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  • 早上出發的航班平均較晚間出發的航班便宜26%。*

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優點: "I love the vegan food that they provide me."
優點: "There was a good amount of leg room for an economy seat"
缺點: "I wish there was a bigger movie selection"
優點: "In time"
缺點: "Don’t let customer wait long time for gate after landing"
缺點: "Hope to keep departure on time !!!!!!"
缺點: "The crew should speak better English. They polite and helpful but clear English is a plus value"
優點: "The crew attention to the customer is top notch. I traveled with China Southern, Delta and Virgin Atlantic but by far Xiamen Air out performed them all."
缺點: "The occasion freezing of the entertainment system must be addressed. I did inform the crew and they did try their best to resolve the issue without success."
優點: "Crew was very nice and I was happy to get emergency exit row window seat to make the the long flight more comfortable."
缺點: "The food could have definitely been better too many shrimp and fish options even in the morning for breakfast. I was happy there has been a pasta served for dinner otherwise I wouldn’t have eaten the entire flight! Shrimp for breakfast isn’t an option for American folk and the movie selection"
優點: "The check in boarding pass is not that nice."
缺點: "The boarding pass people need to improve, especially to elderly people."
優點: "The plane was very new. Good movies and tv shows."
缺點: "The pineapple went bad...and it was just served. Also a tiny pastry, it had a flavor that the nuts had been sitting for a while."
優點: "yes crew were amazing"
缺點: "ticketing was terrible, id number is totally different from our passport.causing lots of ordeal in check in and security check"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "I was charge a terribly high exchange rate for this tickets! Not acceptable at all."
優點: "ALL"
優點: "Getting off of the plane"
缺點: "This was a discount garbage carrier. I have ridden on cargo boats off the coast of Nicaragua that I would recommend before Xiamen. They don’t give you your connecting boarding pass when you leave the country. You have to go through China’s bullshit customs service three times just to get to your next flight. Chinese customs is like a bowl full of retarted fish smelling their own farts. Six people doing nothing while one blithering idiot Stubles through paperwork."
缺點: "The seats don't even recline, so I could not lie back to rest. The entertainment system was very bad, didn't provide earphones and could barely see the screen. I would not choose to fly this airline again."
優點: "The Chinese people were wonderful! But I was required to pass thru security checks 3 times arriving. 3 times transiting and 3 times leaving. At customs, transit and departure. No common sense to their process only"letter of the law". For example I was taking beef jerky to my friends in Thailand but the Chinese security has a meat sniffing dog and they confiscated it as well as the girl in front of me More than $100 worth of jerky. They should have given it back at departure gate. I had to buy more in their duty free shop. Also they cancelled my flight without advising me but did get me on Thai airways later that day. Too much hassle to Transit China"
缺點: "Security"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Had to process in and out of immigration then back into airport No transit area"
缺點: "The flights got delayed. One of the flights got delayed without a notice in advance."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "They left my luggages at SeaTac. I am at China right now, and I don’t know when they are going send them to me. All my stuff in the luggage now I have buy everything again."
優點: "This leg was continuation of flight that began in Xiamen. Same plane and crew. 787 Dreamliner layout is efficient, generous legroom and recline is better than American carriers. Crew works as team, fast and courteous. Very helpful and professional, Water offered frequently, trash pick up kept cabin neat, bathrooms always clean. Passenger announcements are clear and crisp is English and Chinese."
缺點: "Really, no complaints. More entertainment choices would be appreciated however is not my priority."
優點: "Finally getting a flight the next day"
缺點: "My seat was given to someone even though I still had time to make the connection."
優點: "crew was nice"
缺點: "food was dry"
優點: "Clean plane"
缺點: "Still a little more leg room but not as much as on the 787. Had to ask twice to get a Thai immigration form and the crew took an above average amout of time to pickup after the meals were finished."
優點: "New and very clean airplane. Appears to be an inch or two more room between the seats on the 787 to and from China. Good boarding procedure."
缺點: "The actual flights were ok. The experience at the airports was the reason for the below average rating. They are not set up to handle transit passengers. The signage in English is poor or nonexistant. The overall level of English for the airport staff is very poor. One goes upstsirs/downstairs nunerous times. Because the second portion of WF858 is domestic flight, the passenger needs to exit the terminal and re-enter as an international passenger. Numerous security and passport lines. I found the movie selection to be poor with few non-violent movies available. Will not fly this route again."
缺點: "The check in staff did not let me check in and denied to support me! The reason was that my first name, middle name and last name were written in English order, not in Chinese order! I want my money back! All of my plan and meetings in Xiamen were cancelled!"
優點: "Plane was new and clean. Flight crew was very friendly. Liked the mood lighting during the flight. Good selection of films to watch during the long flight."
缺點: "The food was okay but they ran out of selection a couple of times so I had no choice what to eat. But that’s it nothing else I didn’t like. Really good airline."
優點: "Nothing. never boarded. Took the train instead."
缺點: "1 hour connection. I missed my flight because the flight out of LAX got delayed."
缺點: "I was very sick and contagious and asked for a single person hotel room for the night before a connecting flight. It was not accommodated. It would have cost extra 100-200 yuan. Then when we asked for the shuttle to the hotel, the security at the departures level meant we could not exit and be picked up. No one could arrange pick up at arrivals. Instead we paid for a taxi ourselves. Poor service and coordination, especially considering I could barely talk and just badly needed a rest."
優點: "Complimentary wifi and excellent crew service"
缺點: "The econ seat is too low, when front seater tilted the seat backward, the screen is right in front of my face. Entertainment video screen doesn’t adjust; in other words, it cannot be adjust in angle, causing neck pain over time. Meals are average, definitely different from the quality compared to regional or domestic equivalent. Very sad, considering that Xiamen Air has a good reputation inside China. The restroom is also poorly stocked — no toilet roll constantly"
優點: "I liked the plane. 787’s are the smoothest rides."
缺點: "Xiamen Airlines should be applauded for having a direct flight from LA to Qingdao. But they have a lot to learn about the proper service and materials in business class. Not surprisingly, they have gone for the cheapest way to service the customer. Lot to learn."
優點: "entertainment choices were good"
缺點: "They cancelled my ticket I had to purchase my ticket again"
優點: "Crew working hard. Seat comfort and clean restroom."
缺點: "Awful food. I basically not eating, going hungry."
優點: "Good was pretty good, with snack sandwich between meals. Drinks were offered often."
缺點: "The flight was delayed by 40 minutes."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "They will cheat u of money. Somehow. Beware."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "I couldn't fly because they said there was NO TRANSIT lounge in the airport and I didn't have a VISA to enter China? Who ever heard of a visa for transit?! My destination was Singapore! I am told I have to get a transit visa in order to return home and for me and my son 350!! For 2 hours transit in an airport??? This is NOT a world class airlines, they make their own rules. I will buy another ticket!!"
優點: "All announcements in Chinese and English. They keep feeding you."
缺點: "Lots of checkpoints but hey. Why complain about them trying to keep us safe."
優點: "Crews, food. Also Transfer Lounge in Xiamen is a good place without charge."
缺點: "Boarding because we have to take bus at Xiamen airport.Also, security checks at Xiamen are very complicated."
優點: "Crew was super friendly, professional and excellent!"
缺點: "The 10 hour layover :("
優點: "Crew was excellent"
缺點: "Xiamen airlines are horrible I will never fly them again. Phillipines airline was excellent"
優點: "Crew was friendly."
缺點: "couldn't book through from Shenzhen yp Guilin. Had to check-in again at Fuzhou and go through security again."
優點: "International carriers kick butt on US domestic carriers. As a A+ SWA traveler, I know my 787s like the back of my hand. Xiamen had a Business class section (small & unfortunately: untested by me). Economy was as expected but imagine getting a Bao (chicken) & packaged fruit, pastries, pickled cucumbers. Hey, beats a pack of peanuts. You could also get a white or red wine (didn't try them) - all for the price of admission. Take that UA, Delta, & AA! Why can't foreign carriers bring their game to the US routes and really give some competition!"
缺點: "No entertainment (there was some fold down screens playing some ads) but the volume was so low that nobody paid any attention to it. At least someone can read a sentence in English (and there were pre-recorded anouncements)."
優點: "Overall Ok"
缺點: "They stole my laptop on board, and they cannot secure the thief even though we know who it was My bike bag was broken"
缺點: "The staff was rude and the flight was delayed twice."
缺點: "The delay was extremely horrible causing us to miss our flight and then put us on a flight that was once again delayed for another 6 hours. The crew was still hesitant on disclosing the time we would be leaving"
優點: "Flight crew very courteous. Xiamen Airline crews are always very good, and most flights are pleasant."
缺點: "3 hour delay, with no explanation given!"
缺點: "As everyone was lining up at the gate to board, a guy came out yelling at everyone is Chinese. I have no idea what he said but it didn't sound good. We sat on the plane for 1.5 hr waiting to depart. An announcement was finally made that there was some kind of issue with air traffic, we ended up almost 2 hrs delayed. The volume on the media device in front of me was not working. The seats were terribly uncomfortable, my butt was hurting after the first hour."
優點: "The aircraft is new! The food is good on the FOC to JFK flight! Instant noodle soup isprovided when you need it!"
缺點: "However the food on JFK to FOC flight is terrible. The rice is hard as rock!"
優點: "Airline was great, staff was nice and attentive. Entertainment was great although the airline will not let you use your cell phone even on airplane mode. I couldn't listen to a book I had downloaded."
缺點: "Bathrooms needed to be cleaned. Changing flights in China was stressful and confusing. You have to go through immigration and my experience was stressful."

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