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KAYAK如何找出由台北 飛往以色列的便宜機票?

KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買台北 到以色列的機票?

台北 飛往以色列的機票有KAYAK組合選項,它是什麽?

KAYAK的「彈性日期」功能是什麽?在搜尋從台北 飛往以色列的機票時,我爲什麽該使用這個功能?

從台北 飛往以色列人氣最高的3間航空公司



優點: "Everything is perfect."
缺點: "Nothing to complain, simply perfect."

優點: "everything was decent"

優點: "服務員態度很差 服務過程總感覺在趕時間想早點休息詢問個問題也只顧著儘快打發 非常不滿意"
缺點: "加強空服員訓練"

優點: "Comfortable seats, nice entertainment and food"

優點: "Nothing. Will never fly with emirates again"
缺點: "Disaster from start to finish. Use qatar much better public service. And make an effort to get you on connecting flight"

優點: "The crew were nice and boarding was smooth"
缺點: "the main meal was good, but it didn't come with much more. It didn't have water, dessert, or a side dish, it only came with the main meal, a piece of bread, and butter. The chair was not that comfortable, I've had a better sleep on other airlines for the same flight."

缺點: "座位的電視壞了,網路連現還是系統問題。空服員幫我們安排第二個位置,躺椅後躺無法固定,無法後仰"

優點: "The crew were very hard working and did a great job."

優點: "cheuk in 快!吾使等太耐!"
缺點: "還有大半小時先着陸,已收毛毯,趕收工的感覺!"

優點: "很好!舒適!"
缺點: "沒有"

優點: "飛機起降超讚"

優點: "seats and entertainment"
缺點: "food. simple option"

優點: "飛機座位舒適,服務員親切友善"
缺點: "沒有"

優點: "Fast and easy"

缺點: "整體服務算還可以,但是有漸漸下滑的狀況"

優點: "最後一排"
缺點: "後面有保留組員座位 建議可圍起來 以免不停的乘客來坐 一開始可阻止到後來惡意人得逞 很不公平 我們全程坐自己位置看了很厭惡 既然不聽勸阻 那建議乾脆禁制"

優點: "組員微笑送餐"
缺點: "選至前面座位 但組員把兩大一小特別調到中間四位位置 左邊也有兩個壞小孩 全程吵鬧不堪負荷 分散開就算了但集中附近乘客情何以堪"

優點: "Excellent"

優點: "The seats with enough legs room"
缺點: "It was so difficult to find the restrooms. There were few of them in a big airport that made a long line and difficult for kids"

優點: "Pleasantly surprised by the meals. The crew were professional, attentive, and friendly. The seat I chose had plenty of leg space and I will select it again the next time I fly with Emirates."
缺點: "The toilet seat covers were finished so I spent a lot of time lining the seat with toilet paper."

優點: "entertainment"
缺點: "food and luggage restrictions. Only one carry-on"

優點: "Zero"
缺點: "Everything was terrible except the crew was nice"

缺點: "Emirates charging for duty free merchandise bought in Dubai. It is ridiculous that they add the weight of the duty free merchandise to your carry on luggage and charge at the gate. If I have known that I could have shopped in Dubai duty free. The customer service person was very rude too."

缺點: "Food Poisoning"

優點: "We like everything, was good experience All over"

優點: "Professional and friendly staff"

優點: "Crew is very friendly, food is good, seating is proper, entertainment and ease of access are well provided."

優點: "Price, comfort, ice, food and drinks"
缺點: "I just don’t like discomfort of others moving their seat back."

優點: "Food is good"
缺點: "Seat is not comfortable when you lie down on flat position, narrow space, and attendant woke me up for breakfast despite tellingher not to do that at begginig of the trip"

優點: "Staff were friendly and attentive. Nothing was too much trouble. In addition the facilities were excellent."
缺點: "Taipei airport was not great and confusing."

優點: "在各方面都能體驗賓至如歸嘅感覺"
缺點: "航班既時間"

優點: "服務員親切,餐點平均水準不錯。"
缺點: "在葡萄牙跟杜拜的登機時間較晚開放,在機票上寫的最晚登機時間時,實際上還有很多旅客還在排隊等候。 777機上娛樂的電影無法選擇字幕,很多電影因此都無法好好的觀看。"

優點: "A380座位大很舒適,服務員親切,餐點平均水準不錯。"
缺點: "在葡萄牙跟杜拜的登機時間較晚開放,在機票上寫的最晚登機時間時,實際上還有很多旅客還在排隊等候。"

優點: "I enjoyed the wide selection of movies and tv series. I think the food is the best out of all the airlines and I enjoy flying with Emirates."
缺點: "When I boarded my flight, a man and his family took my seat and forced me to sit in the middle of two very large men and made my 7 hour flight very uncomfortable. I purposely chose that seat for leg room and even though business class was empty, they could not provide me with a different seat."

優點: "Food and entertainment. Didn't crash."
缺點: "There is no leg room, and the seats are so small that everyone ends up leaning on each other. Better pray that you neighbor doesn't show up. Ever tried to eat while in such close proximity to another human? Totally not recommended, yet it's a requirement on these flights. I was not able to eat at the same time as my neighbors. I let them eat first, then ate my food."

缺點: "上半年前坐同一航班用餐時要求喝bitter lemon汽水,服務員很热情的去找給我們。今次作同样要求,两个航班的服務员皆说沒有"

優點: "Service was wonderful people very kind enjoying them on the flight was quite beautiful soft and nice wish you good luck ."

優點: "The crew were excellent, very helpful and friendly. The most friendly crew I have flown with. Qantas could learn something from Emirates."
缺點: "Nothing"

缺點: "Staff unfriendly on Baghdad flights most of the time"

缺點: "Delayed on an already long flight and got home even later"

優點: "Trip was shorter by at least one hour than projected."
缺點: "Very dissapointed with return flight. It was like a different airline experience than first leg of trip to Athens"

優點: "The plane were newer. Larger monitor."

優點: "Great airplanes. Crew is is helpful and kind."

優點: "Great plane (new) Good food Boarding was very very smooth"
缺點: "The crew was OK, some of them where a little "grumpy" There was no WiFi on the plane (not even paid, although I asked again and again). The excuse was that the plane was new and they did not have the time to install WiFi..... the bad thing is that I was counting on the paid version to keep up with work (as I did on the other flight) but was unable and there was not prior notification on that."

缺點: "Delayed flight, loading after 40 minutes"

優點: "Cleanliness of aircraft was excellent."
缺點: "Food selection was ok. Attendants are overall good but staff should be more helpful in asking individuals in manners of courtesy, such as closing shades at appropriate times. Many people these days are not very courteous and it helps to remind them."

優點: "Liked the entertainment."
缺點: "Some of the crew members were rough. Bashing the passengers and missing the courteous approach. Especially the segment between Dubai to Hyderabad. No snacks available in the kitchen between meals on the long 14 hours flight segment."

優點: "Excellent entertainment on a comfortable sized tv screen."
缺點: "More beverages would be nicer."

優點: "Everything!!!"

優點: "amazing"
缺點: "nothing"

優點: "comfortable seat, friendly staff"

缺點: "I had no vegetarian dinner"

優點: "Crew was friendly and service was good."
缺點: "Seats should be more comfortable"

缺點: "---"

缺點: "They changed my seat at the gate, will be filing a claim to Turkish airlines."

優點: "Good service good food and entertainment system worked well."
缺點: "They need to update the airplanes."

缺點: "The flight was overbooked. We where forced to take another flight 6 hours later and in returen we where promised a 250 euro compensation and a 5 stats hotel to wait in. What actually happend is that we had to wait for 3 hours in a room without enoth chairs for everyone and then we got entry to the cheapest lounge at the airport."

優點: "nice that food was provided."
缺點: "boarding was delayed, then we were also delayed on the tarmac. some out of the plane/crew's control but after a long flight from US, this felt extra long."

優點: "Good entertainment, movies ,etc... Helpful crew"
缺點: "Very long lines and delayed boarding"

優點: "Nirmal"
缺點: "Ok"

優點: "Great staff. Very nice"
缺點: "No entertainment. The seats were very close together offering little leg room."

優點: "There was food and beverage service on this short flight"
缺點: "Confusing boarding arrangements. Had to go through security twice when simply changing planes, in transit, same airline. Late departure"

優點: "Comfortable seats, good food and in flight entertainmen"
缺點: "None"

缺點: "the food is a bit tastless"

優點: "the personal screen is great, the crew were nice and plesent, nothing went wrong..."
缺點: "I had vigie meal and it was not so good. I wan't order it again, next time I'll order only fruit and vegetables."

優點: "All of it with the worst service in the world"

優點: "Entertainment, and the plane which felt really new and comfy."
缺點: "Food was a bit boring (because it was such a short flight, I suppose)"

缺點: "Movies didn't work well"

優點: "Everything."

缺點: "We had to spend the night in Istanbul and get only on the next flight the following morning. TK airport (ground) staff that talked to us was antipathetic and it took ages to get any service. Looks like they didn't care we about the delay, nor they were trying to help us. Just kept saying we need to wait."

優點: "I can't remember the flight experience, so I assume it was fine."
缺點: "I can't remember the flight experience, so I assume it was fine."

優點: "Worst flight"
缺點: "I was on the phone for 4 hours, went to Turkish office in New York City (they didn't agree to see me), called various sales offices without obtaining a resolution. The only option I have is to lose the full fare of this ticket."

缺點: "My flight tonight (0078) from MIA to Istanbul was delayed by over 5 hours. I am traveling with an infant and it has been IMPOSSIBLE to get anyone to help us. Finally, someone at the airport helped in re-booking our flights but I have yet to have anyone give me an answer regarding compensation! In addition, we are traveling with an infant which isn't easy but we had the bassinet seat on our original flight. Now it's sold out for the flight tomorrow and no one will assist in trying to help get us better seats. I understand things are out of your companies control but being in an airport with an 18-month baby isn't easy and no one in this company has made this crazy travel schedule easier. I would like someone to call me back or email me with something that could maybe be done to help us! No one at the call center will help!"

優點: "great vegetarian food"
缺點: "very short time layover between arrival and departure in istanbul by time we departed the plane which landed on time at 12.30 we got on bus that got top terminal at 12.45 and ran crazy fast to get to boarding for flight leaving 13.25. flight that close together are very stressful and unreliable"

優點: "wonderful staff."
缺點: "there was a delay we were not told about, we left an hour late, but we're not told anything, this is problematic as you pass through a second round of security to sit by the gate and can't even go to the rest room with out repeating the check. the landing was very rough but no ones falt"

缺點: "Delay 1 hour!"

優點: "Food good movie selections and Nice staff"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Same as above"

優點: "Short"

優點: "It was so hot. A nightmare ! I Asked again and to turn it on. They did for few minutes at a time. Very upsetting"
缺點: "It was so hot. A nightmare ! I Asked again and to turn it on. They did for few minutes at a time. Very upsetting"

優點: "Food and drinks,"
缺點: "No USB outlets."

優點: "A light meal."
缺點: "Very crowded -- good for the company. Delay in taking off."

優點: "This had to have been the best flight I ever had the attendents cater to you every need"

缺點: "The delay"

缺點: "Gate change not announced and when we asked at the desk, we were told "we are not the information booth!" Then it was a 90 minute wait to get through security."

優點: "Food and entertainment"
缺點: "The ground crew couldn't speak English! I was part of a group and a friend of mine got wounded doing Ski. We simply couldn't communicate with the ground crew so they can arrange her with a seat that would match her medical condition. On board the plane, the (idiot) guy from the ground crew told us we can either take unfit seats or disembark. I find it very hard to believe I'll choose Turkish again..."

優點: "Great"
缺點: "Great"

缺點: "great delay without explanations"

缺點: "ذهبت لتاجيل موعد الطياره بنفس يوم السفر فقالوا لي يجب دفع غرامه 154 دولار سالت الموظفه كم التذكره الجديده قالت 130 دولار قلت لها على النت 105 دولار قالت صحيح ذهبت وشريت تذكره عوده جديده عن النت بعد ان سرت 4 ساعات الى المطار ذهابا وايابا لتغير الطائره"

優點: "To small area for passengers after security before boarding"

優點: "Comfortable seat, quick boarding and deplaning"
缺點: "No in seat entertainment, bad food"

優點: "The crew on the flight were very nice"
缺點: "As our first flight got delayed, me and 28 other pallengers flying to israel told the airline agents that we would miss our connection flightfrom turkey to israel. The supervisor assured us that we have nothing to worry about, as the second plane would wait as we are many passengers.however when we landed in turkey the connection flight had already left without us. When trying to speak to turkish airline representatives about getting a new flight, they were super UNhelpful, we waited in very long lines and were required so go to a few different parts of the airport to get a new ticket, a process that was not friendly at all and very frustrating. After about 2 hours of waiting on lines, i got a flight that required me to wait 7 hours in the airport and measley voucher for a very small fast food meal. When i asked to be admitted to the lounge (as i waited 7 hours in the airport due to the airlines mistake), they did not agree to grant me access. When i asked to at least get the wifi code from the lounge so i can tell my familly that i am stuck on turkey, this was also rejected. While waiting in the airport, i spoke to many other people on other flights who had been stuck in the airport under very simillar circumstances, some even worse than mine. I also have many friends who have experiences simillar experiences with turkish airlines. If you are looking for a reliable flight, that will get you to your destination on time and will help you out when a problem occurs, Turkish airlines is deffinetelly NOT the flight for you. I personally will never fly with them again after the way i was treated."

缺點: "Most concerning aspect is security. Very unlikely that I will choose Turkish airlines in the future"

優點: "Onboard service was good. Ben Gurion airport services were excellent."
缺點: "Departure was late by an hour which made me miss my connection. Because of this: I had to purchase a visa @$70 US Airport service in Istanbul was very bad. It took 2 hours before anyone would actually help me to organize my next flight to Milan. By the time I arrived in Milan, my family had left worried sick not knowing what happened to me. I then had to find a bus to take me to Lugano, another 25 Euros, and not to mention all the stress to me and my family. I then decided not to put myself through the same situation on my way back to Tel Aviv and purchased new ticket with another Airline company. Overall, the whole experience was a nightmare."

優點: "the crew was nice"
缺點: "the entertaiment was very poor..there wasn't at all audio - music or whatever the landing was harsh the boarding was late"

優點: "Great!"

缺點: "There is no free Wi Fi on Ataturk airport. They claim 2 hours, but it doesn't support Croatian 385 country access nr."

缺點: "Checked bag got ruined, servie was terrible"

優點: "Great service, great food, nice staff, great entertainment choices, efficient, clean safe plane."
缺點: "Nothing really."

缺點: "The service in Newark airport"

缺點: "Food, my kids refused to eat."

優點: "Crew were really friendly and very courteous."

優點: "Used miles to upgrade to Premium Plus. Excellent seat and food!"

優點: "Entertainment system"

優點: "business class seats at the time of the sleep was very uneven and uncomfortable, foods and coffees were cold."
缺點: "Everythings ........"

優點: "The UI to watch videos on the plane is really good. They have good quality screens, so I watched movies for all the 12 hours of lfight I had."

優點: "A long but uneventful flight."
缺點: "Nothing really. The flight was fine."

優點: "The seats are very comfortable."
缺點: "The Newark security people were ridiculously rude. The flight was delayed due to mismanagement of the gates, and yet they yelled as us, the folks standing in line (and not making a ruckus). The flight attendants seemed bored and were inattentive."

優點: "The crew was amazing. The food was great. The entertainment was great."
缺點: "There was very little room for my legs and I couldn't rest my arm on the seat next to me since the person on my left took over. It made my flight much worse. It is difficult to fly overnight when you are so uncomfortable and the price was very high in the economy area."

優點: "無"
缺點: "飛機大delay"

缺點: "Sits not suitable for long distance travel"

優點: "Service and punctuality"
缺點: "On board entertainment"

優點: "I liked it because the flight was not overbooked and I had plenty of space."
缺點: "I didn’t like that I had pain and I didn’t know if the crew had any pain medication."

優點: "Seats had ample room. Crew was nice. Good choice of movies."
缺點: "There was a problem passenger and we all had to get off with all of our carry on, and then repeat the whole boarding process. Very inconvenient."

缺點: "Same as for the first flight segment"

缺點: "Food was mediocre and in very small amounts, even the I have been seated in premium economy, there still was little space in the armrests and hardly any recline"

缺點: "飛機上的食物太差了,份量又不足,全程都餓肚子,有選擇的話我肯定不乘搭聯合航空或是自備食物。"

優點: "Da food, seat"
缺點: "Da Music"

缺點: "Food was horrible. Then for 2 of the 3 meals they missed even serving some rows entrees."

優點: "The avod system of movies was good and the channel 9 ATC was amazing to listen to."
缺點: "Multiple delays because of United crazy crew scheduling and a lazy flight crew. Flight attendants didn’t even give us the meals on a 12 hour flight. Worst flight ever."

優點: "舒適"

優點: "Food was pretty tasty."
缺點: "Flight was delayed, seats are just too close for a 10 hour flight."

優點: "Was flying biz class and the audio wasn’t working. The flight attendant tried her best but only was able to reboot over and over again. But she didn’t offer a voucher or anything for the lack of a sound system."

缺點: "Food"

優點: "kosher meals were on plane. extra legroom was comfortable. Good choice of movies"
缺點: "We started to board on time and after group 1 boarded, they said they pulled the crew for a different flight and we needed to wait til 1:30 AM ( 2.5 hours delay) to board. Then 30 minutes later they called us back after finding another crew. It was very chaotic and made not sense"

優點: "We left on time and got in a bit early leg room was ok for me."
缺點: "It's a long flight."

優點: "check in agent"
缺點: "1.5 hr delay due to aircraft issues, and crew ultimately trying punt on the “airport protocol’. beyond lame."

優點: "I got to my destination and didn’t die."
缺點: "Poorly marked gate. Late boarding time. Sat on shuttle for 20 minutes before they took us to the plane. Then we sat on the plane with the heat blasting and no air available. Flight was delayed due to maintenance."

優點: "Comfortable seats. Great multimedia"
缺點: "Food was good but they served same dish for dinner and breakfast"

優點: "Entertainment was simple with ample choices"
缺點: "The seating space was cramped. Seats did not decline enough. Seat itself was not comfortable. Back pains after flight. I am not looking forward to the return flight"

優點: "Spacy seats. Great entertainment. In time."
缺點: "Food could be better."

優點: "Seat"

優點: "New plane"
缺點: "Food was terrible the service wasn't great not even one the flight attendant walked by and offered bottles of water or dessert besides the 2 meals served. The restroom always were out of tissu paper and were not maintained."

缺點: "No entertainment screen on each seat, just old TV far away. Very boring on this trip"

優點: "The crew was very pleasant, food was average."
缺點: "The flight being cancelled. Wifi doesn't even come close to working. No personal entertainment. Communication was poor for the rescheduling of flight that led me to miss the next flight"

優點: "Early arrival"
缺點: "Waiting for docking spot."

優點: "Flight entertainment Comfortable seats"
缺點: "The crew was not very nice. The electric plug didn't work"

優點: "I was hesitant to travel with united but my flight was very comfortable and the 10 hour flight felt like 3. Smooth ride and landing. Thumps up to the captin I had a very good experience from the time I checked in in Ranold Regen till I arrived Tel Aviv"
缺點: "The food was not very good"

優點: "Movies"
缺點: "Delay Food Service Plane equipment"

優點: "The new business seat gives improved comfort. New airplane smell."
缺點: "Flight was late close to one hour because of catering. No prior notices - we were left to stand for more than an hour in front of gate. Surely and nasty elderly citizens made up the flight crew including pilots. About the same service you get from a Siberian gulag prison guard. No communications from pilots. Despite delays and turbulence we were kept in the dark."

缺點: "United organized boarding by zones (1, 2, 3, 4) where 1 is in the front of the aircraft (business) and 4 is at the back. While I appreciate that business travelers should have priority boarding, the order of coach is from front to back. It would be beneficial to begin coach boarding from the back to the front to reduce the traffic on the aisles."

缺點: "中文廣播人員結結巴巴都在亂翻譯,太不專業了 服務人員一直玩,講話好大聲,讓人不能休息,很不舒服 大家下飛機時,每間航班都會很有禮貌一直謝謝搭乘,UA871我沒感受到。"

優點: "The entertainment worked for like most of the time (surprisingly) and I got an extra seat next to me."
缺點: "What can you expect from united... the crew members were terrible absolutely unprofessional and unwilling to help. We were delayed for 3 hours in Taipei due to an issue with the plane that they were trying to fix. During this time many people were trying to change flights as they had connections in SFO. When they asked the hostesses for help, they either got rude unhelpful responses or got completely ignored. United really needs to train their flight attendants better."

優點: "Flight was shorter than expected"
缺點: "Bathrooms were dirty and sound wasn't working for first in flight movie"

優點: "Direct flight was convenient"
缺點: "The crew on the outbound leg of the trip was unprofessional loud and disrupted everyone's sleep."

優點: "The landing was perfect"

優點: "United is definitely improving. The service was attentive and friendly. When I asked for PJ's, the flight attendant made a good effort to retrieve them for me. I slept through the entire flight, very rare unless the conditions were optimal for sleep."
缺點: "While this flight was fine, my flight to Taipei was riddled with poor service. A bad and forgetful flight attendant can make all the difference. As United adjusts their service to the new Polaris configuration on newer planes, conditions will hopefully improve."

優點: "Crow was great , was very nice flight actually !"

優點: "The seats were uncomfortable. The staff was cold. The food was horrible, I wasn't even able to eat some of it. The chicken was full of bones and grissle. The rest just tasted bad. Most of their planes did not have screens in the back of the seats. Instead they wanted you to watch on your personal device via their app which worked sub par. The baggage on the return flight was delayed and I almost missed my next flight even though I had a 2 hour 40 min layover. Thankfully that flight was delayed 1 hour and a half. Next time I will stick with airlines I know better. Delta, Emirates, and Qatar all offer superior service and upscale aircraft. The 2k spent was not worth what I received."





每天清潔,並在 台北飛往 以色列的機艙內安裝HEPA高效濾網


旅客在機艙內必須全程佩戴口罩, 台北飛往 以色列的機上會提供口罩


台北飛往 以色列的航班不能預訂中間座位


從 台北飛往 以色列的乘客必須檢測病毒抗體及檢查症狀





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  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙
  • 經濟艙
  • 豪華經濟艙
  • 商務艙
  • 頭等艙