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同時搜尋數百家旅遊網站,為你尋找飛往 安塔那那利佛的便宜機票






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從台北市 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往安塔那那利佛伊瓦圖國際機場的熱門航空公司


all excellent was.the the time land.the best company.


all excellent was.the the time land.the best company.

Crew and service was very good. Seats are tight but it was ok for a shorter flight.

Efficient and great quality

The touch screen entertainment systems were not working properly for most of the travelers around me. It took multiple attempts to select the proper entry.

It was a horrific experience. Once arrived in DC, we were not allowed to leave the customs/baggage claim area for 5.5 hours.

優點: "Service was excellent. Technology was amazing. The people were Beautiful"
缺點: "If patrons were more respectful of other patrons & guidelines set in place. Thank You!"
優點: "The flight attendants were friendly, attentive and efficient."
缺點: "Many flights were grounded for several hours because of some airline operational glitch. We were provided with no information or guidance about how to resume our travels. As we tried to sort ourselves out we were sent from lineup to lineup without much progress or friendly service."
缺點: "The flight from Washington DC to Istanbul was very comfortable but the flight from Istanbul to Lahore was very uncomfortable. It was not worth the money. Turkish air line should use better And newer airplanes between Istanbul and Lahore"
優點: "My worst journey."
優點: "Amazing crew, confortable seats, great complimentary internet service"
缺點: "Food was not up to standards, the inflight entertainment does not offer enough film or TV shows, enough variety or latest films"
優點: "Yes.The crew was amazing"
缺點: "To have a variety of foodstuffs especially the soft drinks. Hot Tea wasn't really hot.Just warm."
優點: "It was a true Turkish Airlines experience! Awesome as always!"
優點: "Planes to be on time"
缺點: "Plane was late 40 minutes"
優點: "Flight time and layover at connecting flight"
缺點: "Food needs to improved. In all other flight Indian spice is served as Asian veg flight seat are too tight"
優點: "Everything went perfect."
優點: "Staff was very helpful and kind. Very delicious food."
缺點: "Turkish airlines should have accommodated the delayed flights by waiting for the passengers to make it to the gates especially if the delay was 3 minutes to catch the next flight. Then business transfer desk just gave the run around and finally rebooked me to Dubai instead of Abu Dhabi with a five hour delay"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "I received my luggage one week after the flight"
優點: "The flight crew was great. The ride was smooth"
缺點: "The food was ok....Not an option for vegetarian"
優點: "Food was cold"
缺點: "When i ask for help no one came"
優點: "Entertainment"
缺點: "Flight was delayed 2 hours before take off."
優點: "Boarding"
缺點: "The food was rubbish. I ordered Hindu veg meal. The food was just plain and there was no glavors at all."
優點: "food"
優點: "Excellent Service & On time Schedule"
缺點: "Istanbul Airport Rest Rooms were not clean"
缺點: "On our way back to US, we were kept in a small area with no air conditioner for one hour."
優點: "Meals, drinks, movies, night kits, blankets, pillows, all included in ptice."
優點: "I like the punctuality of boarding time and taking off/landing time."
缺點: "The second meal wasn't exactly my taste."
優點: "Usually a great trip."
缺點: "A series of about 9 rows of 3 seats each row, had errors in to the monitors that normally you can watch a movie, watch news, or listen to music. Approximately 27 people could not use these monitors affixed in the seat before you. These monitors (screens) control the reading lights, the signal for the stewardess. Flight 33 on 6/30/2017 had 12.3 hours of blankness and the complaints were numerous, but the crew were of no use. I wish this would have happened to business or first class. The crew were horrible."
優點: "It's really cheap prices"
缺點: "But it's gives wrong books"
優點: "For 11 hours trip - Crew for the THY was excellent They made the trip better and efficient Kudos to THY crew"
缺點: "Nothing everything was great"
優點: "Good entertainment system, nice food"
缺點: "Bad crew. I was so thirsty and asked for water several times but never got them. Left the plane with a huge migraine"
優點: "Everything was perfect, the hours from Washington to Instanbul were perfect for night sleeping, the seats were comfortabl enough for sleeping, I didn't eat the late night dinner but the breakfast was good."
優點: "Great service, polite."
缺點: "A bit slow serving food."
缺點: "Toward the end of the flight it was very hot. I didn't like that there were no AC controls at your seat"
缺點: "كل شيء"
缺點: "The boarding took too long, cabin service on the return flight was a lot poorer than I received on the initial flight. It questions my quality recommendation to other people."
優點: "Amazing service and comfortable environment. The really take care of you"
缺點: "Boarding Process could be a little streamlined. Guess we are used to the regulated process."
優點: "If you are flying Turkish from the US or from Istanbul to the US or other far away destination, for the love of God, do not fly on the B777-300. Did that twice from Chicago to Istanbul and back, and the seats in economy are a real killer....very tight and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you have a choice of Turkish aircrafts b777 vs AB330-300, you will do yourself a favor by selecting a flight on an AB330-300. Slighter smaller plane then the 777 but a little more comfortable in coach. So you are warned......and by the way, you will select a two seater combination rather than being stuck in the middle.....If you are stuck in the middle, always do your best to get at least an isle seat."
缺點: "Turkish Airbus 330-300 Loved a little more leg room in economy. Also the FA very really on their feet and eager to help. Always with a smile on their faces. I would recomand flying Turkish overseas but only on an AB 330-300 coach configuration."
優點: "Quality experience all the way around"
缺點: "Flight was delayed by 4.5 hours. We got a few drinks and snacks while waiting. No real information was provided and the flight was delayed by one hour at a time. Kids were tired and hungry. Crew did not help. After a few hours we got some blankets. We had to sleep on the airport's floor. We had to buy food. We did not know what will happen with our connection flights that most of the passengers missed because of the delay. This was a nightmare!"
優點: "Food, boarding"
缺點: "Leg room was limited"
優點: "Travels was safe and everyone offered you support to anything you needed"
缺點: "From economy to business class and even first class travel...everyone looks to make your travel experience safe and fun"
優點: "everythings was fine almost"
缺點: "the service serving the food and beaverage, to slow and just once a while,"
優點: "Nothing."
缺點: "Worst boarding as flight was late and who ever was boarding us was rude, I get in my seat was taken, flight attendants were the rudest Iv ever dealt with, anything I asked for was not available, air conditioning was not working in the middle part of the plane. I could not stand sitting so I stood in the back the WHOLE 10 hour flight from the heat. I was so uncomfortable I will definitely take action on this one. I will demand a full refund the whole way I was extremely upset."
優點: "I thought the food was remarkable. The cabin crew did a good job saving my mood after the nasty agents on the ground and during the check-out process."
缺點: "Absolutely all of the agents I dealt with during check-in. This was true for especially those checking in at the business class line for some reason. She was really rude."
優點: "That was good every thing, thank you."
缺點: "Nathing wrong."
優點: "Prompt service throughout."
缺點: "Would have preferred gate departure and arrival."
優點: "Food was great and service friendly. They weren't stingy, either; even on the 3 hour flight you got a real meal. Boarding went smoothly, too. Transfer was easy. In flight entertainment had lots of good choices."
缺點: "The seats were too small with too little leg room. I'm not that tall, only 5'8", but I could not barely get the headrest up to my height, and my knees still touched the seat in front."
優點: "Great crew. Very organized. In flight entertainment system was top notch. Food was great. Was very impressed with everything."
缺點: "Needed about an extra inch of leg room. My husband and I are talk, so it was a hair too close."
優點: "All other crew was very nice, good seats"
缺點: "No wifi, FA skipped me when giving flight bag"









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