience was poor due to a flight delay that would have resulted in a missed connection. This resulted in a very negative effect because I won't be able to make an important business meeting."
優點: "無"
缺點: "飛機大delay"
優點: "Crew was great. Plane was nice."
缺點: "No charger at seat."
缺點: "Sits not suitable for long distance travel"
優點: "Service and punctuality"
缺點: "On board entertainment"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Delayed 40 minutes due to delay in inbound aircraft. Slow turning around added a second delay."
缺點: "Entertainment was choppy and many titles didn’t work without constant buffering"
缺點: "飛機上的食物太差了,份量又不足,全程都餓肚子,有選擇的話我肯定不乘搭聯合航空或是自備食物。"
優點: "Da food, seat"
缺點: "Da Music"
缺點: "Food was horrible. Then for 2 of the 3 meals they missed even serving some rows entrees."
優點: "舒適"
優點: "The entertainment can stream a large library of movies to your device"
缺點: "The sit was so croweded"
優點: "You cannot watch shows or.movis on demand. You can only watch TV movies, commercials and all"
缺點: "We weren't allowed in the Premier Lounge even though we had first class tickets. They said only international passengers."
優點: "Pilot made up time"
缺點: "Flight was over 2 hours delayed due to winds"
缺點: "Food"
缺點: "VeRy long flight that didn’t need to be as long. Small plane. Hard landing and very quick stop where where everyone screamed."
優點: "at check in - check baggage was quickly serviced"
缺點: "Had to cancel my trip due to family illness. But, not acceptable to United for a refund. And wants to charge me as much as a new ticket to save my ticket. Why penalize me for a sick relative? Unbelievable! And very disappointing."
優點: "On time"
缺點: "Tight seats, boarding process"
缺點: "power plug didn't work"
優點: "Free World Series viewing"
缺點: "No power outlets at seat"
缺點: "I couldn’t pick my seats online. Having to take that extra step at the airport was a hassle. Also we that way I wasn’t guaranteed to be sitting with my husband."
缺點: "I would like to have a response from United Airline , my email address is pamm. strickland @"
優點: "Same as above."
缺點: "Same as above."
優點: "Seat"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "After the gates closed, an exit light broke and the staff took over an hour to fix it. Flight delayed."
缺點: "No entertainment screen on each seat, just old TV far away. Very boring on this trip"
優點: "Delayed outbound so I got to CA much later than I needed to be."
優點: "The crew was very pleasant, food was average."
缺點: "The flight being cancelled. Wifi doesn't even come close to working. No personal entertainment. Communication was poor for the rescheduling of flight that led me to miss the next flight"
優點: "Early arrival"
缺點: "Waiting for docking spot."
優點: "Bad costumer service and terrible manners from the ladies giving you beverages."
缺點: "I hated the whole experience. Very disorganized and rude all around. Not all the workers but by far a bad experience."
優點: "quick boarding"
缺點: "no outlets!"
優點: "Nothing, I hope they at least served some snacks."
缺點: "Most uncomfortable seats , struggled to sleep during my whole journey."
優點: "Male flight attendant was so genuinely kind to an elderly couple next to me. Female was nice as well. Seat more comfortable than last flight. Flight on time."
缺點: "Cannot connect to wifi. No entertainment. Need stronger signal. No charging spot for electronic device in my seat."
缺點: "中文廣播人員結結巴巴都在亂翻譯,太不專業了 服務人員一直玩,講話好大聲,讓人不能休息,很不舒服 大家下飛機時,每間航班都會很有禮貌一直謝謝搭乘,UA871我沒感受到。"
優點: "The entertainment worked for like most of the time (surprisingly) and I got an extra seat next to me."
缺點: "What can you expect from united... the crew members were terrible absolutely unprofessional and unwilling to help. We were delayed for 3 hours in Taipei due to an issue with the plane that they were trying to fix. During this time many people were trying to change flights as they had connections in SFO. When they asked the hostesses for help, they either got rude unhelpful responses or got completely ignored. United really needs to train their flight attendants better."
優點: "Left on time"
缺點: "Crammed unconfortable"
優點: "Staff was wecoming and friendly"
缺點: "Couldn't even access united's flight map without paying for movies. Seats are very small, large neighbor next to me used my armrest the whole flight and generally spilled into my seat."
優點: "Flight was shorter than expected"
缺點: "Bathrooms were dirty and sound wasn't working for first in flight movie"
優點: "The crew were nice"
缺點: "Your entertainment sucks everything cost so much. There is NO leg room. Your planes I think are old needs to be updated."
優點: "Ok"
缺點: "None"
優點: "great crew great flight and in flight service."
優點: "United is definitely improving. The service was attentive and friendly. When I asked for PJ's, the flight attendant made a good effort to retrieve them for me. I slept through the entire flight, very rare unless the conditions were optimal for sleep."
缺點: "While this flight was fine, my flight to Taipei was riddled with poor service. A bad and forgetful flight attendant can make all the difference. As United adjusts their service to the new Polaris configuration on newer planes, conditions will hopefully improve."

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