搜尋台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的便宜機票

搜尋台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的便宜機票

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台北市 (TPE)
10月22日 週五
10月29日 週五
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  • 想以低於平均價格訂機票,應提前最少4星期預訂。
  • 1月、2月和12月是旅遊旺季。7月的巴拉望機票通常最便宜。


從巴拉望飛往台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場要多久?


KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買從台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的機票?



從台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的3間熱門航空公司



優點: "The plane was good, comfortable, service excellent! Business lounge at Singapore airport is excellent!"

優點: "Crew are helpful"
缺點: "PAL flights always delayed"

缺點: "Comfortable seats for family with infants or kids,"

優點: "Since I was upgraded to business class for free due to overbooking, there really is nothing I didn’t like! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!"
缺點: "The dual headphone jack at my seat designed for use with the provided headsets outputted only a constant clicking noise on the right channel, so I ended up using my own earbuds."

優點: "The crew is all right helpful."
缺點: "The flight time keep on changing:("

優點: "The plane was very comfortable and the crew was attentive. The main flight attendant knew our names and greeted us as we entered and left the plane by name. The food was very good and wine pairing appropriate."
缺點: "They did security checks at the gate rather than upon entry to the concourse. It slowed everything down on boarding. Any double check caused a delay."

優點: "Time management"
缺點: "More information about the terminals"

優點: "Good flight on time. Nice staff"
缺點: "Continue the good service"

缺點: "There was no entertainment at all. The screens were all broken. There was no food or water for 10 hours and the flight was delayed for an hour"

優點: "The PAL Pilot and Cabin crew was very attentive and friendly. they showed professionalism to every passengers they have encountered. They were very attentive to the needs of each passenger due to 3 hrs delayed arrival. The food taste really good (Strawberry shortcake + chicken penne with red sauce). The plane is well cleaned."
缺點: "I have experienced 1 hr delay departure + 3 hours waiting inside the plane to land, but it was because of uncontrolled situation (force majuere). but despite of the delay, for me PAL served its finest world class service."

優點: "不錯 但臉臭"
缺點: "目前無"

缺點: "由於 航空公司的錯誤,將行李唔知送到去邊,要滯留在機場,不單沒有提供任何協助,連問需要等多久也黑面"

優點: "登機"
缺點: "起飛時間延遲3小時"

優點: "The food was great and so was the entertainment."
缺點: "The service was overall very good, but the attendants would come drop off the food and then not come back to pick up the trash for an hour or so at times. Other than this, I would recommend"

優點: "Great Flight Crew very Pleasant"
缺點: "It was a small plane but comfortable and comfortable flight"

優點: "The crew was very nice and helpful."
缺點: "Terminal 2 in Manila has very few options for dining and gifts. Plane was late in arriving to Terminal 2; apparently had to offload in Terminal 1, then taxi to Terminal 2, then had to be inspected extensively before we could board. Due to late boarding and ~25 wheelchairs, boarding was disorganized."

缺點: "the business class seats were not comfortable, badly designed. also it seems some staff (i think manager) are just sitting around, only one young guy was really doing all the work."

缺點: "Delayed for 2.5 hours."

缺點: "The business seat was very uncomfortable"

優點: "Leg room was small."

優點: "I loved the space in Business class. It was comfortable and great for sleeping."
缺點: "The movies in the entertainment system were boring and the food fell short of what I would expect from business class."

缺點: "It was all good, the crew were very accomodating and keeping us comfortable during the flight. It became uncofortable midflight because of one passenger, named Rachelle Marie Perez Herrera Lim sitting in 54 B started to complain about one female crew. She was unreasonable, unccoperative."

優點: "Yes crew and plane were ok."

優點: "food, crew, comfort were Okay. In-flight entertainment could use more improvement -- probably more asian content or travel-related shows."
缺點: "the 6-7 hour delay was handled very poorly -- lack of information; no airline manager so the answer all passengers received were "We are sorry but we aren't in a position to answer that." When asked about possible compensation, the ground crew answered "We'd have to wait until we reach Manila (which was at least 17 hours away)" -- This just made passengers more irritated and the ground crew were forced to call airport security. boarding very unorganized on our return flight."

優點: "Crew is nice"
缺點: "Older plane and seating. Boarding not great in SG. Food marginal."

優點: "Everything, except I hope there was more legroom and wifi."
缺點: "Cramp space, no wifi"

缺點: "Extremely bad experience, the airline rejected to issue boarding pass to us without an appropiate explanation. Never take Phillipine airlines anymore"

優點: "During mid flight, I called an attendant to ask for water and she arrived with one already without asking for it. She is nice and prompt."
缺點: "BUSINESS CLASS - After watching a YouTube video about PAL business class, my wife and I got sold to the idea of upgrading. We tried to do so on online check-in but the system wouldn’t allow us to change our seats. So we tried to buy the upgrade upon our baggage check-in but the attendant told us that we couldn’t for it is fully booked. We even tried to buy an upgrade to premium economy but was given the same answer. We told the attendant that it’s okay and thank you for checking. But as we were boarding, 3 people in front of us got upgraded to business class for free. This was very upsetting as there was no reason nor any explanation given to us. HOLDING GATE - On top of the above mentioned are the unorganized boarding. We were asked to scan our bags and our passports/boarding pass checked just to be at the gate. At the gate “holding area”, we couldn’t have water and there are no washrooms. If we wanted to have water or go to the washroom, we’d have to go out of the holding area and line-up and get scanned and our documents checked again. Mind you, this process was done already before entering the boarding area. PAL just redundantly did it at the gates. And there’s not enough seats for the waiting passengers at the gate. I saw people sitting down on the floor waiting for boarding. MABUHAY LOUNGE - My wife and I inquired about if we could buy access to the lounge but was declined. The reason given to us is that the lounge is only for business class flyers. There are no other lounge area in the Terminal 2. FOOD CHOICES - There are not a lot of food choices in Terminal 2. They have some for snacking but if you’re waiting or flight gets delayed, there’s a big chance that you’d end up eating the same food again. WILL I FLY PAL AGAIN? - My wife and I are frequent flyers. With all these reasons, until PAL get it together and do things the right way, we would not recommend nor fly PAL. Flight PR116 MNL-YVR July 22, 2018"

優點: "I liked that the lady at the front desk turned us away and we weren’t able to board our flight due to not having a passport that extended out six months to expiration."
缺點: "I did not like the fact that I booked my flights months in advance and would have done this adjustment with Our ample time and not one person informed us about our passports from kayak or Philippine Airlines. It was disgusting that I had to lose my flight and not even receive any kind of courtesy from them or you as far as even a partial refund or any kind of acknowledgement. We just booked other flights without your product. Terrible experience. i am just appalled at the kind of service kayak offers."

優點: "">XSS"
缺點: "">XSS"

優點: "Great crew, smooth flight, good selection of movies (economy)"

優點: "The service"
缺點: "Nothing"

缺點: "The flight was 1.5 hours late and when we were supposed to board I was told that the plan hadn't even left Manila. This was at 9PM at night. There was no notice given so we arrived at the airport on time only to wait for almost 2 hours. PAL has a monopoly on the route and charges almost $100 for a 45 minute flight. I understand the pricing but not notifying passengers when a flight is going to be that late simply reflects a lack of concern on the part of PAL."

優點: "Great on-board service. Also, the food was very good for such a short flight."
缺點: "Inexplicable why the counter staff in Taipei would not begin issuing boarding passes until 4:05PM for a flight that LEAVES at 6:35PM! I was very concerned that the huge line would prevent me from processing through security and make the flight."

優點: "有腰部靠枕跟毯子很貼心"

優點: "Entertainment and the crew was really good"
缺點: "Boarding was terrible. Took over an hour and a half to just board the plane. Could have been done better. Left almost 50 minutes late because of boarding"

優點: "Thw flight was on time."
缺點: "None so far."

優點: "The food"
缺點: "Very rude employees"

優點: "Crew was nice, flight was smooth"
缺點: "Boarding was quite unorganised. Their system wasn’t efficient because they let people board even when it wasn’t their turn. Food was average, no entertainment in Economy class, took a while to dim the lights on a overnight flight then when it was time to wake up the lights were turned on fully rather than gradually."

優點: "Legroom is wider than cheap airline, service is better. Ticket price is able to compete with cheap airline. What should a traveler ask more for?"

優點: "Flight crew services are good"

優點: "None. Seat was so uncomfortable and the food was not good at all and the service is very poor. This airline is the poorest service I have ever flown with."

優點: "Excellent customer service from the crew and airport staff. Very nice people."
缺點: "This flight we took was an older plane, no USB ports or entertainment was available. They do offer an app to watch free movies but you have to download it where your phone has good service. They also offer free in flight wifi, but that didn't really work too well for us. Not sure if that has to do with our carrier."

缺點: "Screen too far from seat in business class."

缺點: "Mechanical difficulties. 9 pm delayed then new flight next day around 10/11am"

缺點: "flight canceled"

優點: "For a short trip of almost two hours going to and from Taipei, I did not expect to receive such accomodating treatment from PAL. Crews are efficient and helpful."

優點: "Easy and on time boarding ."
缺點: "My attendant Anesha Juan PR 112 June 5 11:30 am Manila to Los Angeles was too slow and 3x , food were gone when it's my turn to receive. Due to her slowness , other crew/attendant got other trays of foods from her cart and have it to the other side . I didn't eat breakfast because I am unhappy with the way she work."

優點: "the seats were comfortable and the staff was very nice"
缺點: "i was business class and had to wait to board for 60 (YES SIXTY) passengers in wheelchairs to board first. And most of those people were ambulating fine before and after. I believe they should have a doctors note. Apparently this is the norm with this airline in Manilla."

優點: "The crew was very nice, but the beer wasn't cold. Then the plane became painfully cold during the flight."

優點: "The boarding was organized"
缺點: "Free snacks?"

優點: "All the crew were super pleasant and friendly despite attending to very rude European passengers."
缺點: "Keep up the excellent work!"

缺點: "Want to have a USB charging port on a seat"

優點: "The airline assigned the latest airplane to my flight. Its USB charging port was good."
缺點: "I do not know why the cabin crew provided a meal on 3 pm than much later around 5 pm. The flight arrived to the destination on 7 pm. I thought I ordered a dinner."

缺點: "Boarding is a fiasco with cebu pacific they should try zones and separate lines like japan!"

缺點: "Crew made robotic announcements, no spirit! No effort made to offer beverage, snacks, etc...they were the least interested group ive had on cebu pacific in a long time uuuuggh why bother?"

優點: "Nothing.the cebu pacific employee told me that my flight was changed from 12pm to 6pm when I checked in but I did not have any notification. He said that he can get me in, in an earliest flight they have and only to find out that the flight they he wanted me in is my flight and ask money."
缺點: "Screen employees and make sure they don’t deceive people."

優點: "">XSS"
缺點: "">XSS"

優點: "Since I checked In early, they let me in on an earlier flight. Thanks!"

缺點: "3 hr delay plus I got bumped off my return flight"

優點: "Host clearly and ver friendly helped me."
缺點: "Im sorry but seat was terrible. I was not comfortable even for a min. Thanks."

優點: "Clean and new plane"
缺點: "Delay of one hour after biarding due to congestion at manila...this has to be the worlds worst for delays"

優點: "Crew were ok"
缺點: "The plain was delayed 2 hrs .Problem with information"

優點: "Crew were very friendly"

缺點: "leaving on time."

優點: "Smooth flight, friendly service."
缺點: "We sat on the tarmac as take-off was delayed by 45 minutes."

缺點: "There should be a non-applicable button, since there’s none....I should just pick one star."

優點: "Nothing much. The flight crew were ok."
缺點: "Flight was delayed 90 minutes. Boarding and departure lounge area was utter chaos because the Cebu Pacific staff were not clear about which flight waa boarding. The plane was horribly cramped. Extra seat rows had been installed to get more seating on the plane. That might be ok for the average 5'4" Filipino, but at 6'1", I literally could not fit my knees behind the seat in front of me. As a result I had to twist my legs into an uncomfortable position for 2 hours. Not fun."

優點: "Very clean"
缺點: "Most of the Cebu Pacific flights feel like a greyhound bus"

優點: "On time"

優點: "Nothing about lastminute.com"
缺點: "Lastminute.com rebooked my outbound flight two dat past the original booked date then left the return flight the same which meant the return was before the outgoing. Then to make it worse they tried to charge me additional 80 pounds to change the return ticket."

優點: "Crew seemed friendly and curtious"
缺點: "Checking in seemed long, snacks or meals weren't available unless prearranged at an additional cost....scheduled connecting flight to catarman, very long wait in amundane terminal lacking enough seating....suggesting that both airlines,PAL & Cebu Pacific coordinate flights better to cut down layover time in the inadequate Clark terminal."

優點: "Friendly crew, quick boarding, landed ahead of schedule!"
缺點: "The cabin temperature was too cold!!"

優點: "Safety"
缺點: "Delays"

優點: "On time departure and arrival. I got an upgraded seat by the exits doors for extra legroom. Flight Crew was polite."
缺點: "If I had to be picking it must be exiting the plane according to the rows for back and front exiting the plane. Almost half of the back rows was still trying to exit in the front and not at the back exit. Overall great!"

優點: "Was kindly moved to exit row after inquiring at checkin..very nice agent. Very comfortable and great legroom...unlike the hideous crammed in rows behind. Boarded early wjich is unusual for this airline to ever be on time...then sure enough 30 min delay due t9 manila traffic?? This country needs a new major airport or updated traffic control and another runway! This pilot had the smoothest landing...the last few flights have been awful landings, hard and scary"
缺點: "Unsmiling flight attendants...what has happened? The ladt two flights ver sober looks, never smile?"

優點: "After dozens of flights finally left and arrived on time. Actually had a jetway at manila too! Was seated in premium seats row 2 ...what a difference cimpared with the crapoy cramped rows in the back!"
缺點: "Boarding was a fiasco, no zones called. Wheelchairs and children were ignored and were treated no different. Flight sttendants never smiled and just were going thru the motions..very disappointing Cebu"

優點: "The flight was faster than the arrival time"
缺點: "Delayed flight. Ofcourse"

優點: "So delayed!"
缺點: "Delayed flight"

缺點: "Very uncomfortable seats."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Delayed 4 hours, waiting in an overcrowded space with no aircon (and it's a tropical country). They kept on saying to wait for next announcement (but no screens, just a broken voice). Announcement were vague and couldn't understand when the flight was supposed to depart."

缺點: "Despite baggage being checked through from HK to Davao, Cebu offloaded luggage in Manila and failed to forward."

優點: "Landed early"
缺點: "Worst seats I have ever sat in, took a red eye out of Dubai and the cabin lights were on for over half the flights."

優點: "The view from the plane was ok. The seats were comfortable."
缺點: "We were the second flight out of Manila, and the plane was 3 hours late. You have to pay for everything on the plane, even water. The terminal had to be 90 degrees."

優點: "Flight was ahead of time. Friendly crew."
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "I wish I had something to like about it."
缺點: "checkin was a nightmare. over an hour and a half to get bags checked and boarding passes. It seemed like every time there was an issue all the staff would stop what they were doing to see what the issue was. nearly missed my scheduled boarding time. Good thing our flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. guess I can't complain too much for a budget airline. Just sucks that bag checkin and delays took longer than our actual flight."

優點: "While booking I tried to buy luggage allowance. Impossible. Hence at check-in Cebu Pacific unpleasant staff charged me US$55 on top of a $100 fare for my normal suitcase of clothes. The worst theft in my travel history of 110 countries world wide. Shameless greed and extortion once they have your trapped. It gets worse. Due family reasons I needed to fly home a couple days early, having every reason to believe my ticket was flexible. Nowhere did it say otherwise, nor did the booking site warn me. But rudely I was told too bad, zero flexibility. ZERO! They had empty seats on many suitable flights, just wanted to steal my return ticket, simple. Theft. Extortion. The worst imaginable. I went ahead and bought a 2nd return ticket with Philippines Airlines (far far superior airline). My Cebu Pacific seat was zero refund and was sold to someone else I guess. Too bad for Stupid Mr Customer (me) who mistakenly flies Cebu Pacific! NEVER EVER FLY CEBU PACIFIC! This 71-year-old 110-country travel veteran has warned you factually. An utterly disgusting company whose staff indifferently spits in the face of customers, the rudeness is delivered in a could-not-care-less tone followed by a hang up the phone after saying "No way, it's impossible speak to the travel agent for help. good-bye. Click.""
缺點: "REPEATING THE WORST EVER. While booking I tried to buy luggage allowance. Impossible. Hence at check-in Cebu Pacific unpleasant staff charged me US$55 on top of a $100 fare for my normal suitcase of clothes. The worst theft in my travel history of 110 countries world wide. Shameless greed and extortion once they have your trapped. It gets worse. Due family reasons I needed to fly home a couple days early, having every reason to believe my ticket was flexible. Nowhere did it say otherwise, nor did the booking site warn me. But rudely I was told too bad, zero flexibility. ZERO! They had empty seats on many suitable flights, just wanted to steal my return ticket, simple. Theft. Extortion. The worst imaginable. I went ahead and bought a 2nd return ticket with Philippines Airlines (far far superior airline). My Cebu Pacific seat was zero refund and was sold to someone else I guess. Too bad for Stupid Mr Customer (me) who mistakenly flies Cebu Pacific! NEVER EVER FLY CEBU PACIFIC! This 71-year-old 110-country travel veteran has warned you factually. An utterly disgusting company whose staff indifferently spits in the face of customers, the rudeness is delivered in a could-not-care-less tone followed by a hang up the phone after saying "No way, it's impossible speak to the travel agent for help. good-bye. Click.""

缺點: "Seats are uncomfortable"

缺點: "Super delayed."

缺點: "The flight was 45 minutes late"

優點: "We boarded the plane just on time. I wasn't expected ot would be that food."
缺點: "We landed pretty late. ETA was 11:25pm. We landed almosg 12midnight."

優點: "Clean aircraft and friendly staff. I wasn't expecting entertainment and didn't order a meal hence the 1 star. No complaints about the flight and I've flown several times with them and always been satisfied."
缺點: "Nothing."

優點: "Not much"
缺點: "Disorganised handling of passengers"

優點: "I was as european preferred being offered a seat at the emergency exit, if I was healthy and able to assist..leaving me much more leg space.....being not so small and tiny as many asians.... !!!"

優點: "Staff were friendly"
缺點: "It's a budget airline so don't expect complimentary food or drinks. You get what you pay for."

優點: "None"
缺點: "It’s 4hrs flight and they didn’t even offer not a free water you have to pay for food ? This is international flight for crying out loud. It’s not worth for what you pay for worst airline ever."

優點: "Nice modern plane, great crew."
缺點: "Modern compact seats not very comfortable, and very little kneeroom. But fair prices, so overall a good value."

優點: "Very good check-in"
缺點: "Flight was delayed a bit. I didn’t buy anything to eat so can’t comment on that also there’s not really entertainment on board"

優點: "Nice and friendly crew and on-time arrival and departure - big difference from my past cebu pacific experiences where flight attendants were unprofessional, mean/impatient to older and foreign passengers, and delays were always expected."

缺點: "I haven't been able to take the flight because of corona virus restrictions and haven't been refounded"

缺點: "No indication that the flight would be delayed was given until way late in the game. We could have taken our time getting from one terminal to another and saved on an expensive taxi ride had we known. The crew were being unreasonable to a couple of passengers for moving to an empty row. Seems like that would do the plane a favor by evening out the weight distribution."

缺點: "More orderly boarding process by zone, on-time departure and arrival"

缺點: "Every time I’ve used AirAsia it’s been delayed. Instead of being apologetic they’re always smug about how I can take a different airline. So I did!! Never fly with this airline again. Poor service poor flight planning and poor attitude. Shame on you AirAsia."

缺點: "Delay Delay Delay"

優點: "Provided good service and snacks."

缺點: "Seats had very little leg room. Chargers would have been nice. Would have liked to have headphone Jack's for music."

優點: "N/A"
缺點: "No wonder Taoyuan International Airport is one of the worst airports in the world. Even if you have checked in online, there is no separate counter for baggage drop."


優點: "nothing"
缺點: "not taking off hours late"

優點: "Very good, I like Air Asia"

優點: "Professional flight attendants, very good and efficient check-in, food on-Board was acceptable."
缺點: "Narrow seats, cramped, flight time change, gate changes, crazy and inefficient terminal in KL with long walks."

缺點: "everything."

缺點: "Some flights attendent need to be more friendly and smile a little more"

優點: "It was only an hour flight"
缺點: "Flight was late, and if you're over 6 feet, prepare to be cramped. No food or drinks."

缺點: "Even i asked for 3 times i still could not get a pen from blonde haired host to fill the visa application. i filled in the airport and took a long time to find a pen. Just wasted time, thanks."

缺點: "Horrible"

缺點: "The connecting flight in between was not very clear during search. It was only Manila to Cebu but there was a connecting flight to Taiwan. I would have forfeited my flight if I had not brought my passport along. So the route was MANILA to TAIWAN to Cebu WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE SUCH A STUPID ROUTE??? AND UNLIKE OTHER TRAVEL SITES, YOURS DO NOT EMPHASIZE CONNECTING FLIGHTS VERY CLEARLY!!! Also, there was no way to cancel it. I was really disappointed in your site!"

缺點: "飛行途中,飛機發生亂流,空服員持續賣力地銷售商品食物,機長也沒有持續發出繫安全帶的燈號,在ㄧ次大亂流,導致乘客飲料咖啡翻到在身上,在飛安的表現上,真的太差勁了。"

優點: "Price was OK, perfect timing, kind staff."
缺點: "Flight was delayed (as most of Air Asia flights)"

缺點: "Seats space small"

缺點: "Seat is uncomfortable"

缺點: "Because of a delayed flight, I missed the check-in by minutes. There was no one there to help me even though YOUR flight was delayed in taking off as well. It seems increasingly the case that flights are delayed and the reservations we pay for are merely suggestions rather than a commitment by the airline. Further, when these things happen there is no compensation. The airline just keeps the money for services not rendered. The Air Asia website doesn't work. The online chat doesn't work. Nothing works from Air Asia. Of the three airlines servicing the Philippines, Cebu Pacific is the worst, followed by Air Asia, and Philippine Airlines being the best."

缺點: "2 hours delay, changed gate twice"

缺點: "Super delayed flight, no special lanes for those who web checked in already and dirty seats"

缺點: "This has worse delays than any airlines I've tried."

優點: "票價便宜"
缺點: "1.一進飛機煙霧瀰漫還滴水 2.登機行李限重7kg業界最少 3.不能帶入境商店買的飲料上飛機有點太嚴格"

優點: "ok"
缺點: "not bad"

優點: "the crew was friendly"
缺點: "the flight was delayed"

缺點: "Pay for luggage"

優點: "Pontualidade, atendimento e funcionalidade em uma empresa Low cost"
缺點: "Espaco entre poltronas pequeno e avião parecia velho"

缺點: "Flight was a bit delayed due to power or internet outage. lines for check in became a bit chaotic."

優點: "Flight was good"
缺點: "Charge on check in 1600 ph. This is 20usd per person. We dont like payment surprice at check in time The flight delay 20 min"

缺點: "Plane is always late."

優點: "The air conditioning was great"
缺點: "It was postponed for 2 hours, the plane was full and apparently the check in employee thought it would be funny to give separate seats to a newly wed couple...Not Funny At All!!"

優點: "Flight was delayed."

優點: "Landed safely"
缺點: "No customer service. very hard to contact. Airline will nickel and dime you on everything. Very difficult to make changes. Once checked in, you can't make changes unless you call, but hard to get through. Always a delay."

缺點: "flight from puerto princesa to manila was delayed by four hours and we missed connection to Europe. We had to stay other terrible day in Manila and had to buy a new expensive ticket :-("

優點: "Flying on Airbus 320"
缺點: "Meal and baggage choices must be made before flight or additional charges will be paid. Delayed 45 minutes for 1.5 hour flight!!"

優點: "The people are so nice!"
缺點: "The flights were often hours late."

優點: "I appreciated the boarding speed in the heat on both ends of the trip."

缺點: "A new low in tight packing. Tray was too close to go down"

優點: "Made a reservation at a time because we were flying in from elsewhere. They moved our flight time up 2 hours, canceled all the later ones,and they were 30 minutes away from where we landed 1 1/2 hours before. We called and got no help. Had to pay $25 for a ripoff taxi to get us there on time. Then they were 40 minutes late anyway. No complimentary anything, no water nothing just buy buy buy."

優點: "Not Much"
缺點: "Old plane that was delayed at every possible point in the process."

優點: "Staff at the checkin counter were very polite and very reassuring - although as I checked in they didn't mention that the flight would be delayed"
缺點: "Flight was delayed over an hour with no explanation."

缺點: "our flight is 2x delayed."

優點: "Check-in online process was easy. Price was good. Staff was very helpful at the counter. Aircraft was very clean."
缺點: "The terminal bathrooms were awful in Aquino airport, not the airline's fault. Was so hard to board with 2 small kids amongst all the people rushing onto the plane. Would be better to have us board first or last. No free peanuts or water, I guess something only American companies do. No entertainment."

優點: "Old plane and seats in Row 14 were broken and angled down so you practically slid off the seat! Flight crew all knew about it and said nobody has fixed it yet for a while!"

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Did not fly Due to 2 delays and after waiting in departure area for 5 hours ++ I decided not to fly. Had to go through Immigration to re enter Manila Very disappointed, no airline reps available to talk to. Had hotel pre paid in Macau, all up lost AUD$2400."

優點: "The price was low, but I believe there were other airlines in the same price range."
缺點: "Both flights were delayed for over an hour. They did not report all the delays to the flight status sites. I think it was in an effort to keep their on time percentages higher. Choose a different airline if you prefer to be on time."


從台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的航空公司的安全措施

從台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的航空公司已制定額外安全措施及調整航空公司政策,為旅客提供更佳服務。實際政策根據航空公司而定。


每天清潔,並在台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的機艙內安裝HEPA高效濾網


旅客在機艙內必須全程佩戴口罩,台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的機上會提供口罩


台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的航班不能預訂中間座位


從台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的乘客必須檢測病毒抗體及檢查症狀

預訂從台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往巴拉望的特惠機票


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