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KAYAK如何找出由丹麥 飛往台灣的便宜機票?

KAYAK的機票「價格預測」工具如何幫我選擇好時機購買丹麥 到台灣的機票?

丹麥 飛往台灣的機票有KAYAK組合選項,它是什麽?

KAYAK的「彈性日期」功能是什麽?在搜尋從丹麥 飛往台灣的機票時,我爲什麽該使用這個功能?

從丹麥 飛往台灣人氣最高的3間航空公司


Cathay Pacific

優點: "Very good entertainment system."
缺點: "Food was horrible. No drink service. Old seat."

優點: "The plane was new and had a great feel. Pilots and crew very professional."

優點: "The crew were busy but very attentive"
缺點: "I could not plug in my headphones because of the proprietary plug on the airplane. I understand some airlines used to use proprietary plugs to keep people from taking their headphones that were offered complementary for the flight but I’d rather use my high end noise canceling headphones."

優點: "everything"
缺點: "nothing"

缺點: "空調比較熱"

缺點: "機上娛樂系統壞了"

優點: "網上無得book位。"
缺點: "網上無得book位。"

缺點: "網上無得book位。"

優點: "crew amazing"

缺點: "flight always late as usual"

優點: "機組服務人員親切"
缺點: "近兩年來,每五次搭乘有四次延誤,真不知道是什麼問題,從來不說明,就是讓乘客空等。"

優點: "Good"

優點: "Reverse herringbone seating is always one of my business class seating favorites. The crew was quick and efficient. We arrived on time for both the outgoing and return flights."
缺點: "Food was lacking. Our outgoing flight had much better food than our return. For example, they provided two or three snack options on the outgoing flight. They only had an asian soup for our return. Since we left at 1:00 am, I slept through the dinner and woke up about six hours later quite hungry."

優點: "整體舒服,安心"
缺點: "去程和回程的機內椅下,餐枱十分污穢,似乎沒有人做清潔,厠所殘舊,污糟,衛生程度比廉航差! 回程在墨爾本check in 時要自助都沒有問題,但詢問地勤問題時十分不友善! 這次國泰給我的印象完全難以想像的差!"

優點: "I am so blessed for their upgrade to primum economy, that was incredible experience for me and my two sisters. Thanks"
缺點: "My earphones was broken, a little bed for me. Entertainment without sport news."

優點: "My cabin bag got lost and theres no way to track it. Complete outrageous."
缺點: "Everything. Worst experience of my life"

優點: "Service is up to par. Seat is good. Enough legroom. Smooth flight"
缺點: "The meal is awful. Not enough meal options. No menu handed out to the passengers. There are only two meals for 11 hours flight."

優點: "Air hostesses service"
缺點: "Food quality"

優點: "Familarity with airline"
缺點: "Limited food options. No drinks service."

優點: "Excellent ..."
缺點: "We were served only breakfast and lunch ... in 16 hour travel with a cup of noodles if you asked, the stewardess needed to get reminders couple of times. The steward serving food was excellent. No coffee nor drinks were offered after meals. Food was good though."

優點: "All the flights had bad Kosher food"

缺點: "Both the USB and headphone Jacks were busted. Just had a bad seat this time."

優點: "Overal, very pleasant flight."
缺點: "My headphone jack did not work, but I was able to switch seats. I could see that being a big draw back if I was not able to switch."

優點: "早餐是粥 很棒"
缺點: "位置很小"

缺點: "Indian food could be better"

缺點: "Cancelation process was too poor customer service was also too poor. And high cancellation fee. Customer service representatives did not tell me when I am going get the money back and also weather my ticket is also canceled or not."

缺點: "Crew not helpful or particularly friendly not sure if it was because we were not Chinese!"

優點: "Boarding and flight punctually. Boarding systematically. Crew members polite."

優點: "晚餐有雪糕食"

缺點: "The seats seemed like they had no padding and it kept stabbing me in the back. Seat belts were so thick and hard i couldn't lean in any direction to get comfortable as it would stab me. My partner and I were also seated separately. Painful flight, disappointed."

缺點: "Punctuality doesn’t seem to be a priority for Cathay Pacific or Cathay dragon"

缺點: "the person in front of me just laid down his seat for almost entire flight which made me to have no rooms people are switching seats without letting flight attendants to know. This is not fair for other customers"

優點: "The Stewardesses were polite"
缺點: "N/A"

優點: "Punctual, service"
缺點: "Price more expensive"

優點: "As usual, the Cathay Pacific staff were awesome and very professional. Never hesitated to serve the passengers with infants/kids and elderly people. My overall experience was great!! Thank you to all staff!!"
缺點: "None"

優點: "Flight from Toronto to Hong Kong was late departing due to a snow storm. Most on the flight missed connections. Cathay staff were waiting on the jetway with plans for everyone that missed their connection to Sydney. Just impeccable organisation and service."

優點: "整体都可以"
缺點: "早餐很一般"

優點: "Superb crew and excellent service."
缺點: "Nothing!"

優點: "Service is good."
缺點: "Wash rooms are limited"

優點: "空中服務員Janice服務親切、細心,笑容滿面,給我一程愉快的飛行體驗!"
缺點: "名古屋中部機場Delay!"

優點: "Excellent crew, great food, best steak I have ever had on a plane. Fantastic overall."

優點: "Everything."
缺點: "Nothing."

優點: "Chicken rice"
缺點: "Mess in TPE"

缺點: "NA"

優點: "The crew members treated me well."
缺點: "The entertainment system in my seat didn't work. The screen froze. I requested the hostess to reset. The entertainment screen didn't recover even after reset and was still frozen until the end of the trip. For 12 hours, I sat in my seat without an entertainment system which was very boring."

優點: "Great crew. Super friendly."

優點: "Good service"

缺點: "1-hour delay due to inclement weather"

缺點: "Plane got delayed for an hour, WITHOUT any air conditioning. I forgot what the captain said about the HKG airport not capable of providing air conditioning to the plane. Anyway, I began sweating after 10 mins, and it sucks."

缺點: "They made me check my hand luggage, did not pay attention to what airline I would get on my connection flight, neither got my warnings about it. They sent my bag directly to my destination but the other airline wouldn't pick up."

缺點: "Due to mishandling of the situation, we were not allowed to board the plane, despite the fact there was no restriction for us not to do so."

優點: "Staying overnight in Istanbul because of the 8 hours delay."

優點: "Kaptan Pilot and crew we’re excellent"
缺點: "Seats are uncomfortable. Too narrow."

優點: "Good food great service friendly staff also flight was 30 minutes delay we landed our destination on time they make time on the air. I always flight with Turkish airlines I recommend to any one I"

優點: "I like that the FAs gave us all the things needed for a comfortable flight...thanks."
缺點: "Flight from Copanhagen to Istanbul was delayed for an hour...computer malfunction was the reason. I was a little bit stressed because I had a connecting flight to Manila, was afraid i wouldn't make it. And also, no gate assignment yet for Istanbul to Manila. Since it was my first time to travel via Turkish Airline, not familiar with Istanbul airport."

優點: "I have flown Turkish Air many times for the past 8 years and they are a solid airline. They have very good food for airplane food, and a decent entertainment center."
缺點: "Unfortunately they have moved away from their Exonomy Plus seats that were great and ample room, whereas now their seating in exonomy is very cramped. They also used to have nice amenities on long international flights like a hot towel and some Turkish Delight before takeoff and landing, but they no longer have that. And my biggest complaint is that they keep their planes unbearably hot most ost of the time. It’s by far the most frustrating thing when your cramped in their tiny spaces for 11 hours."

缺點: "Same problem as the first segment (see above)"

優點: "Long time n not in time Food is not enough quality n quantity for health"
缺點: "Must change catering n in time , Staff working in the airport is not pro enough"

缺點: "the flight it was on time and the personal on the board it was very nice"

優點: "Excellent service from ticket agents, cabin stewards, etc."
缺點: "Because we were late, my baggage didn't get transferred. I had to ask around to find out who handles Turkish air baggage issues in Tel Aviv. I found out within a out half an hour what would happen -- you had them delivered to where I was staying the next day. It all went smoothly and fortunately I had allowed extra time after I arrived ... no problems. And the people who handled your baggage claims were professional."

優點: "Food"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Excellent Flight and crew is vary friendly and helpful"

缺點: "They cancelled my returning flight WITHOUT me knowing and expecting me to pay for the penalty fee for misisng the first flight even tho I DID not cancel the returning flight which obviously I was gonna take. The staff was RUDE and INSENSITIVE. Qatar was better in overall customer service. Worst customer service from Turkish airline."

優點: "nothing"
缺點: "flight sells man were horrible. they were not helpful nor caring, and didnt help me with my problem."

優點: "Food was very good, and staff friendly and helpful. They had drinks and sandwiches/onigiri on offer at the galley areas entire trip, only did not come to offer them very often. Entertainment systems were great."
缺點: "Boarding was orderly but a bit long. In general very well managed."

優點: "They crew were very pleasant and polite. It was one of best flights I have had."
缺點: "They're wasn't anything I didn't like."

優點: "crew was excellent."
缺點: "internet should be free, not wine. cabin temperature erratic and cannot adjust individual air flow. seat space is small. Pity the window seat occupant who cannot go to WC, blocked by two other sleeping passengers on a 12 hour flight."

優點: "Flight time Prices Service"

優點: "Boarding process started early and was efficient. Short flight so not much to say."
缺點: "We seemed to arrive late even though the boarding started early. Last call was displayed on the monitors 40 min before the flight took off which seemed excessive to me. And in spite of this we still didn’t arrive on time."

缺點: "We had to spend the night in Istanbul and get only on the next flight the following morning. TK airport (ground) staff that talked to us was antipathetic and it took ages to get any service. Looks like they didn't care we about the delay, nor they were trying to help us. Just kept saying we need to wait."

優點: "Food's always good and the staff friendly"
缺點: "The sound on the entertainment system is not good...it used to be good but not anymore"

優點: "Service, timing"
缺點: "Didnt love the food ..."

優點: "A much nicer 777 on this leg."
缺點: "The lounge at IST is overcrowded and lacks sufficient showering facilities. There was leftover food everywhere that the overworked staff tried, in vain, to keep up with."

優點: "During 20 hours journey they have served rice for only one time and a little. The food quality and salad was also stale."
缺點: "Their food, quality and characteristics of food."

缺點: "This flight had 10 hours layover at Istanbul. Air line did not provide no hotel. Definitely I would not recommend anyone to take this types of flights with long layover."

缺點: "Passport control"

優點: "Great experience for my first international flight."

優點: "We arrived safely and on time"
缺點: "The seat spacing on that flight was some of the tightest I have ever seen - worse than even most of the short-haul (Embraer) flights i have been on - barely manageable for 3.5 hours. Flight attendants were borderline rude and bossy, but they had to be, because the passengers were loud and unruly."

優點: "I was pleasantly surprised by quality of what i would call "domestic" flight..."
缺點: "I think Turkish airline need to bring a bit more organization in boarding (it felt like original Southwest boarding process -- first come/first served or get in queue and hurry up wait (depending on one's point of view)..."

優點: "pleasant flight attendants"

優點: "It seems like the company and crew go above and beyond for its passengers. Even those in cabin. We still get treated like first class. That's awesome."

優點: "The food was the best I've had on an airplane and the in flight entertainment had an enormous selection. Flight staff and their service were amazing. I've flown all over and have never taken Turkish Airlines before. Now I don't want to fly with anyone else."
缺點: "seats were a little cramped for a 12hr flight, but I'm not a short guy. I guess it pays to go business class."

優點: "I would love to fly with them again"

缺點: "The veg food is quiet bland"

優點: "The service from Turkish on the flights was great. The service for rebooking was great, once we got to the front of the line."
缺點: "Due to a snowstorm (beyond their control) we had to rebook. We were in line for over seven hours because they did not honor the line and helped whoever walked up to the front. Many people 'cut' in line. It wasn't until someone yelled at them about the problem that they started to honor the line. Unfortunately that was five hours in to the wait!"

優點: "If you are flying Turkish from the US or from Istanbul to the US or other far away destination, for the love of God, do not fly on the B777-300. Did that twice from Chicago to Istanbul and back, and the seats in economy are a real killer....very tight and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you have a choice of Turkish aircrafts b777 vs AB330-300, you will do yourself a favor by selecting a flight on an AB330-300. Slighter smaller plane then the 777 but a little more comfortable in coach. So you are warned......and by the way, you will select a two seater combination rather than being stuck in the middle.....If you are stuck in the middle, always do your best to get at least an isle seat."
缺點: "Turkish Airbus 330-300 Loved a little more leg room in economy. Also the FA very really on their feet and eager to help. Always with a smile on their faces. I would recomand flying Turkish overseas but only on an AB 330-300 coach configuration."

優點: "Great Food, adequate seating, helpful staff, efficient boarding"
缺點: "The airplane was a really warm temperature when we boarded."

優點: "The crew and flight it self was great"
缺點: "Tuna sandwich not good and flight was an hour delayed"

優點: "The crew was friendly and the flight wasnt delayed, nor were my bags lost."
缺點: "The seat next to me had two kids sitting in it. The seats are only supposed to have one person per seat. So they we also halfway in my seat also."

缺點: "The representatives did not encourage an organized line to handle their passengers. They let people storm their office and usually helped those speaking Croatian first."

優點: "Nice onboard entertainment system"
缺點: "Extremely rude flight attendants. Did not care at all for customer service. Do not expect western standard service ! Service is 3rd world."

優點: "The flight was spacious, and the flight smooth."

優點: "God overall"
缺點: "Your food is terrible!!"

缺點: "Delayed a couple hours."

優點: "They gave us a meal on a 2.5 hour flight and we were very surprised!"
缺點: "They boarded late and you had to take a shuttle to the plan. We drove to the plane and waited for 15 minutes in the cramped shuttle while they were putting another staircase to the plane and finishing prepping it. We left a half an hour late and the flight was already at 10pm. It was a pretty terrible experience! And the section of the Istanbul airport we were in was pretty dirty. Also the movie they played had two language options but no English which was disappointing."

優點: "Best movie selection, best food. They even came around with pieces of Turkish delight right after we took off. Turkish Air makes it worth flying through Istanbul to get to western Europe!!"

優點: "Having seen so many ads promoting the quality and service of Turkish Aurlines, I was quite disappointed in the end. Only the entertainment and seat facilities were good."
缺點: "The boarding was a mess in Istanbul. My pre-booked seat was changed in the last minute despite asking to be located in a similar area. The staff were not attentive."

優點: "Food and entertaiment. Crew was very good."
缺點: "No leg room for people 6 feet and taller."

優點: "The movies were good."
缺點: "The headphones provided were not that comfortable. The seats seemed smaller and closer together than the last international Flight I took in Emeriates. The flight crew varied on friendliness. Need to improve English and overall service in flight"

優點: "The seats were so comfortable"

優點: "Crew is excellent, polite and personal!"
缺點: "Plane is super old and outdated. Comfort seat is not, comfortable, very tight. TV screen is not good quality, with the old controls on a handset. No touch, no 1/8 inch audio jack (it has the old 3 holes one). Wifi for streaming freezes every other second. Just make a face lift to the plane, everything else is good."

缺點: "Boarding at Florence is always chaotic but this isn't within the control of KLM or their crew."

缺點: "It's KLM. What else do you need to know."

優點: "Crew good and seat OK but not exceptional for business class"
缺點: "Food was average - main course could have been better. Range of movies ok but not great"


優點: "Seats super comfy. Ended up with 3 seats to myself that formed a bed for the lap Uk to NZ. Very nice!"

優點: "Friendly crew"
缺點: "Can’t think of anything"

優點: "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
缺點: "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."

優點: "The bed was comfortable. Entertainment selection and large TV screen was good. The KLM crew is amazing, as usual."
缺點: "Food quality was not so good."

優點: "It was all fine"
缺點: "Really was unsure of why I had to purchase a ticket as I was able to pick my own on the way to Billund"

缺點: "Lost a single baggage item, a car seat. Critical for us to leave the airport, and delayed us for over an hour upon arrival. Gave us a loaner car seat that barely fit our child."

優點: "Comfortable seat, friendly crew. Crew were conscious of recycling which I like a lot as there is so much waste on flight. Anything we can do to reduce waste is very welcome."
缺點: "Food wasn't very appetizing, pasta didn't have much flavor and I don't eat red meat so the other choice wasn't an option for me."

優點: "quick/efficient boarding - good staff - good food - easy flight !"
缺點: "the connecting times for klm seem to be very close - if your running late to start - you may not make your next one -"

優點: "The earlier announcement about timing of meals and landing cards etc is very good. The food trays have non-slip design is also very nice"
缺點: "The screen in front is too close to view movies comfortably. Would like to know if the airline has any arrangements to make it greener e. g. What's going to happen with the disposables etc"

優點: "The flight arrived a few minutes early."
缺點: "The plane was extremely old and in poor repair. The seats were extremely close together. The inflight entertainment system, wifi and passenger electric outlets were all non-functional. Even the wastebin in the lavatory was full and an extra bag was put on the floor."

優點: "Friendly and efficient crew. I travel KLM often and always enjoy the flights."
缺點: "There were several flight delays and gates were changes a few times."

優點: "Everything OK"

優點: "Smooth flight."
缺點: "Seat a little cramped."

優點: "Short flight and being able to escape from drunk belligerent Passenger on previous flight"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "Landing"
缺點: "I’ve traveled a lot internationally and this was the WORST flight I’ve ever had to endure. I felt like I was being tortured and didn’t sleep at all and so slept when getting into Amsterdam rather than being able to explore the city. I was out $200 for the Airbnb (could’ve stayed in the airport cheaper) and $200 for a dinner cruise I slept through. NEVER AGAIN"

缺點: "Check in at Berlin was extremly slow. Staff was very unprofessional and not very friendly."

優點: "Was happy to pay extra 45.5 pounds for laugages which was hidden"
缺點: "Not happy to pay extra money for my case"

缺點: "Nothing special"

優點: "Staff very pleasant"
缺點: "Evening snack was not the greatest breakfast was pretty food"

優點: "Comfort was better than on the previous Dash-8. Food was OK."
缺點: "Despised the cold temperature and cold draft in world business even with all vents shut off...gave me a head cold. Boarding was disorganized. There was no sense of direction; ergo, everyone was jumping in."

優點: "Fairly nice flight. 7 hours AMS to JFK. They had ice cream cones for us mid flight and an after dinner cognac if you wished."
缺點: "Not a big fan of paying for a few extra inches of leg room in a better seat after paying for a ticket."

缺點: "Our total flight time was about 17 hours - MAD- AMS-LAX. My husband and I both have an internationally approved carry on luggages with us. When we checked in - they asked us to both check in our carry on luggage. The reason why is because they said they don’t think they have enough space for our carry ons. I told the crew member checking us in that other people that was checking in with the same hand carry size luggage with us had no problems taking it with them. For being about to be on a 17 HOUR FLIGHT we should be ALLOWED to have our carry ons with us! We take carry ons for that reason! I had to argue and prove my case to the crew member to atleast keep 1 carry on with us. I thought that was an UNACCEPTABLE reason for us to check in a carry on luggage when we had a 17 hour travel time ahead of us. Not a happy costumer here."

缺點: "The streaming service didn’t work"

優點: "I got some rest"
缺點: "unable to charge my phone or watch movies"

優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Super delayed. Could have fixed the issue BEFORE we were sitting on tha plane for TWO hours"

優點: "Friendly staff, good service and on time departure/arrival."

優點: "Booked extra room seat which gave me good room for seating"

缺點: "The 767 is configured oddly and th business class seats are so narrow it feel like you are sleeping in a coffin"

優點: "I personally do not appreciate the food on this leg of the journey Food Ams to Dxb is GOOD!!"
缺點: "The snack & “ solid eggs” in breakfast. Fresh fruit was good."

優點: "Service impeccable!"
缺點: "They have one line of executive class after the kitchen and toilet, is very noisy."

缺點: "KLM crews look unhappy with their work. Everything they do is a favor not duty."

優點: "Entertainment was good, and crew was very nice and accommodating. Flight was very comfortable and smooth."
缺點: "The food was okay, not that great."

缺點: "Old airplane with not really comfy seats. No outlets for charging devices. Very old entertainment screen."

優點: "Good multi media access and content"

優點: "Everything. Staff incredible."

優點: "Everything - Checkin, crew, food, entertainment"
缺點: "Nothing"

優點: "The crew were just amazing, such lovely male stewards! They were helpful and friendly and generally wonderful."
缺點: "The entertainment was quite dated and didn't have new movies etc"

缺點: "Pet was left behind at vacation destination as pet's reservation (made and confirmed through KLM) was not found at check in. Waiting for Customer Care to help get pet home and take responsibility for situation and getting no response. Very dissapointed, considering law suit."

優點: "Loads of leg room"
缺點: "Loved everything"

優點: "I have no complaints about the air crew. They where pleasant and attentive. Plenty of free entertainment. The food was good."
缺點: "my only complaint is the USB ports didn't work on any of the chairs that me and my family where assigned to."

優點: "Boarding was smooth and hassle free, crew were friendly and helpful, food and drinks were very good, entertainment system is awesome and up to date with latest contents, good flight overall"
缺點: "Cabin noise and air conditioning too cold, didn't sleep well"

優點: "In general, it was ok"
缺點: "Flight was delayed and because of this I missed my connection flight to Amsterdam"

優點: "Leg room. Smiles of the cabin crew."
缺點: "Not enough selection of Electronic Dance Music. Lol!"

優點: "Fine as delta flights go"

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每天清潔,並在 丹麥出發的機艙內安裝HEPA高效濾網


旅客在機艙內必須全程佩戴口罩, 丹麥出發的機上會提供口罩







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