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SingaporeAir premium economy makes an 18-hour flight bearable The cabin crew was very attentive The food was above average. The entertainment options were very good.


SingaporeAir premium economy makes an 18-hour flight bearable The cabin crew was very attentive The food was above average. The entertainment options were very good.

. It was so unorganized! They kept all the passagers waiting while they do there meeting, they said they would open checked in by around 4pm but instead they took another 20mins to check people in, on top of the that they kept as changing lines like 5times! The check in in new york was very horrible! The people at the check in counter acted like they were immagration! Asking for our birthcertiface and old passport, it was the first time i ever encountered checkin who acted like immigration officers! They made it so painful! We were already waiting for almost 5hours! Horrible service! I would never fly Singapore airline again after this experience! Won’t recommend it to anybody!

Lush food, excellent service, superb seating/bed, plenty to drink and one of the best flights I have ever had.

If they had fruits as snacks that would have been nice

Only 2 meals on a 16 hrs flight and they had few option for food and drink. Qty was not sufficient

They need to have a restroom in that big room that they seat you in before boarding.

We enjoyed the flight very much. The flight staff was very helpful and friendly.

缺點: "Better movie selection. Better organized boarding in Frankfurt"
優點: "Friendly staff. Both two meals were awesome."
缺點: "Already done."
優點: "Amazing crew. Seat needs more padding."
缺點: "Memory foam seats"
優點: "Newer Aircraft and very convenient"
缺點: "I dont see any thing to improve"
優點: "One of the best seating I have ever had. Compared to Emirates the seat was spacious."
缺點: "Food was good but was not full compared to emirates."
優點: "Crew was amazing"
缺點: "None"
優點: "Staff was great as usual"
缺點: "Many entertainment monitors including my row of seats were stuck for a while. The “please fasten your seatbelt” was on the screen and made the monitor unusable for the first 1hr of the flight"
優點: "Great crew But... Many wild children, loud babies. I was in seat with extra leg room so I had no space for my purse & carry on and had to store in overhead bin. After take off, I retrieved my purse & carry on to get my glasses and purse. The flight attendant gave my bin space away to someone..."
缺點: "See above... Who didn't upgrade their seat. My items had to go into bin 3 rows back. Very inconvenient & very difficult to retrieve after landing. I will never pay the additional fee for extra leg room again."
優點: "Great seats and efficient service all round."
優點: "Efficient"
缺點: "Better food, better selection movies"
缺點: "Very cramped. Worst leg of the journey"
優點: "Dim sum between Hong Kong & Singapore."
優點: "As a frequent flyer, I have found out that the few dollars i spend more on SQ is well worth it"
優點: "Staff are great and on board service was good. Boarding is always well organised from Changi however it was a full flight and as always half the passengers exceeded their carry on allowance. Rather than addressing this bags were flung everywhere no nowhere within your actual reach during the flight. Very annoying when you are a passenger who does the right thing."
缺點: "See above. No in flight entertainment makes you feel like you're flying with the low cost carrier rather than a full service airline."
優點: "Prompt boarding, friendly service, decent food, plentiful entertainment. Singapore Airlines was a great choice for my flight from Texas to England."
優點: "all of SQ"
缺點: "nothing"
優點: "The lunch and dinner menu was excellent"
缺點: "more bathrooms."
缺點: "Cabin little bit cold"
優點: "Ok"
缺點: "Delayed"
缺點: "Flight attendants were bot friendly, appearwd to be botheted when askes questions or requests were made."
缺點: "leg space."
優點: "business seats were excellent"
缺點: "all was good"
優點: "More leg room than other airlines, superb service and excellent food!"
優點: "Crew members were very friendly n helpful."
缺點: "Na"
優點: "I’ve flown with a lot of airlines in every class. This was an economy class flight and still the food was better than I’ve received in business class on American. The seat was comfortable, the entertainment options varied and extensive and the cabin team were amazing. They clean the bathrooms between uses. Seriously how do other airlines still exist?"
缺點: "No free upgrade? ;-). But that’s unreasonable. I love this airline having not flown with them for 4 years I don’t understand why!"
優點: "New plane. Good entertainment. Seat reclined a lot but would not stay reclined."
缺點: "The food was horrendous. Worst airline food I've ever had. Check in and boarding area not great. Very overrated airline."
優點: "Service was nice."
缺點: "Comparing to recent businesses class flight on Emirates; Singapore airlines seat does not recline to flat bed. Boarded flight st 11pm and arrived at Singapore at 7am. Toiletries like tooth brush and paste, razor etc. were not provided. Emirates provides, so we did not pack in-flight."
缺點: "one of the oldest planes i ever used"
優點: "Wonderful and warm crew made me feel at home. Loads of entertainment but best of all, comfortable seat/bed allowed for a goodnight's sleep!"
優點: "Can't think of. We have been using Singapore Air for years and they were good. However, our recent few flights with them have been disappointing (hence the need for this review) - there's nothing to be happy about."
缺點: "Writing on behalf of my wife. All staff that she met have sour face, perhaps to signal the passengers not to approach them? True enough, the cabin crew did not help her to place her bag in the luggage compartment; the cabin crew did not serve water when requested, and on second attempt, the cabin crew told her to request at the ground. The cabin crews she has encountered clearly expressed their unwillingness to serve with their face and action. Is this the new direction of Singaore Air? The entertainment system requires installation of an app, hence is practically useless since we do not have the app preinstalled in our device."
優點: "Best serves ever will fly every time"
優點: "The crew is friendly and helpful"
缺點: "Equipment rather poor, screen isn't very clear, hard to read subtitles."
優點: "Personal TV"
優點: "Made Econ class feel like biz :)"
優點: "Everything else was good"
缺點: "Old aircraft with tired looking seats."
優點: "No fuss flight but lacking that something extra"
優點: "Huge selection of movies Towel service, socks, and toothbrush for economy class Snacks included entire chocolate bars! Friendly staff"
優點: "Entertainment was great"
缺點: "The food is getting worse"
優點: "Really recommended . Wait alittle longer but i got a free tour go around Singapore ."
缺點: "No room, seats too tight. So close, my neighbor spills over. Toilets too small."
優點: "Airline was great"
缺點: "The customer service at Airfair.com is abysmal. I will NEVER do business with them again."
優點: "From the beginning until the end the service, the vibe, the flight itself was amazing. I don't know any other airline I flew with so far that hosted me and all other flyers better. At any time I was supported by the staff and even if it was busy they constantly had a kindness and smile in their face. I don't fly with any other airline on long distance flights! It was clean and neat on top at any time. I love flying with Singapore airlines. I feel safe and in good hands all around. This is how service should be at any airline! It is never less good but a constant since years! Thank you"
缺點: "There is nothing I did not like."

Good job

優點: "Comfortable seats and good entertainment, nice food"
缺點: "Cabin crew were not friendly, and were resistant for any special requests"
優點: "It is always better when this flight is operated by wide body aircraft, as was the case with A330 this time"
優點: "Everything went well"
優點: "None"
缺點: "I didnt like this flight at all. I got delaied 2 hours at the turkish airport plus the 7 hours lay over, total 9 hours, the gate travel service didnt give us any reason for the dealy, the customes gathered us in a small area where there is no seats and the bathroom was smelling so bad, we were stsrving and not even water been served to us, i missed my ride to the hotel in Amman, and missed my work breakfast orientation."
優點: "All."
缺點: "Food may become better. Not twice meat, especially not late at night. Give an option for an omelet for example"
優點: "The check in assistant put us on an earlier flight to Istanbul we didn’t mind as our next flight was at 8pm so had hoped to leave the airport."
優點: "Vree"
缺點: "A little late"
優點: "Not much"
缺點: "They pack biz seats in 7 across. Most airlines go with 6 across. Lack of space and they charge the same as other airlines. Low value for the money charged. Much better value using if you use any other airline."
缺點: "Same problem as the first segment (see above)"
優點: "I had a seat in the front row of the economy section so I had a lot of leg room. They kept the toilets maintained (cleanliness, supplies) throughout the flight."
缺點: "It was a 10hr flight and we were fed only twice... full meals at the top & bottom of the flight. There were no snacks or drink service in-between... a 6hr stretch. I fly a lot internationally and that was quite unusual and unwelcome. They also ran out of food"
優點: "Excellent service, flight attendants are very kind, answered questions, very caring to seniors and children (couple seniors next to me and a little kid in front of my seat). Good are good and always provide variety of drinking. Smooth and punctuated flight. Thanks for your excellent service!"
缺點: "Nothing I do not like. I will take trips with your airlines in future when having s chance."
缺點: "My husband's passport expires in March of 2018, 4 months from travel dates and we weren't allowed to travel because it has to be 6 months. We booked our tickets in August of 2017, Turkish Airlines could've told us this. During booking, they ask for passport expiry date, what's the point if you're not going to tell us in advance and wait till our travel date to tell us this information. We couldn't travel on our vacation as planned and we were charged an additional $3,000 to change our tickets."
優點: "Entertainment"
缺點: "Staff was less than friendly and seats were not very comfortable in coach."
缺點: "They have canceled my flight even though I have booked it long time ago. They climed its because they have overbooked the flight. Crew was rude and short tempered, didn't understand the urgency of having to go to that flight"
優點: "They crew were very pleasant and polite. It was one of best flights I have had."
缺點: "They're wasn't anything I didn't like."
優點: "Turkish airlines have always been perfect for me. This was yet another fulfilling experience with the services, the food and other stuff being extremely satisfying."
缺點: "My flight was cancelled twice within 24 hours before takeoff. All I got was an email saying it was cancelled and a number where no one could help me. I spent over $40 international calls just to reschedule my flight, only to have to take a $80 cab to the airport to have a human help me. Worst customer service and worst experience. I was trying to get home after a natural disaster struck my hometown and Turkish Airlines actually made that experience even worse. At no point did anyone even apologize for cancelling two of my flights without another option until a full week later. I had to pay to fly myself home from Boston because they were so unhelpful. Would never recommend Turkish Airlines to anyone I know whn traveling internationally."
缺點: "Very hot inside the plane"
優點: "A much nicer 777 on this leg."
缺點: "The lounge at IST is overcrowded and lacks sufficient showering facilities. There was leftover food everywhere that the overworked staff tried, in vain, to keep up with."
優點: "Great experience for my first international flight."
優點: "Service-crew, food, entertainment variety; good value and connection options"
缺點: "1. Seat did not seem to maintsin incline. NOT an issue out bound. 2. Consider it takes 11 + 2-3 ours to transit from European locations. 3. Flight delayed 50 min"
優點: "I have to say that I flew with different companies in my life, Turkish surprised me with the extra luggage and the quantity of food ( I am vegan and they gave me 2 yummy vegan meals). Also the sear were more comfortable than I expected"
缺點: "First of all the staff needs to work on their customers service. The flight was 1 hour and 45 min late and I had another flight to get in Istanbul to get to my final destination. I almost did not make it. The staff never gave us an explanation about what happened at the JFK I flew for 10 hours scared and stressed out. I asked the staff if it was possible at the time of landing to get out with the business class or somehow to get out before everybody else, but they were completely useless. Also in the middle of the flight a woman started feeling very bad. She had an intense migraine because of the high pressure, clearly the woman was not used to fly very often. The poor woman was ill and the entire crew was surrounding her. 7 ppl standing in the way of customers, a male attendant touched my shoulder with his private parts at least 5 times. Also every time they passed by the would hurt my shoulder or my arm with out even apologize. What kind of customer service is this? Forgetting about all the other passengers? Creating a situation of panick just because of how unprofessional they are? You can be the most comfortable or cheapest airline company and add all the luggage and food you want but if your crew doesn't know anything in customer service the customer will fly with a different company next time!"
優點: "Staff was courteous and wore smiles..."
缺點: "The food could have been better..."
優點: "The service of both the ground and flight teams"
缺點: "Food and entertainment was a bit less than the usual standard"
缺點: "My flight was cancelled without any notification and a choice to reschedule."
缺點: "Everything was pretty good."
優點: "Very professional, helpful staff. Clean plane. Great entertainment selection."
缺點: "Nothing to complain about honestly."
缺點: "Noticed that you made NO announcement that you were boarding the plane whatsoever both to London and on return. NONE"
優點: "Everything was great, smooth, professional and above expectations."
缺點: "n/a"
優點: "I was treated much like a first-class customer flying in coach. Food and beverage service as quite good. Turkish Airlines certainly beats any of the US airlines' on-board coach service by a long shot."
缺點: "I didn't like having to check my laptop at the gate. I wished they would have told me advance, as I was planing a lot of work on plane, and could not."
優點: "The crew were amazing.. very helpful and accommodating! The food was also 5 stars, and the entertainment was great! Enjoyed every minute of it!"
缺點: "Boarding was not really done according to groups A, B, etc, but it was only a small holdup.. really nothing much at all :) Comfort was great, although a little more leg room might have been nice. But again, not a really big deal!"
缺點: "Wheelchair assistance is the worst when we fly with Turkish Airlines"
優點: "Entertainment and boarding was excellent."
優點: "The seats had a decent amount of leg room."
缺點: "Stuck in Istanbul airport for three days because of snow. The way the airline handled it was APPALLING. Second night stood in line for a hotel for over four hours only to find out at 3am that there weren't any more. And none of that captures the insanity of being sent to a transfer desk with no way out except buying a Turkish visa and going through immigration. Inexcusable. I have traveled to over 40 countries in the past 30+ years and this was beyond the pale, absolutely a nightmare, and almost all of it (excepting the actual snow delay) in the airline's control. NEVER FLY THIS AIRLINE THROUGH ISTANBUL."
缺點: "it's not so much the airline's fault. they don't have US immigration desk at Istanbul airport, and going through immigration at JFK can take ages."
缺點: "The flight was cancelled so that's it!"
優點: "Onboarding, crew attention, lounge access"
缺點: "Food was even better in Turkish Airlines before."
優點: "My JFK to IST flight on Oct 21st, the plane was nice and new. The seats were comfortable and the entertainment was up to date. The food on this particular flight was good."
缺點: "According to the Turkish Airlines site they offer free accommodations to passengers who have over 10 hr layover in Istanbul if you are an economy passenger. I was under this impression that I would fall under this category because when I initially booked the ticket (JFK - IST - LIS and return LIS - IST - JFK) my layover back to JFK was 18 hours. Two weeks prior to leaving for my trip I received a notification saying that the layover will be extended to 34 hours. Seeing that my layover was extended, I thought that Turkish Airline would offer me accommodation for both nights. When I arrived to IST (10:30pm local time) I went to the Turkish Airline transfer desk in which they said they would not allow me to have the 2 nights accommodation. After about an hour and half of discussion they could only offer me one night accommodation and changed my flight to an earlier flight. The attendant who was serving me told me to wait by the kiosk until my name was called. At the 30 minute mark I tried to ask another kiosk attendant to see what the status was and he replied back in a very rude manner saying he has no idea what I'm referring to and that essentially was not his problem. After another hour and half of waiting and seeing other frustrated passengers going to the transfer desk and not being helped, I went on the queue to see what the status of my ticket was. They finally gave me my ticket and at this point it was close to 1am. Thankfully I did research before hand and under the assumption that I was going to spend a day in Istanbul, spent $20 and got a Turkish visa prior to my travel, which according the the turkish consulate website that you can no longer get a visa while in the airport. I finally reached the airport hotel at 2:30am but the airport shuttle was to arrive in 4 hours to shuttle all the passengers back. So not only did I deal with a rude staff, but I paid $20 to be in Turkey for about 4 hours in an airport hotel."
優點: "The steward was very nice. He let me store my special salad and pudding."
優點: "TV accessories - socks, blanket"
優點: "Crew with genuine smile. Delicious food."
缺點: "Very narrow seatig space."
優點: "They treat economy like you're in first class. They literally give you a menu of food. The entertainment is extensive and free. It's also likely your flight will be less than half full. Tons of empty seats to lay down and sleep."
缺點: "Boarding was behind and slow and very crowded in be area."
優點: "- the food was great! not the usual bad airplane quality, we felt we're eating at a restaurant"
缺點: "- Screen from Madrid to Istanbul wasn't working even though crew members restarted it several times"
優點: "Well, let's see, I missed my flight with THY because of a connecting flight with American Airlines, and instead of helping me, they wanted to charge me $3,000 to catch the next flight out. They said it didn't matter who's fault it was. So my entire trip got cancelled. So I can't rate the flight, but unless you can guarantee you won't miss the flight, I would not recommend taking the risk of losing all your money and ruining your trip."
優點: "There wasn't anything particularly special about this flight to make it stand out from other airlines. It was just a short 2 hour flight and had everything you needed."
缺點: "At check in, the agent said she had put me in the exit row, but I was actually just behind it."
優點: "Nice food for 80 minites flight"
缺點: "Crew should be a bit more friendly"
優點: "EverThing was excelentní bit doménových s feet smetl hořické"
優點: "Nice onboard entertainment system"
缺點: "Extremely rude flight attendants. Did not care at all for customer service. Do not expect western standard service ! Service is 3rd world."
優點: "The"
缺點: "The staff at Istanbul offices are mostly very rude and disrespectful. They don't care much about the customers and gave me and others a hard time. Racism also came out strongly and I wish they would assess situations before jumping into conclusions."

Those regional jets are just cramped. Not much you can do.

Wifi didn’t work for me. Would be nice to have screens.

缺點: "Late taking off. Late arriving. Tiny plane, no entertainment system, took everyone's carryon. Had to wait to get carryon back."
缺點: "Seats could have been more comfortable. No space. Food made me sick."
缺點: "Everything was fine... I should have packed a snack because I’m always hungry! Will travel Delta again!"
優點: "Flight attendant coughed in my face twice without covering her mouth while I was seated and she was passing out drinks and snacks"
優點: "I apreciated how well informed he captain kept us. There were several delays but she communicated freely and helped us to feel safe."
優點: "There was plenty of space under the seat in front of me for my personal items."
缺點: "There was an issue with a part on the plane so the flight was delayed so it could get fixed before takeoff. That is not a big deal, I'd rather it be safe than on time. But the way crew and staff handled it was pretty unprofessional. No one seemed to know what was going on or what to do."
缺點: "Best option across the pond, amazing upgrade prices"
優點: "Inflight entertainment was great. Movies, games, moving map. Best I’ve ever seen in main cabin for free."
缺點: "The seating was too cramped. It’s extremely uncomfortable. Seems tighter both on knees and elbows."
優點: "The crew was great and also the snacks."
優點: "Quick Boarding Awesome staff"
缺點: "We were late getting into ATL."
缺點: "Plane too small to have any on board entertainment"
優點: "Food good"
優點: "Great service!"
缺點: "N/A"
缺點: "Leg room"
優點: "It was on time"
缺點: "Plane too cold."
優點: "Quick boarding, great seats and everything went on schedule."
優點: "The fact that I was so relaxed."
缺點: "The food"
優點: "We were deplained twice from two different plains going to LGA. We are now booked on a third plain going to JFK. Hope we can get home. I have a surgical appointment tomorrow."
缺點: "We bought First Class tickets. But we were downgraded How do you think we should feel ? We have been in Charlotte since 9:30 AM It is now 6:45 PM Should we use the train to go home?"
缺點: "Online check in didn’t work. Called Delta 800# and rep said I needed to wait till I got to airport. Airport rep said I needed to use the KLM flight number, not the Delta number.W"
優點: "Nicest staff"
缺點: "Nothing at all"
優點: "El cumplimiento de vuelos"
優點: "The pilot and the stewardess were very polite."
缺點: "Standing on line,it was slow cause only 1 person was help people check in. It would been better if everyone could check in with the kiosk machines. After half an hour than another person came to help. TSA move more fast cause so many people were working."
優點: "The flight & landing were smooth, and we arrived a few minutes early."
缺點: "The entertainment system & WiFi were out. Wasn’t able to charge my phone either as the outlets weren’t functioning properly."
優點: "They did take care of the situation in a timely manner and switched my flight were I made it in my time line . Switched to American from Atl. to Houston"
缺點: "Was informed the flight delay due to equipment ,"
優點: "in Charlotte"
缺點: "delay on flight"
優點: "The crew was extremely nice and helpful."
缺點: "Small crowded aircraft with minimal overhead storage. The seat pitch was so limited my knees were against the seat in front of me. The tray table couldn’t be lowered completely. Small child behind me kicked my seat during the entire fight."
優點: "Crew was friendly and efficient"
缺點: "Very minimal legroom. Screaming children behind me kicking my seat during flight"
優點: "Leo was friendly and helpful, a wonderful presence on the flight."
缺點: "Multiple delays in Atlanta"
優點: "Nothing other than it was over quickly."
缺點: "Seat did not recline at all."
優點: "I love being on a smaller plane/jet! Boarding was painless and I had no problems with my two small bags. Due to a mix-up in seating, I had both seats to myself! We even got in will before the scheduled time! De-boarding took far less time than "regular" plane/jet!!!"
優點: "Leg room was descent"
缺點: "Excessive delays. Was scheduled to leave CLT at 3:21 PM, then rescheduled to depart at 423; then waited on the tarmac to take off for about 45 mins total; didn't arrive in NYC until around 718 PM; very long day with Delta Airlines."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Flight was on time and even landed early. Boarding was seamless with bag tag. Seats were comfy. Crew was professional."
缺點: "A drink with no napkins? I know airlines need to cut costs but what if I spilled my drink or want to wipe my hands after eating pretzels Delta? You can still provide napkins."
缺點: "The flight was delayed for boarding, then delayed for take-off, then circled LaGuardia for an hour, diverted to JFK. They indicated weather, but JFK is 9.6 miles away... so weather really??!!"
優點: "The crew was personable and kept us informed regarding the trip. The Flight Attendant was very attentive and went above duty to ensure our comfort."
缺點: "I didn't t like the overall design of the plane - it was small."
優點: "Flight attendant was excellent and pilots did a great job with weather"
缺點: "nothing."
優點: "Nothing."
缺點: "Delayed multiple times. I have been traveling 13 hours and am still not in London."
優點: "Having status. Always on time. They run their schedules like European trains."
優點: "The customer service of the middle aged White frmale FA"
缺點: "The seats were small"
缺點: "lost mom's glasses"
優點: "There is no rating selection for not applicable under entertainment, unless your asking about watching other passengers."
缺點: "Leg room was awful, and flights left late for no reason."
優點: "great boarding crew for an early morning flight."
優點: "Free upgrade to Economy Plus"
缺點: "The flight was delayed an hour"
缺點: "My mother, Linda Thompson, has a progressive neuromuscular disorder, Dystonia. Along with this condition, stress can bring on non-epileptic seizures. My mother has had to endure one of these seizures due to the stress that this incident had put her through. As my mother's power of attorney, I am helping her vocalize this incident that she has experienced. The image below shows the spot where she was left, in the Atlanta airport, in her wheelchair. Delta airlines says they provide safe, accessible travel to all of their passengers. That includes providing an employee to transport physically disabled persons to and from their flights and to their shuttle. An employee accompanied my mother when she got off of her plane arriving in Atlanta from Charlotte. This employee was obligated to transport her where she needed to go. Due to her first flight being delayed, she missed her connecting flight in Atlanta, and had to stay the night until the connection could be made in the morning. They provided her with a voucher to a local hotel and a shuttle to that hotel. The employee who met her at the gate was obligated to help her get to that shuttle so she could get to her hotel in time. As many of us may know, Atlanta airport is one of the largest. You might need to take a train to get from one area to the next. It would be very difficult for my mother to walk that distance with her cane, and that is why she needed a wheelchair. The inconsiderate, selfish employee of whom needed to transport my mother to her destination was coming to the end of his shift. He attempted to hand my mother off to another employee at the desk while she was getting her voucher. Told her it was the end of his shift and he had to clock out. She told him, "You can't leave her here". Her statement, and the way she stated it, made my mother feel like she was a piece of luggage. She ignored it and let the employee take her on her way. She just wanted him to take her to her shuttle so that she could get to her hotel and rest. That did not happen. He strolled my mother along for a moment until they were out of site. They approached a gate, of which was empty, and he told her to wait here for an agent to come by. He left. She waited...and waited. No one ever came and assisted her. She was left like a piece of luggage in the middle of the Atlanta airport with no one around. My mother was treated like a bag that someone did not want to carry around anymore. This situation and the selfishness of that employee makes me think of who else could have been treated like this, or who else could be treated like this in the future. Help me spread this message so that something can be done about this issue. Delta has already been contacted, they do not care enough to do anything about it. I bet they will if this message gets heard by their potential future passengers."
優點: "Airport staff was nice.. Boarding was good.. Flight attendants very friendly.. Smooth trip"
缺點: "Plane too small.. Nothing but one beverage given all flight"
優點: "Staff all was good."

Better food more confortable seats.

Great flight Will go again!

優點: "Yes"
缺點: "Nothing. Flight was amazing"
優點: "The crew was professional & friendly"
缺點: "Food was terrible honestly, entertainment system didn't work on 1st flight."
優點: "Pleasant crew. Appropriate and efficiently served snack."
缺點: "Boarding and disembarkation were slow."
優點: "Flight and the crew!"
缺點: "Staff at the airport pushing you to upgrade to first class but not making it clear only the first trip from Athens to Amsterdam which the first class uses same uncomfortable seats as the economy to pay extra 130 euros ridiculous airfrance stuff! I should have flown all the way to NYC first class!!!"
缺點: "The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines."
優點: "The crew was great. The soecial meal request was hadled well despite oversight."
缺點: "Soecial meal request was made in advance but overlooked. Did not mind it so much as eating less is not a bad idea! To err is human."
優點: "Crew was nice and pleasant"
缺點: "Flight very late"
優點: "The friendliness of the crew"
優點: "The crew is really welcoming"
缺點: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"
優點: "the drinks"
缺點: "seat reservation. having to pay for luggage...."
缺點: "We were allowed to choose our seats from SFO to Amsterdam but not for the return flight. I like to be able to choise my seats when I book the flight. Choosing seats 24 hours before is not convenient when traveling for the return trip."
優點: "Crew was ok."
缺點: "Screens need a serious upgrade, my seat didn’t recline all the way nor could it be restored to an upright position. Not very comfortable and I paid for a seat upgrade."
優點: "The crew was great! The food was also much better than other airlines. And passing out whole bottles of water was much appreciated."
優點: "Amazing services .. on time just exactly .. I feel really happy onboard KLM ❤️"
優點: "The crew was amazing and the food was great."
缺點: "Something did not go right with our booking so it took some work for the airline to get it figured out for us. Thankfully we had left plenty of time. But that was an unexpected stress."
優點: "The earlier announcement about timing of meals and landing cards etc is very good. The food trays have non-slip design is also very nice"
缺點: "The screen in front is too close to view movies comfortably. Would like to know if the airline has any arrangements to make it greener e. g. What's going to happen with the disposables etc"
優點: "The crew were very nice, food was tasty, seat comfortable and the entertainment great as well. Will be flying KLM again soon :)"
優點: "Crew's hospitality, good music, good destination material, terminal info, good system overall"
缺點: "Less legroom, storage space, bad food, few movie options."
缺點: "I booked tickets via Delta, operated by KLM. They lost both of my check in bags in September, and it happened again today for the same scheduled flights. Had 4 hours of layover and KLM still wasn’t able to manage it."
優點: "Friendly and efficient crew. I travel KLM often and always enjoy the flights."
缺點: "There were several flight delays and gates were changes a few times."
優點: "Smooth flight."
缺點: "Seat a little cramped."
缺點: "Flight canceled, poor communication from the airline to the passengers. Møre than 5 hrs delay"
優點: "Crew where awesone and the choice of entertainment was fantastic"
缺點: "Seats way to close together"
優點: "Flying with KLM is a pleasure"
優點: "The cabin crew was so kind, efficient, and attentive. All meals and snacks were delicious."
優點: "Friendly attendants. Decent food, and frequent snacks and beverages."
缺點: "No charging ports for electronic devices."
優點: "Fabulous trip with friendly, helpful staff"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "I got some rest"
缺點: "unable to charge my phone or watch movies"
優點: "Great service"
優點: "Short flight with good communication."
缺點: "Nil to complain."
優點: "Friendly staff"
缺點: "Entertainment was dated and poor in function. Our bags were 99 dollars each and we’re both lost and didn’t arrive. I just filed a claim and got rude service saying I should have filed the claim at the airport baggage area but there was not anybody there to do the claim then he agent upstairs said they just spoke to them and they are there and I should have done it there. This was so rude and there is no way to get back into customs area. If we paid 200 for bags I expect them to arrive on time. I’m asking for a refund of the baggage fees."
優點: "Good flights. Good prices."
優點: "The staff was extremely pleasant. Food was good!"
缺點: "Have no complaints"
優點: "Flight crew; legroom even in cheap seats."
缺點: "Exceptionally unhelpful customer service when asking about extra kilos/bags. Just quoted the online info back at us. We simply wanted to know how much would be charged if the bag was 1-2kgs overweight. We could not get a straight answer, just quoted the unclear company policy. Extremely frustrating and annoying. KLM offer a superior flight experience - it is a shame their terrestrial customer servic does not match it!"
優點: "Service impeccable!"
缺點: "They have one line of executive class after the kitchen and toilet, is very noisy."
優點: "The food and the punctuality"
缺點: "The technology in interteiment is not touch screen"
缺點: "No proper info regarding cancellation. Staff was unfriendly and abruptly responded to passengers."
優點: "I was pleasantly surprised they had a snack service on such a short flight. The flight attendants were very friendly"
缺點: "Amsterdam customs is the most disorganized I have ever seen. With the number of tourists entering the country you would think they would have done something about it. There were only 2 customs agents!! One for all passports and 1 for all passports. We were in the customs hall longer than we were in flight!"
缺點: "suitcase didn't turn up, although connection was quite tight"
優點: "The crew were pleasant"
缺點: "Not only was there free food but they tried to sell you a bunch of stuff. Not a moments piece."
優點: "The cabin crew, the flight and communication and the cleanliness of the plane."
缺點: "It was really unclear which desk to use at Birmingham airport to check in. It was extremely stressful for a first time flier as I had no idea what to do - the desk location wasn't marked clearly and when no staff were there it wasn't clear that the desk was open."
優點: "Speed, crew, and reliability."
缺點: "Food wasn't good, no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and seats were worn out! Not comfortable at all. Great leg room though."
優點: "Comfortable flight to Amsterdam for vacation in UK. More meals than expected. Also wasn't expecting some of the comforts offered to "regular" class seats like eye masks, ear plugs, pillows and blankets. It was an overnight flight, so maybe that should have been expected, but I don't think we had those 4 years ago when traveling overseas."
缺點: "Nothing. This is filler text to meet min characters."
優點: "Excellent service, excellent food."
優點: "Wide selection of entertainment, food was good."
缺點: "Boarding unorganized, but that may have been more of a passenger issue then KLM"
優點: "Friendliest economy class service I've ever encountered."
優點: "Good food, good entertainment system, comfortable seating."
缺點: "Only one toilet working in business class. A crew member told me that it was a decision to fly with only one toilet to ensure no delay. There was a disgusting stench of sewerage for the complete flight from Amsterdam to Johannesburg. This was in all likelihood due to the broken toilet on the left side."

It was Japan Airlines that was excellent. I don’t know why it shows American Airlines.

I liked the wheelchair assist allowing me to board first.

I am a member of their award winning AAdvantage program and this has been one AdisAdvantage experience with multiple hurdles. My intial flight was supposed to be a nonstop. At around 10:30pm the night before the flight was canceled and the rebooked flight the same day was a one stop transit CHS. The gate agent required me to check in my carryon and said it'd go to my destination by 4pm. Due to inclined weather, AA landed in CLT instead of CHS. The gate agent advised me to get off, and in 5 minutes, run from terminal A to C to catch the next flight to my destination at 2:40pm. However the gate was closed despite all efforts. What troubled me was I would have made it to the gate earlier if the previous agent didn't argue with his colleagues on how to write a report note for 20 minutes before informing me of my choices. AA missed two next flights for me (2:40pm and 4pm) and the only option is to wait until 6pm. After 30 minutes speaking to AA customer support at the airport, I was given a food voucher of $12, which was worthless and humiliating for airport foods. Finally I made it to my destination at 8:30pm but my checkin baggage did not arrived. All my medications are in there! I lost one whole day of the trip that should have started at 9am but ended up arriving at 9pm without even a toothbrush or any clothes. AA baggage support was the most useless and no real person answers the phone. AA had a baggage file number for me but there was no update at all. I ended up going back to the airport baggage claim area THE NEXT DAY to see my bag among a bunch of lost bags on the floor.

seat in front of me was angled back more then other seats.. was very uncomfortable, tight fit .

Great staff for a short flight. Super friendly! Thank you all.

Crew was great plane was small and uncomfortable

優點: "The crew was amazing and very personable!"
優點: "Entertainment on seats"
缺點: "I sat in seat 12A- the window was so hot it was burning my arm and I was extremely hot. Not sure if it’s from the engine heat or sun but it’s probably a mechanical issue that the 737 should address. Horribly uncomfortable trip."
優點: "Crew excellent!"
缺點: "The flight was crowded!"
優點: "Flight was super short."
缺點: "Flight attendant stated that phones couldn’t be used for the duration of the flight; even in airplane mode The gate and terminal changed at least 5 separate times before boarding."
缺點: "I almost lost my coincidence with the other flight"
優點: "Internet"
缺點: "Turbulence"
缺點: "No snacks or drinks provided on any of my flights on American this weekend. 2 of them were real short so that makes sense but other 2 were long enough to have this but stopped before my row. We were Delayed, which is understandable, but not sure why we couldn't board and wait for crew to come on to speed up process rather than waiting for crew to arrive to even begin boarding process. I assume it's a safety thing but seems like there could be a better way to handle this and speed up process to make sure people aren't missing connecting flights."
優點: "The entire crew and the landing"
優點: "Boarding very well done."
缺點: "One of the crew was unhappy."
優點: "Yes! The crew was amazing! The seat was perfect!"
缺點: "It was very cold on the plane."
優點: "I liked absolutely nothing about my flight to Richmond."
缺點: "AA provided me NO assistance when my flight was cancelled and I had to make arrangements on my own, which caused me to incur in extra expending."
缺點: "Wifi didn’t work."
缺點: "The seating was not good middle seat I like windows"
缺點: "Flight delayed 1h30, no food or beverage served!"
優點: "Lots of leg room for such a small plane."
缺點: "AA did not update the flight status. My inbound flight was delayed due to weather but AA kept reporting the connecting flight as on time. I ended up making the connection with time to spare. If AA had reported the delayed departure I would have stopped for food. My bag did not make the connection."
優點: "Everything was very smooth and pleasant overall."
優點: "I really like that they free inflight WiFi and entertainment. The seats are little more comfortable than other airlines. The service was great too."
優點: "On time flight"
缺點: "Crampy space."
優點: "The crew was accommodating"
缺點: "The crew was pleasant. No water served due to turbulence"
優點: "Nothing at all"
缺點: "Well I missed my cousin wedding because of the delay in NY, Chicago and AZ how is that even possible American Airline"
優點: "I was able to choose a seat in Cabin with more leg room and complimentary alcoholic beverage."
缺點: "It was late going to Chicago and late returning to NYC. There were no crackers. I don't like pretzels. The ONLY reason I flew American is because my company paid for it. I absolutely hate LaGuardia. It has a bad spirit."
優點: "No major delays. Boarding and exiting was smooth. Got assigned a window seat near front"
缺點: "Small delay of 25 minutes"
優點: "Flight attendants were perfect"
缺點: "Beginning about 5.5 hours prior to departure I started getting text and email alerts indicating a sixty minute delay. Then thirty minute delay. Then sixty. Then none. I had to decide whether ir not to believe the alerts, get some things done and change my airport departure time .... or to disregard the alerts. Flight ended up leaving on time. Why the alerts??"
優點: "Nothing!"
缺點: "Was not compensated for arranging trans from Albuquerque to Santa Fe! Refused delivery of bag Santa Fe address!"
優點: "Loved all the meals. Tasty, well-coordinated."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"
優點: "Mostly everyrhing"
缺點: "Food was so so"
缺點: "Very inefficient that all bags had to be checked on the jet way and then picked up on the jet way. The picking up on the jet way turned into a cluster F."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "All of abo e, many delays, no usb plug or refuse to show me, charge for luggage, no headphone."
優點: "Very simple process. Easiest trip ever. Baggage was easy. Nice staff."
缺點: "N/A"
優點: "it was easy to check in and short layovers"
缺點: "planes were really old and uncomfortable, I could not sleep at all, the seats are ridiculously small and not fit for a grown up. One of the worst flights ever for sure"
優點: "Not much!"
缺點: "Didn't like being grounded in Charleston because we were on a commuter flight while our AA connections was allowed to land in Charlotte and leave without us. Did not know AA operated flights receive priority at the airports over their inferior non-AA operated "partners". Will look for alternatives to AA in the future. Flight too short for a drink! No lodging because not their fault! Okay, storm not their fault, faulty policy is!"
優點: "Flight was on time, crew was friendly."
缺點: "No entertainment, seat was not clean."
優點: "On time, smooth check in, great customer service at the gate and on board."
缺點: "Snacks should improve"
缺點: "my luggage was lost between Dallas and St petersburg russia and I waited 5 days to receive it"
優點: "Did reschedule our flight before we left which was helpful -Group 4 but at least we could get home."
缺點: "Paid for seats closer to front to get off for connecting flight. Waste of money as flight was delayed 90 minutes trying to fix the water system which the slow response maintenance crew never fixed. Ended up using Sani-wipes and had no coffee - seemed ok for a relatively short flight and half full plane. 90 minutes to make the decision to just go on resulting in many rescheduled flights."
缺點: "They were out of snacks. A little thing but got under my skin as unprofessional."
優點: "Flight in air"
缺點: "Take offs and landings"
優點: "Same as above"
缺點: "Same as above"
缺點: "They would not move me from next to the smokey 50'year old next to me. that's fine. But they told me I couldn't tell her to bathe and quit smoking. O well. I'm not gonna hold it against them for stinky old lady"
優點: "Everything was great"
缺點: "I like everything"
優點: "I liked the smoothness of the flight"
優點: "Flight was okay"
缺點: "I should have gone the day before!!!"

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