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優點: "The flight was on time."
缺點: "Check in was all mixed, no CE desk. The plane was about 60% full but they left the best seats with the most legroom, empty. When I tried to move she said it was only available for purchase, no upgrades even to the highest level of frequent flyer. I never saw the chance, stupid policy."

缺點: "There is no baggage transfer for international connecting flight. No hotel is provided from the airlines for international travelers, transit time is 12hours"

缺點: "So hot on the plane and cramped."

優點: "New planes. Spotlessly clean. Hard working helpful staff. Good boarding. Adequate legroom by modern standards. Food typical of economy these days. OK. But really good staff."
缺點: "Fried rice breakfast out of Rome. Mushy. But overall food out of Sydney, Rome and Shanghai, fine."

優點: "Crew is friendly and helpful."
缺點: "Seats are distinctly too small in both directions."

缺點: "plane parked too far from main terminal. long bus ride delays arrival time."

優點: "Plane was okay/good. Crew was good."
缺點: "Food"

優點: "Plane was good (Economy class)"
缺點: "Food"

優點: "OK"
缺點: "Ground service staff (not individual) in PVG showed poker face to customers not only to me."

缺點: "MU ground service in PVG was fair during check in, it was not as polite as in HK."

優點: "Seats are comfortable."
缺點: "Check in agents could have been more professional"

優點: "I hated the airline!"
缺點: "The food was terrible and the staff was not nice at all. Worst airline."

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Couldnt board plane because passport about to expired.i didnt know. I would love a full refund so I can go to Thailand in December and Vietnam in October."

優點: "Excellent, fully reclinable seating in business class and excellent service"
缺點: "Boarding gate was changed in Shanghai with no advance notice. Movie and music selections were limited and relatively poor."

優點: "Left on time."
缺點: "Food very unappetising. Poor movie selection"

優點: "Punctual"
缺點: "I was surprised for an overnight flight, no pillows provided, no toothpaste available, need to take hus from plane to terminal"

優點: "It was cheap but I would not do it again"
缺點: "I made friends with another passenger who when texting his number introduced himself as ‘XYZ, flight from hell’. That pretty much sums it up but here’s a laundry list of issues I faced on the trip 1. They landed us in a different airport in China and did not inform us on how to get to the other airport (PVG). After several failed attempts of catching a taxi that accepts Visa or US dollars, we finally got a bus that ferried us 2. They also did not automatically transfer the luggage, so I had to carry my two checked in bags to the other one and then stand in a 45 min queue to get them checked in again 3. Unhelpful ground staff 4. Delayed second flight. After a shitty eight hour long layover, we got another 2 5. Horrible food 6. No ear plugs are available in the plane 7. Not a single apology from the crew about the delay Also, anyone who doesn’t speak mandarin needs to understand that the crew in China is not well equipped to understand and help you, so be prepared to have the translation struggle"

優點: "Movies and ability to stretch in back of plane"
缺點: "Crew stayed upstairs. Had to ask for wAter 2 x on looong flight -16 hrs."

優點: "Seats were fairly comfortable, and food was tasty, although very small portions, and no fresh fruit or salad"
缺點: "Almost a mission impossible to reserve your seats in advance - felt like I was back in the 90s. Unnaceptable in our digital age. Old movies in “new releases” entertainment section"

優點: "nice service"
缺點: "all passengers of economy almost boarded but we had to wait for a minibus to take us to the plane, this is ridiculous"

優點: "Punctual. Seat space better than most airline"
缺點: "Food is meh"

優點: "The price and availability was a plus. Food and drinks was too. No personal entertainment....short flight anyways. If leaving or arriving from HKG, you will be taking the shuttle on the Tarmack, so you maybe out in the weather for a few. Clean and friendly. Would fly again."
缺點: "They rescheduled my return flight a few hours earlier, but offered no compensation....also it was about 30 minutes late. So what was the point in making the flight earlier?"

缺點: "It would be good if the Chinese Eastern Airlines employees worked to improve their spoken English for the sake of those who don't understand Chinese. The airport announces over the speaker system were especially difficult to understand."

優點: "cheap flight"
缺點: "Don't fly into Shanghai's airport."

缺點: "The change of departure place."

優點: "Tasty meal. Reasonably clean toilet. Polite cabin crew."
缺點: "Long and crowded bus from the plane to arrivals. No soap in the toilet. No seat-back entertainment system."

缺點: "transfer process in Shanghai choatic. Need to wait for staff to take me to transfer area. Airport staff in Shanghai rude."

優點: "price"
缺點: "air conditioning broken ... Hot Cramped seating"

優點: "the crew were fantastic thank you"

優點: "Personal, comfortable, easy"
缺點: "The breakfast pack was ok but the scroll thingy was dry and not very nice!"

優點: "Clean, comfortable and ahead ov time"
缺點: "Nothing"

缺點: "Flew from NY to Shanghai, had a 6 hour layover, then boarded my flight to Tokyo. China Eastern left my luggage behind in Shanghai, along with everyone else who was also on the NY>Shanghai flight. I do not understand how this happened, since the layover was 6 hours!! The layover was exhausting after a 14 hour flight, and then to arrive in Tokyo with no luggage made it even more tiring. The airline offered no compensation. Thankfully JAL was responsible with helping me once in Tokyo and they facilitated the delivery of the luggage to my hotel- in the middle of the night. It was inconvenient and disappointing after 24+ hours of travel. Not to mention - food was absolutely terrible. And headphone quality was no good for watching any of the films."

優點: "Good selection of movies"
缺點: "The food were not fresh and ill prepared"

優點: "The crew was great and really helpful if you needed something. Language barrier is always hard, but they really do try and help the best they can. Seats in economy do recline quite a bit which was awesome! Inflight entertainment offered, and you can use your phone on airplane mode but cannot have headphones in during takeoff or landing. Offered a lot of food during meals but limited options for vegetarians or allergies."
缺點: "Not able to use headphones or charging cord during takeoff or landing. Super strange to me even as a previous flight attendant."

缺點: "Very long layovers. Unfriendly customer service. Terrible food options. Overall very poor service. Given choice, will not fly with this airline."

優點: "Delay ex Manila was said to be 3 hours but was shortened. Looking at bright side."
缺點: "The reception in Shanghai did not at first permit me to connect on my flight to Rome. If I missed that I have a flight on Monday 11am to Geneva that I would miss. My shortened layover in Shanghai due to Manila delay was still 45 minutes but Inwas being asked to transfer and get another flight through the transfer desk. Luckily After a few minutes in line at the transfer desk, was allowed back on my original flight. However and unfortunately, it was due to another 2 hour delay. arrived Rome 815++ pm ISO 6pm."

優點: "I do not think the check in staff could have been any more useless, they wanted us to collect our luggage at every transfer, the plane was cramped, obviously made for people a lot shorter than my 6 ft, majority of the food was not edible for western people. I will not be using them again."

優點: "Courteous attendants."

優點: "Staff very friendly"
缺點: "Choice of food. Very limited for business class. Movie selection very limited also."

缺點: "The food!"

優點: "Food, service on board"
缺點: "Im not realize that my luggage is not direct to nagoya, so i need to claimed my luggage, re-check in and imigration in shanghai. I just have 2,5 hours to do all stuff. Thanks god i make it to onboard in time with help other passanger that let me do immigration check first."

優點: "The boarding process was organized."
缺點: "Delayed flight, massively delayed flight. We got in to VN +2 hours later, normally not bad, but when you're talking about 3:20A there is going to be grouchiness."

優點: "the goodness"
缺點: "the ungoodness"

優點: "Comfortable seat"
缺點: "They give menu options first to Chinese passengers and non Chinese passengers get what’s left. Anyway, the food was the worst I had in business class...ever!"

優點: "Friendly staff"
缺點: "All was good."

優點: "Service was prompt and polite. The personnel were great!"
缺點: "Im not sure if it's China Eastern policy, fleet-wide, but cell phone use was not allowed the entire flight, even with the phone switched to airplane mode. This, and the fact that seats did not contain flight entertainment systems, meant that I couldn't watch any movies."

優點: "Just about everything"
缺點: "I had lower expectations. That's probably I did not dislike anything. I'd easily benchmark China Eastern to Cathay Pacific. Very happy. Will use China Eastern again. For sure"

優點: "After fighting over and over during rebooking process, we got a direct flight from Shenzhen to Lijiang with a different airline"
缺點: "We booked the flight from Shenzhen to Lijiang with stopover in Kunming. They cancelled the flight from Kunming to Lijiang and suggested us to stop in Kunming, refund us the rest, suggested us to either stay in Kunming or take a train or do whatever to get to our destination. That’s ridiculous, we can’t just change our travel plan or take a 10 hours train."

缺點: "Lines to check in for boarding were LONG. One must arrive super early."






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