搜尋台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德的便宜機票


搜尋台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德的便宜機票

台北 (TPE)
利雅德 哈立德國王國際機場
11月24日 週二
12月1日 週二
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從台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德需要多久?

從台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德,哪些航空公司的機票最便宜?

KAYAK如何找出從台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德的便宜機票?

KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買從台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德的機票?

從台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德的機票有KAYAK組合選項,它是什麽?

KAYAK的「彈性日期」功能是什麽?在搜尋從台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德的機票時,我爲什麽該使用這個功能?

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優點: "Too hot onboard"

優點: "Lovely crew."

優點: "Super friendly and accommodating flight attendants. Nice touch with free snacks onboard."
缺點: "Seats get very uncomfortable over time. More leg room."

優點: "Food,"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Good"
缺點: "Good job"

優點: "The 2nd flight plane was alright"
缺點: "Flight attendants have poor English and get upset if you ask for snacks or anything that makes them have to get supplies"

優點: "I liked sleeping"
缺點: "The flight attendants don’t understand English well so asking for water or some items I was completely ignored. To make up for lack of WiFI actually the entertainment system is awful. They ran out of food items and did not return to replenish drinks or remove waste"

優點: "Yes, we were unexpected and surprised being upgrade to premier class"
缺點: "no complaints. very appreciated our upgrade, since we went to Prague for mother-in-law's funeral, we were absolutely exhausted.This up grade made an excellence different to us. Thanks very much."

優點: "Services from the crew and the seat are what expected being in eco-normic class."
缺點: "can upgrade or afford to go by at least business class"

優點: "Boarding services"
缺點: "On-line cellphone app interface in mandarin version could be better."

優點: "Great service and a very friendly crew."
缺點: "The food was ok, average and nothing special."

缺點: "Great value ,excellent and friendly service."

優點: "Services"
缺點: "No, all good"

優點: "Great leg room even for tall person. Food is good and there's enough choices."

優點: "Great service, plenty of leg room, exceptional staff. Toilets refreshed often. Will def fly again."
缺點: "More detailed online infor for kids food. Australian fried rice varies greatly from korean!!! Potato crisp packets of chips would be a good snack option for kids instead of prawn crackers / brownies. Kids like plain stuff!"

優點: "Crew, food, comfort, entertainment and many good things"
缺點: "I love everything"

優點: "Punctual take off and landing, attentive crew, excellent entertainment system (Especially for short haul flight). One of the best meals I’ve had in the air too - great that this along with unlimited drinks was free!"

優點: "Legroom was generous, crew were attentive and polite, although alcohol availability was stingy."
缺點: "Food quality was poor bordering on tasteless, more importantly service of lukewarm egg meals is guaranteed to earn an "Air Typhoid" award, and is inexcusable."

優點: "We liked the boarding in Atlanta and in Seoul with the people boarding by the numbers of their rows - boarded the back rows, then the middle then the front. Worked so much better than everyone rushing to get on! Flight attendants were very helpful with everything and always kind. Loved being able to sit in the exit row seats!!"
缺點: "Food was okay - we fly Korean Air whenever we travel to SE Asia and it seems the food is the same no matter what flight we are on. We like the pizza snack better than the bun with meat inside they served us on this trip."

優點: "Same as above."

優點: "Boarded on time; everything efficiently done; pleasant staff. Breakfast was not great - too sweet overall. Usually korean does well with food."

優點: "Food was really good - nice mix of Korean and European menu. Good entertainment system; attentive staff offering drinks and snacks. Comfortable chair."
缺點: "We boarded late but the communication was good."

優點: "Great legroom. Food better than last Korean Air flight a few years ago."
缺點: "Changed to smaller aircraft, last row in the aeroplane."

優點: "Comfortable flight with a nice crew. An overall good experience."
缺點: "After arriving, the waiting time for receiving a VISA was quite long for people staying longer than the regular 3 months."

優點: "I received a meal for a two leg flight of overall only 4.5 hours. The seating was nice and the food was very tasty. I love the layout of the Incheon Airport as well as the transfer experience."

優點: "Great service on board and the shiny new Terminal 2 at ICN didn't hurt!"
缺點: "Nothing to dislike."

缺點: "Good that have a night in the hotel to stretch and a good night sleep and a proper meal, and are all included within the ticket."

缺點: "I would have given a 5 Stars for comfort if the cabin temperature is at least cooler not dry. Please please look into it."

缺點: "a lot of engine noise so i could not sleep"

優點: "Very professional crew good service"
缺點: "Nothing really pilot couldn't understand him but does it really matter unless is an emergency"

缺點: "It was delayed for two hrs for 50mns domestic flight. An i missed connecting bus so had to pay extra 100usd!"

缺點: "Korean Air refused to provide accommodation for my 19 hours layover even I had two flights with Korean Air. The reason provided was simple: "We don't have you on the list". The fact that it's 8 pm and had known nothing about South Korea meant nothing."

優點: "The flight was smooth though there's a bit delay from Seoul because of the snow."
缺點: "There should be more selection on the food served in the plain."

優點: "Love the service on this flight! Super friendly and quick to service."
缺點: "The seat pocket in front of me was full with magazines. No space for any else. Like others airlines the seats were too narrow."

優點: "Korean Air staff was great. I fly Korean when flight prices are reasonable. Stsff helped me as I need assistance as a disabled passenger. Plan to fly again to BKK and back next summer and will fly KA again if price is competitive."
缺點: "Flight to BKK was on 747s my favorite plane."

優點: "Great airline"
缺點: "I wish they still bumped people to first class when there was room :)"

優點: "Everyone is so helpful and when I have questions anyone is ready to answer."

缺點: "I would like to have a vegetarion menu option"

優點: "Clean airplane and ver polite crew."
缺點: "Was not allowed to get a seat assigned online. Only at airport checking when most decent seats were taken. Also could not choose the food online. Online site poor. Wasted a lot of time and still could not get seat and food preference."

優點: "I was not expecting that it exceeded my expectations, it was better than my favorite airline. First time I ever eat all the food they served in an airline. The crew were excellent, they're always there- I don't know if they ever rested throughout the duration of the flight! Not to mention, they are all friendly."
缺點: "Nothing! I wish I won't see things not to like in my future flights with them."

優點: "Great food and smooth flight"

優點: "Crew team assist us from the moment we landed in Bangkok and help us to our connecting flight. it was an amazing job."
缺點: "na"

優點: "the flight attendants were great and it flight was smooth."
缺點: "long flight"

優點: "Crew helpful"
缺點: "Food tasteless"

優點: "A lot of staff, with personal service (even if you come and request a soft drink, they will bring it to your seat). Good entertainment."
缺點: "Seats were very uncomfortable, unsuitable for a 12 hour flight."

缺點: "Staff were oddly unfriendly and I was awakened twice"

優點: "The flight was only 1.5 hours and they still managed to feed us a full meal!"

優點: "the company you gave too me were no good i did like then i hope you please do not give that company too no one i did take the fly on Korea air korea air is good but not the company you gave too me too by my ticket from"

優點: "Had a fantastic time, it exceeded my expectations."

缺點: "This was my first time with Turkish airline , the airbus from Chicago to İstanbul was quite old and seats were not comfortable while the plan form İstanbul to Islamabad was perfect . Thank you Turkish airline"

優點: "Too short For my experience is not hectic"
缺點: "Entertainment crew food"

優點: "It was ontime"
缺點: "Plane dirty toilets disgusting, much to warm in cabin, very tight seats and Turkish doesn’t enforce their carryon luggage regulations do boarding takes ages"

優點: "Professional service"
缺點: "1.No punishment for smiling... 2.Giving us the bread (with clippers) is great but that is not enough if we (the passengers) didn’t wash our hands. 3.Operating the seats (2 buttons) May Not be as easy as you might think."

缺點: "I missed it"

優點: "it is a nice program it's wonderful for flying out good price on for totally is excellent website"

優點: "Left on time, arrived on time, crew were friendly and efficient, toilets were kept clean the entire flight, seat in economy had enough leg room and recline to sleep"
缺點: "In-flight entertainment films were a bit limited"

優點: "Good gluten free bread on Istanbul to Malta leg. Blankets are good as is amenity pack which has all but diasappeared on BA. Good choice of films"
缺點: "Foot rest in economy, gluten free meal is poor (except bread)."

優點: "Crew were nice. It was a very quiet flight so plenty of room to move to other seats - see below."
缺點: "Although the flight was probably less than half full, by the time the trolley got to us there was only one choice of lunch. People in front reclined their seats right back into our faces. Seats were packed together very tightly. Given the lack of space, better to fix seats to only recline a little."

缺點: "Foot rests in economy - better ventilation options airflow"

優點: "The plane was late for operational reasons - the team made efforts to make the delay as short as possible."
缺點: "The plane is really old - I could not adjust the air flow above my seat since it was broken."

缺點: "Flight was delayed, missed connection in Istanbul and had to spend a day in Turkey before next available flight"

缺點: "Flight was delayed - missed connection in Istanbul"

優點: "Everything went well"

缺點: "The are not nice at all"

優點: "As above"

優點: "شكرا لكم"

優點: "The food and the entertainment"
缺點: "Boarding was late and they change the number of the gate without telling the passengers. The seats were uncomfortable."

優點: "Leg room was OK"
缺點: "No alcohol service, cabin lights not dimmed seeing it was a late night flight."

優點: "Movies"
缺點: "I had to rearrange my bags 3-4 times even though I paid $80 additional for extra weight"

優點: "Excellent service. Very tasty food."
缺點: "Too many voice announcements, interfering with the entertainments system."

優點: "Good food, new movies and good leg space"
缺點: "Flight was delayed by an hour, luckily managed to make my connecting flight"

優點: "Big plane, friendly staff, good food."
缺點: "Sometime, it gets a bit too cold."

優點: "Service food timely departure"
缺點: "Nothing to dislike"

優點: "Professional nice food"

缺點: "Trip delay"

優點: "Crew was very good."
缺點: "I wasn’t able to get a simple luggage name tag after asking several staff employees. That’s crazy."

優點: "Entertainment options good"

優點: "nothing"
缺點: "was unable to upgrade tickets in advance off of web site. Others in Greece and Italy tried to assist as well and found same and when calling 800 numbers the calls were not going thru or hold time was overly extreme. Was told at Athens check in to upgrade in Instanbul and to go to transfer desk to get upgrade. An upgrade of $1200.00 Euro's is extreme Being packed like sardines for a 10 plus hour flight is not good. It is also unhealthy. Turkish Airlines should consider something other then the 777 for any international flying."

優點: "Food was excellent. The built in entertainment from movies to games was amazing! It saves you space from having to pack a bunch of electronics."
缺點: "I always enjoy a window seat but the people next to me didn't get up at all! So I was stuck sitting and didn't have a chance to stretch my legs. Not the airlines fault of course. If you put your seat back a little, it just pushes your knees farther forward."

優點: "The crew was really friendly and responsive. Boarding was easy and hassle free because Business class passengers had to go through a seperate gate to board."
缺點: "The food was OK, especially the appetizer as it was all cheese and since I dont like cheese, I rate it poor. The inflight entertainment was good but there was a lack of choices in music and tv shows."

優點: "Food"
缺點: "Movies are not very new, i was asked to clear security again at istanbul gate after going to bathroom but i guess that makes me feel safe even though was inconvenient"

優點: "We made it in one piece"
缺點: "Flight was 4 hour delayed while passengers were on the plane. There was no communication whatsoever. Once we left, tv and entertainment along with WiFi were never working during the flight. Very small and uncomfortable plane."

優點: "Food"

優點: "Love the food, service and movies."

優點: "Service and food"
缺點: "None"

優點: "Comfortable seats, good food"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Inflight service was good."
缺點: "Seat was a little uncomfy"

優點: "The food was quite good"
缺點: "The new type of aircraft - less room between seats, entertainment system was poor, online check in didn't work, when I got to the airport I was sent away for an hour - was unable to get my prefered seat (window) by the time I had returned."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "1. Flight late from Berlin to Istanbul. 2. That's mean missing my next flight from Istanbul to Riyadh. 3. I add extra baggage in TKL Airport : my original bag is 23 kg I have until 32kg, The extra baggage was 20kg, So I pay 247 Euro each extra kg 19 Euro. 4. In Istanbul airport they said your next flight tomorrow at 20pm. 5. I have important meeting in morning and my jop in the evening. 6. They changed my teket from turkish airline to Saudi airline 4.00pm, That's mean no different. 7. I ask about my baggage in turkish airline deck they said don't worry every thing will be okay. 8. I ask for hotel they said you have to make visa cost 60 dollars and you know I have to pay taxi and Chang money... Pla Pla, Actually this is not respecting and very bad organization. 9. I didn't make visa and stay from that time until 3.pm in primum lungs. 10. I went to Saudi airline deck to take my boarding. 11. They said you have extra baggage, I explain them that I payed already to turkish airline. 12. They said you have to go back to turkish airline deck about this extra kg's. 13. I did going back to them they said we cannot do anything, leave one bag here and we send the other one later. Actually this stupid airline and this stupid employee's dealing with me like a stupid, all my time I walk every where in that stupid airport, they just gives me orders and I have to follow like it was my mistake. 14. I showed my alfursan membership to Saudi airline deck and they helped me. 15. When I arrived to Riyadh my baggage wasn't there, this is mean that this stupid turkish people that the have to work on barbcue and haircut, but airports jop needs professional people. That's was my first and last flight with them."

優點: "Comfortable, on time and as always good service from Turkish Airlines"

優點: "Comfortable flight, on time and good service"

缺點: "Timing"

缺點: "Small seats in the economy class"

缺點: "They cancelled my returning flight WITHOUT me knowing and expecting me to pay for the penalty fee for misisng the first flight even tho I DID not cancel the returning flight which obviously I was gonna take. The staff was RUDE and INSENSITIVE. Qatar was better in overall customer service. Worst customer service from Turkish airline."

缺點: "I have a trip from Manchester to Riyadh and I have a stop in Istanbul. Manchester plane was delayed one hour, no problem, but I arrived in Istanbul at the right time and the gate was open I gave them my ticket. They told me that the sestem moved your seat to the second plane but now the plane is open. ? I waited 6 hours at Ataturk airport and had a working meeting I could not attend"

缺點: "Even though it’s only a 4 hours direct flight, They lost my baggage!!!"

缺點: "The worst airline I have ever flown with, worst disruption management"

優點: "There is simply nothing to like. Whilst other airlines give peoooe a nice hotel room to spend the night on their trunk flights, Turkish airlines offers."
缺點: "I didn’t like anything not least the fact you make people wait in the station when they are on flights with stops. It Morocco offers a plush hotel room. I’m never travelling"

缺點: "They made us wait for 2 hours out in the open on a winter night. They wouldn't let us in the terminal. It was outrageous. Everyone was extremely rude."

缺點: ". I was shocked to see social distancing was not implemented with no seats apart and I was in the middle of four seats. If the journey is as important as the destination, then it already failed the minute I was seated in a very intimate setting alongside strangers and seeing the economy class fully booked. The airline defended this by saying they have special economy seats but I complained that this is not equitable since the seats are limited and not everyone could afford an upgrade. Even if they could, the passengers would still be seated side by side and the total number of passengers aboard a tight and enclosed space or load factor is still very high. The airline’s policy was so inconsistent with the very rigid rules of the different government agencies upon disembarkation."

優點: "The plane was on time ,all good"
缺點: "A little more leg room... but all in all. Not to bad"

缺點: "The transfer in Manila was like nowhere else. After the security check we were sent outside where buses were driving to claim our checked-in luggage to take it for another check just to drop it one minute later. Anywhere in the world if you board a flight with a stop-over you see your luggage at the final destination, not the case if you fly trough Manila."

優點: "The crew most of all!"
缺點: "Transfer process from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 in MNL."

缺點: "Would be better if flight arrived on time & we didn't have to wait for 30 minutes on the plane waiting for a terminal to be available"

優點: "The crew was extra friendly. The seat was spacious. Good leg room."
缺點: "Main meal , too much rice for a westerner. Quality could improve a bit. Bread roll was below average."

優點: "you ripped me off"
缺點: "you ripped me off"

優點: "You ripped me off"
缺點: "you ripped me off"

優點: "Yes very much"

優點: "Best in flight entertainment for any airline I've used"
缺點: "More food options"

優點: "None!!!!!!! Because i pay for my seat assignment and they give me the wrong seat and they say no refunds because they cannot allocate the seat assignment that i bought."
缺點: "They have should have a refund policy and they should have hire more profesional when in comes to customer service."

優點: "No"
缺點: "The no"

優點: "Good in flight entertainment, low cost, service okay"
缺點: "Bad service in terms of understanding things."

優點: "The crew was amazing, the seat was excellent"
缺點: "Having the luggage checked in transit without going out to open it for inspection"

優點: "no comment"
缺點: "check in was confusing, …."

優點: "The crew is all right helpful."
缺點: "The flight time keep on changing:("

優點: "Time management"
缺點: "More information about the terminals"

優點: "Good flight on time. Nice staff"
缺點: "Continue the good service"

優點: "Business class was good but sears small"
缺點: "Flight to BKK better seats"

優點: "Food and service were good, so was inflight entertainment"
缺點: "Plane VERY crowded Although it left Manila on time, it arrived 1 hour late in Toronto"

優點: "The PAL Pilot and Cabin crew was very attentive and friendly. they showed professionalism to every passengers they have encountered. They were very attentive to the needs of each passenger due to 3 hrs delayed arrival. The food taste really good (Strawberry shortcake + chicken penne with red sauce). The plane is well cleaned."
缺點: "I have experienced 1 hr delay departure + 3 hours waiting inside the plane to land, but it was because of uncontrolled situation (force majuere). but despite of the delay, for me PAL served its finest world class service."

優點: "Crew are very helpful."
缺點: "Need reclining seats"

優點: "Flight was on time."
缺點: "Crew must smile and speak to passengers...poor body language. Waiting for our luggage in the conveyor and give to the guys for them to put a tag for transfer flight to London. If it is connecting flight, passenger should get their luggage in their final airport of destination. Causing delay, because we still have to queve in the immigration. Don't see the point in that."

缺點: "Check in at NAIA very slow with little information available, could not check in online 3 flights were boarding, same gate same 1 hour time period, confusing when Bangkok flight was boarding, boarding was also stopped due to a flight arrival Child in seat behind kicking/shaking my seat - no help"

缺點: "the business class seats were not comfortable, badly designed. also it seems some staff (i think manager) are just sitting around, only one young guy was really doing all the work."

缺點: "Delayed for 2.5 hours."

優點: "Knowing that we might have a tight connection (prior to the plan being delayed another hour and missing our flight) the check in desk moved our seats to the front to give us optimal time to make our tight connection."
缺點: "Our first flight was delayed by 2.5 hours which caused us to miss our connection. Once arriving in Manila we were given the next flight to make it to our destination. While I appreciated this, the first location was not able to do anything for us and left us with some uncertainty."

缺點: "Flight was delayed"

缺點: "Seats did not recline very much. Hard. Food was very plain and starchy."

缺點: "The business seat was very uncomfortable"

優點: "another Airline"

優點: "Philippine Air staff are amazing. They will do everything possible within their power to make you comfortable."
缺點: "The seats are a little thin and the angle does not give adequate lower back support."

優點: "Great crew"
缺點: "Security at manila airport is totally over the top. I am 100% for security but 5 checks!!!!"

優點: "Truly friendly, service minded and happy cabin crew."
缺點: "A bit messy for the boarding but partly as unruly passengers"

缺點: "It was all good, the crew were very accomodating and keeping us comfortable during the flight. It became uncofortable midflight because of one passenger, named Rachelle Marie Perez Herrera Lim sitting in 54 B started to complain about one female crew. She was unreasonable, unccoperative."

優點: "onboard service was good"
缺點: "17 hour delay"

優點: "Yes crew and plane were ok."

優點: "Nice seats in business, good food, nice crew."
缺點: "Door closed ten minutes ahead of schedule yet had to wait on stand nearly half an hour to push back due to airport congestion. Arrived in HKG late at a remote stand and had to use stairs and be bussed to the terminal. I missed the last HKIA Express train to HK"

優點: "Fantastic onboard product in Business Class. Superb seating with all direct aisle access, excellent meals and friendly F/A's."
缺點: "I was a little concerned at the lax approach to securing the cabin for take off and landing the F/A's had. The Philippine Airlines lounge is an embarrassment for an airlines hub airport."

優點: "Crew was nice plane was comfortable"
缺點: "I have flown to Philippines many times with other airlines i hate to say it but PAL food is terrible The flight is long already but there was almost 2 hour delay and once i arrived in Canada it took about an hour to retrieve luggage Because i couldnt charge my phone due to no functional USB at my seat i was afraid i wouldnt be able to contact hotel shuttle"

優點: "Almost 4 hours. Reason 'traffic." Lame"

優點: "Checking in took a very long time because we explored every option available to upgrade me to business class which turned out to be non-upgradable. By the time we finished, the staff was concerned that we might not make it to boarding time because my husband has limited mobility due to a back surgery a couple years ago. They suggested using a wheelchair to speed up the immigration and boarding process. We’re frequent travelers but why we never requested a wheelchair, I simply don’t know! But thanks to their wheelchair suggestion, we made the flight just in time."
缺點: "We bought my husband’s business class ticket back in May or so but because we weren’t sure where I was going to be, we couldn’t get me a ticket until a few weeks before our flight. Due to my unpredictable schedule, we opted for an economy ticket, thinking that it would be easy enough to upgrade me to business. We were wrong - my ticket turned out to be non-upgradable, which was ok for me. It was our first time to travel as husband and wife so it would’ve been nice to sit together, but I’m 5’0” and fit in the economy seat just fine anyway. What was NOT ok was when we were boarded and were waiting for the plane to take off, I brought a lunch box of cut fruits to my husband. A flight attendant was introducing herself when I came so I said hi, but she completely ignored me. She even offered to chill the fruit in their fridge, for which I said thanks, but she didn’t even look at me; neither did another attendant who cheerfully offered him magazines. There were only 2 passengers in the business class so my husband suggested I sat next to him, but I declined and went back to my seat, promising to come say hi every once in a while during the 9-hour flight. Fast forward to a couple hours later, I kept my word and came by. The flight attendant was quick in kicking me out saying I didn’t belong to business class so I had to go back to my seat. I did. My husband said to her that I was having period cramps (true) then followed me to my seat and sat with me for a bit until I asked him to go back to his seat so he could be more comfortable as he’s 6’2” and simply was too tall and the economy seats were too painful for his operated-on back. Was I perhaps too short for the flight attendants to notice?!? I had to ask for a toiletries kit 3 times before they finally gave me one just before we landed after all! Obviously, those in the business class are treated like gods; those in the economy are second class citizens."

缺點: "Food"

缺點: "Food"

優點: "Asked for window seat, said only have one at back of the plane, I said that’s fine, ended up with three seats to myself so got some sleep on an overnight flight. Gotta be happy with that,"
缺點: "Cabin crew had a tendency of not seeing me so I had to get their attention for the hand outs, no biggie"

缺點: "The lounge is awful."

優點: "Comfortable seats , clean modern aircraft ."
缺點: "The entertainment was poor. No relatively new films . All TV programs were American. The Wi-Fi was slow at best . The crew tried hard but the attention to detail was lacking"

優點: "I love the service from the crew! I lost count after 6 glasses of coke and orange drinks. They had a lot of patience! I loved also the flight, there wasn’t or no air turbulence."
缺點: "The Manila international airport still needs improvement when checking in, the lines were incredible long and there wasn’t any space to walk around in terminal 2 PAL international departures. If you have big shoulders..you are better off with business class, the seats are for slimmer people."

優點: "Birding was great. Punctual flight."
缺點: "My entertainment screen broke. It took the crew 7 hours to replace it. A crew member said they would sort it, bit nothing for 6.5 hours There appeared be confusing within the crew members about what food I ordered."

優點: "Crew were polite and helpful Aircraft ? Great Bad. Awesome awful. All of those. I really was to say nice things as it’s just basics that were bad"
缺點: "Business lounge ? Ummm totally unacceptable. It’s a PAYG uncomfortable Un stocked unstaffed waste. Food Was extremely basic. If economy fine but business!!! Very poor"


預訂從台北 臺灣桃園國際機場飛往利雅德的特惠機票


  • 來回
  • 單程
  • 多程
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 多個艙等
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙