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  • 早上出發的航班平均較晚間出發的航班便宜13%。*

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I loved both the ground and flight crews. They're so patient and willing to accomodate us and help solve problems. I only wanted to suggest if they can give us more new or not so new movies to watch.


I loved both the ground and flight crews. They're so patient and willing to accomodate us and help solve problems. I only wanted to suggest if they can give us more new or not so new movies to watch.

優點: "The crew is awesome. They’re so polite and helpful."
缺點: "I think more options that don’t involve seafood would be good, but I’ll also consider selecting a specific meal in the future."
優點: "Excellent service from the cabin crew."
缺點: "The Japanese (Washoku) breakfast was not as good as I expected."
缺點: "Food and entertainment could better"
優點: "Cleanliness, spacious legroom"
缺點: "Serve coffee more"
缺點: "Old Aircraft Interior, could be more comfortable"
優點: "I loved the film with kabuki characters to introduce safety procedures."
缺點: "More seating room, better ventilation."
優點: "boarding was super easy. the airline crew members are very polite and accommodating to any request or concern you might have."
缺點: "Less delays"
優點: "Logjam Manila traffic, confusion at MNL, late for check in, but staff got me on the plane. Then my suitcase was busted open at Chicago O'Hare on the conveyor belt and ANA issued me a replacement on the spot. Two problems [ not their fault ] handled beautifully. ANA is truly amazing. Thank You !!"
優點: "japanese airlines food is always better than u.s. airlines. service is also very courteous."
缺點: "disliked their entertainment system. no varieties in movies, and interface was a bit annoying as you could not see a visual menu of all movies and had to keep scrolling line by line to get to the next movie."
優點: "Food is the best of any airline service"
優點: "Overall the flight met expectations for service, comfort and food."
缺點: "Variety of entertainment (or lack of), and the flight being continuously delayed. Even though the flight ended up departing just an hour later than initially scheduled, I would rather receive one notification for a 1-hour delay, than four notifications for 15-minute delays."
優點: "Perhaps the most courteous airline I’ve experienced."
優點: "That it didn’t crash"
缺點: "It was very delayed and then the luggage still hasn’t come out"
優點: "Crew was fantastic. Really polite and attentive. Liked that they offered liquids throughout the flight to keep us hydrated. Good experience overall."
缺點: "Entertainment - didn't have to many movies I liked. Food was just ok. I enjoyed the soy sauce beef and rice the most."
缺點: "The flight was delay .and I can’t able to catch my connecting flight I have to extra money for other connection flight"
優點: "Very uncomfortable chairs. Food was gross, tasteless and dry. Crew is excellent."
優點: "Service and crew were good, very kind and accommodating!"
缺點: "The layover at Narita airport was rather short to do some duty free shopping to bring home to U.S."
優點: "Good service"
缺點: "baggage was broken."
優點: "The crew is so friendly, planes are nice and pretty good movie selection. They are nicely organized too. All of the American airline companies should learn from them!"
缺點: "Food for vegetarians is not very good. But they certainly feed you a lot."
優點: "The crews on ANA (Flight Attendants) are the hardest working, most polite and service oriented of ANY carrier I can remember. When the cabin lights are ON, the crew is hustling to keep the passengers occupied and chewing. Free Beer, Wine and mixed drinks in Coach! Every Service - Snack, Drinks, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee/Tea, Second and Third rounds of drinks includes a cold towel to wipe your face and hands and most important, trash is collected promptly EVERY single time. WOW. I noticed that Flight Attendants take notes on sleeping passengers for every major meal service, and they take the time to revisit those customers when awake to check they might have wanted to be fed. I also noticed that the crew has special double sided tape to pickup crumbs and spills in the aisles so grime is not tracked into the carpet. Dont be surprized to see a flight attendant cruising the aisle after dinner with a soft cooler full of small vanilla Hagen Daz cups..."
缺點: "We flew from Bangkok to Washington Dulles with a connection in Tokyo. Snow in Japan caused crew shifts to max out and ultimately a dramatic change in flight departure. (Guaranteeing a missed connection) This caused multiple downstream challenges. 1. Original flight was scheduled for 00:30. (Half Past Midnight), rescheduled flight was scheduled for 12:30 (Half Past Noon) For Americans unused to a 24 hour clock, this made emails From ANA very difficult to wrap your mind around. Was it a typo? What happens when you miss your connection? (Turns out weather delays do NOT result in accommodations or meals being provided) Rescheduled flight should have been for 1231 with (AM/PM in Parentheses) 2. For passengers who spent their vacation/trip near the equator, the prospect of spending the night in snowbound Tokyo was simply not addressed in the cancellation email. The better option was to stay in your original point of origin and make the connection in one day, but email has NO telephone number for passengers to call to make these arrangements. (We ended up calling a toll California telephone number to be sure we got an English speaking agent) 3. Many SE Asian departing cities have a crazy baggage weight policy that allows for Two bags of 25 Kilos each , but if you have a single bag that weights 32 Kilos, you must pay excess baggage. Although the policy may NOT be specific to ANA, there are hundreds of folks of all nationalities repacking suitcases on the floor of the airport, to try to meet the regulations. As a traveler I understand this, but as an ANA customer it makes no sense, especially when the ticket agent cannot charge the overage to a credit card at the ticket counter. Instead sending you to a different location then waiting for you to return with a receipt. Its a huge scam and ANA can do better communicating the rules to passengers via email or their web site. Nothing starts a long trip off worse than arguments over arcane rules. 4. Changing a return flight arrangement as a result of weather happens at the last moment, but seat assignments apparently could not keep up. I would rather NOT fly than face a center seat in coach for 14 hours. I cannot explain what happened, but repeated attempts at advance check in showed NO assigned seats available, the ticket and gate agents could not improve on this, but BOTH flights ended up having empty seats and in the end we stressed for nothing. ANA must be able to do better, improving their IT systems to make advance seat assignments possible no matter how challenging the problem of "equipment" and other changes in the face of a canceled flight."
優點: "Nice smile and service. Food is good as well"
缺點: "Arrived later than schedule"
缺點: "The food was not as good as in my previous flights."
優點: "The attendants are all courteous and respectful."
優點: "I like the way the stewardesses treating all passengers especially economy class- very professional , attentive to needs and service with great smile- overall wonderful experience and to think I had never heard of this airline prior to flying it for the first time was very impressionable for me"
缺點: "The in flights entertainment was a little limiting to me- but with the great service by crew- it didn't matter so much . But a little more wide variety could go a long way - or more new releases"
缺點: "See subject line"
優點: "Comfortable seats, very friendly staff."
優點: "ANA is a great airline with a decicated group of professional. I love flying with them!"
缺點: "Can't think of one thing."
優點: "Everything excellent"
優點: "attendents were very friendly and very accommodating."
優點: "Pleasant stewardesses"
缺點: "Expensive lunches, no entertainment unless you pay"
優點: "The flight was very well organized and the plane left on time and arrived exactly on time. The service was excellent even though the plane was close to full."
缺點: "Nothing"
優點: "The plane was very clean. Staff was very polite and helpful. Foodoffering was very good."
優點: "I love this airline! The flight attendants are so polite and cute and the whole ride was a great experience."
優點: "Movies!"
缺點: "Vegetarian food options."
優點: "Best flight ever"
優點: "Everything"
缺點: "N/a"
優點: "Good food and service"
缺點: "Delay too much time"
優點: "Best leg space, new air crafts, kids gifts"
缺點: "Food choices are very average. Nothing for vegeterians if you do not order in advance. English language accouncements were not clear at all - not great for an international flight"
優點: "The big screen Tvs"
優點: "All the Japanese food are delicious! The crew are polite and nice"
缺點: "I suppose, not enough variety of American movie. In my opinion"
優點: "Great service and great food"
缺點: "No complaints from me"
優點: "leg room!"
優點: "The most comfortable economy flight I have experienced so far. The service, food and entertainment options were all excellent. Definitely looking forward to our return flight back to YVR!"
缺點: "Check in process was horrible at TKS, extremely unknowledgeable gate agents, took 6 people and 1.5 hours to check and pay for bags."
缺點: "It was very warm on the plane."
缺點: "kayak should let you know when buying the ticket that the first portion of the flight codeshare with united express doesn't cover a second bag I called ANA they said i could bring two so I did but I was charged 100 dollars for it even though it was an international flight with ANA also united express shattered the outside of one of my checked bags so I paid 100 dollars to get a 50 dollar suitcase BROKEN UNITED won't respond to my inquiries. I am very disappointed."
優點: "ANA food and service is awesome"
優點: "As expected from the Japanese, super polite snd patient."
缺點: "If I was going to pick on something, it would be the English announcements which were somewhat difficult to understand."


優點: "Crew was very good and professional, yes the seats were comfortable"
缺點: "I think the Xiamen knows how to run an airline."
缺點: "They wouldn’t let us in the plane due to passport expiring within 6 months of travel. That should have been something you should have put out there during the booking process. We’re now not going on vacation and are having a hard time getting anything back from a trip we couldn’t take"
優點: "The crew was nice"
缺點: "My tv monitor didn’t work and my wife’s chair wouldn’t stay reclined"
缺點: "Hope to keep departure on time !!!!!!"
優點: "Attentive crews, food on board - Food on board provides couple of choices of mainly Chinese food. I don't claim it to be extraordinary but it is far better than most of food other airlines provides in the economy class."
缺點: "Lavatory needs a bit more amenities, e.g. hand soaps, etc."
優點: "great price and overall service"
優點: "attentive and polite flight attendants"
優點: "Crew was very nice and I was happy to get emergency exit row window seat to make the the long flight more comfortable."
缺點: "The food could have definitely been better too many shrimp and fish options even in the morning for breakfast. I was happy there has been a pasta served for dinner otherwise I wouldn’t have eaten the entire flight! Shrimp for breakfast isn’t an option for American folk and the movie selection"
優點: "Great airplane (787 Dreamliner), comfortable seats, lots of meals, free beer and wine. Great ticket price!"
缺點: "The cabin crew did not really understand english. When I asked something, it was clear that they didn't understand. I had to claim my checked bag and recheck it at every flight segment. No ability to select seats unless it was more than 72 hours before departure."
優點: "Staff was nice"
缺點: "The food vegan Movies"
優點: "The plane was very new. Good movies and tv shows."
缺點: "The pineapple went bad...and it was just served. Also a tiny pastry, it had a flavor that the nuts had been sitting for a while."
優點: "Very responsible and kind cabin crew. We were delayed by maybe 8-10 hours because of weather. The crew would have to work all night, but were very kind about the situation."
缺點: "Short flight; so there was no real in-flight entertainment. That's really alright though."
優點: "Upgraded to business class for free and service was amazing."
缺點: "got severe food poisoning from the airline food."
優點: "Crew's Services"
缺點: "Snacks and water ran out during the last several hours of the flight. For shorter people, their feet would have difficulty touching the floor."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "I was charge a terribly high exchange rate for this tickets! Not acceptable at all."
優點: "Almost nothing, this was a terrible flight and experience! The movies were good, that's about it."
缺點: "No online check-in, long waiting at in-person check-in. Rude, inattentive personnel; worst is that every passenger in transit need to go through customs in Xiamen which is terribly complicated. No word about this upon booking or on Xiamen airline's website. Customs in China isn't a nice experience either. Nobody was able to find the right way for check-in, it was a mess. I will never fly again Xiamen Airlines and I recommend to everyone to avoid this airline under any circumstances."
缺點: "Flight got delayed in Xiamen, miss the connecting flight to chongqing."
缺點: "The seats don't even recline, so I could not lie back to rest. The entertainment system was very bad, didn't provide earphones and could barely see the screen. I would not choose to fly this airline again."
缺點: "The flight left before we get there. I had to book a train ticket to my final destination because I have to be in Fuzhou that day. I was told by the airline that I would be reimbursed the air fare from Xiamen to Fuzhou."
優點: "Everything"
優點: "No problems for the price"
缺點: "Ok no problems for the price"
優點: "None"
缺點: "I didn’t realize that Chinese transit visa is needed to transfer at Xiamen airport. When I bought the tickets, I wasn’t notified nor advised to get the Chinese visa. The Xiamen rep at Lax didn’t let me board first and I explained and they gave me the visa waiver paperwork. It was so much of hassle. I’ve laid over many Chinese cities via different airlines and never had any problems. Will not fly again on Xiamen!!"
優點: "The plane was new, the plane was clean, and all the airline hostesses were not 65 years old. Oh and everyone complaining about the visa requirements for China. Bend over a take one for the team like a man just Go to a travel agent in any in China Town. $100 US will get you a bias good for 10 years and it only take a week. Otherwise fly Delta for $1200."
缺點: "Limited selection of English language movies but hey it was a China airline so no bit surprise there."
優點: "Flew business class. Cabin crew was some of the most attentive I have experienced. Food was very good and nicely presented. Pillows could be better, but had two. Same with blankets. One thick and puffy, the other lighter. Nice for temperature regulation."
缺點: "First leg lax - Tao delayed almost 3 hours. Fortunately the 2nd leg was delayed 1.5 hours. 3rd leg on this itinerary was also delayed, I could have made the flight, but they gave my seat away. It was a bit of a Charlie Foxtrot rearranging flights and overnighting Hotel. 2.5 hours. A supervisor was needed to sort it all out. We will see if the above was bad circumstances or not. I run the same itinerary in reverse on the way home in a week."
優點: "the order of boarding the plane"
缺點: "food was dry"
優點: "Clean plane"
缺點: "Still a little more leg room but not as much as on the 787. Had to ask twice to get a Thai immigration form and the crew took an above average amout of time to pickup after the meals were finished."
缺點: "The check in staff did not let me check in and denied to support me! The reason was that my first name, middle name and last name were written in English order, not in Chinese order! I want my money back! All of my plan and meetings in Xiamen were cancelled!"
優點: "Clean plane. Left on time. Better than average legroom."
缺點: "Movie selection was virtually all violent related. Nothing the airline can do about the numerous Security checks passing through this Airport."
缺點: "I was very sick and contagious and asked for a single person hotel room for the night before a connecting flight. It was not accommodated. It would have cost extra 100-200 yuan. Then when we asked for the shuttle to the hotel, the security at the departures level meant we could not exit and be picked up. No one could arrange pick up at arrivals. Instead we paid for a taxi ourselves. Poor service and coordination, especially considering I could barely talk and just badly needed a rest."
缺點: "u had to transfer ur luggages even though its the same airline. what a joke? u had to get through numerous security points to get through the airport what the hell?"
優點: "The cabin crew were very nice and courteous!"
缺點: "Couldn't be helped, it was just a long flight!"
優點: "Price and flight were great. Communicating was small problem. 5 am arrival nothing open so couldn't change money for food, taxi etc. Finally found an ATM that worked. People used their cell phones to try and communicate."
缺點: "Some obstacles with early morning arrival and communications"
缺點: "Nobody could rearrange any flights for me, zero help!"
優點: "I like the price but best of all the service and the attention given to us by all staff members."
缺點: "Everything was great!"
優點: "Crew from lax to xiamen were good they took care of my meal from xiamen to bkk . They offered me their food which was pretty generous of them"
缺點: "I called 24 hrs prior to my flight to ask for Vegetarian meal but that was not available... There was so much problem with food . And the toilets were very very dirty :("
優點: "Two meals plus sandwich in between were enough to keep me from getting hungry."
缺點: "Boarding line was too long. There was no grouping which means there was a bit of disorder. A check-in counter agent was super slow. Other agents had a supervisor watching over their shoulders so they were much more efficient. The flight ran out of hot tea... but got refilled later. Need more tea cuz most passengers were Chinese."
優點: "Even though the flight was short, a simple meal was served and it tasted great. It was around dinner time but I wasn't expecting a meal. The flight crew was friendly and professional also."
缺點: "The flight landed at an outlying terminal and we had to be bussed to the main terminal. Just a little inconvenience."
優點: "Good was pretty good, with snack sandwich between meals. Drinks were offered often."
缺點: "The flight was delayed by 40 minutes."
優點: "Nothing"
缺點: "They will cheat u of money. Somehow. Beware."
優點: "Staff was friendly"
優點: "Crews, food. Also Transfer Lounge in Xiamen is a good place without charge."
缺點: "Boarding because we have to take bus at Xiamen airport.Also, security checks at Xiamen are very complicated."
優點: "I really liked the space in Business and the priority boardings in Asia. Worth every penny. Food was great. A lil slow on serving alcohol though. Very relaxing trip."
缺點: "Not much. Liked I mentioned, slow on serving the alcohol. You have to push to get a drink."
缺點: "Xiamen airlines are horrible I will never fly them again. Phillipines airline was excellent"
優點: "They redirected me to other carriers"
缺點: "Show up and the flight was delayed 4 hours. No reason given. My layover in Xiamen was only 2 hours. They kept wanting me to fly the next day. When I complained loud enough they finally yielded and found an alternative to LAX."
優點: "In-flight service were adequate. Not much offer for alcoholic beverages. Staff not much English speaking."
缺點: "Xiamen is very bad for transit passenger. 3 immigration check points 3 security baggage checks Has to pick up boarding pass with long lines. Cannot reserve seat on line."
優點: "on time food"
缺點: "no movies"
優點: "Flight crew very courteous. Xiamen Airline crews are always very good, and most flights are pleasant."
缺點: "3 hour delay, with no explanation given!"
優點: "Price, Opportunity to check out a city I never would have visited while on extended layovers"
缺點: "Lack of English or hard to understand English was a bit difficult to navigate sometimes with the airline and airports (especially I the Xiamen airport) - less of an issue for me because I'm pretty easy going and able to figure out things and plan ahead without many questions to airport or airline staff - but this could be difficult for a large amount of Non-Chinese speaking Americans with a less excited and curious outlook on travel :)"

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