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Same comments as before.


Same comments as before.

Never even got on the plane . Kayak and Japan airline poor customer service . Had boarding issues due to a layover restriction in Japan. Was notified less the 24hrs prior to departure time … worst worst



優點: "The crew was great and entering and exiting the plane was quick."
缺點: "The seats could have been more comfortable, but I feel like that is a comment for most planes that fly internationally."
優點: "Seat super comfy"
缺點: "All okay"
優點: "JAL operates with incredible efficiency."
優點: "Food, service,"
缺點: "Some crazy flight itinerary they should not sell at all! At first I thought layover was same location only to find out it was another airport across of time. Flew into ITM and flew out KIX and boarding ticket it says only OSAKA so I didnt know. I barely made the flight....if they had accommodate the transportation I would understand. But they tell you, you have to make it there on your own. Another CRAZY information is that I thought at the very least the baggage will be transferred. But nope! You have to pick up the baggage and ride the train across town to the other station. Whoever made this itinerary should be really fired and no longer work at this company. You take a great airline and make the experience so bad."
缺點: "Movie selection"
缺點: "Luggage lost. Tv audio did not work"
缺點: "Entertaining in English"
優點: "Good crews."
缺點: "Space seats."
缺點: "The flight had a lot of background noise from the plane. I couldn’t hear what the attendants were saying."
優點: "The crews were very kind and helpful."
缺點: "I might have missed it but the useful information of the weather of the destination was not announced this trip. Some pilots make the flight more personal with their messages with their PA system. No need to be interrupted a movie we are enjoying for the promotion of inflight purchase though."
優點: "她們很对工作有熱誠,很照顧乘客"
缺點: "已經很不错"
優點: "Very professional staff, smooth boarding process."
缺點: "Uncomfortably hot throughout flight. My entertainment system was out of sync, so some movies wouldn't play and the others would link to something completely different. My companion's systems appeared to work fine, so we took turns switching seats to use the one entertainment system."
優點: "The food on the plane is really good. The airline assistants are very friendly. The whole trip is really comfortable."
缺點: "The travel is too long for me. If there’s a direct flight, it only takes 12 to 13 hours for me to land but this trip took me 19 hours because the weather and they have to change the transfer spot to another in Japan."
優點: "I was comfortable, Crew was pleasant and attentive. Food was really good- both meals!"
缺點: "Not applicable"
優點: "We traveled with our 1.5 year old and JAL was incredibly accommodating and made our trip very enjoyable. They went above and beyond to make sure our trip was smooth and provided impeccable service."
優點: "The food and movies"
缺點: "The bitchass mofo next to me who took up two seats and STILL kept touchin my feet. Fuckin weirdo man. JA is a good airline, but clowns like that guy ruin the whole flight."
優點: "I was fed two meals and snacks/drinks in between for a 14 hour flight. Love the little TV in front of the seat and the blanket and pillow. Crew was very sweet. Overall positive and good first international flight. Would choose Japan Airlines again! <3"
缺點: "Only a little hard to sleep upright in economy class seat. I wasn't able to fall fully asleep."
優點: "Was fed a meal and snacks/drinks for this connecting 3 hour flight in economy. Hard to sleep in the economy seats, But with a blanket and thick clothes it would be better! Japan Airlines crew extremely nice!"
優點: "Japan Airlines hasn’t the best customer service of any airline I have ever flown. Flight attendants aren’t very friendly and they give you a lot of food. The entertainment was great as well."
缺點: "The staff at Tokyo Narita was slow and unfriendly, which doesn’t reflect well for Japan air."
優點: "服務 電影 雪糕"
缺點: "飯不好"
缺點: "The crew kept accidentally bumping my chair and never apologized"
優點: "I enjoyed everything! My first flight was a little over 10 hours, but it didn't feel that way. I was very comfortable and the crew took very good care of all of the passengers. Japan Airlines is Ichi Ban!!!"
優點: "Awefull I did get to use my ticket"
缺點: "Japan could have helped me change my name in my reservation to match my passport"
缺點: "Everything was great!"
優點: "Service was exquisite."
缺點: "No complaints."
優點: "Everything. Was just outstanding."
缺點: "No complaints"
優點: "I am looking forwards to using them again! I paid more using this airline than their competitors. But after completing my trip I will have to say it was well worth it and will using them again."
缺點: "Great airline great service. Haihly recommended"
優點: "The level of service in Business Class was perfect. Flight attendants were friendly and very helpful"
缺點: "I thought the food was just so so. However, that's always a matter of personal taste."
優點: "All was efficient but no standout"
缺點: "Nothing was bad enough to mention this column"
優點: "Friendly and respectful staff, great meals, tasty!"
優點: "Service was polite and efficient"
缺點: "Vegetarian food very difficult to book on JAL. Unlike most other major airlines they don't offer a vegetarian option routinely on their menus. Both I and another passenger who flew JAL the weekend before found the vegetarian food poor - very bland and too salty. The exact same menu all four times we flew. A pity as the rest of the service wa excellent. If JAL wishes to attract more international customers it would be a good idea for it to broaden its global perspective and provide better vegetarian options. I know others who've had similar concerns about other types of special meal."
缺點: "They will not let me board the plane and I checked the airline before.leaving USA to make sure my ticket is valid and it's OK but when I was to return to USA on april10 they inform me my ticket invalid,cost me alot of money and inconvenience ,God bless"
優點: "Good staff service and friendly people. The food was good. The flight was on time."
缺點: "The Pilot communicated to the passengers only one time during this 4 1/2 hour flight. The flight attendants were making the announcements for arrival information and timing. Maybe in this culture the Pilot is above speaking to the passengers."
優點: "The hospitality of the crew"
優點: "Excellent overall, crew is very attentive and courteous. Food is better than most airlines Every thing is fine. Boarding is orderly. Crew very courteous. Movie selection is good.. We have been flying JAL for a few times and never regret"
缺點: "None"
缺點: "Didnt realize that Veg Meal, i needed to explicitly request while checking in. ended having bread butter and deserts"
優點: "Everything went smoothly. Great take off, great landing the stewardess were doing excellent jobs to accommodate us. Will fly with JAL again in the future."
優點: "First time fly with JAL, friendly flight attendants, excellent seat space, would fly with JAL again."
優點: "The stewardesses were wonderful-kind, considerate and hardworking. They gave us constant attention offering drinks. I would love to travel with them again!"
缺點: "Nothing- I'd fly with them anytime."
優點: "The crew on JAL is excellent. They get pleasure out of providing service to the passenger -- I was in business class."
缺點: "Business class seat on 787 is awful. Does not get to flat bed level. Really uncomfortable."
優點: "Very clean. They check the bathroom pretty often un-like AA. Good food."
缺點: "I always prefer this airlines."
優點: "Good food, and entertaimet!"
缺點: "Chair is way too hard."
優點: "Almost everything"
缺點: "Can't say because I was satisfied w/ my flight"
優點: "The flight was smooth boarding and sailing with excellent service."

Food from Philippines to Japan was excellent but served a little late. Food from Japan to USA WAS LOUSY and they only served hot food one time for breakfast which means 2 hours away from arrival. Hot food meal should have been served 2 hours after boarding in an airport where everything ia closed after 9 pm. Some of the connecting passengers did not have a hot meal for at least 12 hours or maybe more.

優點: "Crew was amazing.Premium economy seats were superb. Food was also good."
缺點: "Old Aircraft Interior, could be more comfortable"
優點: "Friendly staff and decent size."
缺點: "Vancouverites are a bunch of entitled, self-absorbed twats. Not really much ANA can do about that."
優點: "The crew are great!"
缺點: "Not enough wheel chair at LAX! Waiting for wheel chair too long! Finally, need to walk by myself at LAX. Very bad service for wheel chair at LAX! Need to improve this service for elderly."
優點: "The crew was so kind and helpful, the kind of people I wish that I could have spent time to get to know."
缺點: "It would have been really nice to have taller seats. I’m only a little over 6’3” with shoes on and the seats were still quit short and uncomfortable for me."
缺點: "12:05 am flight back to Lax is good because you can sleep a little then be awake for a good period of time before and after landing which helps promote getting back to normal sooner. Flight got a little chilly whole is was sleeping but otherwise a very good flight."
優點: "Service, crew, seats, punctuality"
缺點: "Bad food, cold coffee and tea."
優點: "Crew - excellent service orientation"
缺點: "No storage space for small personal items like phone, magazine etc International Food choice very limited size of seats small"
缺點: "The flight was delay .and I can’t able to catch my connecting flight I have to extra money for other connection flight"
優點: "Service and crew were good, very kind and accommodating!"
缺點: "The layover at Narita airport was rather short to do some duty free shopping to bring home to U.S."
優點: "Good service"
缺點: "baggage was broken."
優點: "Nice smile and service. Food is good as well"
缺點: "Arrived later than schedule"
優點: "- Airfare Price - Ease of Checking In - Friendliness of Staffs - Aircraft is clean"
缺點: "- Entertainment options were limited - Food choices limited as well - Seats are a bit stiff and small"
優點: "Everything.. the crew was so gracious and kind even tho the delay was out their control. they even gave us 30,000 Yen or $260 approximately, which they didn’t have to do. i will start flyin ANA... not because of the money, but because of the delay... which no American carrier would have done and would’ve given excuse after excuse."
缺點: "nothing!!"
優點: "Flight attendants were wonderful, food and snacks were great and seats were comfortable and seemed to have a bit more space."
優點: "The configuration of 787-900 Busn. Class was very good. However need to age Chivas Regal to 18 years like KAL, not ordinary 12 years. Flight attendants were exceptionally efficient, professional, courteous, and outstanding ambassadors for ANA and Japan itself. In the US Marine Corps we would say "Ooo Rah". I may heed to check out your milage club and stop using various carriers for my trans Pacific flights. Thank you very much ANA."
缺點: "late again and hot in the cabin. sat on the runway for a while again"
缺點: "The VOML food"
缺點: "I missed it due to delayed flight from LAX"
優點: "Pleasant stewardesses"
缺點: "Expensive lunches, no entertainment unless you pay"
優點: "The flight was very well organized and the plane left on time and arrived exactly on time. The service was excellent even though the plane was close to full."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Staff was very courtaeous .they were very polite and helpful.Hindu veg. food was nice."
缺點: "Flight from Delhi toTokyo in plane leg space was not enough.But in other flight Tokyo to Sanfrancisco it was comfortable."
優點: "Movies!"
缺點: "Vegetarian food options."
優點: "Love everthing."
優點: "Generous for portions. Crew were awesome. The interface was easy and had lots of options"
缺點: "Main food dish was combinations of flavors I would never put together. Lack of leg room."
優點: "Food was excellent. Very polite and helpful staff. Clean restrooms."
缺點: "Seats barely recline. Impossible to sleep without hurting neck. Good but low number of Indian/Hindi films."
缺點: "crew not able to understand English"
優點: "The crew was very efficient and the food was also good"
缺點: "You should add some veg dishes"
優點: "Good food and service"
缺點: "Delay too much time"
優點: "The large windows on the 787 are really a big plus for someone like me who likes to look out the window. To have the added ability to dim the window progressively is just too cool. Even if the sun is bright, you can still look out and enjoy the view. I love this feature of the 787 and am always a little disappointed when I'm back in any other aircraft."
優點: "The crew was very friendly and attentive. The food was generous and very good"
缺點: "There really wasn't anything I didn't like"
優點: "Over all service was good."
缺點: "Over all service was good. Only food what I ordered could not get. My requirement was vegetarian without onion, garlic and mushroom. There was mushroom in the food."
優點: "Very awesome and polite crew. Exact reason why I chose ANA"
優點: "Great service and great food"
缺點: "No complaints from me"
優點: "The attendant were so hospital..The flight is so smooth even when we landed it was a very good experience."
缺點: "None"
優點: "The food and disipline on boarding the passangers according to their classes"
優點: "Excellent in every way"
優點: "I flew from ORD to Tokyo and DEL to Tokyo. The flight was clean food was really good. What I like the most about ANA is the leg space in basic economy. The flight from Delhi to Tokyo was brand new 787-9 :)."
缺點: "The only gripe for me would be the movie selection. There are not that many choices."
優點: "staff was great in business"
缺點: "Tokyo to delhi flight seat does not recline all way as compare with Tokyo to San Jose flight."
優點: "Hassle-free luggage check-in process. Amazing hospitality led to a great in-flight experience. Empathy and kindness of staff was exemplary. Every crew member goes above and beyond one's expectations. My wife and my kid had a lovely time and comfortable journey. Will definitely try to book this flight again in future."
缺點: "There was no Indian or vegetarian food. Luckily, my wife carried home-made food."
優點: "Entertainment system, comfort of the seats, staff, food, basically everything!"
缺點: "It said that the plane was capable of WiFi, but the flight didn't have it, probably just because the route is too short."
優點: "Good service."
缺點: "Flight was congested."
優點: "I really like the technology in the plain and all of service , crew are so nice everyone had a real smile"
缺點: "Space of the seat are too tiny also a place to have some food"
缺點: "Seats in the exit row did not recline, making them uncomfortable and hard to sleep in."
優點: "Cabin comfort"
缺點: "Only two Hindi movie"
優點: "The best service I have ever received. The stewardess ladies are incredible."
缺點: "Alternative movie options."
優點: "Staff was friendly, Aircraft was clean and tidy."
缺點: "Food was poor, there was no space, even domestic flights have more space than this one.!!"
優點: "The service was great, complimentary movie selection was fantastic."
缺點: "I requested strict vegetarian meals in advance, was given items that violated this request. Further, the items which were in accordance with my dietary restrictions were generally not satisfying."

Everything was all right

Cleanliness Help for boarding and sitting Food should have been better

Customer friendly fine service. Thank you.

Size of seating to & from Japan was exceptionally small compared to US flights (Jet Blue & Alaska). Also, the food from Japan to US was not good.

All good other than departing 1 hr late!!

Someone from the airport employee open our luggages and stole Nike air 1 shoes and Bally shoes, and 6 Nike dri fit shirt, and lots of chocolates.

缺點: "I have encountered missing documents before departure in Singapore to KL. The check in crews very helpful, their knowledge to assist me boarding smoothly. My appreciation towards all crews who have helped me this morning ( SQ106) Big THANK YOU to you ALL."
優點: "Great Premium Economy experience with comfortable seats and extremely-hospitable cabin crew!"
缺點: "Archaic In-Flight Wi-Fi Plans should be brought to modern-age plans."
優點: "Amazing crew, very nice and helpful."
缺點: "Flight was a little warm but was able to get it cooler via help from crew but got warmer again towards the end of flight. Overall good flight though"
缺點: "On time would be better."
缺點: "20 min late but acceptable for a 15 hr flight"
優點: "The staff was amazing"
優點: "Best airline I've ever been on"
缺點: "Security screening very slow"
優點: "Crew was attentive."
缺點: "The entertainment was rather limited."
缺點: "We had to go through security after coming in from international and I went through a biometric scanner which I’ve done 100’s of Times I was very unnecessarily felt up for 10 minutes. I had shorts and a T-shirt on, and was pretty sure after the 1st round of groping that there was nothing there"
優點: "Boarding. Timely departure"
缺點: "Entertainment selection."
優點: "Short flight"
缺點: "N/A"
缺點: "Cabin little bit cold"
優點: "Everything From the food to the drinks to the comfort"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Friendly efficient staff. plane 777 business class seat comfortable, and flat bed, once you figured out how to operate it was also comfortable. Food was good but not excellent compared to previous flights."
缺點: "Singapore Airlines business class lounge in Melbourne was less than impressive and the food was atrocious. Lounge in Singapore was large but still overcrowded. Amenities much better and the food was plentiful and interesting."
優點: "The economy section of the upper deck of the A380 is great!"
缺點: "Boarding didn’t give priority to passengers with children"
優點: "Great service."
缺點: "Disinfectant smell."
優點: "nothing"
缺點: "Seats were uncomfortable, derive very ordinary staff unhelpful seat allocation system requires improving ! Extra cost from economy was not worth it !"
優點: "Efficient, comfortable."
缺點: "Delayed 2 hours behind schedule"
優點: "Crew"
缺點: "Old plane. Worst food I’ve ever had on a Singapore airlines flight. They need to give up on the seafood spaghetti. It was quite awful. Old plane so entertainment system not up to what is expected these days"
優點: "The seats are very comfortable. There was ample entertainment."
缺點: "No complaints at all. They are very professional and I would chose them again."
優點: "Service was spot on and food was good. Very comfortable flight overall."
優點: "I'm starting to sound like a fan boy but Singapore airlines masks this look easy. Comfortable seat great entertainment, edible food and wonderful in for service team. What's not to like"
缺點: "Had to drive to Huston. Can we get rid of BA and American and just have Singapore handle the flights at DFW?"
優點: "Excellent crew services"
缺點: "Entertainment system is rather tired for today’s standard for first tier airlines, in particular the headphone jacks which may not work from wear & tear. It’s a hit & miss whether the sound works or not. Obviously mine didn’t on one side this time. Very frustrating if you are on a long flight and there’s nothing you can do if the flight is full."
優點: "Food and good service"
缺點: "None"
缺點: "Too salty Hindu non veg meal"
優點: "The ground staff at JFK, especially Jon, were very helpful and friendly. The flight crew was also very friendly."
優點: "Food was delicious!"
優點: "I ordered a Indian vegeterian meal. It was very good. I feel bad about all the playin cups, and garbage that gets wasted. Please recycle everything."
缺點: "The plane was very cold. A lot of movies were offered but I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch."
優點: "Due to my ACLS training yesterday, I was not so well since morning and I took medicine in the morning and I forgot to stand by one more course of medicine . So I asked the staff for paracetamol when I reach to cabin. She response me very first with medicine and a cup of water . Thank you so much crews members of silk air flight MI518 from Singapore to Yangon ."
優點: "Love the service at Singapore Air. Very attentive and accommodating."
缺點: "Security at Frankfurt airport was horribly slow. Also, audio jack didn't work properly. Not sure how often that's checked."
優點: "The staff were helpful, once I had complained enough."
缺點: "Aircraft was old, tired, and uncomfortable. The seat of my chair was not attached. There were huge comms boxes below every 2nd seat so zero legroom. Screens were so old they were unwatchable and tiny. Air Asia provides a superior service for a fraction of the price."
優點: "The crew was very kind and helpful."
缺點: "My daughter had the vegetarian oriental - and it was basically a ball of slim. My son had the lactose free meal and it was broccoli and potatoes. We switched our return flight meals to the regular in-flight meal. It was better, but not great."
優點: "The flight attendants are professional, attentive, efficient. One suggestion, they didn't know to offer a nauseous passenger ginger ale. I let them know to give her some and she was very grateful. Also too much food! It's so much better than any other airline but very abundant and I feel bad when I only eat a small portion of the items on each tray. Otherwise great crew, plane, boarding, etc."
優點: "Getting up at 4am on a Monday (post Singapore 7s) - couldn't have been a better timing for a free upgrade (as the plane was full). Travelling on Singapore Air is always a pleasure - but that made it even better....."
優點: "The service was great! The entertainment was abundant. The food was tasty. No complaints at all!"
優點: "The service is amazing. The stewardess are always smilin and very helpful. If you'd like anything extra, just ask and they'll bring it right over. The entertainment onboard was top notch"
缺點: "I would have wished for better back supported seats. 14hrs on a flight isn't quiet the best."
優點: "Excellent crew service and entertainment."
優點: "What did I like??? Um, EVERYTHING! First off I got a great price under $850 round trip to NRT from LAX was a steal! They let you check two large suit cases plus a carry on and a personal item. That all FREE!!! I travel pretty light but it was great to know they don't Nickle and dime you for bags or anything else for that matter. Staff looks amazing and treats you first class even when your in economy. They are so polite and really genuinely want to give you a above and beyond experience. And they over achieve at it! They meals are great and very satisfying. The planes are big and roomy even in economy seats. On our return flight we had a brand new plane which had a sleek touch screen monitor and controller. There mad tons of media available (articles, language games, games, movies, tv shows and more) with USB ports to charge devices on each seat. Plus 10inch personal monitors. Earbuds were included free of charge, aswell as socks toothbrush and tooth paste. They have is two big meals on our direct flight (awesome that they have direct flights). Plus, they offered free snacks too and gave us a full can of soda vs. a small cup. They come through several times offering coffee, tea, water and snacks. All free of charge. This was my first time flying Singapore Airlines and I loved it!!! I wish Everyone was this amazing! Norwegian Airlines was the opposite as far as charging for everything! Had to pay each stop for any luggage ($100 per checked bag). No meals free or charge. They wanted money for everything! And yea a skimpy sandwich was $9.00 :(."
優點: "I like that I could check in 2 suitcase and able to choose my sitting when it's available."
優點: "We forgot to pack our liquid products into the check in baggage. After we went through the security check, we brought the liquid products back to the boarding pass counter, our baggage had already been sent to downstream. But the staffs was very helpful, they provided a box, packed the liquid products for us and checked it in as the second luggage. This solved our headache and it was a huge deal for us, making us smile. Thanks to your crew/staffs again."
缺點: "Providing some snacks would be helpful when getting off the board."
優點: "On time, clean smooth ride. Landed early!"
缺點: "Since no one was in first class and I was in the first row not allowing me to use the restroom Up front when there was a long line in the back seemed rude"
缺點: "Good job"
缺點: "機上冇電視睇"
優點: "Super cool light meal in a little bag. Best budget airline I have flown."
缺點: "My booking name TANG MENGLY Why ticket show LY MENGTANG My mom can not get the fly we bought anther ticket for 140 dollar"
缺點: "An hour delay for no expressed reason is not acceptable."
優點: "空姐態度友善"
缺點: "沒有電視,機位很窄,沒有禮物給小朋友,相比泰航,微笑像兼航一樣,只是免費行李托運及有餐飲,還要坐車去停機坪上機,下次不會再乘搭"
優點: "I'm very justifying for the flight."
優點: "On-time departure and arrival."
缺點: "Nothing to complain about."
優點: "Airfare was reasonably priced."
缺點: "Delay. This was the third flight in a week that I encountered flight delays of up to 15-20 minutes."
缺點: "Nothing negative"
優點: "Great flight on Thai Smile."
缺點: "No online check-in available. Waited very long for someone to show up at check-in desk a few hours before the flight."
優點: "Comfort and ease of boarding always makes Thai airlines a great trip. The staff is so helpful and friendly."
缺點: "There wasn’t any tv to watch and not by way of magazines either."
缺點: "Getting our bags took a long time"
優點: "The relaxed atmosphere and attentiveness of the flight attendants"
缺點: "The distance of the terminal to the aircraft"
優點: "Seats were comfy and staff helpful and nice."
缺點: "$60 charge for 10 kilos overweight limit. This is terrible."
優點: "Our train from Chiang Mai was 2 hrs late. Our taxi driver sped us as fast as he could, but we had only 15 min from check in to the airplane take off. The counter personnel were so helpful in calling the gate for permission to board. We ran across the airport and made it thanks to Thai Smile staff."
缺點: "Vegetarian food option"
優點: "Boarding was super fast and efficient. For a 1,5 hour flight, we were given food and drinks. Can’t find that in the US."
缺點: "Loved everything"
優點: "Not Allowed to read on my kindle in airplane mode. Made for dry boring and long flight!!!"
優點: "Service"
缺點: "Delay"
優點: "Flew out of BKK versus other airport in Bangkok. Easier to connect to international flights. Good service and frequent flights"
缺點: "They have sandwiches on the flights but they weren’t the best quality, I didn’t like what they gave out. We had roaches next to us crawling up the wall on our last flight, ended up finding some food Trash under our seat that was missed. not pleasant."
優點: "Great service"
優點: "Very nice"
優點: "We arrived safely"
缺點: "They kept canceling flights. Bad service would not fly again."
優點: "Crew was friendly and helpful, boarding was easy, flight was smooth"
缺點: "No entetainment, food just a pretty untasty sandwich"
優點: "Great short flight. Flight attendants were really hustling to get everyone served and picked up after on such a short flight."
缺點: "When I booked with Thai Smile direct, the booking somehow added insurance. I know I did not choose insurance. Working with AMEX ;to dispute those charges. Be careful if you book direct with Thai Smile."
優點: "friendly, professional crew"
優點: "I would highly recommend flying with this airline. It was a very efficient process and the staff was not only helpful but very nice."
缺點: "The flight from BKK-VTE did not allow online check-in and had to check in at the airport. The line to check in had 10 people in front of me which then proceeded to take over 1.5 hours to reach the counter. then was the very last person to get on the flight - the plane then didn’t leave for another 30 minutes. Thai Smile managed to make a 1 hour flight to Vientiane turn into a 4-5 hour journey between arriving early, waiting forever in the counter check in line, then being driven to the plane and actually leaving. Bangkok Airways and Air Asia (don meaung) is the better option for this short journey."
缺點: "I had a fracture in my leg several days prior to my trip so had to cancal all. My thai smile tickets were booked with vayama. They r the only suppliers whom declined my request for free cancaltion or even freeze our tickets."
優點: "Friendly staff through every step of the way."
缺點: "Vegan food options would be a wonderful addition. Everything else was great!"
優點: "Love the AirBus 320, the service, to get all the passengers a sandwich in an hour flight is amazing! Luggage delivery is amazingly fast!"
缺點: "Would like to have later flights in the evening so connections to overseas flights at BKK are easier. Otherwise, nothing!"
優點: "The crew was incredibly friendly, warm and helpful. Excellent service on board the aircraft with comfortable seating. And the meal served was delicious! (I never thought I would say that about food served on an airplane)"
缺點: "Boarding process was a bit slow and cumbersome, but, to be fair, I noticed it wasn't much different than all my other flight experiences in Thailand."
優點: "Ground and in flight service, food, aircraft"
優點: "Great service, very amicable staff, excellent plane"
優點: "Awesome service, great staff, amazing trip"
優點: "Its only a short flight so there's not much time for anything to go wrong but it's good anyway. The staff are always friendly and helpful."
缺點: "Sometimes it can be difficult to hear announcements at the departure gate but apart from that no problem. Obviously there isn't any entertainment so I've left it at 5 stars. There should be a 'not applicable' option on this."
缺點: "The crew had a poor attitude and even rude, I asked to move to get past the food trolley as my 4 year old son needed the toilet and they just said wait, they would only have to move 2 metres. We were sitting directly behind upper class but were not offered the chance to use the forward toilet even though there was no one sitting in that section. They seemed to have an attitude problem and not at al like Thai International who are excellent. will never fly again with Thai smile."
優點: "The cost of upgrading to business class was very reasonable for a flight of that duration. Everything was stellar - service, food, drinks and access to the airport lounge. The meals were among the best I've had on any flight."
缺點: "The guy snoring. His snoring was literally louder than the noise from the jet engines and easily rose to levels that penetrated our noise cancelling headsets!!"
優點: "Very flight and check-in process"
優點: "Aircraft size was big for short haul"
缺點: "Not much to dislike"
優點: "Crew were friendly and did a great job in the short time they had."
優點: "Great flight. On time. The crew was polite and professional. Nice experience."
優點: "Chaotic check in process, ok boarding process, poor entertainment and nothing for vehetarians"
優點: "Overall everything was good except meal option"
缺點: "Not having vegetarian snack or meal"
優點: "Everything!"
缺點: "The price. This flight specifically was more expensive than others"
優點: "Such an amazing experience! From start to finish!"

The Crew was really helpfull and nice, A/C was coold for me but for others i think it is ok and the food not bad and not that good. The Thailand Airways employee at the Indera Ghandi Airport " Indian guy " was very bad he hold us for 2 hrs and then he run away letting us the last people at the transit counter and couse us to be so late and about to lose our flight to Bangkok, for nothing. He asked us of we have a retuern ticket, and we told him that we have not because we are traveling for treatment, and then he asked us to wait for 2 minutes, After we wait for a long time he just run away, And after we asked the lady she said ok no need now for return tickets and she gave us the accsess to the gate.

缺點: "We didn’t receive hedphones"
缺點: "Direct tarmac to plane without bus"
優點: "Flight was on time"
缺點: "Despite pre ordering, no special meal. Flight attendants were rude"
缺點: "There was no headset in my front pocket so I couldn’t watch any movie. Staff was busy doing meals and drinks over the 1.5ht window. When there was time, it was late to start any movie."
優點: "Best flight of my life. The put every airline to shame. I wish they did flight service to denver! I booked our next vacation with them today!"
缺點: "Hello, My name is Mikyoung Seo who tried to book the flight tickets through your website. I got the e-ticket from you after buying the ticket by my credit card but a miniute later I got the other email from you regarding Thai airline did not process my flight so you recommended me to buy another ticket. So I bought another ticket. Today I found out in my credit card invoice there is a payment to charge for the first flight. Please cancel it before my money going out. I have all emails and documents regarding this issue. Please contact me by email so that I can prove it. My email is : mseo@mdis.net Thank you. Blessings, MIKYOUNG SEO"
優點: "comfortable flight"
缺點: "TV options and headphones"
缺點: "Boarding was chaotic, the gate agent did not call to board by group number"
缺點: "電影選擇不多,建議有中文字幕(畢竟是非台灣的班機嚕)"
缺點: "電影選擇不多,建議有中文字幕可選"
優點: "Seats are the most UNcomfortable in Asia."
缺點: "Put in some real comfortable seats in business class. The exisitng ones are hard and terrible"
優點: "Food was good. Wine was better."
缺點: "Couldn't get an aerobridge slot at BKK. Odd for the national carrier. Not great with bags, going down stairs, having to take a bus to the terminal."
優點: "The lounge"
缺點: "It is no total flight old plane."
缺點: "The aircon was not cold enough"
優點: "Food is always good on Thai airways flights and flights are always good value for money. Staff were friendly and attentive."
優點: "Amazing crew lounge just great airline"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "The overall experience was good and relaxing."
缺點: "The toilet area could be better occupied to help skin dryness control."
缺點: "Todo muy bien todos amables buena comida salio a tiempo"
缺點: "The flight was from 3:30 am to 9:00am. We were served dinner soon after boarding, but it makes much more sense to serve a breakfast before arrival in Bangkok."
優點: "Seat from delhi was very small"
缺點: "All okay"
優點: "sit was ok. stef was 100%"
缺點: "morw games in screen"
優點: "Courteous and professional stadd"
缺點: "Some hurry up but not overly so"
優點: "Evetything"
優點: "航空服務員有禮"
缺點: "食物差 設施差"
優點: "We boarded on time, the crew were fantastic...very friendly and helpful. Food was plentiful but the salmon was somewhat dry. There were other options offered. The entertainment system worked but some more recent movies would have been appreciated."
優點: "Aircrafts ...which are big"
缺點: "Late departing, no gate, waiting, immigration jammed. Overall very bad."
優點: "The flight was awesome, the food was delicious and the delay was shot"
缺點: "None"
優點: "Service and entertainment"
缺點: "Not so satisfied with food"
優點: "Das Personal hat sich sehr gut um uns gwkümmert."
缺點: "Der Sitz konnte auch mit der Kraft von zwei Männern nicht verstellt werden."
優點: "None"
缺點: "Lack of legroom"
優點: "OK, so it's a plane, and I'm in economy. Still, the crew makes you believe they're actually glad you're on board, and the amenities are quite good for economy travel. No complaints."
缺點: "liked everything. i have traveled with Thai many times over the past 30 years."
缺點: "Seat cushion is hard and not comfortable"
優點: "FA's were friendly, seat was comfortable, food was ok"
優點: "Attentive service, great food, smooth flight"
缺點: "Security queue when transferring at Bangkok Airport: Need more scanners and a fast track lane would be nice. Decor on the plane a bit tired with some paint chipping"
優點: "Ground Staff"
缺點: "Food Service. So so inflight crew service"
優點: "Nice Crew , very professional and courteous. Pleasant with their service. Would recommend only once for tourism. Not for families travelling with children."
缺點: "Because the system of on arrival visa has been opened to Indian folks , entire plane was crowded with indecent , uncultured Men. Mostly drunkards who would not stop at couple of drinks. Added to their worst behavior was the airlines providing unlimited amount of Liquor that was being offered by the crew after the food was served, this was quite annoying and unexpected. Thai Airways Please stop serving Liquor for God's sake , especially for folks travelling from India (Only this route) or charge $100 THB for a drink, this would stop those free riders from messing up other tourists happy vacation."
優點: "Staff, service, and entertainment!"
缺點: "The food was very average. I have flown Thai Airways many times before and I remember the food being better."
優點: "Absolutely great"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "The seats and the crew. Snack menu. Baggages allowance. Co-operative staffs."
缺點: "Entertainment"
缺點: "That Kayak did not inform me when bookinhg that the seats they were selling me had to be at the very back of the plane Last time I will ever use Kayak"
優點: "座艙位置的間距是舒服的,尤其像我是高個子的,特別容易遇到坐飛機時的不適,而且上飛機後,空服員立即確認每個人是否都有靠墊和毛毯,機上餐盒也非常好吃,即使我乘坐的飛機並未滿座,但服務品質並未因為乘客少而有所降低,另外,機師的駕駛技術真的太令人驚艷!起飛、降落都不會有任何顛簸和不適,完全非常順利和平穩,實在很難忘!我真的很欣賞也很享受!"
優點: "I love the food especial Thai food. The air craft crew are very helpful."
缺點: "My friend request for extra ice cream and the crew rejected her with very loud tune."
優點: "I liked that there was Food service even though the flight was short."
缺點: "There was Lots of turbulence. The Entertainment system wasn't working well"
缺點: "Unfortunately, the flight has Chinese tour groups. They are noisy and no manner. BTW, cabin crew handle them very well."
優點: "Food was good, stewardesses were really courteous."
缺點: "Seats were cramped. Boarding was a bit chaotic, flight boarded at 1am but they didn't dim cabin lights at all during the flight."
優點: "The crew were friendly."
缺點: "The entertainment center was not working, even after being reset."
優點: "Faultless in every way...."
缺點: "Parents that cannot (prefer not to) keep their children under control!!! Expecting the lovely Thai staff to do it for them..."



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