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They paid me $50 for being separated with my bags for 2 weeks. Only $50 for the inconvenience! 🤯


They paid me $50 for being separated with my bags for 2 weeks. Only $50 for the inconvenience! 🤯

Overall, food was delicious, flight attendant were nice, but not very attentive to passengers needs, flight went smoothly thanks to the captain:).

Plane was old out of date. Seats tight and didn't work {like reclining}. Over all was good because of short flight.

All were almost perfect.

缺點: "More water, more comfortable seats"
優點: "crew was nice. not enough space in overhead stow. other passengers bag ate up my legroom"
優點: "Good"
缺點: "Good job"
優點: "All crew was super polite, friendly and professional, the food was amazing, and seat was comfy."
缺點: "The entertainment was poor, bad movies selection, small selection of movies, old movies."
優點: "Fast boarding sequence and take off."
缺點: "Cabin crew should have smile more, serious faces make request so unconfortable. Food could have been better."
優點: "Great service"
缺點: "Hope I can change seat when I check in even though I choose to enter other skyteam number than sky pass."
優點: "Very comfortable seats. Ability to pre-order meals to meet dietary restrictions."
缺點: "Another protein choice to go with fruit tray. More offers of water and other drinks throughout the flight."
優點: "Everything, from boarding to departure, the service is excellent! The staff was attentive and very welcoming. Spending a few hours reminded me why I fell in love with SK in the first place."
缺點: "Food selection was ehhh. Selection and quality of food flying into SK was a lot better."
優點: "Good service, 6 hour flight with 2 free meal!"
優點: "Would appreciate if they can provide a list of possible menus to choose for the meals. Consistencies on bagage claim info, and changes in boarding gates."
缺點: "Inconsistencies, on my way back to montreal from the philippines, i was informed that baggage would be claimed directly to final port of destination but didnt, when i arrived at toronto i had to take my bagage and drop it off again, although my next flight would be with west jet airlines, korean air was not able to communicate well with their airline partners as to bagage claim and changes in boarding gates."
優點: "Flight, weather, crew interaction was all great."
缺點: "They dont give us socks for our feet or tooth brushes or mints or anything. One small bottle of water for a 15 hour flight doesnt cut it, sorry! This is one CHEAP AIRLINE!"
優點: "The best flight I took this trip - clean, courteous, on time. I wish they flew in continental US :))"
優點: "The amount of times i was fed"
缺點: "My seat. I wanted to upgrade and they said no, but it wasn't full"
優點: "Got exit row seat. No extra charge."
缺點: "Everything was great"
缺點: "Old aircraft, tiny seats"
優點: "On both of my long haul flights I had very nice, new planes to fly on which were very clean. Staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating despite having a huge number of people to attend to. Food was good when I ate it. Seats reclined very nicely and there was the most room I've had on a flight ever. Still cramped, but you take what you can get! Would definitely fly again."
缺點: "2 complaints I would pose. 1. If we're flying on a super long flight overnight, do you have to turn on every light in the pane to serve food? Can we not keep it kind of dim while literally everyone is trying to sleep? Also, why are you serving a meal at 3AM?! I know we took off 2 hours ago and people may want food before we get into the bulk of the trip, but it's 3AM! Everyone just wants to sleep and now the lights are on and you're offering me a full meal?! Believe me, it's great that you're trying to keep me fed, but come on, we've got 12 hours of flight left to go! 2. The movies offered were really sub par. The "new releases' only had a handful of movies I'd even heard of before and only like 3 I even cared to watch. The "movie classics" were the same way. Gotta step up your movie options when I'm trapped in your plane for 14 hours."
缺點: "Everything was going well until our bags didn’t show up at our final destination. Big no-no. Just ruined the otherwise pleasant experience"
優點: "Great food, friendly and helpful crew, every passengers get a pair of slippers and toothbrush for their needs."
優點: "Overnight flight to San Francisco, the crew is stellar. They are calm and friendly and speak English well. I liked the food options, I would recommend sticking with the American choices if you're not used to Korean food. The dinner was actually pretty good. Entertainment options are plenty, I watched 3 movies and a documentary. The flight maps and outside cameras are great, and it showed that the pilots were constantly trying to find smooth air while the first portion of the flight was bumpy. They found it and the rest of the flight was fairly smooth."
缺點: "Aside from the turbulence, which is no fault to the airline, the only other issue was a smelly bathroom in the back that spread out a few rows. I wasn't sitting back there but I would have liked a freshener if I was in those back rows."
優點: "Thank you very much. Im so Happy"
優點: "the flight attendants were great and it flight was smooth."
缺點: "long flight"
優點: "Seats more comfortable than other planes"
優點: "I was recently on flight CI054 from Auckland to Taipei, with a short layover in Brisbane (my final destination was Incheon, South Korea. Due to fog in Brisbane, the flight was diverted to Gold Coast. After arriving in Gold Coast we had to take a bus to Brisbane. It's kind of a long story, but basically I will say it was handled well for the most part my China airlines. Certainly, fog was not there fault and they did everything they could to accommodate passengers, including putting us up in two very nice hotels."
缺點: "The one complaint I have is when disembarking the plane in Gold Coast, there was no China Airlines personnel to be found anywhere. Nobody on the plane knew what we were doing - who was supposed to get on the bus and who was supposed to stay. The Australian immigration authorities and Gold Coast airport staff took control, but again, China Airlines staff had completely disappeared. Nobody was there to tell us whether we should collect our luggage, how to get an appropriate visa to enter Australia, where to go to get on the bus (or even if we SHOULD get on the bus). I was really frustrated at the point, but other than that, I would say they handled it quite well"
優點: "Flight that was not sold out!"
缺點: "Delayed takeoff again"
優點: "Light flight, extra space."
缺點: "One of the luggage wheels is broken. No ground personal in the airport to take care of the matter. Called and eMailed the claim. However, KAL refuses to look into the matter."
優點: "Overall, very good."
缺點: "Since long flights with reduced body movement tend to create constipation, would be good to increase vegetables, reduce other stuff."
優點: "Everything was perfect perfect service excellent food the best I ever flown so far"
優點: "upgrade the food quality"
優點: "The food"
缺點: "Economy seating was tight"
優點: "crew, entertainment, overall a great flight(s)"
缺點: "air so dry in cabin"
優點: "Nice crew, food and service"
優點: "The staff members were really nice and it was an enjoyable flight."
缺點: "The food. The noodles were over cooked, but the rest of the meal was good."
優點: "I liked everything about my flight from the attendants to the food. Overall, it was a great experience. :)"
優點: "Entertainment and USB plugs at every seat. Headrests wrap around. Decent seats. Food OK. Had fish option but no veggie."
缺點: "No veggie food option despite ordering special meal."
優點: "I have flown with many airlines and Korean Air is by far the best airlines I have flown with. Great service, perfect locations."
缺點: "China Air was alright. Just didn't like the whole running around the airport trying to figure out what counter to go to. Also I am not a big fan of getting transported via bus from terminal to plane"
優點: "service, food and great staff"
缺點: "people flying in coach but expects first class service . constantly asking flight crew for things . apart from those passengers , flight is always great with KA"
優點: "Everything was good overall"
缺點: "I would like more movie and tv options"
優點: "Arrival and departure crew got mix up with no chairs available."
缺點: "I would like them to organize for smooth procedure and no confusion to the passenger. Help and guide them for their travel and be safe at all times."
優點: "Watched a great movie "spotlight" on board"
缺點: "Flight was delayed a little"
優點: "Flight attendants are very kind; food and drink was enjoyable."
優點: "service"
優點: "Good food, friendly staff, great service"
缺點: "The seats could be bigger"
優點: "I had a great flight good service and excellent food."
缺點: "No complaints"
缺點: "since it is the overnight flight, everyone was so tired but still serve food....... for the poeple who was sleeping, the smell was unpleasant."
優點: "My flight was round trip from JFK to Incheon in Seoul South Korea. It was about 13 hours and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The crew was fantastic and the entertainment offered was sufficient. The food was very good for airplane food and the plane was easy to walk around."
缺點: "My only complaint was that the seats weren't very padded. My rear did go numb once in a while and I felt like I adjusted a lot, but I assume that that would have been the case no matter what the seat was like."
優點: "Everything. This airline is top notch. What a pleasure flying with this airline. I felt I was flying first class instead of coach."
缺點: "Boarding Procedures. Somewhat confusing and disorganized."

Everything was excellent! It would be nice to have a slightly bigger seat

Everything was perfect



缺點: "Food"
優點: "Nada"
缺點: "Charged me 30 for allegedly overweight suitcase. The they proceed to lose it."
優點: "I liked the food and the supplies given for the long trip, blanket, eye cover, toothbrush, etc."
缺點: "More comfortable seats"
優點: "服務員態度很差 服務過程總感覺在趕時間想早點休息詢問個問題也只顧著儘快打發 非常不滿意"
缺點: "加強空服員訓練"
缺點: "flight left very late. couldnt make up time on the way. had to struggle to make it to the connection."
優點: "Crew was professional, qiality of food great"
缺點: "Boarding is better done row-wise than by alphabetical groups which is arbitrary"
缺點: "Crew missed our rows a couple of times with drinks. Seat on flight from Dubai to Sydney not vey comfortable,"
優點: "No complaints. Right from the airport staff to the crew in the plane all of them were amazing"
缺點: "Keep doing what you are doing."
優點: "Everything"
缺點: "Really, nothing"
優點: "The flight was on schedule, departure and arrival."
缺點: "The seats were very narrow."
缺點: "座位的電視壞了,網路連現還是系統問題。空服員幫我們安排第二個位置,躺椅後躺無法固定,無法後仰"
缺點: "Not to delay the flight for 2 hours !"
優點: "cheuk in 快!吾使等太耐!"
缺點: "還有大半小時先着陸,已收毛毯,趕收工的感覺!"
優點: "很好!舒適!"
缺點: "沒有"
優點: "飛機起降超讚"
優點: "飛機座位舒適,服務員親切友善"
缺點: "沒有"
優點: "All on schedule, very comfortable flight. Emirates should abandon the 777, A380 make the flight much better!"
優點: "On thiime.Good Meal. Professional flight crew."
優點: "Brilliant service from start to finish"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "整體服務算還可以,但是有漸漸下滑的狀況"
優點: "最後一排"
缺點: "後面有保留組員座位 建議可圍起來 以免不停的乘客來坐 一開始可阻止到後來惡意人得逞 很不公平 我們全程坐自己位置看了很厭惡 既然不聽勸阻 那建議乾脆禁制"
優點: "組員微笑送餐"
缺點: "選至前面座位 但組員把兩大一小特別調到中間四位位置 左邊也有兩個壞小孩 全程吵鬧不堪負荷 分散開就算了但集中附近乘客情何以堪"
優點: "Staff helpful and courteous under difficult conditions."
缺點: "People were allowed wheel chairs without a doctor'snote. 59 wheel chairs passengers is ridiculous. Make it a requirement wheel chair assistance required a doctor's note. And check hand luggage weight. Many bags excceeded the limit."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "The flight was delayed 5 times and they keep telling us 5 min . They served food half hour before landing"
優點: "Emirates is everything we can wish"
優點: "Air vents over seat, excellent entertainment and good food, comfortable seat. this route doesn’t seem to be too full for the long Hall flight"
缺點: "No foot rest - limited ability to upgrade."
優點: "Decent leg room in economy; good entertainment system & food/drink"
缺點: "I was expecting to pay for only 10 kg excess baggage according to my own scale but was charged for 15 kg and the check-in staff was rude and unwilling to listen; in-flight staff were not polite, pushing past passengers without any word; such a disappointment as I expected much higher standard of service and courtesy. Nothing beats Singapore Airlines."
優點: "Everything."
缺點: "Nothing."
優點: "Nothing really. Packed like sardines in seats which are too narrow."
缺點: "2 hour delay at DFW because other flights de icing Diverted in mid Atlantic to Dublin because of problems with toilets. Waited 2-3 hours there. Missed connecting flight from Dubai to BLR. Only good thing was that Emirates gave me a boarding pass to a later flight and a meal voucher that was accepted with bad grace by the barista at terminal B Costas. Two of the meal voucher choices Cozi & Burger King had gone out of business!"
優點: "Food is good"
缺點: "Seat is not comfortable when you lie down on flat position, narrow space, and attendant woke me up for breakfast despite tellingher not to do that at begginig of the trip"
優點: "在各方面都能體驗賓至如歸嘅感覺"
缺點: "航班既時間"
優點: "Everything! The plane is the size of a bldg lol! Economy seats were really comfortable, lucked up & sat in an exit row. They feed you, give you plenty to drink in economy! Out flight attendants were superb, especially Vidhi! She was a total sweetheart!"
缺點: "The entertainment gadget was a little loose but it was still usuable & viewable although it would slide down a little."
優點: "服務員親切,餐點平均水準不錯。"
缺點: "在葡萄牙跟杜拜的登機時間較晚開放,在機票上寫的最晚登機時間時,實際上還有很多旅客還在排隊等候。 777機上娛樂的電影無法選擇字幕,很多電影因此都無法好好的觀看。"
優點: "A380座位大很舒適,服務員親切,餐點平均水準不錯。"
缺點: "在葡萄牙跟杜拜的登機時間較晚開放,在機票上寫的最晚登機時間時,實際上還有很多旅客還在排隊等候。"
優點: "Everything, great staff! Great service.go Emirates !"
缺點: "Track special food reservations I didn't get my kosher food which I double checked when booked the flight"
優點: "There was good service in the flight"
優點: "Leg Room. Timing"
缺點: "it was late and it was not informed until we all sat."
優點: "Pleasant n Polite crew, good service"
優點: "everything about emirates is what i loved"
缺點: "the airplane was an older model, seats were not very comfortable"
優點: "Everything very, very good!!!"
缺點: "上半年前坐同一航班用餐時要求喝bitter lemon汽水,服務員很热情的去找給我們。今次作同样要求,两个航班的服務员皆说沒有"
優點: "First time flying Emirates. Friendly and attentive staff. Flew on schedule. Comfortable seats. Nice food and clean restrooms."
優點: "Rude flight attendants and REALLY BAD FOOD."
優點: "Everything was wonderful the crew was outstandingly friendly! I would definitely fly again"
優點: "Bumped up to first class"
缺點: "Service"

No working jet bridge to deplane, with priority customers deplaning last. Followed by bus to terminal.

缺點: "I got billed a higher price than I was quoted."
缺點: "Everything was excellent - your system did not register when I clicked excellent for each category"
優點: "Size of seats and space in business"
缺點: "Food, service and limiting screaming children in business."
優點: "Great services"
缺點: "Sitting in front is better"
缺點: "There was no headset in my front pocket so I couldn’t watch any movie. Staff was busy doing meals and drinks over the 1.5ht window. When there was time, it was late to start any movie."
優點: "Crew was great"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "Seat had no stowing compartmentand no magazine pocket"
優點: "Very attentive crew"
優點: "Crew was friendly."
缺點: "Terrible business class seats that are 10-15 years old. Have to take a bus to the gate in Bangkok. It’s 2019. We should have lie flat seats, not angled."
優點: "The B787 between Taipei and Bangkok was very comfortable. Really amazing how much less unpleasant it is to be in that plane compared to others. Crew was fine."
缺點: "No vegetarian food, only ground up piggies between Taipei and Bangkok. It was a bit weird that the flight was in 'night mode' in the middle of the afternoon (leaving TPE at 2pm)."
缺點: "電影選擇不多,建議有中文字幕(畢竟是非台灣的班機嚕)"
缺點: "電影選擇不多,建議有中文字幕可選"
缺點: "Food on the plane"
優點: "Food was amazing"
缺點: "The WIFI"
缺點: "Waited 45 minutes for a bus from a remote gate without any crew anniucmwnts. A total shambles as one or two buses did a 20 minute+ circuit to offload the plane."
優點: "Amazing crew lounge just great airline"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "The seats were super comfortable and they had lots of new movies and tv shows for entertainment. Free alcoholic bevies too!"
缺點: "No veggie food on board :("
優點: "Crew food excellent"
缺點: "Could not get comfortable in the seats"
缺點: "The flight was delayed by 30 minutes. If it was not delayed, I'll give it good rating."
優點: "Food and service was great."
缺點: "Old plane, headset did not work well."
優點: "The flight was smooth and quick. The meals were delicious too"
缺點: "Long time getting through Frankfurt airport security"
優點: "航空服務員有禮"
缺點: "食物差 設施差"
優點: "All good except Manila Airport"
缺點: "NAIA Airport Imigration"
缺點: "Old useless aircrafts"
優點: "Value Friendly staff Cleanliness of plane"
缺點: "Food terrible"
優點: "For such a short 1 hour flight, they managed to feed an A330 plane load of people - pretty impressive feat considering that US carriers don’t even bother to give complimentary hot food on a cross country flight. The color scheme didn’t hurt either. The FA’s were very accommodating and so pleasant."
缺點: "Late departing, no gate, waiting, immigration jammed. Overall very bad."
優點: "Excellent service everything was perfect. Want to fly again on thai."
優點: "Service was great, food options were good. I have no complaints."
缺點: "I have not complaints about this trip."
優點: "The flight was awesome, the food was delicious and the delay was shot"
缺點: "None"
優點: "On time and service"
缺點: "Not much variety for music options in entertainment"
優點: "Flying a 747 was great! Friendly service."
缺點: "Everything was fine for what I paid."
缺點: "Air Canada cancelled the original flight and rescheduled it for one day later. This was an obvious problem since it affected other travel plans. Air Canada customer service was very poor. First agent was unhelpful, second agent better. Overall it was a pain to finally get another flight for the original day."
缺點: "Food not up to previous Thai Airways offerings"
優點: "Crew friendly"
缺點: "Poor food and boarding"
優點: "OK, so it's a plane, and I'm in economy. Still, the crew makes you believe they're actually glad you're on board, and the amenities are quite good for economy travel. No complaints."
優點: "Nothing this time"
缺點: "Was not offered any food or alcohol becouse i was asleep.when it was being served......i awoke during the meal service but was offered nothing"
優點: "Although it’s a short one hour flight, a light snack was served."
缺點: "No announcement for boarding, people just line up to be boarded."
優點: "The Cabin Crew were very attentive & nice. Great customer service."
缺點: "It’s time for the 747 to retire. It looked tired and worn."
缺點: "Late ,always late leaving and Landing"
優點: "Every thing"
缺點: "Nothing"
缺點: "see above"
優點: "All of the above mentioned service."
缺點: "All of the above mentioned service."
優點: "The staff were great but couldn't rectify the entertainment."
缺點: "No entertainment as the movie wouldn't play or watch anything else."
優點: "Firstly, I do really appreciate that I had great deal from Kayak and Thai airways. Flights was awesome."
優點: "I always fly Thai airways between Bangkok and Phuket. They are always on time, consummate professionals, and over all, a great experience. Very happy I was able to check my luggage through to my international destination! Thank you Thai airways!"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Staff, service, and entertainment!"
缺點: "The food was very average. I have flown Thai Airways many times before and I remember the food being better."
優點: "Food was good"
缺點: "Crew were not patient or too helpful."

No additional recommendation

Not happy , charged me for my baggage which is not fair fo

Rude staff through the experience. Extremely warm cabin temperature during the flights with no seemingly capable of addressing this.


優點: "I was not able to make the flight due to the coronavirus. The hospital I’m employed at banned outside travel. I tried contacting the airline and kayak to get a refund."
缺點: "I was not able to make the flight due to the coronavirus. The hospital I’m employed at banned outside travel. I tried contacting the airline and kayak to get a refund."
優點: "Everything was comfortable and the crew were lovely."
缺點: "Ticketing staffs should and can be more co considerate. Average rating at best, and sometimes very rude."
優點: "Nice service"
缺點: "I enjoyed visit via turkey and not long flight. I felt comfort"
優點: "On time"
缺點: "Not enough leg room"
優點: "I like that the FAs gave us all the things needed for a comfortable flight...thanks."
缺點: "Flight from Copanhagen to Istanbul was delayed for an hour...computer malfunction was the reason. I was a little bit stressed because I had a connecting flight to Manila, was afraid i wouldn't make it. And also, no gate assignment yet for Istanbul to Manila. Since it was my first time to travel via Turkish Airline, not familiar with Istanbul airport."
缺點: "Same problem as the first segment (see above)"
優點: "Long time n not in time Food is not enough quality n quantity for health"
缺點: "Must change catering n in time , Staff working in the airport is not pro enough"
缺點: "They cancelled my returning flight WITHOUT me knowing and expecting me to pay for the penalty fee for misisng the first flight even tho I DID not cancel the returning flight which obviously I was gonna take. The staff was RUDE and INSENSITIVE. Qatar was better in overall customer service. Worst customer service from Turkish airline."
優點: "Typical short business class. Quality was still nice. Room to spread out and crew was accommodating"
缺點: "No priority boarding for business. And still no beverage service before take off (alcohol)."
優點: "Flight attendants were friendly and made the experience more pleasurable. Food was alright, however could have been better."
缺點: "Delay in departure."
優點: "Flight time Prices Service"
優點: "Rickety old plane. No WiFi. USB charger not working."
優點: "We received edit seats so we had more room which made the quick flight more comfortable."
缺點: "We had to spend the night in Istanbul and get only on the next flight the following morning. TK airport (ground) staff that talked to us was antipathetic and it took ages to get any service. Looks like they didn't care we about the delay, nor they were trying to help us. Just kept saying we need to wait."
優點: "Food's always good and the staff friendly"
缺點: "The sound on the entertainment system is not good...it used to be good but not anymore"
優點: "All"
缺點: "All"
優點: "Service, timing"
缺點: "Didnt love the food ..."
缺點: "Absolutely packed flight with little to no space for leg room. Flight was unconfortanle for such long duration of time."
優點: "Movies made the long flight go by much faster!"
優點: "The team"
優點: "A much nicer 777 on this leg."
缺點: "The lounge at IST is overcrowded and lacks sufficient showering facilities. There was leftover food everywhere that the overworked staff tried, in vain, to keep up with."
缺點: "After having booked an aisle seat near many family members I was traveling with, a Turkish airlines crew member came and asked me to move seats so as to accommodate a couple that wanted to sit together. I willingly gave up my seat to allow this. The crew didn't have another seat in mind, however, and I spent several minutes simply waiting in the aisle before they shuffled me to the front of the plane and made me sit in a much worse seat--a middle seat nowhere near any of my family members, nestled next to a large man who was clearly extending well into the seat they meant for me to take. It was clearly a terrible seat and I made the following 12 hour flight in significant discomfort. I was very dissatisfied with the crew's behavior. When a passenger books a comfortable seat near my family, and willingly gives it up to accommodate other passengers, they should not be treated so poorly"
優點: "Great experience for my first international flight."
優點: "We arrived safely and on time"
缺點: "The seat spacing on that flight was some of the tightest I have ever seen - worse than even most of the short-haul (Embraer) flights i have been on - barely manageable for 3.5 hours. Flight attendants were borderline rude and bossy, but they had to be, because the passengers were loud and unruly."
優點: "pleasant flight attendants"
優點: "Everything except they always arrive late. The food served was actually good. They have cut back on the food and beverages which they serve. But unlike Delta they serve more than water."
優點: "The cabin crew was outstanding, food good. A good choice for drinks and very nice selection of entertainment."
缺點: "I couldn't get the on board wi fi to work for some reason."
優點: "Food is ok"
缺點: "When you call for steward/stewardess took so long before they come"
優點: "Love this airline. Great service. Great people. Food and service good"
優點: "Everything was great. I didn't give food 5 stars though, because compared to my previous experience, quality is less than usual. I always fly on Turkish airlines and I like it overall. Security at Istanbul airport is great. Better than anywhere else."
缺點: "Quality of food is less than the previous experience"
優點: "Good filling i"
優點: "great!"
優點: "Great Food, adequate seating, helpful staff, efficient boarding"
缺點: "The airplane was a really warm temperature when we boarded."
優點: "Food is always good."
缺點: "They let everyone board at the same time, REALLY??? Eco seats were tiny for a 12 hour flight, miserably uncomfortable."
缺點: "the connection in Istanbul was short (around one hour), which created the following problem: the 1st flight had to wait 20-30 minutes for the landing permission, and this made us running and rushing to the connected flight. The landing permission was delayed not because of the weather conditions, but because of a long line of aircrafts that came to Ataturk airport at the same time. Therefore, it is kind of Turkish Airlines blame."
優點: "The crew was friendly and the flight wasnt delayed, nor were my bags lost."
缺點: "The seat next to me had two kids sitting in it. The seats are only supposed to have one person per seat. So they we also halfway in my seat also."
優點: "THENK YOU!"
優點: "We had a connecting flight in Instanbul, Turkey, and a representative met us at our arrival gate from Rome and walked us through security and to our connecting flight to LAX. I thought that was great because we would've been completely lost if we had to do it on our own. Security check in was thorough. We had to go through security screening AGAIN (already did it in Rome and had to throw away our waters purchased in the airport), and two different lines for passport check. My husband had to go through a third security line because he had a carry-on. Boarding was well organized with passengers lining up by their boarding letter - no crowding - and people sitting at the back of the plane boarded first (after 1st class). The flight itself was great. The food was delicious. The orange juice tasted freshly squeezed. They gave us a water bottle, lots of current and blockbuster movies to choose from. They provided pillows, blankets, and earphones at no extra charge. Would definitely fly again."
缺點: "The seats were a little tight. They woke us when it was time to eat. Not sure why they didn't just let us sleep, and then give us our food when we woke up. Not really a big deal since I wanted to stay awake on the flight home, but I may have wanted to sleep."
優點: "Nice onboard entertainment system"
缺點: "Extremely rude flight attendants. Did not care at all for customer service. Do not expect western standard service ! Service is 3rd world."
缺點: "The TVs did not work on my flight from Istanbul to Hamburg. Not only my tv but others on the plane kept saying it was an "error" do to a seat readjustment. Also it is so hot in the Turkish airport especially in the 300 gates. It made boarding miserable because there was so many people."
優點: "God overall"
缺點: "Your food is terrible!!"
缺點: "Neverrrrr againnnnn!!!!!!!with Turkish airlines"
優點: "The food and drinks were excellent."
缺點: "Entertainment option was restricted to one movie for everyone on the flight. I wasn't interested in the movie. This flight was not equipped with the entertainment suite attached to the chair like the previous flight."
優點: "Great service, on time, helpful crew"
缺點: "None of my four flights had me on the special meals list, despite my having confirmed a vegetarian meal with the airline far in advance. Thankfully the flight attendants helped out and got me food i could eat."
缺點: "I felt like there was no room at all. Everyone was crammed in and there was no space to move."

I sat next to the mid cabin restroom, and the odor was putrid. Needs better ventilation and deodorizing upon iser exit

No drinks service because the flight was so short, and there was no wifi either.

The positive: The middle seat was open. Not so positive: I requested a window seat, which I had, but there was no window in my particular row. That was a disappointment that I couldn’t see outside the plane (I.e., NYC skyline)

I liked that they were quick with the groups to board. I think availability to watch or use the entertainment on board could have been better such as a screen in the back of the seat in front of everyone would make sense.

No food available on flight. With less than 40 minutes between flights, no time to stop.

Older flight stewards was nasty and rude flight ftom phoniex , slso plane was hot

Long time taxi’ing on runway and took over an hour to get our bags after getting off airplane

The cabin crew service was better for this flight than a recent San Francisco to Chicago leg of the trip. The food service also was better. Unfortunately there were flight disruptions at the layover point in both my "there" and "back" legs of my trip (San Francisco to Boston).

The plane was a bit dated and there isn’t much legroom.

缺點: "Better food options for those in group 1"
優點: "Crew was very sweet!"
缺點: "Plane was much warmer than any flight I’ve been on - lots of people visibly sweating (don’t know if any others complained besides me). Seat was pretty uncomfortable (17D)"
優點: "Excellent plane from comfort to entertainment."
優點: "Great crew"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Good crew."
缺點: "Plane was too warm. Once again I was next to a larger person in a middle seat. This is as much airlines fault as it is the person. As Americans get bigger seats keep getting smaller. Internet stopped working on the flight."
優點: "I had a great seat"
缺點: "Food. No food at all on board per the flight attendees"
優點: "Crew was nice and helpful and flight was smooth. The movie made the trip even better."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "The flight actually arrived ahead of schedule!"
優點: "No"
優點: "Orderly boarding and on time."
缺點: "Nothing, all was great."
優點: "The staff were polite and the pilot kept us on time. The flight wasn’t over booked and I was able to have an extra seat between myself and the other passenger in my row."
缺點: "That due to the Kayak purchase I had to wait until the last group to board."
缺點: "The flight crew from PDX to CLT were not very customer service friendly. I was quite underimpressed."
缺點: "Pésimo perdí mi vuelo de conexión porque el vuelo estaba retrasado 1hora y media"
優點: "Despite numerous delays, we made it to Philadelphia. We were alerted to the delays in a timely manner. We were also treated to a snack cart and cupcakes to celebrate the first day of direct flights."
缺點: "A long delay. Patience is everything and the staff and crew were very friendly."
缺點: "Flight from Columbus was delayed due to crew member family emergency. AA said I would miss my connection in Charlotte. The only alternate connection was too late to complete the trip. I nearly canceled the trip. I reboarded and made my connection with 10 minutes to spare. Also, my destination (Greenville) was only 90 miles from Charlotte, the connecting airport (unbeknownst to me). AA should have offered the option of driving to my destination."
缺點: "Plane was delayed 1.5 hours. Rental Car reservation was at a location 30 miles from the airport, not the airport rental location. Had to transfer reservations which cost an extra $30..."
缺點: "N/A"
缺點: "Late leaving Monterey. Other than that, fine trip"
優點: "Good flight. Fairly comfortable flight. Attendants Were friendly and helpful."
缺點: "The movie was mediocre. Biscuit cookie was tasteless. Would prefer peanuts or pretzels."
缺點: "The flight promised internet but wasnt available jntil the last 90 mins forna 4.5 hour flight..smh"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "机上娛樂視頻皆無,也無預先吿知下載App,座位老舊不舒服。"
優點: "Nice amount of leg room!!!"
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "Really glad this segment exists!"
優點: "It has been a good experience! Kayak kept updating me about gates and terminals for my connecting flights..."
優點: "nothing since I didnt fly finnair"
缺點: "I did not like anything since both flight to and from was with airlines I actively decided i didnt want to fly with"
優點: "Leg room"
優點: "Overall, one of the most enjoyable International flight experiences I have ever had."
優點: "Left on time from LAX"
缺點: "We booked for British Airways since we have good experience with them before but this is "operated by American Airlines" - not sure why they just don't say American Airlines when booking. It's deceiving!!!"
缺點: "Horrible experience in the ground system, they charged me $240 for my bags and the staff are really confused."
缺點: "i bought better seats when i booked the tickets. on the day of the flight AA changed the airplane, and I did not get the preferred ticked i payed for."
優點: "Free alcohol and good passenger friends and friendly service."
缺點: "No outlets for phones"
優點: "This was such an easy transition. There was always an associate at hand, ready to help, and when I made a request it was speedily completed. All aspects met my needs."
優點: "The free movies and plug in phone charger ..."
缺點: "No problems or worries from me"
優點: "On time"
缺點: "Seating"
優點: "Excellent, friendly service by flight attendant, Amy Sparks! I felt very welcomed and relaxed, especially having just flown 15 hours from Sydney back to the States."
缺點: "Engine noise was loud seated at the rear of the aircraft."
缺點: "The in-flight entertainment was out, and the a/c was barely working-not good for a four hour flight. Instead of addressing the issues the flight crew was more interested in chatting with each other. No pre-flight drink service in first class, they rarely even passed through the canin."
缺點: "- The entertainment system was not working - needed few restarts - on many seats - Food - horrible - Air hostess dropped water on me - not a problem by itself as accidents do happen. However her comment was more annoying - no sorries - not apologies - just said - "oh it's just water - it is refreshing" - Seats pushback was almost broken - it would break your thumb to push the button and then almost stand to push the seat back. - This was transatlantic flight and you charge for liquor? It is not free - you have to purchase - They ran out of red wine (which was free) by the end of the first meal. Do you keep just one bottle for this big 777 fight. - Overall experience was horrible."
缺點: "Sat on the ground for an hour."
優點: "Everything"
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "See above comments"
缺點: "No Free Wi-Fi"

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