搜尋台北 飛往維多利亞便宜機票


搜尋台北 飛往維多利亞便宜機票

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KAYAK如何找出由台北 飛往維多利亞的便宜機票?

KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買台北 到維多利亞的機票?

台北 飛往維多利亞的機票有KAYAK組合選項,它是什麽?

KAYAK的「彈性日期」功能是什麽?在搜尋從台北 飛往維多利亞的機票時,我爲什麽該使用這個功能?




優點: "Price"
缺點: "Connection time in Vancouver is horrible and international transfer process is awful Especially with small children"

缺點: "Good food. Best airline I’ve traveled besides Southwest. First international flight and the crew was so nice and professional!"

優點: "Air Canada is consistently a great overall experience."
缺點: "The food is terrible. It's the worst of any airline I've ever taken."

缺點: "Stuck in the last row with no recline. Seat should be discounted."

優點: "I liked that they served three meals - one hot lunch, one sandwich, and one breakfast. Also that they frequently came through with water refills. Very good entertainment system, although it was off for rebooting for about the first 30 minutes in the air. French red wine blend was excellent. They seem to always have French wines."
缺點: "Attendants restocked the bathrooms, but didn't seem to clean them much (sticky floors - yuk). Wish they had some English newspapers on board to read. The food was only fair."

優點: "Absolutely nothing."
缺點: "Overhead bin storage too small for 70% of passengers. Crew had an attitude that was not pleasant"

缺點: "Upon landing, we made it through customs. Each step of the way when our tickets were scanned, we we told our flight had already departed... Even though we had a 4 hour layover. Even the boards showed the 8:55 pmflight had already departed.... At 5pm. Finally made it to customer service and they gave us the gate number and confirmed the flight didn't leave until 8:55. Then the flight got delayed 20 minutes. No problem, but after boarding we sat in the cramped and poorly cushioned seats for 45 minutes before takeoff because the plane needed servicing. Air jets would not turn off and my husband, who had a window seat, was freezing due to cold air constantly blowing around his feet. When we got off the plane he could barely feel his feet."

優點: "The trip was a smooth and on time."
缺點: "The lack of finesse and discretion among the crew. The food quality was poor."

優點: "The onboard flight crew were very friendly."
缺點: "We were traveling with an infant and there was no pre boarding call. They took wheelchairs and then just started zone 1. The seats are so uncomfortable, it feels like a lot of the padding has been removed for weight. I am 6’2” and there is just not enough room to sit comfortably in a 3 seat row. If we can avoid flying Rouge , we do."

優點: "The Toronto to Victoria service was a good one earlier but now with Air Canada Rouge service is not very comfortable and the best choice given that it a long flight. No Onboard entertainment, uncomfortable seats."

優點: "none"
缺點: "plane is old and dated, service is minimum"

優點: "The staff were very friendly and courteous. It was comfortable for a 12 hour journey in a plane. What a difference from their regional staff and service."
缺點: "The food was of course something to be desired."

缺點: "Both Air Canada flights were late The agent responsible for boarding was an angry person"

缺點: "They could not get my luggage through to the next flight to Chicago. I could not board because of that reason, and I had to fly to Denver then fly back Chicago."

優點: "Nice clean plane! No luggage lost!"
缺點: "We could not check in 24 hours prior to our flight = we were unable to upgrade our seats = 6’4” husband with bakers cysts behind knees had more discomfort for 5 hours."

優點: "The AC in-flight staff are always very nice. It was a pleasant flight"

優點: "Flights left at the scheduled time"
缺點: "Planes are very uncomfortable. There is no entertainment in the cabin (tv, music)"

缺點: "Cancelled one flight, then delayed another one because they were waiting for a pilot. They offered very little help, citing that they couldn’t control the weather, meanwhile WestJet is finding & paying for rooms, shuttle buses and taxis to make the delay more tolerable and less stressful. We could only watch and wish we were flying WestJet."

優點: "The plane was quite new, and that's pretty much it."
缺點: "The food is unsuitable for human consumption and so as some of the crew were unsuitable for the position."

優點: "On-line check-in was available.The process in Taipei to board the flight was good."

缺點: "The attendant’s name is Karen. She first caught my attention was the way she talked to the passengers. She was like a parent or a teacher telling her kids to share but not solving their problem over the head bin. Then before we were landing, the passenger next to me asked for her help to put her bag into the head bin because she’s not tall enough. Karen said she’s doing security check and never came back. I managed to help my neighbor passenger before landing and was very impressed to this flight attendant."

優點: "Price."
缺點: "smaller aircraft with very limited overhead bag storage. Constantly have to announce volunteers for bag check in. Happen both ways. Atl to Toronto and Toronto to Atl."

優點: "Cadence of service. Amazing plane."
缺點: "No free drinks"

缺點: "I ordered vegetarian food, but not shown on list ."

優點: "The fly attendants were very nice. The plane is old. The overhead storage is so small that it was hard to fit in carry on luggage's."

優點: "Crews attention and ease handling medical travel"

優點: "the team helpful"
缺點: "nothing"

優點: "Everything I'll do the same next trip!!"
缺點: "No complaints!!"

優點: "Flight attendant was helpful when I had a personal health issue."
缺點: "Pay for snacks on a 5 hour flight? What do you really get for a ticket that cost over $500. US? I paid for noodle soup. They gave me a fork to eat it after they bumped into me and spilled the hot liquid on my sleeve and slacks. Then when I went to eat it I realized that the noodles were not cooked through. they were rubbery. the liquid was tasty, but with a fork how much can you taste. Ended up giving it back after eating about 1/4 of it. Seats had no leg room even though was a larger plane. Had restless leg from the very beginning. Legs were in pain the whole time."

優點: "My group of five arrived to the airport late (one hour before the flight took off), but the crew worked together to quickly process all of us and get us through to ensure that we didn't miss our flight. We really appreciated it!"

優點: "Not a lot"
缺點: "It took two air hostesses two hours to service the entire cabin. There is a training issue. I would not fly air canada again."

缺點: "Crew was rude to me."

優點: "Flights attendants were very attentive and helpful on flight."
缺點: "Entertainment system was quite outdated and not user friendly, but it was nice to have it offered."

優點: "Overall service & friendliness"

優點: "The comfort was much better than I expected from an airbus a320 and even though the in seat system was slow it was nice that there was option on a short regional flight."
缺點: "It would be nice if there was at least a snack boarding was a little chaotic. They should use the PA system."

優點: "Not too crowded"
缺點: "Flight was late by over an hour."

優點: "Large comfortable seats."
缺點: "You now have to pay for drinks on British Airways flights"

優點: "Excellent and diverse film selection. I broadened my horizons watching documentaries on hacking, gun running, and on an Afghan refugee teen in Iran, a film about a black American teen in Germany, and a French drama."
缺點: "Most of the time economy class is uncomfortable because of the lack of foot room. So this time, for the long flight from China, I chose an exit row precisely for the extra leg space. However, there is no footrest at all , which as you're surely aware, is terribly uncomfortable when sitting for long periods, let along trying to sleep. Furthermore, the exit row seats are not provided a substitute for missing the usual back-of-the-seat pocket with magazines ; that means no spot to place books/papers/trash for the entire flight. Finally, I am 5'2 and petite, and was seated between two fairly slim men, and yet we were still all squeezed side to side. I had no elbow rest. I actually rested my head on one man's shoulder, once he was asleep, and hope he didn't notice. While this is unfortunately typical of economy class, it is not decent."

優點: "The airline was aware we were held up in the transit from the boston flight to the victoria flight and made some effort to hold the gate open for us. We made it with one minute to spare."
缺點: "The airport security were helpful in the end, but our our struggle to get from the boston flight to the victoria flight was a nighmare. We had to beg at each intersection to get through lines so that we could get to our flight. Is ther no way to streamline this process? It colours the journey with stress beyond belief. I cannot send my mother on any such trips because of this."

缺點: "Losing my bag, someone took it by mistake, but all turned out well."

缺點: "we pre booked seats at #14 because our daughter cannot walk without help, we took her to and from the plane by wheelchair to make it easier, they bumped us to seat # 32 , the very last one, that is a long walk, at check in the woman there was rude when we told her of our situation and that we had seats, she said there was nothing she could do because the plane was full, she was not very helpful at all, and asked if we wanted to take another plane. Our whole family has been traveling with air Canada, but I think it's time for a change. Very disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

優點: "Price was good and flights arrived timely"
缺點: "It's a typical new aircraft that is crowded when full"

優點: "The entertainment system was fine as far as selection goes."
缺點: "The stewardesses were ranged from okay to outright grumpy though I understand how difficult it is to always be pleasent when working long hours in a confined space in the customer service industry they still failed me on this."

優點: "good movie selection"
缺點: "The seats are small and I was wedged in the middle. There was little to no water service. Only one drink cart and as I was at the back it took 1 hour and 45 minutes into the flight to get a glass of water. Terrible."

缺點: "An hour delay and mix up at which loading gate. Received ten minutes of free wi fi as compensation. Food would have been better as wi fi didn't work."

優點: "登機安排"
缺點: "N/A"

優點: "The gate crew was instrumental in helping us board our flight when the first leg was delayed and or connection time was only 30 minutes."
缺點: "Of all the international airlines I have flown, this was by far the least well equipped for a long haul flight. There was no entertainment (we had to download an app to your personal device beforehand, which we were not informed about until already onboard). There were iPads for rent, but not nearly enough for the number of passengers requesting. The dinner was a good size, but there were no additional snacks, only small sized drinks offered, and alcohol was not complimentary, and a smaller size than what's provided while in N America for the same price. Overall, I was quite unimpressed with Air Canada, and will avoid flying with them in the future, when possible."

優點: "all good, air canada is so much better than any us airlines"
缺點: "My flight was cancelled and I had to pay again for the priority seats on the rescheduled flights, but still have not gotten refund on the priority seats on the cancelled flights."

優點: "Plane and crew were great"





每天清潔,並在 台北飛往 維多利亞的機艙內安裝HEPA高效濾網


旅客在機艙內必須全程佩戴口罩, 台北飛往 維多利亞的機上會提供口罩


台北飛往 維多利亞的航班不能預訂中間座位


從 台北飛往 維多利亞的乘客必須檢測病毒抗體及檢查症狀






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